But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



08: Ralph


09: Kingdom Feet


Holy shit you can just tear the blinky circle out, and I’m gonna bet that at no point does anyone at the only company that makes androids going to be asked about that.

This rules, I want to throw it into the sun.




Oh David. Why even bother with this stupid blinking light on these Androids when you then just make it a useless mechanic. I feel like this game could be close to something fun but then you have these moments where you’re like “This could be good until X, Y, and Z occured. Now you have shot yourself in the foot.”


So is every bad guy in the game just a drug addict?


No. Like I said, they drop the Red Ice thing from this point on. The next bad guy we meet I think is just plain sober evil.

Also I just finished recording this videogame and holy shit y’all buckle the FUCk up


He’s probably a recovered Red Ice addict.


I can’t believe after watching a different LP of this game I’m strapping right back in for another. There’s something alluring about seeing how shitty the other branching paths can be that I just cant shake.


I’m moving this weekend so episodes might be a bit slow for a week or so

10: Absorb Music


Hello my friends! I have moved, but Cablevision and Verizon were beefin’ so Verizon cut the cablevision wires when the last tenant moved in so now Cablevision has to run wires before I can have internet.

ETA for the next episode is like, monday or tuesday, probably


The cyberpunk dystopia is now.


Art imitates life.


I have returned from the cyberpunk future & my internet is hooked up

11: Succulent


12: Flo Rida’s Couch


You know, surprisingly that boxer on the second hashtag wall looks a hell of a lot like Keith David.

Also, I thought that the suddenly missing jacket was weird, too. My only real theory was that the water made it too heavy to wear.


13: Pigeons


Wawa I have an issue with your franchise, y’all got the weakest goddamn spoons I ever used.


Sorry bout the delay, shit’s been wild lately.

14: Meet the Jerichos


Oh god, I remember seeing that one scene in Ride to Hell. Nothing does happen (which is true), except for the water continuing to splash around while everything else is frozen.