Custom emojis 🐍


Can I suggest this little guy? as :wiggle:

I feel like the Unicode emoji set doesn’t quite get across that brazen, overt lewdness as effectively.


Added :wiggle: :wiggle: suggested by @GreatJoe


Hey now, I just noticed we’re missing the most important emoji.



:gonk: :gonk:


As much as I’m hoping creative and talented people come up with new and cool emojicons… psy-yi-yi, there is just no replacing :psyduck:


:psyduck: :psyduck:


Gonna need :ohdear: :ironicat: :911: :negative: and :catstare: and since we have :iiam: we should also bring over :ms: and :iia: also :getin: :frogout: and :goon: if you’re comfortable with that but those are very SA so maybe our own versions?

That’s a lot of demands, I’m sorry.

…oh gosh, I forgot about :radcat: Please do the nerdful.


every time i’m texting i’m so frustrated at the range of emojis because none of them are as good as the old SA smilies.


On that note, requesting:









:smug: (:v: is taken)
































Ok guys, we’re fine with porting a few smilies from other forums, but people are starting to go a little overboard so we’re placing an indefinite moratorium on straight-up copying smilies from other forums.
We’re also adding a “requested smilie” list to the OP, where we’ll put all the requests for emojis that don’t have official art yet.


:yeahright: or :smug: or :chuckle:

Hand drawn from scratch, styled more towards a regular emoji.


That’s great! Thanks so much! :chuckle:


If we can suggest ideas for JoJo emojis, perhaps one for the “menacing” katakana (kanji?), like this
Maybe not so big though. :sweat_smile:


That’s the katakana for “go” (the sound, not the verb).


Hm, how are black emoji/images that are black on a transparent background handled for the night theme?


Not great

You’d hafta outline it in white.


New emojis:
:menace: :menace:
:catee: :catee:


New emoji
:coffeelings: :coffeelings:


New emojis:
:wario: :wario:
:cheer: :cheer:
:pearlie: :pearlie: