Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



Considering that the starting point for Quiet was probably something like “big titty good”, I don’t think any explanation is going to be adequate.


she grabs them out of the air with a prehensile tongue like Yoshi


Yeah, they clearly worked backwards from her look. Like people have mentioned they picked the sexiest, least practical outfit for her, and there are a lot of far more sensible outfits she could be wearing that don’t cover much of her skin.


I’d never even heard of “Sahelanthropus” before MGSV, so combine that with the hilarious singsongy way Huey’s voice actor says it (~sahhhh~ ~halanthrapus~) and I thought I went temporarily insane.


God speaking of Huey…the points Ocelot (and Grant) bring up during that first interrogation tape…I mean not to beat a dead horse but he’s VERY much the traitor.


Quiet’s design bugs me for a lot of reasons, and one of the petty ones is the way that pantyhose does not come up over her hips. It just looks so hecking uncomfortable.


Having now heard the reason I find that I am shuffles through stacks of papers and research notes NOT ashamed?!


Saladhamsterous wasn’t officially discovered until the early 2000’s. More knowledge suppressed by the Patriots, no doubt, along with cell phones and clothing for dogs.


When the game came out, I took to making my cats walk around on their hind legs and called them Metal Gear Cat-helanthropus.


“Kaz, where’s my Utili-kilt?!”


Whenever I go into the field with Quiet as my Buddy, I make it a point to have Snake take his shirt off.

Naked Solidarity


I now wish there was some gear you research that put Big boss into a kilt.


Cursed Post.


I’m glad my old half-assed meme edit is relevant to the video now.


“Somehow the fossil record has been tampered with. That can mean only one thing - CIPHER!”


Oh god, the absolute double act you could get going with Miller and Huey.

“My cracker broke when I was buttering it - it must be CIPHER!”
“Someone has obviously been tampering with the production lines - really, this is your fault, Snake!”


Ocelot as the straight man. “Well now, Boss, I’m a murder, a rapist and a torturer, but I’m pretty much the most sensible person on this base, and my folksy down-home manner goes a long way to makin’ me seem sympathetic.”


I’m just glad that Snake finally returned to his old form with the “What?!” while talking to Ocelot about Quiet.


Photosynthesis? Breathes through her skin? Drinking? Urghhh.


Funny thing, for a while I thought Quiet was that assassin back at the start that caught on fire and she only survived due to whatever process that turned her into what she is now.