LP Zone Twitch Community


So Twitch has added this new feature to the site as a beta, I was wondering if it was a good idea to have the mods or someone create an LP Zone Community or Team to consolidated all the different streams on twitch?

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If you don’t mind I’m gonna move this over to Site Suggestions.

But yeah, I’ll definitely look into this.

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No problem I wasn’t sure which one it fit in more

If anyone here is partnered we could also start a twitch team. I have no idea if communities and teams are in any way different, though. Seems functionally the same to me from what I’ve seen.

I think communities are more focused on getting search found as part of the search directory I guess?

And you don’t need to be partnered it seems to create a community

There’s a catch-all Let’s Play community I pointed my account at for lack of a better option, although I did consider Social Eating for a hot second

I think communities are meant more for people who search a specific thing, like “horror” or “fighting games”. A LP Zone community wouldn’t really do much unless this forum became big enough that people are actively searching for our high-quality streamers.

A LP Zone Twitch Team would be far more effective, but that requires someone here who is partnered to create it.

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