Crawl, build, repeat let's play Dark Cloud



Dark Cloud: The final chapter: Dark Genie

A years worth of work finished phew thanks for watching!

but the funs not over yet! not only is there two new projects coming as mentioned at the end of the video Nidoking recorded a few floors of the demon shaft and we will be joining him to end this thread right so keep an eye out within the next few weeks for that!


Something to keep in mind during the Dark Genie fight is that you can damage the hands with non-elemental attacks. It just does about half the damage, since you’re not hitting the elemental weakness, but it saves time swapping elements and you’re guaranteed to be able to hit whichever hand pops up. I have no advice for the other phases and honestly can’t remember how I beat them. Probably just keeping up the supply of stamina drinks and taking advantage of invulnerability frames from some of the charged attacks.

It was definitely a treat getting to see the end of the game again without having to beat it myself. It was a fun game once through, but on a replay, it definitely helps to stream it with guests who can come up with things to talk about and on-the-fly name ideas.


Bonus video: Demon Shaft

Here’s the promised bonus video, featuring me alongside the rest of the Jaded Desktop crew. Here, you’ll get to see a sample of the enemies in the game’s hundred-floor bonus dungeon, the Demon Shaft, as well as some fighting techniques to use if you decide to let your entire party participate in the combat. Also, a few to avoid. You’ll also get to see the benefit of catching a Mardan Garayan; a technique for building up weak weapons quickly; and Steve, the talking slingshot.


Well thanks for doing this LP, it was an enjoyable to watch through and helped pass time during work.


i’m glad to hear that! this was my first full lp and i’m glad it was enjoyable hopefully star ocean will be better since i will be able to do some audience participation in the actual game until then @moderators i guess this should be moved to finished lps

and again thanks for watching and see you all hopefully in star ocean 3


I’m glad to join in on this adventure and Loquacious_Ghoul I’m glad you enjoyed the LP friendo