Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



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Just curious, but is there a reason Chip hasn’t made a Something Awful Forums LP thread of this?


I am uncertain of the specifics, but I’d assume that Lowtax’s various meltdowns/purges has something to do with it.


Let’s take a look at one of the secret missions in Ground Zeroes!

Episode 26: Jamais VuCut Commentary




Konami seem to have been doing a little bit here and there trying to make people hate them less lately putting all their favourite characters as guest characters in everything, and you don’t really need Kojima at all for Rising, so I will never let go of that slim glimmer of hope that Rising 2 could still one day happen.


What an odd bonus mission. I wonder what the next one is.


If they did a port of the MGS Legacy Collection a lot of people would be happy. Especially if it included a PC port.


A friend of mine’s been playing through the MGS series for the first time and his own personal hopes is Metal Gear 1 and 2, in the MGS5 engine.


It’s a shame they couldn’t get Quinton Flynn to do Raiden’s voice. Even if it was just for a few short lines. It’s not like he wouldn’t have done it.


Do you suppose Paramedic was watching this and just went “we should make our own cyborg ninja”


Did the PC version have one or the other of these unlockable missions originally, or was it both? … Or neither?

Because man, I really didn’t pay any attention to the more obscure unlockables in Ground Zeroes. I had no idea Raiden was in the game.


She saw the Six Million Dollar Man and got a wee bit obsessed, I imagine.

Potentially not real future-past Raiden definitely did not help, though.


PC had both from the beginning.


What a lovely surprise. Horosho!


Personally I’d prefer a mod to replace D-horse with the D.S.R.B.




“Neigh. I may think about the mission parameters, but I may not question them. Do you want me to defecate here?”


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So, Mraagvpeine has been posting AwkwardZombie comics, but after seeing this episode, I am once again reminded of one of my favourites of Coelasquid’s.