But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



22: The Television Was Not Revolutionized


connor no


23: Average Casual Guy


why are the androids graffitiing rose’s walls


I was honestly spoiled and now have so many questions.


How many begin of them with “What” and are one word long? Likewise, “Why”?


I would say quite a few. And a lot of them also overlap with questions I had for Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain.


What a weird hour its been.


We’ll be back with more videos soon, it’s been exceedingly difficult to get people together for commentary the past few weeks.


Did… did someone use some gameplay footage from Detroit in their TED Talk?


Why was David Cage allowed to have a TED Talk?


“What if… the artificial life we’d created… experienced discrimination?” I muse as I’m forcibly ejected from the TED stage.


I saw that Men Drinkin Coffee had the same problem (apparently it was pretty widespread) but then that response… oof

I’m just
so tired


Considering everything else lately I shouldn’t be blown away by what seems to be a joke actually being real life, but… oof.


“David Cage’s TED Talk” is the polar opposite of the phrase “cellar door.”


do you think youtube’s content ID system should have rights

the only thing i could imagine worse than David Cage’s hamfisted storytelling is him explaining his hambrained thought process behind each painfully obvious broad stroke


i want to finish this and move on with my life.

but people keep not being available and there keep being final exams and i just got a very bad cold


let entrancejew do all the commentary for 4 people what could possibly go wrong


AGDQ is next week, so we tried to get as much done as we could before that.

24: We Have A Dream


Rise and grind gamers, it’s time for 2019, in which we go swimming in a pool that’s been painted red

25: Kamski


26: Gamers Rise Up