Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



I read it as a “ah shit they got heat vision, literally no point wasting my time running. Sigh.”

It helps that I imagine Quiet is really sassy.


I’m very amused by the “Prisoner discharged from Brig” notification that came up concurrent with the bear capture. I have to imagine that that guy was just like “You guys wrangled a bear?? I’m on the straight and narrow from now on!!”


So Vapor Snake is def the best boss out there, since he wants everyone to be friends and come to his ocean man party.

How big is the difference between the three Snakes’ Mother Bases? Since Venom Snake doesn’t kidnap people as much, does he just have a lot fewer mans?


If you fulton less soldiers you tend to get more volunteers at the end of missions.


Huey, you big fuck up.

Episode 25: HueyCut Commentary


I love how Huey IMMEDIATELY decides to start blaming you for shit after you save him from Skull Face. Like not even five seconds out and he’s like WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD A NUKE, SNAKE!


Huey deserves everything that happens to him.

Also, not only did that one AI go ballistic, you also accidentally CQC’d at the perfect time to make Big Boss stamp on that guy’s nuts. That was hilarious.


Huey is a huge turd. We still don’t have a logo for Vapor Snake do we?


It was in last episode. It was Fat Dogs


Huh… I don’t remember anything about a plane crash.

And I forgot that Sahelanthropus just came crashing down out of the sky like that. How did it even get up there?

From memory I hid in that same spot - behind the electrical pylon - but I didn’t see that animation. I think I was caught by the pods and had to run for it. I actually had a pretty hard time hiding from Sahelanthropus. It’s really tall!


He jumped, presumably. Though given everyone’s favorite non-specific red haired psychic in a gas mask, he could of just been teleported.

And yeah. As we can plainly see, giving legs to a weapons platform was a good idea!


The contrast between past Metal Gears and modern ones is quite stark.


Somehow it never hit me that the psychic kid was the one controlling the Metal Gear. Until now I had no idea he had a purpose in the game.


Geez, getting called out for HORSE, that good puppy. And an ok horse.


Considering the ol’ TX-55 Metal Gear is probably the hardest to destroy in the entire franchise (how does one even engineer something to only be destructable by 16 precision explosions in a specific order on specific parts of the machine?), I’d say it’s a step-up personally.


It looks like an upgraded Walker Gear. And since it has nuclear weaponry it fits the primary purpose of a Metal Gear. It figures that the Emmerichs would all make over designed animal looking types, when a much smaller one like the TX-55 could get the job done just as well.


I have to respectfully disagree with Ironicus in this update; Horse is an outstanding name for a dog.

Also Sahelanthropus is amazing looking, holy jesus. The Art of MGS V book just jumped to the top of my wishlist.


I appreciate the justification for this ZOE-ass looking mech existing in the 1980s being that it is literally impossible to get working without psychic powers.


Yep. Only a psychic so powerful they can lift the entire thing with their mind and work it like a puppet can make that thing move.


This Russian psychic who floats and wears a gasmask and bondage gear

He seems familiar somehow…