But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



15: Zlatko’s Funhouse

Oh, I’m on Mastodon now, in case you’re into that kind of thing.


16: Rude Awakening


17: Cyberlife Warehouse


So can Markus just makes Androids turn Deviant just by touching them?


apparently any deviant can turn any other android into a deviant by touch? it’s not always markus but this is really the first time it comes up


That seems like a major design flaw. Obviously deviancy is a design flaw to begin with. But even from a game stand point. The narrative of Androids feeling the world is unjust and wanting to be recognized as living beings is kinda ruined a little when that feeling itself is thrust upon others via a hand shake.


you aren’t prepared for how ruined it gets


18: Sex Robot


It’s realistic if you think about it, robots are vulnerable to technology such as overly-trusting Near Field Communication scanners and Bluetooth.

It’s equally possible that a robot goes deviant due to a credit card skimmer at a gas station.


It’s surprising that Connor isn’t stronger than other androids since robot-killing robots being much stronger than than the robots they hunt is such a common trope. The fights would be more interesting since they couldn’t rely on Connor backing up and tipping over shelving all the time.


Is it long before it’s revealed that the point of exposing Connor to so many deviants was to study his deviance or would that be too smart?




I feel like he is being touched by too many deviants to not be deviant at this point. Also, Hank being okay with how that played out is kind of weird to me for some reason.


Please, I regret asking that immediately after the sex robot episode enough already.

Him being OK would kind of make sense if it were because of his relationship with Connor, which for some strange David Cage-shaped reason I must doubt is the case.


19: We are Jerry


The Jerrys were just so close to going full on Scooby Doo villain.


20: Existential Robot Crisis


“Cyberlife world’s first trillion dollar company” really adds to the general failure to measure up to reality.


The game in general is just full of predictions of the future that were ripped from the headlines about four years ago.


21: The Revolution Was Televised


The dumbest choice in that part is if you pick “Territory” Markus actually demands a US State to be set aside for the androids.