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Update 29.


Tyty drew this, in honor of Afon’s finisher on Iwaoropenelep.


Floor tanking and glorious spear jumps. The twin faces of Dragoon in a single boss fight.


Iwaoropenelep was a pain, as was finding the single spot in which you don’t get attacked by FOEs as well. At least this version’s better than the original EO version.

Lost Shinjuku will always be a great reveal, though. Both the aesthetic and music are on point there as well. And for no reason, boy, I sure can’t wait to see the first floor of it in the next update.


Update 30.


Story Update 9.


Update 31.


Update 32.


Update 33.


Okay, that bonus scene was heartwarming. :grinning:

Also, wow I didn’t think Gimle would be that hard on the highest difficulty. I don’t remember having trouble with it on standard. What were the multipliers on damage again for enemies?


Update 34.


Momoe gaining too much aggro with a Midare and getting murdered for it? Yeah, that sounds like a Samurai to me.