Crawl, build, repeat let's play Dark Cloud



I have been watching this video, as usual, thinking “There’s a block button that would solve so many of these problems for you” when you suddenly start blocking. I’m so proud.
And while the ending of the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novel series did, indeed, leave everyone dead (including Arthur), the ending of the radio play added an epilogue that I thought was one of the most moving scenes in the entire series, particularly if you’ve seen it in all of its other forms. Even the ending theme got in on the act. I’m interested in the follow-up novel, but I don’t really feel like the radio plays, such as they are, really need any other ending.


Yup round about this point i was recording as the thread went up and you advice could be followed through so you may see a tiny bit of improvement now

and yeah i kinda adore the hitchhikers guide series


Dark Cloud chapter 31: The Isabelle show guest starring Fonzy

We talk a lot more about the recent Nintendo direct in perticular about a certain Mayoral assistant. Meanwhile friend and fellow desktop member Fonzy cameos…oh and we play Dark Cloud as well.


** Dark Cloud chapter 32: KRAFTWERK**

Just in time for Golden winds anime debut we meet our final teammate Osmond or as we call him here Kraftwerk also learn what math blaster is!


Dark Cloud chapter 33 Mystery Science Theater 3000: thanus

Strap yourself in folks this is a weird one even for our standards


Hey, remember that time you upgraded your weapon, and then status broke your other weapon, and then didn’t put the synth sphere in the weapon you were using, and then upgraded it again? Weapon build-ups are rough this late in the game, since it takes so long to upgrade a weapon, that most serious min-maxers will put the upgrade crystals into a spare weapon and build it to +5 just so they can get the maximum upgrade into their main weapon with one level-up. It’s even more relevant in the second game, but then, almost everything about weapons and combat is better in the second game.


yup you are totally right about that funnily enough we discuss weapons in either the next part or two parts time


Chapter 34: A weapon to surpass the Dark Genie

In which our gundam nears completion and we talk about weapons


The enemies were glowing because you stepped on a spot that gave them a stamina buff.

Since we’re so close to the end, it’s probably meaningful now to describe the thing I hate most about the town-building in this game. It starts off so promising, but then becomes so restrictive that there’s no fun left.

First town: Everyone’s got a request, but you can move things around freely in a giant space and shuffle the town until you get a layout you like.
Second town: You have to leave room for a river to run through, and there are two areas, so you’re restricted in where you can place things.
Third town: There are three areas, and everything has to go in a specific area, so you don’t have much freedom at all.
Fourth town: The only thing you can vary at all is the distance of each building from the totem pole. There are about two layouts that work.
Fifth town: There isn’t even a town, just a giant robot, so you have to assemble the pieces in a specific way.
Sixth town: Not even a town. The most boring thing. Yet you will still have to collect all of the sealed pieces.

Not that the second game is any better in this respect, but why couldn’t we just have more wide-open spaces like the first town?


Agreed with you completely the way the building goes gets more restrictive to the point you are not even building a town anymore. I really did wish there was something similar to the first town but it never came


Chapter 35 Raging Moon Warrior Minotaur Joe

Its time to end the moon in style. First we take on the reigning champ in order to get our plutonium for our gundam then its time to punch that goofy majin buu looking jerk in the face…can we defeat the dark genie this easily…well we still have five parts left what do you think?


Dark Cloud Chapter 36: Seda

Since the beginning the mysterious Seda has been following us…its time to find out what his deal is as we begin a trip through time and possibly the lamest test of building in this entire game. Also glitched back doors…yay

link to the original video the glitched backdoor stuff came from


Dark Cloud chapter 37 The Nidoking appreciation episode


Aw, thanks! I feel so appreciated!

My problem with K-9 is that he’s one of the many “point this at a problem to make it go away” elements of the show, before the Sonic Screwdriver took that honor forevermore. Just look at how many stories take place in swamps or mountains specifically so that K-9 can’t get to where the problem is, or has to take the long way around so he can show up just in time to “Yes Master” laser blast something or remote control the evil machine to, we can only presume, reverse the polarity of the neutron flow. For all that, at least he has something of a personality.

In honor of the approaching end of the LP, I dug up my old save files and actually have a few at the Demon Shaft. None of them are likely to be near the top, but I’ve got one with all maxed-out weapons, one where I appear to have some clue what I was doing but petered out along the way, and one that I presume must be my first file, with only a few even usable weapons. If you’re interested, I could record some footage from that and either post it with my own commentary, or preferably, have one or more of your group co-commentate. I can show off some of the weapon effects, possibly the effect of a Mardan Garayan, and naturally, the recolors of enemies that show up in the Shaft. I think there are even a few that don’t appear anywhere else.


that would actually be quite fun and make this thread more complete


Dark Cloud chapter 38 One last conversation street



Hello there my name is Welch Vineyard. I am sure you were likely expecting the penultimate episode of the lets play designated as Dark cloud but alas the user known as yerpalhal is busy with goings on involving the terran ritual known as all hallows eve. As such he had no time to finish editing the episode. In the spirit of the season he has decided to share you something truly terrifying the first ever episode of his first ever lp.


Dark Cloud Chapter 39: The penultimate peril


Drain Seeker is a really good weapon, even though it’s not the strongest (and it IS a third-tier weapon - Bone Rapier upgrades into Evilcise, which upgrades into Drain Seeker), because it’s the only weapon in the game with the Drain ability, which recovers your HP every time you hit an enemy with it. The way you make use of it is to build up the Drain Seeker to +5, then break it down and customize it into a weapon you use. There are a lot of really good abilities you can add to your weapons, and most of them are rare finds. There are a couple you can just buy, and the Durable ability (which just makes the weapon’s WHP decrease more slowly) can randomly show up on any weapon.


I think it says so much about my luck i only came across a weapon with an ability once the entire lp