Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



I’m pretty sure “you will be ashamed of your words and deeds” is talking about Snake’s words and deeds, not the people criticizing Kojima. In context, I have no idea how people can even read it as saying that. It doesn’t really shake out that way, but you kind of squint and see how he could think that.


“Quiet was designed to be atypical to regular sexy characters. When you find out why she’s like this you’ll feel ashamed of your words and deeds”.

I mean it’s right there dudebro. Can’t get any clearer than that.


“Quiet who doesn’t have a word will be teased in the story as well. But once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words and deeds. Theme of “MGSV” Is Gene - Meme - Scene - Peace - Race. Story touches on the misunderstanding prejudice, hatred, conflict caused by…”

Both of the surrounding tweets are about the story, and it specifically references “the secret reason” for her exposure, which does tie into Snake, so it’s very clearly talking about “words and deeds” in that context.

Besides, what the hell would “deeds” mean in the context of people arguing on the internet?


I recall people petitioning, or at least mailing in letters complaining. He could also be talking about the perv fans as well, you’ll feel bad about goin’ at it because of her secret reason. There’s any number of deeds I can think of one doing with regards to Quiet’s design, either positively or negatively.

Really, any attempts to understand what, exactly, Kojima meant are going to be fruitless because no matter how long we think about it, it’s something Kojima said. Dude’s kind of a madman when it comes to press release type things and this is no different.


There is, her lungs are damaged but the End’s aren’t so Quiet can only breathe through her skin.


Love the big fat Battle Dress. Once I unlocked it, there was no going back; Snake was wearing it for the rest of the game.

Speaking of outfits, oddly enough there is an alternate outfit for Quiet which has her quite well covered up… and it doesn’t cause her to drop dead, unable to breathe. Could this be the dreaded ludonarrative dissonance?

Anyway, her character design may be silly, but she really is The Best Buddy. For me it was like the Battle Dress - once unlocked, that’s it; it’s Quiet all day every day.


YES. This bothers me so much.

Buddy-wise, I used D-Dog for pure stealth, Quiet where there was any chance of shooting it out, and the other two get like two missions each where they’re preferred.

…design-wise, Quiet is the most shameful nerd pandering in the world. Super relieved when I got her fully-clothed outfit and could just pretend she was a good sniper who liked humming rather than the rest of Kojima’s bullshit.


I like to think that the guy who installed the toilet in Quiet’s cell was really proud of himself for rigging up plumbing to that part of the base only to find out its only user doesn’t even do number 2.


At 36:10 Ironicus says Seth Alanthropus and I am here for it.


The Battle Dress makes you look like a Space Marine and I am here for it


I was really into having Quiet as my buddy just because having this cool-ass sniper was pretty great, but D-Dog’s ability to tag any and everything automatically is just so much better. But when I was using Quiet a lot, I looked up a walkthrough just to get her some clothes, and the requirements are so fucking bullshit, and then I think it costs like 10k GMP per deployment just to be slightly less embarrassed when your wife sees what you’re doing on your computer.

Quiet is bullshit all around.


wait…there was a quiet figure with squishy boobs…the hell



Also moving the topic away from boobs for a minute because of all the behind the scenes meddling and stuff being cut out of the final game I can’t tell if Quiet was supposed to be a far more interesting character and they just cut like 80% of her story.


sounds more like an excuse than an explanation.


I just checked - 5,700 GMP per deployment. The Sniper Wolf outfit is cheaper, at 3,900 GMP, and also doesn’t suit her at all.


why the fuck does a shirt cost money.


some of the decisions in this game baffle me


Maybe it needs to be drycleaned?


I remember somebody on Tumblr pointing out that photosynthesis doesn’t provide everything an autotroph needs. They also require nutrients from the soil, so therefore Quiet should also be shovelling handfuls of dirt into her mouth as well.


I mean it explains why she wants to leave with you.

Personal opinion is that some seagulls just wandered too close to her cage and she just kinda eats them whole.