A Video Game Music Thread??? Maybe??????


“Yo Buddy, still alive?”


I’ve been listening to this a lot the last three days


played a bit of FTL yesterday and I’m glad the music is always there to support me when i’m being pelted by everything imaginable

Edit: hell, have some of Pause Ahead’s music too

and tower of heaven


If you hate this track, it’s probably because you remember the boss fight.


It’s honestly a crime how not a whole lot of people talk about Perfect Dark when bringing up how good Rare soundtracks are.



We’ve already had one Sonic 3D Blast track but let’s give a little more attention to the soundtrack.


Here’s some music from Grandblue Fantasy. I didn’t expect to like the music of the game that much.


I am in love with the soundtrack to Yoshi’s Wooly World (bought it on 3DS recently)


Devil Survivor 2’s got a pretty sweet soundtrack

When it’s time to get tough:

When it’s time to turn the tide:

When you rise to the occasion:


this… is a remix of a final fantasy IV song by an artist I really like, would it be welcome in this thread?

edit: holy crap loco roco


I’ve been playing Nioh and am absolutely in love with this boss theme.

Also just like, the game is really great too.


The new Prey game isn’t even out yet, but the soundtrack is already stellar. They got Mick Gordon (Wolfenstein, Killer Instinct, DOOM) as composer and he’s doing synthwave and it owns.


Holy shit this is rad as hell. Even if I don’t pick up the game I might get the soundtrack.


some Bound together tracks

and of course…


I always found myself inexplicably drawn to Da Black Market in Bound Together.


The future.



on a layton kick today

(incoming elevator music)

and back to your regularly scheduled post

and of course…

…have some magic pengel songs too, I like my guitar


Some of my favorite tracks. Beware of tonal whiplashes lol

Just beat this game. It rulz ok. Composer - Alec Holowka

Gustavo Santaolalla is pretty great

I love this track, I really dig the beat. Composer - Kohei Tanaka

Composer - Ryan Amon. Yeah Bloodborne!

Never played the game but the OST is pretty alright. Artist- OX


I just learned about this song from the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and I need to share it with as many people as possible.



Thank you for introducing me to this. Here’s another song with lyrics from a game you didn’t expect to have songs with lyrics.