But who's the REAL monster? - Detrot: Become Human



I love when bad writers get so close to recognizing their lack of storytelling skill by just putting better media in their garbage. Sure, we could show the characters dealing with strange situations and irrational people, orrrrrr we can just plop Alice in Wonderland in there and call it a day.


If you think that was bad, just wait, it only gets worse

I’m aiming for a Mon Wed Fri schedule from here on out, but I’m moving in a few weeks so I can’t guarantee that until after mid july.

Have a video!!! !!

04: Paint, Chappie


Presented for your consideration

Please be responsible with this image.


this game is hurting me.




Not to brag but I might’ve just galaxy brained



(Cleaned up a smidge.)


i’m having a little too much fun with this. i need to be stopped.



Yeah, believe it or not, Carl is played by Lance Henriksen. And yes, he foreshadows way too much for his first appearance in this game.


05: Deviant Located


If you fail several times when reconstructing the scene, the detective gets fed up and leaves. So the chapter can end before you look for the android, and I guess the case goes unsolved.

I haven’t seen chapters beyond this point, so I’ll have no more alternate route insights to give.


Clancy Brown plays Lt. Anderson. You know, Mr. Krabs, Lex Luthor from the animated series. Just a few examples.



The fact that I did not think of that Garth Marenghi line is very upsetting to me


Y’all like #content right?

06: Run Away

E: oh i should mention, viewer discretion is advised for domestic violence on this one.


Has David Cage ever considered Asimov’s Three Laws? Because I’m pretty sure it’s something a lot of science fiction authors think about when human-robot interactions are a major focus!


He probably heard someone else explain that the only way to implement them would be to solve ethics completely and carefully distinguish “robot” from “human being” so one can’t possibly become the other, on top of resolving any number of other loopholes.

That or he read that exact same thing on Wikipedia.


07: Bad Cop, Worse Cop

We tried something new with how we record our audio, I’m not super thrilled with it but it’s like that through episode 9, so you gotta deal with it.