Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



Kojima dismissing one of the most popular games in the series just because he didn’t work on it is SO perfect. Peak sour-grapes auteur creator.


Is there a reason people don’t like Portable Ops? I know the gameplay was janky, but a lot of its concepts were improved upon in Peace Walker and then again in this very game.

Also the ICBMG is dope


I mean that’s why. It was incredibly jankey and then each game after it improved on everything about it immensely.


Could they go the Kingdom Hearts route and make a Portable Ops movie?


I could see that working, but I mean there’s…ultimately not a lot going for that game? Campbell shows up, it explains Grayfox’s real name (which I could of swore was elaborated elsewhere) and…okay I mean it does show the first meeting with Master Miller but I don’t…remember it being that big a deal.

Ultimately it could be a good idea, but I don’t actually remember what all happens in the game for it to be worth the effort.


Metal Gear Solid RE: 385/2 Ops.


I can’t begin to imagine the sheer loathing Kojima has to have games like Touch, Social Ops, and the arcade game referenced, but not a trace of Snake’s Revenge


I like to imagine if you used a camera hack to fly inside the outhouse a Snake’s Revenge logo would be watermarked onto the toilet paper.


I’ve always understood the idea to be that Ghost Babel is meant as a sort of “this is the MGS1 that would happen if it followed Snake’s Revenge”, as an aside.

But yeah that’s really telling. At least all these other games are games he knew existed before they were produced.


I’ve seen people say that Ghost Babel is one of Raiden’s VR training simulations.


It’s allowed to be both.

Maybe I’m just weird but I’ve always heard it that Snake’s Revenge leads to Ghost Babel, then the two AC!D games, and they’re actually fairly congruent with each other.


Everyone’s real mad at you, Huey.

Episode 28: BodiesCut Commentary


I love the contrast between Huey and Otacon. Otacon always owned up to his mistakes, and did his best to make the world a better place. Even if it meant heartbreak and sorrow for himself and the people he cares about. Whereas Huey is a liar and refuses to take responsibility for ANY of his actions, and pushes the blame onto other people whenever possible.


Re: the eyepatch - I think the right side is a loop that goes around Snake’s ear, and the left side is a single strand that hooks into it under his hair, possibly to keep it all from wiggling around and to make it extra tactical.


It’s such a little thing in the grand scheme of the franchise, but Big Boss decided to give a fucking knife to a DOG!

PFS A: It’s getting rough out there. Yesterday I had to fight off a dog with a knife.
PFS B: Wow, you were only armed with a knife?
PFS A: No, I had a gun, the dog had the knife.


You can’t just bring up the Ford commercial and not post it


I knew the gist of MGSV’s plot, but until today I didn’t know that there were maps besides Afghanistan.


Miller really does have some ridiculous moral blindspots about the mercenary business. A real piece of work, that guy.


The Africa map looks a lot more visually interesting than the ‘Stan ever was.

Also Christopher Randolph is really selling Huey as someone completely desperate to justify their own innocence and blamelessness.


i want to murder huey ~~ :slight_smile: