Etrian Odyssey Untold: Negative One Games



I’m really fond of the game’s boss theme. The intro goes especially well with the beginning of the battle zoom that EOU introduced. Of course, cool intros couldn’t save Fenrir from being tossed straight in to a garbage can, I suppose.

Anyway, Elowen, Thierry and Katya are my choices.


Current Coeurl results:

It’s a goddamn four-way tie for the fifth slot lol


Gonna close Coeurl voting.

The Coeurl party shall be Momoe/Afon, Elowen/Emmett/Quixote.


Update 7. That’s not all, though!

Here’s Update 8, too.


Story Update 4. Something about marmot.


Update 9.

Well, that lapse in updates was embarasingly long. Back to it!


Story Update 5. I can hear dorks, but I can’t see dorks.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Mike’s theme.

… I get the feeling hearing “Go! Go! Go go Mike!” in my head every time this character comes up is going to be the highlight of story mode.


Update 10. Hi, we’re not dead.


Update 11. Slimy.


Update 12. End of the stratum. You know what that means.

Cernunnos voting is open!


Thierry, Vince, Momoe. I always found lockdown to be really annoying to run for Cernunnos, for some reason. If I could switch my party up willy-nilly like you can, I wouldn’t even bother. Level 15 CPR is very helpful as a safety net in case you forget Cross Counter is going up this turn like a dummy, though you might want to give Thierry some head guards if they’re available. More defense from Vince is always appreciated, especially if squishier front-rowers are going to be voted in, and raw power from Momoe will be great. There’s also the fact that, the last time I checked, against an enemy like Cernunnos (100% to Cut, 150% to Volt) Lightning Stab will hit harder than Swallow Strike at equivalent levels, even with Clear Stance’s lesser damage buff, and it’ll be able to hit the Healing Rollers in the back, though granted, she’ll eat the melee range damage penalty there.


Current results are:


Also I did this while forgetting to record it in motion. Go me.


Oh cool, I’m not the only one who couldn’t get past that Jungle Killer. That guy’s way too good at cornering you, even with the Moa gone.

Quixote, Ladette and Vince.


Cernunnos voting is closed.

The party shall be Momoe/Afon, Thierry/Katya/Quixote.



Update 13. Check the commas near the end of the update. You might find something.



I was gonna overlay that over an image of Cernunnos, but surprise. It turns out everyone got owned by the cute romance between Afon and Elowen. Including me, the viewer. RIP, destroyed by gay.


Update 14. This quest is something I would’ve rather left in EO1.

Update’s short and doesn’t really contain gameplay, but I wanted to do a light interlude thing while I had to deal with starting a new semester.


I rate it 10/10 because gay