Co-Commentation Station: Find Your New Buddy Here


I’m looking for commentators for Build engine games. Right now I have videos of NAM, and I’m going to move onto other build games once I’m done with that.

The star of the show is going to be Shadow Warrior (1997), which I’ll stream somewhere around 13th of may, for the anniversary of the shareware release.

What I’m looking for is someone to liven up the commentary while I play or talk about the game details. Depending on how well can I play any particular game, the commentary will be live or post.

I’m most available 14-22 UTC, somewhere in that time bracket I’d be streaming as well. You can hit me up on Discord (Tomawis#9606) or just PM me.

I don’t exactly have requirements for my co-commentators, but if you’re easily upset by racism and sexism, you probably won’t enjoy Shadow Warrior or some other games I might play…


I’ve been looking for a LP buddy for awhile now and never have found the right person whether it be schedule or just no interest at all so its been pretty difficult so if anyone is interested maybe we can start up something whether im the co commentator or the one playing im pretty much avalible for anything at this point


Hey all, I’m down for co-commentating with anyone on pretty much any game, so if you’re in need of someone, hit me up. I’ve never guested on another person’s LP, but I’ve done a few with a friend now, one of which we just completed on the site:

I’m available just about whenever (mostly evenings/nights and weekends EST). You can PM me here or on twitter (same name as here) or on Discord (wottermelon#4607).

I’m also thinking about bringing in a bunch of people on a future LP of Dark Souls 3, one person for every few videos (or whatever, based on interest), so I’ll probably solicit people here in the future, but if you want to get a hold of me preemptively, you can also contact me as above. I totally made this, so if you’re interested, you can find it here:


Hey, I’ve never co-commentated or anything but I’d totally be down to if anyone wanted to have me.

I might be a bit awkward cause I’m on the Autism Spectrum but other than that I’m looking to get a bit less shy about doing mic stuff.

I’m also looking to do an LP of Sonic Colours, either as it’s own thread or in ChorpSaway’s casual thread. So if anyone would like to jump in on that I’d appreciate it.

I do have Discord but I only just got it and don’t know the ins and outs. Just shoot me a DM if you’re interested. Thanks!


I’m looking for some interested in commentating with me on my Hellblade stream this Saturday the 12th. Time is negotiable, I’m free anytime.


So, while @heyboots is gonna be with me for the whole sordid adventure I’m looking for a few guest commentators to chime in on Revolutionary Girl Utena: Tale of the Someday Revolution. Hit me up.

Edit: Oh I’m also looking for commentators for a Blind VLP of Tales of Berseria so hit me up for that too.


I’m down for both of those! Hit me up sometime!


I love àñîmē, let’s do it.


Hey all!

So, I’ve been planning to move over to for a while now, but have hit a snag with the LP I want to do, so I figured I’d reach out here.

I’m looking to restart a video series on Tabletop Simulator, where we hang out and play board games. You’d need to be able to record your own video and audio separately, but I can help you with that if you need it. Also, obviously, you need to own Tabletop Simulator.

Outside of that, really just looking for people who are chill, respectful, and funny. Don’t have to be super skilled at board games, but if you did have games you were passionate about and want to teach people, all the better. We’re planning to play a massive variety of games, so I’d like to have quite a few people around to pick the best and most interested people depending on the game.

PM me on here if you’re interested!


I’m planning to start up a Dominion thread for the online version of the game, largely to celebrate the release of the latest expansion this month (although the thread won’t be getting to that for a long, long time). The idea is to combine training/tutorial videos and strategy videos with vanilla gameplay videos, introducing mechanics and expansions gradually over time so that audience and players alike will learn to play Dominion. I’ve got a Discord server set up for match-making and recording the LP videos, which will be open to anyone once the thread kicks off, but I want to keep it low-key for the moment. The problem is that, for the first video, I want to get people who have never played the game before so I can teach them the game as part of the video - I could do it with bots, but I think that will be significantly less interesting, and I won’t have the benefit of the real-time feedback that humans can provide during my explanation. So, I’m looking for anywhere from one to three people who:

  • Are or might be interested in Dominion, the prototypical deck-building game, but have never played it before
  • Are willing to sign up for a free account on the Dominion Online service
  • Are willing to be part of a respectful online community
  • Are willing to participate in LP videos
  • Preferably can record their own audio, although I should be able to work around this and record everything on my end

If you want to take part or want more information, PM me here or hit me up on Discord. The first video recording will probably be sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Seeking the most powerful lesbian on these forums to commentate over Juri’s route in Jeff and my Revolutionary Girl Utena LP. PM me.


yo what up my dudes

I’m Krista, I’m kind of a budding LPer, hopin to find someone who likes discussing games more in-depth, and having interesting conversations about what makes a game tick, or even just long arguments about what we do and don’t like about a game.

