But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



I was going to make a joke about David Cage saying this doesn’t have any ties to the civil rights movement, but I don’t even think I have the energy at this point.

It also feels like the creator of the androids actually expected or maybe even wanted deviants to happen?

And once again we see that the best thing about Quantic Dream is the choreographed fights.


Mike has gotten on a train and is barrelling across the state of new jersey at about 4 miles per hour, if my previous experience with NJ Transit is anything to go by. AGDQ tomorrow, so I better post this last one we did:

27: Bromance


Its incredible how well that was going until the actual solution.


i posted it so now its legal


28: Abandon Ship


Now that the twist is finally revealed by the game itself, I guess I’ll go ahead and ask:

Did a meth head seriously buy a generic child android purely to abuse and neglect her?


literally yes