Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



We need Chip to upload a new version with Ironicus’s dubbed in singing.


Watching episode 29 and Chip’s Huey impression is pretty dang good.

Initially I didn’t remember having any issues with this mission but I think I just got super lost in this mission and encountered the viscount on my own- I remember the npcs just walking around a building for hours. Mostly though I think I went about this the way Vapor did, POW tossing aside.

Edit: Also since I didn’t see anyone mention it in the thread: LP is currently on pause due to Chip’s life blowing up.


I did Mission 14 the other day in order to get all the mission tasks, and it worked perfectly as intended with absolutely no bugs, glitches or other bits of weirdness.

I swear I’m incredibly lucky when it comes to that mission…





So is there a thread for the Mario Odyssey LP or can we talk about it here?


Well…where else can I tell you that Mario’s racing suit is a reference to booze?


Ah, my favorite game, Super Martini Bros Odyssey.


god odyssey is like a martini way too much content which makes my head hurt


I don’t know if this is going to be an unofficial Odyssey thread but here’s Ironicus’s theory


Makes as much sense as the Zelda timeline.


that is one hell of a vape vapor snake is taking



Time ticks faster and faster on watch display. Hours turn to days, turn to months, turn to years. Surroundings rapidly change. Buck Rogers theme starts playing


Chip just posted that they’re back to recording MGS V commentary, so we can expect things to get back to normal once he’s gotten a backlog.


Did he announce anything new since then?


There’s a public update post here.