I’m usually free after around 8 or 10pm, but my schedule changes every week so we just gotta plan around that.

I’m also kind of shy at first so don’t worry if I don’t seem super talkative at first!! I definitely open up after a few days.

Hit me up on Discord at x24sonic#7128


What’s up Chuck, I’m Salubrious Rex. I like video games, I like dumb shit, I like video games that do dumb shit.

I find most things funny which may or may not translate to other people finding them funny. I don’t do videos for the internet (and the ones I have done are hopefully lost to time under my old screen name) but if you want to do videos and have my voice in them then I’m down for that.

Additional info:

  • Australian (UTC+ 10 timezone), accent included
  • My availability is any time Sunday and Monday, any time after 4PM Tuesday to Friday and ??? Saturday (I run a D&D campaign which doesn’t always happen and can go for any amount of time)
  • Currently operating off a piss-weak laptop! So while I can speak and record audio fine joining you in a game probably isn’t going to happen until I get my PC a new Motherboard and CPU unless it’s a windows minesweeper race or something.

So if you haven’t been turned off by all that and need another person to make words over a videogame then drop me a message here or over Discord (Salubrious Rex#3226).
I charge by the hour for my services but my only fee is your time.


Hello, I’m RealBlue! (short for my youtube name therealbluedragon)

I’m a big nerd for all things 16, 32 and 64bit; I love to examine and talk about games from those eras. Sega, Nintendo, Sony; I’m into it all! If you need someone to chat and ask questions while while you play a game, I can do that.

I consider myself a well spoken and pleasant person to talk to. I’m patient and open minded. so you don’t have to worry about me being rude or making unwelcome comments that may upset you or your audience.

  • British with a posh accent (at least that’s what I’ve been told.)

  • GMT time zone.

  • I work most of the week but I’m usually free all day most fridays and Saturdays. Occasionally other times may be possible.

  • I have a fairly decent gaming PC, so if a project requires me to perform something taxing (additional Audio/Video capture, multiplayer) it can be done.

  • Using a half decent microphone (Blue Snowball)

If interested, add me on discord. RealBlue#1977


Looking for just someone to stream games or do Lets Plays with. Whether if I stream and we just talk about the game or I just Co commentate on yours, I’m a little shy at first but as we go on I’ll get better. If you have any questions or interested just add my Discord: Loosebricks#7458


Im having that same problem at speaking alone


Hi la p’zone, I’m here to make hyperfriends in the virtualspace of Web 3.0. I’d like to think I’m friendly and get-alongable enough, but I am trapped in the moon realms in a Midwestern town so most of the time I only exist in the middle of the night. If you would like a sidekick whose desperate loneliness comes through only a little in his voice, most days I can be available from midnight through 7am EST and you can hit me up on Discord at That Old Tree#5581.


I added you on Discord


Hi there, I’m a new member whom wanted to throw their hat into this particular ring (since I’m too scared to commit to a let’s play of my own…)

I’m a fan of most every game, from contemporary to retro, shooter to rhythm, though I tend to avoid the triple-AAA Big Publisher scene due to the downturn in customer-focused decisions.
I’m in the GMT time zone, am reliably available in the first three days (Mon - Wed) of the week with some flexibility for the latter part of the week.
My rig is pretty high-quality so I can supplement your efforts and possibly assist with beginner-tier behind-the-scenes stuff.

If you need somebody to tag along and fill up the empty space, add me on Discord at SushiJaguar#8636.


Hey, I’m in the planning stages of a video LP of Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask, which is an RPG based on that anime you watched on Adult Swim in 2004. It’s a somewhat goofy game that I can best describe as “official self-insert fanfiction,” so good times will be had by all. I’m aiming for a couple people who have anime chops to help me along the journey. I’d be aiming for weekend afternoons EST. Waffleman#7166 on Discord.