Crawl, build, repeat let's play Dark Cloud

Hello there my friends. Welcome to my playthrough of Dark cloud, A clunky (not helped by a bad ps4 port) and slightly charming rpg created by level-5. Their first game in fact and it kinda shows…but believe me I snark because I care.

The plot

Joseph Stalin unleashes a terrifying world destroying abomination on the world of [insert world name] Our hero Toan (or as we shall get to know him Kazan) awakens to find his friends, family and village gone. Luckily an old man known as the fairy king saved them and placed them in Atlamillia a kind of magical maguffin. Unfortunatly they are blasted into dungeons…

Who am I?

I am YerPalHal I am kinda new to this the only prior lp I did was Jojo’s bizarre adventure eyes of heaven. An lp that might make it on this very site once I rerecord the final chapters of it. I am still very new to all this so err pardon my dust. I belong to a group known as the Jaded Desktop and select members of this group will be joining me on this little endeavor. My friend Kazan will be my constant co pilot and we drag our unwitting compatriot Hwhite with us.

Also theres nidoking from this very board who while not in any video feels like an unofficial fourth member thanks to all the feedback, tips and general knowledge of the game is helping make this thread a bit special.

So about this…

This will be a 100 percent town and fetch quest run. I am NOT doing the demon shaft because even my dungeon crawling has limits. I will also be making liberal use of edits for later dungeons but I will try to show as much of the town building side as i can. Feedback is encouraged and while there is not much to spoil lets keep the future pcs and areas quiet until they show up in the game. So sit back, relax and join us every sunday as we enter into Kazans bizarre adventure…

The Story so far

The original trailer seen at the end of my previous lp

Book 1: Our hometown
Chapter 1: the day Majinn Buu and Stalin killed everyone I loved
Chapter 2: Lurse of the Lave Bat
Chapter 3: The Fairy kings powerpoint presentation
Chapter 4: Stray Cat
Chapter 5: The backdoor breakdown
Chapter 6: Divine beast Dran

Book 2: The village of hunters
Chapter 7: Conversation Street
Chapter 8: Kazans final sting in the monster house
Chapter 9: POISON
Chapter 10: Economics
Chapter 11: kingnothing
Chapter 12: Conversation Street
Chapter 13 1: Forest Keeper Master Utan

Book 3: The port of broken relationships
Chapter 14: ps2 classics on ps4 are a bit crap
Chapter 15: Breaking the game with junior chief
Chapter 16: Red
Chapter 17: Conversation street the third
Chapter 18: carbondated commentary
Chapter 19: Pumpkin Panty Fortune Telling
Chapter 20: The music box incident
Chapter 21: Ice Queen La Saia

Book 4: The village in the desert

Chapter 22: Wamuu
Chapter 23: The filler town
Chapter 24: The filler arc 2
Chapter 25: Filler arc heart gol and soul sil edition
Chapter 26: Filler arc 4: Feeling the burn
chapter 27: The filler arc 5: I will do anthing for completion…except for THAT
chapter 28: past Hal trolls current Hal
Chapter 29: The Kings Curse

Book 5 Bam, Zoom, Straight to the Moon

Chapter 30: Conversation street in space!
chapter 31: The Isabelle show guest starring Fonzy
Chapter 32 kraftwerk
Chapter 33:Mystery Science Theater 3000: thanus
Chapter 34: A weapon to surpass the Dark Genie
Chapter 35 Raging Moon Warrior Minotaur Joe

Book 6: The castle that time forgot

Chapter 36 Seda
Chapter 37 The Nidoking appreciation episode
Chapter 38 One last conversation street
Chapter 39: The penultimate peril
Finale: The Dark genie

Bonus video

The Demon shaft experience featuring Nidoking

Halloween extra Bonus

Jojos bizarre adventure eyes of heaven episode 1

Chapter one This is how the world ends…not with a bang but with interperative dance

bonus the original trailer from my previous lp

Chapter 2 Lurse of the Lave Bats

Chapter 3: The Fairy kings powerpoint presentation

sorry about the echo no idea what happened in this part

It’s a bit weird seeing you hang on to stuff as long as you do. That Fluffy Doughnut does nothing but boost your defense, and there’s no bonus for using it at a particular time (like the refills you get when upgrading health, thirst meter, or weapons), so you should use it right away.

oh believe me once i start spamming the back rooms and realise how little space in the inventory i have i will not be hanging onto stat items for long

Chapter 4: Stray Cat

Two more chapters before recording catches up to when I first posted this thread

chapter 5: The backdoor breakdown

In which great days happen as we explore the backdoors finally

In which we restore Kazans hometown. Beat up its god and guilttrip the real Kazan about the length between recording footage and commentary.

Next week our comms actually do catch up to the existence of this thread and i need to grovel apologetically about hoarding stat boost items

It’s all well and good to say you don’t like the fishing in this game, but surely you’re going to catch at least one Mardan Garayan, right?

I did I wanted to at least show off as much of the game as I could that isn’t the demon shaft. it’ll be in a later part as will the Baron Garayan doubt i’ll show off the common fish though i really do not like fishing in video games

It’s not so much for the fish itself, but for the reward you get for having caught it. I consider it essential as a quality of life matter.

ah i get you in that case during my end game grind i did way more fishing than a human really should

theres been some issues getting part 7 ready i’ll try to post it later this week. if not i’ll do a double bill next sunday

In which we catch up to the opening of this thread. Due to a corrupted recording session we rerecorded and thus the episode pretty much just turned into a conversation between me and kazan about a lot of things in and out of game.

A second new episode will be posted tomorrow as an apology for skipping a week.

Chapter 8: Kazans final sting in the monster house

I think I neglected stray cat

OK, so you finally used the item that boosts your defense and has no downside. So is there a reason you’re not leveling up your base weapon so it does more damage, again with absolutely no conceivable downside? Or is that just another thing you forgot? You won’t take so long defeating enemies or use as many Repair Powders if you’re doing more than single-digit damage per shot, and you probably got enough ABS to upgrade it a few times in that single level. You’re going to have to do that for every character, unless you get lucky and find some weapons for them.

Also, when a floor trap increases your funds “a bit”, it doubles your money. Decreasing your funds a bit cuts your money in half.

poor stray cat you’re right i kinda pretty much ignored her in favor of the next ranged character so that is deinatly my bad on that.

I did not know that about doubling or cutting my money thank you i’ll make sure to mention that in our next record session and give you full credit


Today poison…just poison also i am now using our patter at the end to comment on thread replies shocked i never did it sooner tbh

It’s only a tiny bit painful to watch you use a Levelup Powder on a weapon that almost has full ABS just so you can pick up the most useless attachment in the game.

And in most games, there’s an effective way to fight the enemies that throw poison projectiles at you while remaining far enough away that you can dodge their attacks. You can take all the pride you want in not upgrading your ranged character, but you’re only hurting yourself.