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Hi! I’m David and I’ve been streaming for a good few years (previous thread: but I’m too busy working right now to keep to any kind of streaming schedule. That said, when I do get around to it, I try to go in hard with long marathon streams! I’ll be using this thread to upload my VODs, mostly edited down!

VidGams YouTube Channel


DJ RAP CAT - Rap Never Dies
Patreon’s Forehead Quest

Scrubnautica: Streaming, Shanking & Sacking

Dynamax Misadventures
Sword & Shield’s Battle Stadium

The Super Streamio Bros Super Literature Club!

Pokémon Xenoverse (15 Episodes)

Part 1: (Mother) Knows Best
Part 2: Groovy Dude
Part 3: Crime Doesn’t Pay
Part 4: Daft Punks
Part 5: You Cannot Flee THE BEAST
Part 6: The Best Gengar Ever
Part 7: Inner Demons
Part 8: The Terrifying Power of Boss Honse
Part 9: Bustin’ Out
Part 10: Instagram Daddy
Part 11: The Best Gym Leader Ever
Part 12: Awarded the Title of Big Boss Honse
Part 13: Daft Hunk
Part 14: Nature Abhors a Vakuum
Part 15: Per Aspera Ad Astra - FINALE

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (32 Episodes)

Part 1: Weedlord Purgatory
Part 2: Go To Church!
Part 3: Model Students
Part 4: Friendly Competition
Part 5: Busy Day
Part 6: In Over Their Heads
Part 7: Supportive(?) Conversations
Part 8: Rando McDickwad Takes Charge!
Part 9: Moth to a Flame
Part 10: Way Too Real
Part 11: I Have No Weaknesses
Part 12: Amogus
Part 13: Damsels in Distress
Part 14: Volcano Lairs & Magic Fists
Part 15: No Blood Left
Part 16: The Experiment
Part 17: Teach Me How to Dedougie
Part 18: Worst Christmas Ever
Part 19: Sad Month
Part 21: Flame Emperor: Unmasked
Part 22: Punished Dimitri
Part 23: Blood Stained Monsters
Part 24: At My Limit
Part 25: Former Allies
Part 26: Sins & Punishments
Part 27: The Chaos Curriculum
Part 28: Super Fighting Robots
Part 29: Spatula Privileges Denied
Part 30: Pregnable
Part 31: Boomer Move
Part 32: The Anomaly - FINALE

Pokémon Sinnoh & Hisui (12 Episodes)

Part 1: All Diamond, Zero Blashemy
Part 2: Katkhing Unown For Arkeus
Part 3: Potato Dan vs. Hindsight Jimi - FINALE

Part 1: Goat God Isekai
Part 2: The Real Pokémon Legends Starts Here
Part 3: God’s Plan - FINALE

LA (Postgame)
Part 1: Daybreak
Part 3: Wormadamned
Part 4: Loose Ends
Part 5: Attack & Dethrone Goat God - FINALE
Part 6: Femboy Gardevoir - BONUS

Sonic Battle (8 Episodes)

Part 1: Mr. Needlemouse
Part 2: Kilometers Prower
Part 3: Batface the Rogue
Part 4: Knuck Knuck It’s Knockles
Part 5: Mother Rascal
Part 6: Cream “Omnipotent Destroyer, Universal Entropy Incarnate” the Bnuuy
Part 7: Pistol the Porcupine
Part 8: Emerl the Jizzoid - FINALE

Sonic Advance 3 (3 Episodes)

Part 1: Emerl Returns?
Part 2: Toys & Snow
Part 3: Elevator Music - FINALE

Baldur's Gate 3 (12 Episodes)

Part 2: Throw Shit, Get Hit
Part 3: Absolute Muppets
Part 4: Full of Mean
Part 5: #MilkForHisMajesty
Part 6: Brain Freeze
Part 7: Detective Bozo
Part 8: Case Closed
Part 9: Astardust Crusaders
Part 10: Boo, Nobster & Thindo
Part 11: Welcome to the House of Grief
Part 12: Dungeon & Dragon [FINALE]

Everything Everywhere All Gen One (Ongoing)

Part 2: Cutting Members
Part 3: Pokémon Green Gets Criticised Once, Fucking Dies
Part 4: The Beyblade Game
Part 5: The Green is Dead, Long Live the GREEN!

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  • No drama, I’m just here to play some games!


Anything to help me make rent is appreciated:

Oh no, the consequences of my actions! In ghost-shark form!!

Robots and jocks in one video? The said it couldn’t be done!

The unfortunate knockouts begin…

Not being allowed to capture this boss is a game crime.

Please don’t be turned off by the big exposition drop, I promise this game goes places!

Searching “Rapidash X” brings up a ton of thumbnails of YouTubers screaming in anguish… more so than they usually do. Here’s why!

If there’s somethin’ strange sleepin’ in your bed,
Lemme tell you somethin’…

This is the longest part so far, but that’s because there’s so much amazing content it’s hard to cut it down! Don’t bother following my Instagram by the way, I barely use it.

Ngl, after all that editing I’m lowkey glad that ████████ died. Featuring music by BotanicSage:

There’s only room for one Honse… no… the world is better off… without Honse…

15 hours of my life down the drain… 25 if you count the replay… and yet I still love this game!

This fight is impossibly difficult. Best of luck if you try this one yourself!

“Through hardships to the stars.” Now it’s your turn:

An interactive stream in which viewers were given the chance to build their very own class of li’l war criminals. In this episode, a bratty kid haunts our dreamscape.

Oh heck, I had a lot of these go up while I was working abroad!

Here’s a bunch of eps!

Okay, if you’re going to watch any episode of this LP, watch this one:

I have no self-control.

Content Warning: Child Abuse… even by this game’s standards.

Lots of bonding this time around!