Charlie's Chrono Fantasy V (AKA Final Fantasy X-2)



Let’s finish Chapter 1 and finally get into the main story!


I always thought it was a bit of a disappointment that you put in all the effort to set up that concert and all Yuna does is sing “La” to her own theme. I mean come on, Leblanc put in a lot more effort into her performance, and that was just a ruse!


Let’s meet an arrogant twat who even puts our ex-husband to shame…


Here’s another review, this time of the PS1 Trilogy of Final Fantasy games! I’ll pop all these reviews into the OP, as that leaves the first 9 Final Fantasies covered!


Chocobos, they’re cute as hell, but bloody annoying when they want to be…


After reading a comment on one of the videos about both the Youth League and New Yevon being jerks, I kinda went off on one:

"Yevon still just rubs me the wrong way, right down to their founder being y jeumahd ihcahd fru fyhdc du anyca recduno, dric tahoehk risyhedo dra lryhla du maynh vnus dra bycd… frelr ec ruf recduno nabaydc edcamv.

I appreciate the Youth League’s progressive, almost anarchistic nature, but the fact that they’re so militant is what throws me off.

I’m usually not one for centrism, but it’s the Machine Faction who seem to have it right. They just wanna excavate. They ain’t got time for fighting and shit, there’s ancient culture to learn and develop from."


I’m curious: have you ever had a gaming experience so bad you’ve had to seek medical help?


Too hot for T.V… and yes, that’s the only reason this Let’s Play series isn’t televised.


Time to “infiltrate”…


Yevon, you’ve got some splainin’ to do…


As we dive deeper into Bevelle we encounter convoluted puzzles, a frustrating boss fight and a shocking twist…


Reaching peak apologism in this episode. What can I say? I really really enjoy Sphere Break!


Trying not to trip over spoilers: that’s the difficulty of playing way too far ahead before commentating.


After blitzing through most of Chapter 3, it’s nice to slow down and engage in some terrible sidequests. Cheers!


Hanging out with both Garik and Beclem? Lucky us!


Time for a good few pieces to fall into place…


The last stretch of actual gameplay for a good while… hooray?


huh shuyins theme is a twisted version of a song from later why did i never notice that before


I’m Commander Brother, of the Spira Control Attack Team. SCAT mission 230. Three world leaders have disappeared, after spending the night at the old Farplane; and their enemies, Shuyin and Vegnagun. Right now the League and New Yevon are gearing themselves up to have a fight. Your mission: to protect the people of Spira with a flashy concert.


More CCTV fun!

Ormi's Grand Adventure - Chapter 1

Deep within the city of Guadosalam, a large figure could be seen stalking the halls of Chateau Leblanc. Adorned with thick purple armour and a shield decorated with love-hearts, it was none other than a tough-as-nails sphere hunter named Ormi, who was left to do the rounds in his boss’ absence.

“Let’s see here…” he muttered to himself, trying desperately to recall an earlier conversation, “…I’ve checked the treasure spheres, dispatched the goons… what else did the boss tell me to do?” Ormi’s thoughts were quickly interrupted by the appearance of a Bascinet: an armoured fiend with a poor temper who was charging towards him. With very little fanfare, Ormi swung his shield towards the bulky fiend and effortlessly crushed it under his considerable weight, “Bwahahaha, oh yeah, fiend duty! I can do that!”

Ormi continued through the halls pummelling every fiend he encountered, but for as tough as he proved to be, he couldn’t shake the feeling that things would be far easier with the support of his best friend, Logos. But until Logos and Leblanc’s return, Ormi was stuck killing fiends; fiends that he knew would simply reform without receiving a sending from a former summoner or a New Yevon priest.

“This is the pits!” Ormi complained, “These stupid fiends keep comin’ back, so what’s the point of beatin’ ‘em?” These thoughts gave Ormi an idea: an absurd idea but an idea nonetheless, and after slamming a fairly threatening Couerl into the ground, Ormi took a step back, threw his arms in the air and began to rock to the left and right. The way he saw it, if he could send the fiends directly to their Farplane, his daily grind wouldn’t be so bad!

Ormi began to pirouette and much to his surprise, the pyreflies began to swirl around him, following his movements. It felt strange and somehow horrifying, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. An overwhelming mass of pyreflies, harvested from several hours worth of fiend hunting started to congregate.

“Is it that hard for youse to find the Farplane?” Ormi wondered to himself, “It’s just a two minute walk away!” However, despite his attempts to guide the swirling mass towards the entrance, it wouldn’t leave, instead forming into a vaguely humanoid figure. Ormi stepped back, confused. After a few seconds, the pyreflies began to take a physical form that was all too familiar to him: it was of a man, larger and more bulky than even Ormi himself. The man had a stern look on his face, a bald head and was wearing a black suit. In his right hand there was a machina gun.

Ormi stood in a stunned silence, taken completely off-guard. He just stared unblinking at the figure in front of him. Time passed. Shaking off the feeling of unease, Ormi finally gathered to courage to confront the figure, “Dad? Is that really you?”