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Dark Cloud chapter 17: Conversation street the third


You sold an Anti-Freeze Amulet in Queens. I can forgive that, because I always forget that amulets exist, but I expect you will come to regret this.

Ruby’s an interesting character for two reasons. First, even before you’ve built her up, she can be an effective fighter because you can charge her attacks. You really need to build up her ring a few levels early on so you can get the remaining elemental attributes, which will make opening doors slightly less painful. The other reason is that unless I’m remembering incorrectly, Queens is the first place where you can find weapons for characters other than Toan at a shop, so you don’t have to wait for a better weapon to drop randomly. If you get lucky with Georama parts, you can get Ruby up and running pretty quickly. I believe my method for fighting the cannons is to use her, dodge the initial shot, then charge up a quick blast. Since the cannon always moves directly away from you after shooting, it will always take the hit, and you won’t lose much WHP for hitting a metal enemy.

It’s also worth pointing out, since I didn’t before, that poison and thirst only affect the active character. If you had three other characters, you could switch to any of them to run through the empty areas and maybe get to a healing spring or the exit. I always try to rotate when there’s no spring around so I don’t need to carry too many water items, but healing is important because most enemies are best fought with a specific character.


yes…i will regret selling the anti freeze amulet…oh i will regret it all right part 21s a bit of a shitshow and its not just because i am terrible at the game i’m lping:


Dark cloud chapter 18: carbondated commentary


Chapter 19: Pumpkin Panty Fortune Telling

yes that is a LOSS of innocence


alas no episode today due to prior family stuff i will extend the two a week by one more week to make up for that


Chapter 20: The music box incident


Dark Cloud chapter 21: Ice Queen La Saia

Do as Nidoking said make sure you have an antifreeze amulet and don’t sell it like a div also hide behind pillars…basically do not do what i did in this video…well unless you have the cash then totally spam fire gems


good news we have now recorded up to part 35. we only need to record 5 more so episodes will permanently be twice a week til the end


Chapter 22: WAMUU




Yes to push us further to the end the entirety of what we call the filler arc will be posted daily from sunday to sunday all this week!



The biggest problem here is that WAMUU really doesn’t fill a particular combat niche. Straycat is handy for enemies you don’t want to get close to, Red handles the ones that don’t move very much or only move in straight lines, and KINGNOTHING has the charge attack that works really well for golems. That covers just about everything. The wind attack eats through your WHP and doesn’t give you anything you can’t get from other characters. I think I use him to deal with the Dunes, though, since he can attack from just beyond their range. The worst part is that he’s the only character who can get one of the best weapon effects in the game, and it only appears on a rare weapon that I think is only found on the first few floors after you get him. Try grinding for a bunch of Five-Foot Nails and building them all up to +5.


I used him on the dunes in my offscreen grinding kinda wished i did so while recording but I was still in the “lol use kazan/toan for everything mentality” for the entire time until it bit me in the backside in about forteen parts time.


I really, REALLY wished ffxivs 4.4 patch was around during the editing of this I would have added the burn dungeon theme in


chapter 27: The filler arc 5: I will do anthing for completion…except for THAT

Today we discuss a lot of stuff including how great nidoking is and how much i hate fishing in games. The thumbnail is a reference to the sequal of this game which i am sure i’ll make Kazan and hwhite sit through in a future lp.


Dark cloud chapter 28: past Hal trolls current Hal

Finally we leave the filler arc behind but not before past me trolls us one last time. Thumbnail is my Boy Angus Mcmutton from lpfwa.


Dark cloud chapter 29: The Kings Curse

Time to end this week long series of episodes! normal service resumes on sunday as we begin the move to ending the game! thanks for sticking around!


Dark Cloud chapter 30: Conversation street in space!