Big Boss is about to go nuclear in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (and Ground Zeroes)



What an amazing episode.


Wait, I thought Quiet jumped off the chopper when we captured her. Did the game just act like it happened, when she was just invisible in a corner all along?


Yes, she faked jumping off. She probably hung out on the fuselage for a bit.


You know I was under the impression that Snake constantly falling over in that cutscene was Quiet repeatedly pushing him out of the way. He even looks appropriately puzzled by it.

“Wait, is an invisible man pushing me?” - Thoughts only Big Boss would have.

Also; the dog anime bear fight was wonderful.


The best part of the Fat Dogs emblem is that it could absolutely be a stoner rap album cover.


If you guys want to know more about that dog anime, here’s a link:


Here’s another link


I hope “tough” is usable for the emblems because tough boy would make a great counterpart for Venom Snake.


I grew up watching that dog anime (with the Finnish dub, no less), and it’s definitely something. It takes itself very seriously, because what could be more Serious Business than Serious Dog Business?

… That dog anime and its monster bears were almost too spoopy for me as a kid. On par with the fascist geese in Alfred J Kwak on the ohnometer.


A lot of people in Scandinavia and Finland grew up watching dog anime. Mostly because it was the 80s/early 90s before anyone knew what anime was and we just kinda assumed the thing with a dog on the cover would be good clean family fun.

(Incidentally my friend made a video review of the series on youtube. Is that a shameless plug? You damn right it is.


I low-key love that Miller is turning into that angry old guy from your neighbourhood who yells at kids passing by to get off his damned property and thinks everyone’s out to get him.


Spent a whole 2 seconds on this


If y’all like horrible monsters bears I highly encourage you watch Golden Kamuy. I also highly encourage you watch (or read) Golden Kamuy in general though.

God I’m so excited to see the reactions to some of the things our good dog friend can do though.


Well this is just great


Tactical Boy is the god of mall ninjas in the new season of American Gods.


Also I’m very confused about the priorities around Mother Base. Countless soldiers fultoned from the battle field and then released fresh from the brig to join the team? Okay. The tiny girl who worked for Cipher and hijacked Metal Gear Zeke? We love her, let’s put up anime posters of her. Sniper who can turn invisible? HOLD THE FUCK UP, WE CAN’T TRUST HER. Because plot reasons.


Someone just needs to make a chibi version of quiet and that will turn it all around.


It really undermines the Strong Female Character thing they’re trying to establish for Quiet when she’s completely befuddled by thermal goggles nullifying her invisibility powers.

I mean, on top of everything else undermining it.


Was she befuddled? I thought she just didn’t really care. Like, it’s obvious the whole time she’s just toying with everyone. It doesn’t really matter if they can overcome her invisibility when she can also run at super speed and jump 50 feet in the air. (And, I don’t think this is really a spoiler but just to be safe: she can fucking bare-handed murder a half-dozen armed guys in the blink of an eye.)

She’s a badass through-and-through, but she is also unfortunately a female character in a Hideo Kojima game.


Different read of the scene’s staging, I guess. When she de-cloaks surrounded by angry dudes she’s standing ramrod straight and (to me) looked pretty confused in a “You can see me? No fair” kind of way.

But then again she’s completely deadpan so who knows what she’s supposed to be feeling.