Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



Yeah, Christopher Randolph has done a phenomenal job of making Huey sound superbly unsympathetic, annoying and so. very. punchable. It’s amazing how similar and yet different his voices for Huey and Otacon are; Hal’s aggravating at times, but Huey is an all out weaselly heel.


I mean, Huey IS a piece of shit in general but if he ratted out the mercenary group in the middle of the ocean for having a freaking NUCLEAR WEAPON he probably did the right thing that one time. Well, at least in spirit.


I mean did he? Let’s look at the time line of events here. At some point, how I forget, the world learns they have (or had) Metal Gear ZEKE, which is capable of launching nuclear missiles. However, to prove that they don’t have any nuclear missiles, Huey’s like “hey lets have them come over to inspect us, and when they see no nuke everything will be good! Because we’ll hide our nuke!”.

The question here is, was the nuclear inspection team idea always a “actually this is Cipher coming to kill you” or was it co-opted by them. Which I guess raises the question of if Huey actually betrayed us or not. Because if it’s the latter, all of his very good and smart ideas to make the inspection go better where just bad timing?

Basically, even when he does something that is arguably good, he does it for pretty bad reasons. If it WAS just an inspection team, all legit and stuff, MSF would have a secret nuke that they could launch at any time.


He’s also the one who original came up with and implemented the idea that having ZEKE being able to launch nukes. Then there is the whole thing with Strangelove, and other things. Suffice to say there is a lot of evidence to support that Huey is responsible or at least deliberately enabled Cipher’s attack on MSF. Unfortunately Huey seems to have convinced himself that he wasn’t involved at all with that, which makes truth serum ineffective because he really believes the stuff he says.


There’s been developments wrt. David Hayter’s feelings towards Kojima and the movie adaptation!


I mean I guess the idea behind casting Sutherland is they wanted a big name movie star to play Snake but come on! David Hayter was The Guyver in Guyver: Dark Hero! He’s technically a movie star!


Kojima probably couldn’t see Hayter through all the movie’s cheesiness and those 3 seconds of footage that completely ate the movie’s budget.


Did you somehow disable or mod out the mission intro credits? I was looking forward to this episode as it contains one I never fail to laugh at every time despite how grim it is, Starring: Child Soldiers.


Chip’s been doing his best to remove the opening credits that specifically note spoilers because they’re Really Bad overall, and that would be one example as to why.


He puts a pixel filter on top of credits that spoil stuff. It looks pretty neat, actually.


Created an account here mostly just to comment on the Goddamn ridiculous quality LP so far - but also to ask, is no-one else questioning that Chip missed out Mission 8? I love the village that one’s set in!



I didn’t even notice a pixel filter on these ones though, as far as I could tell they were just entirely absent.

Don’t get me wrong, I think removing or censoring them is definitely better because who wants to have is spoiled in the opening that somehow Werewolf Otacon is going to appear in this mission about bringing down an illegal cactus smuggling operation. I just always have a good laugh at this one.


Mission 9, Backup Back Down? I thought he did that one - I remember him mentioning what a nightmare it is because it has no checkpoints, which is extremely true.


Sorry - Mission 8: Occupation Forces! Honestly, it’s easy to mix up the more inconsequential missions in this game. Edited, thanks.


Yeah, I skipped mission 8 for now so we could get to the stuff with Huey a little quicker, since you don’t need to do all of them to unlock later story missinos. We’ll still be visiting that mission later down the line.


Oh boy, it’s the mission that’s all busted!

Episode 29: BrokenCut Commentary


I feel like all the bug testers were on break the day this mission was being tested.


God, Huey is so guilty. No one back pedals that much. And for fucks sake dude AT LEAST A HUNDRED PEOPLE DIED. No one cares about your shitty mech being destroyed. That does not make you a VICTIM!! God what an asshole.


I really rather like how much of a weaselly little shitheel Huey is. The writing backs that interpretation, the facts show him guilty as all hell, and then the voice acting just elevates the whole thing to a whole 'nother level of oh my god this dude makes my knuckles itch. Every band of villains needs the cowardly annoying one who can’t even breathe without pissing people off, and, welp, heeeeeere’s Huey!