Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



Which one of y’all did this?

(And yes, I may have been listening to this while working on fanart for this thread)


I’ve been kind of a fan of SNATCHER ever since I saw Slowbeef’s old LP of it, so back when I first played GZ, that little clip of Creeping Silence that plays after you mark a snatcher in Jamais Vu just put the biggest grin on my face. I love it.


Fanart time

I am okay with half the LP just being Grant cooing over D-Dog


Cue a montage of 99 Woofballoons


Funnily enough I decided to rewatch the Revengeance LP a few hours before the update.


I’m glad someone is having fun in these wars.


Just like old times.

Episode 27: Deja VuCut Commentary


My guess for Deja Vu being PS4 exclusive was that until 5, the initial release of each MGS game (not counting Rising, Twin Snakes, or the HD collections) had been on a Playstation console, and seeing as it’s all about the series up to then, it would be fitting.


I miss the cool, charismatic Big Boss from 3 and Peace Walker. Kiefer does a decent job with what lines he DOES have in V, but…it’s just not the same, to be honest. He never really raises his voice or has any cool lines. It’s just him being upset and grumpy the entire game. At least his LIQUIIIIIIIIIID was pretty good.


The question about the gun Snake offers Meryl is kinda devious. If you remember the gun (SOCOM) and know its real caliber you can easily reason it out. However, caliber in the imperial notation (decimal fractions of an inch) is used without the leading zero, so when it is written with the leading zero it doesn’t even sound or look how Snake says it (“forty-five”).


It’s a shame some Metal Gear games don’t get much recognition compared to the mainline games.


This is my main quabble with this game, too. Snake might be any generic action dude who mumbles his lines and growls a bit because That Is Manly. The most personality Sutherland manages is when he’s telling DD what a good dog he is, and even then it’s mostly “awkward emotionally constipated granddad who doesn’t know how to interact with his grandkids” levels of personable…


Which is what really cheeses me off that they dropped Hayter for no reason. There are so little lines, if they really did drop him for medical concerns due to gravel voice they…they didn’t HAVE MANY LINES so where’s the issue?

Ah well. Another of many missed opportunities for this game.

Also yeah Ghost Babel is legit. It somehow is a Gameboy Colour game.


Didn’t Kojima say he wanted someone famous to voice Snake? Or was that someone else?


I can’t wait until we can talk about all the crazy theories this game spawned. MGS2 broke a lot of people.


Kojima’s always wanted Snake to be voiced by a famous person. It’s been mentioned before, but Hayter literally had to re audition for the role of Snake in MGS3. Sure, you can say ‘well it’s not SOLID Snake so it makes sense that he’d have to audition again’ but at the same time that’s kind of a flimsy excuse.

Either way, the way Hayter was treated during all this was really shitty. He’s (apparently) said that he’s not fond of Kojima anymore, and I get why. Kojima’s great, but…not even telling the guy that’s been THE Snake voice for YEARS about V, or giving him at least a chance to audition is real bad.


Call me crazy, but I feel like there was a hidden 3rd Kojipro office that opened in Mumbai, and they outsourced Ground Zeroes extra cutscenes to them.


i think AC!D is bonkers enough to warrant showing off


It’s worth noting that despite what Chip says, Portable Ops is extremely canon because it answers one of the greatest mysteries of the Metal Gear series, namely, “Why is Grey Fox called Frank Jaeger?”


One of the very first lines in Peace Walker is “Finally, we can leave all that crap in San Hieronymo behind!” I think it’s pretty clear how canonical Portable Ops is.

Another tiny neat thing about this mission is that the flags all display the old Fox Hound logo instead of the US flag.