Am I LP'ing Right?

Hello everyone, was wondering if I could get some feedback and constructive criticism in regards to the LP’s I’ve been doing. I’m very new to LP’ing and there’s also that anxiety and insecurity, but people seem to be enjoying them. At the same time I wonder about what ways I can improve how I’m doing them, so I figured I’d post this here and link to them.

“Anxiety and insecurity”

As someone who has been LPing for 2+ years (fucking time passed quickly) I can say that anxiety and insecurity are absolutely normal things to feel. Really, that seems common for creative work in general. You update fast/consistently which is good (I wish I could manage that) and you manage to be highly informative without being overly dry, which is also good. I feel like the only place you could improve is humor, and that’s not necessarily necessary anyway,

Basically, you’re doing good. And if you keep at it, I’d be surprise if you don’t wrack up subscribers.

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Thank you, humor is something I struggle with sometimes. I can be very funny but I’m not very good at doing on the fly observational stuff. I’m more in tune with being funny as I talk history, which that’s maybe something I should try for more. Like talking about how ridiculous Enochian magic is.

Not every LP needs to be funny though. I would say it comes down to the game and what you want to do with it. These ones lean more to the historical aspect which is something that I really enjoy. Since finishing school one of the things I’ve missed the most is just learning things in the way I can take it in best. Having it told to me. Not to say you can’t be or do both. I’m just saying that it doesn’t have to be everything at once.

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Yeah I was thinking maybe the humorous aspects of history I’d put for points where I don’t have anything really informative to say in the moment. It’s something I want to experiment with but not just go fully funny commentary.

You said you are new to LPing, it’s really best to just keep trying things until you find what really works for you and what you enjoy the most.

That is very true. I think informative is definitely my style, I like to provide as much info as possible for people and focus more on the games I’m showing But I do like to experiment and figure things out as I go on maybe what else would be in my style.

When I started LPing I tried being funny and it sucked. I then just started treating LPing as a showcase of a video game to an imaginary buddy sitting next to me and they got much better.

As several people have said, there’s no need to be funny. Humor will come naturally as it’s needed. More for some games than others.

From what I’ve seen of you you’re doing fine. There’s no need to try to fit into some mold of what a “good” LP is supposed to be anyway. What is an LP even? What a deep philosophical question.


I’ve found that being funny in a solo lp is a bit of a fruitless endeavor unless you are just a natural improv commedian, which most people aren’t. Having a co-commentor or two to play off of really helps there. Not that LPs necessarily have to be funny, its been said in this thread already that your approach falls more on the informative side and you excel nicely at that.

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Am I LP’ing Right?


If you care about the game you’re playing and you want to show it to the audience to convey that to them, the answer will probably be “yes”.

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