Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



The Final Countdown is two years in the future, but that’d be great


Chronological errors? In my METAL GEAR?! Inconceivable!


It was surpressed by Cipher.


“This is all your fault, Snake! You need to go liberate the records industry!” We Didn’t Start The Fire plays in the background


So who here is excited for tomorrow?


I can’t watch streams so I’ll have to wait until the finish line to get all that good good content.

Depending on how well I’m doing money wise I may be able to donate though.


Hard same. I want to donate, but my employer is playing “uh oh spaghettio” with my paycheck this month… Damn you, Cipher!



Incidentally, I’ve been making an inventory of my favourite Metal Gear characters! Does anyone else share these favourites?

  • The one who dresses as a cowboy and loves torturing and betraying people.

  • The one who was unknowingly raised by the person who killed their family.

  • The one who was thought dead, but was actually only Mostly Dead and was revived with advanced technology.

  • The cyborg ninja.

  • The one who has a nickname that seems to perfectly reflect their character and their role in the story, but is actually just a reference to their sexuality.

  • The major American political figure who spontaneously grows more bulky when they go into battle.

  • The one whose entirely family shared the same curse, which has canonically, literally or metaphorically, referred to as poop.

  • The one who was dead all along, but does appear in the prequels.

  • The one who came back from space, and served in the Cobra Unit.


gextra life is going to gently rock me to sleep tonight


"We got a mission from a cutout. Sick kids in Flint, Michigan, need help.

No doubt the work of our old friend, Cipher.

Boss, your mission is to give what you can to Hurley Children’s Hospital. Open up your iDroid and go to to find out how to donate."


I’m going up with my dad to do the Mackinaw Bridge walk this year so I’m probably gonna miss most of it unfortunately. I’ll try to pick some of the stream up from my hotel room tonight tho. I’ll def be sending a donation either way. :sparkles:


This could be like three people.


You have perceived the trick of my little list!


Lots of torture cowboys in Metal Gear.


Just want to congratulate the four of you for getting over $42000 during the Gextra Life stream.


Dang, that is incredible! I am so proud of 'em.



Also I donated!


Here here, congratulations to them all and good on them for doing such a great thing.


22-1, both cut and uncut, is blocked in my country. The good ol’ USA. :frowning:


Probably because of the eponymous ‘Take on Me’. Thanks, music copyright :expressionless: