Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



Curious: did you feel similarly about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?

There’s occasionally a feel in Kojima games that he was browsing an English thesaurus and “SAHELANTHROPUS? THAT SOUNDS SO COOL LET ME PUT IT IN MY GAME SOMEHOW!”

(I know there’s a localization team and all, but it’s like the less commonly used a word is the better in the localizations.)


Boss “the missing link” didn’t just vanish on its own, it was stolen. That’s right- Cipher.


Have I got good news for you.
Not really a spoiler; it’s clearly Joosten both times, they just don’t draw attention to it for a long time.


It’s time for that OTHER mission that Google autocompletes to.

Episode 31: CakeCut Commentary


Oh hey it’s the mission that made me go “ah fuck it I’ll wait for Chip to play it, bet he’ll do something cool with it.”

So at least this mission’s done one good thing.


According to one of the Youtube comments, LMGs (the kind that go in your back slot) are good at punching through Skull armor. I imagine the magnum revolvers might also be good for fighting them.


Funnily enough, I discovered a good tactic by accident the first time I ran this mission. I arrived at the truck at the same time as the escort unit did. Skulls burst out, and all the guards in the area get puppet-ed… turns out that includes the crew inside the escort vehicles. So suddenly there’s a tank and an APC sitting there, free for use. Between them, enough armaments to take down the Skulls, so long as you can keep moving within the confines of the airport cargo area and aim on the fly.


Yeah I remember taking the Skulls out with a tank and/or APC too - maybe by capturing one of the escort vehicles earlier… but probably not; it was probably the way you describe.

I do remember having to try again thanks to accidentally blowing up the truck though - probably with the tank.


Adding to Chip’s Big Boss strat for this mission, there’s a building immediately to the left of where the truck is parked at the airport, with a narrow alley between it and the outer wall.

If you hang out here, the Skulls’ AI gets a bit confused, which makes them easier to deal with (they’ll do stuff like hang out behind the outer wall, allowing you to attack them from a nearby catwalk overlooking it or recover from any hits you took, or do their sprinting thing into the wall itself, making them sitting ducks).

Also, mission 37 is just this mission but harder, and I’d like to know who thought that was a good idea…


A few more tactics I’ve found work for this mission: running straight to the back of the airport and jumping the fence will get you to the truck well before the escort - meaning, you can sneakily subdue the guards there, giving you fewer obstructions to accidentally blast with the tank’s cannon. There’s even a power box you can turn off to lure guards closer. Oh, and, the trigger radius for the Skulls is just wide enough that you can activate it while still hiding behind the fence, so they won’t see you.


What I’m getting from the videos and the comments is that MGSV utterly breaking my PC and being unplayable may have been a miracle in disguise, because this looks the least Metal Gear Solid game yet and is blatantly unfinished. Serious question: Given that this games plot has already been spoiled for me, what reason is there to play it? It looks like they removed a lot of the things that made Peace Walker enjoyable so I’m not sure I should go back and actually fix the video codec problem that prevents me from playing.


Skulls also extremely slowly wander in your direction before they’ve properly “seen” you, so if you can patiently guide all four of them back there, you can then just drive the truck out of the hot zone without ever making them attack.
Or so at least one S-rank video on YouTube I blatantly copied to get through a lot of these missions did.

@RyuHimora Depends on if you like open world sandboxes over structured stages or not, but the gameplay itself is very fun. It’s worth playing for that on its own, even if it never gets truly ridiculous. It’s easier to disconnect this game from Peace Walker than you might think.


Chip at the start of the video: “this is the point of the game where I start to really enjoy the missions,“

Chip, four minutes later: “I fucking hate this mission”


I don’t think Chip mentioned it, but if you wait to long the shipment will leave and you’ll fail the mission. That happened to me the first time I played, but I restarted at the last checkpoint before it left. You can also hop in the truck and drive it off.


i personally find armor skulls the easier type to deal with…

trader’s caravan is one of the best spots for gaining a large amount of men, anyone who’s been skull zombie’d gets stunned for three whole minutes when the skulls’ve been defeated and the mission gives you a huge chunk of the map that you can freely run around in if you don’t immediately fulton the truck, additionally anyone who’s been zombie’d gets a medal that raises their stats by a decent amount


I just ran up to the truck and drove it away? i think i threw a smoke grenade first? i didn’t know this was hard because of dumb luck apparently. also the truck was just out in the middle of nowhere


Chip will start modding out Quiet’s humming

Oh thank god. It was bad enough having to hear that every time on my first playthrough.


I wish it was a random earworm tune that was being hummed instead of whatever it is normally. Things like Mahna Mahna, If You Like Pina Coladas, The Sound of Silence…


So the skulls are playing revengence while the players are doing regular metal gear solid.


The worst part about skulls is that they aren’t really that difficult to fight. It just takes a long ass time.