Custom emojis 🐍


New emojis:
:spoiler: suggested by @frozentreasure
:3: suggested by @Voidburger


Is it possible to create a glitch crab, but have him holding spark sticks in his claws?


Is it just me or does the :spoiler: gif look weird? Like it kinda flickers as it moves?


Dang, I was hoping it was just my screen. I guess somehow in the conversion to emoji it develops these weird scanlines. I’ll try halving the number of frames tomorrow to see if that fixes it.


I was always fond the :toot: emote.


I really love :swoon:


Emojis added
:glitchcrab: suggested by @RealSovietBear
:swoon: suggested by @Luck
:toot: suggested by @WordOnTheWind

Updated the :spoiler: emoji. Hopefully this one looks a bit better?


Can we have a whole set of JoJos emotes? :yaybob:
Maybe just a OH MY GOD! One? :3:
Gonna try and get source if I can… :silenthill:

Lights, Camera, Action! Let's Debut in Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Would really like a gun, think it could be really well utilized in FPSs as well as some VN LPs.


This is one of those things which isn’t worth it in terms of implementing custom emojis, but maybe there already exists an out-of-the-box solution for this.

Considering that there are already some flags(:us: :gb: :de: :de: :es: :fr: :it: :jp: :kr: :ru: ) present as emojis, would it make sense to have the full options from two letter country codes?


I’m not sure I’ve seen :nws: used by anyone except goons, wonder if :nsfw: would be more relevant for people?
also fuck yeah :toot: is the best


Any chance for a :iiam: ghost thingy? I find that so endearing and I don’t know why.


Don’t link to images directly on SA - we won’t be able to see them and also that’s image leeching and kinda sucks.


can we get my favorite emotes?


Removed them, sorry about that!


:dogee: :dogee:
:dogeep: :dogeep:


:iiam: :iiam:


Thank you kindly!


Oh! I also like :allears:

The look of admiration sells it!


:allears: :allears: