Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



He was designed as a hate sink for this one, and does a great job. Like skull face and many of the other characters are complete monsters, but they don’t inspire the same hatred that Huey does.


You know, I don’t remember even noticing that that mission was broken. Presumably I was following along too slowly to hear the interrogations - or thought that I was, or didn’t even realise that there were interrogations to listen in on - and just narrowed down where the viscount was from the clues you get. Not sure; I don’t remember! I think I did play it more like Vapour Snake in this instance.

I do know that I wasn’t too fussed about whether or not I got optional objectives generally when playing MGSV - largely because as I recall, the game doesn’t tell you what they are until after you’ve completed the mission. Obviously the idea is that you can then go back and replay the mission to get the optional objectives, but most of the time I didn’t want to do that.

Partially that’s because I’m not a completionist. I’m not an achievement-hunter. I don’t care about that stuff. In contrast I’ve always more enjoyed NOT simply reloading to try a part of a game again and again until I get it perfect. It’s more fun (to me) to roll with the punches and try to recover if something goes wrong; a kind of mindset that goes back to how I would play the early Thief games. So doing a mission again to get any optional objectives I missed felt like reloading to try to get a perfect run, or whatever. I’ll admit that the idea of going back and “ret-conning” something that just happened was also kind of damaging to ~MY IMMERSION~, too.

… Anyway; besides a blood transfusion if Snake gets really banged up, it’s also possible for him to get what I’m assuming is a saline drip - I guess if he gets only kind of banged up.


Dumping on Huey aside, I’m hoping you eventually stumble upon a B/A/D/A/S/S soldier.


Oh dang, in my current playthrough (concurrent with this LP as part of a play-the-whole-series-again thing) it looks like I lucked out on this mission. The only thing that really broke was that the PoW in the jeep at the beginning was dumped out after they parked and then not escorted anywhere, and even then the only scripting that broke was that the interpreter got confused, went to interrogate him where he was, decided “nope” and went straight to the Viscount.


The Ford commercial is the best thing Konami has done with the Metal Gear brand since Kojima left.


broken scripting aside, lingua franca is one of the easiest missions to s rank just by virtue of there’s nothing stopping you from running straight to where the guy is held and fultoning him other than dealing with the single guard


And if you just ride D-Horse over to the spot, you can run down the guard too.


Unrelated to Metal Gear but I just finished watching C&Is wonderful LP of The Wonderful 101 and that game and LP are


Honestly Chip is so crazy good at that game, Ironicus is so into everything, and it goes in such incredible places, and the whole thing is so positive. It’s such a good experience all around. If you haven’t watched it yet watch it!!


C&I really need to do another Platinum game. And while it was back when it was Clover, I’d like to see a Viewtiful Joe LP.


It’s ya squad


I think Chip said the next LP will be Mario Odyssey.


This is just magical.


I didn’t say it had to be the next one.


You mean Platinum didn’t make Mario Odyssey?


Hi, I hope everyone is ready to be ashamed of their words and deeds today.

Episode 30: Words and DeedsCut Commentary


Ocelots hunches make sense in the way that he’s constantly quadruple crossing everyone, and could know the plot to the next five games even before the writers.

On the subject of Quiet I appreciate there at least is an explanation. It’s just a poor one. Also Snake sounds kinda irritated when calling out to her, like Kiefer Sutherland was told to say “quiet” without any direction.


Wait, they actually do acknowledge that the End had the same condition as Quiet, but they don’t make any effort to explain why he was able to wear clothes?

Wow Kojima.


Is time for SHAME.


Oh no, please don’t remind me of the squishy-boob Quiet action figure they actually sold


Imagine if instead of shitty naked sniper Quiet looked like Freyalise from Magic the Gathering. This is what they lost by taking the “easy” road with Quiet’s design and it sucks a big fat diiiick.

The worst of it is that the words and deeds comment brought up some much dumb shit too. Like the…surprisingly well researched and reasonable but still VERY STUPID theory that Chico is actually a girl and Quiet is Chico. I’ve never seen a theory so wrong and yet with so much evidence for it.