Crawl, build, repeat let's play Dark Cloud



Its true everything you say is true


new episode tomorrow i was in paris for four days and couldn’t get the editing done in time sorry


Chapter 10: Economics

in which we find Hwhite and get scammed by the local owl shopkeeper


Chapter 11: Kingnothing

in which we get our newest teammate I will promptly ignore. Also if you didn’t need more proof I am not good at this lping thing


I apologuise for the surprise month break I kinda ran out of episodes. But I now have more done so i’ll continue as usual on sunday. I hope there will not be anymore breaks


Chapter 12 Conversation street


Chapter 13 1 Forest Keeper Master Utan


Chapter 14: ps2 classics on ps4 are a bit crap


I’ll tell you what I really hate about this video. I hate when you’re right in the mid

Did you intend for the video to end mid-sentence?


funny you should mention that actually what happened was i realised that the video was done mid sentence instead of leaving in a few seconds of fluff i cut the audio at the end of what i was saying. so you missed absolutely nothing of what i said. I actually continue it in the next part in hindsight i should have kept the fluff in so it didn’t sound as abrupt


Chapter 15: Breaking the game with junior chief

In a bonus midweek episode I continue the sentence that ended abruptly last episode and its time to break the game!


Backfloor keys in this game are weird. The one from the first chapter is an incredibly rare drop, and there’s a later chapter where the game is broken and the key never drops. In other chapters, the keys are fairly common drops. The nice thing about the backfloor keys is that in addition to the treasures that only spawn once each time, you can go back and forth and respawn the enemies each time, making it easy to grind for ABS if you’re one of those weirdos who like to be able to fight effectively while giving yourself a safe escape route if things get bad. Leaving the dungeon recovers all of your HP and status, so I always leave after finishing a floor, even if I plan to go right back in. I think it’s pretty pointless not to.

I admit that I don’t use Fruits of Eden and Gourds as soon as I get them - I tend to keep them until I need them to refill my HP or thirst meter, at which point the upgrade is a nice bonus. You also need some normal HP healing items for the female characters, whose HP can never exceed 140. If there’s a limit for the male characters, I never hit it. The defense upgrade items should always be used immediately.

The thing that makes me sad in today’s video is that you used a full-heal item to cure Curse on a limited floor where you can’t switch weapons anyway, then didn’t have one when you got Cursed again (if you needed to cure it - when do you ever switch weapons?) I never worry about Curse, since the worst case is that you have to wait until you leave the dungeon to switch weapons. Also, it’s pretty clear you didn’t yet catch a Mardan Garayan, and it’s starting to be particularly relevant.

And I love the “Corcea” that was clearly a mistranslation of “Corsair”. You see so many different spellings of the same name in various places (“Nolun Village” from the sheriff here) that it’s obvious no two lines were translated by the same person.


yeah that was pretty stupid of me using the full heal then. believe me i was cursing myself when i originally recorded the footage. and yeah i never did get one I was planning on doing it for the lp but by the fourth dungeon i just wanted to move on.

you’re definatly getting a special thanks in the final video nidoking you are def explaining this game better than the dummy lping it


In that case, would you like me to explain the Mardan Garayan here in the thread? I think you may have mentioned it in one of the videos, but I can’t remember, and I can definitely attest to how annoying it is to get one.


i am doing a record with kazan and hwhite this weekend i’ll mention it during the record so its on record. I do remember it being a bitch to catch during the one time i tried fishing


but as it may take a while to get to that vid in the thread feel free to do so


Cheers, then!

First, it’s important to understand that fishing is by far the worst part of this game, including the endless grinding if you want to keep all of your characters useful. You need to get the fishing rod and some kind of bait, then go to one of the fishing spots. Read the sign to start fishing, bait the hook, toss the line into the water, then wait for a fish to start eating the bait. The game doesn’t make it clear when you need to pull the line out, but there may be a split second when the float drops, and that’s the moment. Sometimes, the fish just eats the entire bait without ever grabbing the hook, so it’s a good idea to haul the line up even if it’s not the right time. Get it all exactly right, and you catch a fish, earning a dozen or so Fishing Points that you can exchange for token healing items, weapons, attachments, and even gems (at a cost, if I remember correctly, of 1000 FP each). It’s probably simpler and less aggravating to sell the bait and use the money to buy whatever upgrades you need. The number of FP you get from catching a single fish is pathetic, with only two exceptions that are worth hundreds of FP.

There are some hints in the game leading you to the Mardan Garayan, but they require a combination of obscure factors to find, let alone piece together into any semblance of instruction. Essentially, without a guide, you’re unlikely ever to hit upon the right combination of circumstances. First, you need Poisoned Apples, which you can get from the Witch Illza in Matataki Forest. They’re usable as bait, but most fish in the game will ignore them completely, and if you don’t know where they’re used, you might just ignore them yourself. Next, you’ll need to go to the pond at the head of the river in Matataki Village, specifically during the Dusk period. There’s a small random chance that one of the fish will be a Mardan Garayan. It’s noticeably bigger than any other fish, so you can often save yourself some time and quit fishing to reload the pond if there isn’t one there, but the only way to be absolutely sure is to give it a Poisoned Apple and see if it bites. (Or give it another kind of bait - Hal do you know? Mardan Garayan eat only apples.) Then you have to actually catch the thing without running out of Poisoned Apples, so bring plenty - you can’t go get more without reloading the pond and having to wait for another one to spawn. After all that, you’ll get a hundred FP and change. And that’s the less painful of the two special fish to catch.

So why would you go to all of that trouble? It’s not even the best source of FP in the game, but there are two benefits to catching Mardan Garayan. One of them is the Mardan Sword, which is available to buy with your FP and builds up based on how many Mardan Garayan you’ve caught. I’ve never bothered with that. The real, true reward comes from catching just one. From that moment on, whenever you open a trap chest where you have to guess which trap to disarm, the Mardan Garayan will just tell you which trap it is. Treasure Chest Keys are pretty much just sale items at that point.


Nidoking that was fantastic

Chapter 16: Red


Alas, I had to go back and make a subtle edit a day later. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.


A new episode will be up tomorrow i aim to do two a week for the next two weeks to make up for missing july completely