But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



I was going to make a joke about David Cage saying this doesn’t have any ties to the civil rights movement, but I don’t even think I have the energy at this point.

It also feels like the creator of the androids actually expected or maybe even wanted deviants to happen?

And once again we see that the best thing about Quantic Dream is the choreographed fights.


Mike has gotten on a train and is barrelling across the state of new jersey at about 4 miles per hour, if my previous experience with NJ Transit is anything to go by. AGDQ tomorrow, so I better post this last one we did:

27: Bromance


Its incredible how well that was going until the actual solution.


i posted it so now its legal


28: Abandon Ship


Now that the twist is finally revealed by the game itself, I guess I’ll go ahead and ask:

Did a meth head seriously buy a generic child android purely to abuse and neglect her?


literally yes


yeah they did actually do that

29: The End Part 1


“As a student of history I can say that I have seen hundreds of pictures like this, and have shown little to no emotion. The pictures were just windows to a past I’ve never lived in, people I never knew or would ever know. But this picture made me stop and evaluate. Putting Rainbow Dash a meth head’s daughterbot in made me actually look at what was happening. Putting something that everyone is familiar with in a situation no one knows, and make people feel those emotions well, that takes amazing talent.”

— David Cage’s director commentary, probably.


David “What if I Just Made Androids and Allegory For Every Minority” Cage.


What’s behind these doors? Well as it turns out it’s the end of the game, we made it, the curse is broken.

30: The End Part 2

Not sure what I’m gonna LP next but here’s what’s going on with me:

  • streaming yakuza kiwami on a semi-regular basis & i’m uploading the stream archive to my channel
  • semester’s gonna be keepin me busy until may
  • have gotten very into mastodon so if you’re interested in cutting twitter out of your life but can’t get enough of my goofs and gags, I’m over at https://snouts.online/@micolithe where I can retweet furry shit and you can’t stop me because it has actual content warnings functionality.
  • I think I’m still doing that podcast sometimes? maybe?
  • we’ve been recording Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep but I don’t think Gamebun’s posted the thread yet. He still posts it to SA so keep an eye out I guess.


Good to know that there were multiple ways for the story to just stop but how about a conclusion, David?

Edit: OK, let’s pretend to be interested.

It’s nice that I guessed right about how Connor was supposed to end up like that but I didn’t think they’d use it in such a pointless and unproductive way. What the hell was that going to do? How did they even plan to do that?

I do wonder how the peaceful route plays out, if it goes well solely because humans stand up for them and it somehow becomes too bad press for the riot police to keep gunning them down or if every demonstration is all androids and the riot police just gun them down to the bot and David Cage somehow trips over making a point about the importance of allies. Not enough to look it up or anything because it’s a David Cage game; there’s no way in hell he actually did that without his anti-climactic battle scene happening anyway.


I can’t believe they pulled the “wow there was a tussle and now i dont know which of these two identical people is the real connor” bullshit


To answer the thread title: David Cage. David Cage is the real monster here.


This game needed a much more complex way of tracking public sentiment than: violence is bad/non-violence is good.


Should’ve been simpler, really. Every single time Jericho does anything, public opinion drops.


Mike’s supposed to post a cursed video that we did after we finished the finale


Here’s episode 31 of Detroit, hope you guys enjoy Ending C!

The Good Ending


I think it’s weird that david cage brought back his version of the rain / temperature meter from his earlier games but only for ending C, but it’s even more weird that the Robo Apartheid meter was only at 81%, did anyone ever find out in an interview why it wasn’t full?


sneak preview of my next LP