A Video Game Music Thread??? Maybe??????


help these BAD and AWFUL versions of the songs from Parappa 2 are goofy as hell and i love them



I’m pretty certain Final Fantasy X will be on my all time favorite OST til the day I die. A lot of the music I still use today for meditations to curb my anxiety. It helped the flow of the story and generally kept that island feel throughout most of it (minus a few tracks obviously).


I’ve made some pretty significant progress in Order of Ecclesia, and I think I may have just found one of my new favorite DS boss themes. It helps that the fight itself is pretty awesome, too.



I’m going off to sea…

It will be a grand adventure…

But I’m going to miss my family…

It won’t always be easy.

But I know I’ll have great friends at my side.


Does this count as / resemble Chiptune?

There is a fan remix as well:


If I could post every Kirby track, basically ever, I would. Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando are my heroes. :allears:

Instead I’ll put up some of my next love (sorry, not chiptunes), ambient music!

Pretty much all of English Country Tune’s tracks are fairly chill.

RE4 has a great OST! I’m sure the other RE games do, too but I’ve only really played 4.

Amanita Design also has good people do music for their games.

Yume Nikki is an interesting mix of synths, sampling, short loops and re-instancing its own songs.

Thief 1-3 are all great. Thief 4 had a couple hits but was unfortunately mostly misses.

Lastly, LIMBO, and Martin Stig Andersen,are awesome. Haven’t played INSIDE yet, though.


Good music for robbing the recently widowed.

Good music to go to sleep to:


hi i remembered the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack


Trails in the Sky has some very good music. A lot of it.


You know what had an amazing soundtrack?

Tekken 3.


I’m still not over Night in the Woods.

The official soundtrack is finally out and it’s sooo goood.


Beyond Good and Evil had an excellent soundtrack, perfect to listen to as you wait who-knows-how-long for a sequel.

Rebel Galaxy also has some pretty good music.


Hey you know what’s good shit?
Etrian Odyssey’s battle track




Fairy Fencer F is an average JRPG with one of the best vocal tunes in a video game.


It had a lot of downpoints but Half Minute Hero 2 had some pretty good music. I still get a little chilly when I hear this one in-game, on the occasion I go back to it.


The Rocket League x Monstercat album has some good stuff. :ok_hand:


Just wanted to post a couple of my favorite tracks from Odyssey.


Some Heckin' Good Mario Odyssey Tracks




I’ve been playing Ys VIII recently and the soundtrack is pretty rad. Not sure yet if I like it more than Seven and Oath in Felghana, but it definitely ranks alongside them for me.

Sunshine Coastline might be my favorite field theme in the series–and it’s the first one you hear in the game! The piano gives me chills and the synth has a satisfying punch to it.


First of all I want to show off some work from one of my favorite composers, Tomoko Sasaki.

Her ending theme from Ristar is both jaunty and soothing, I love it!

She’s also responsible for the Nights into Dreams soundtrack and while I’m not such a big fan of those games I do enjoy some of the music; including this, possibly the only piece of acapella music ever used unironically in a video game.

Tomoko also worked on one of the quirkiest little games Sega ever put out, Project Rub or Feel the Magic XY/XX. It has a weird as hell soundtrack and I love it!

Ok enough Tomoko love. Here’s a few other tracks I enjoy from various other games.

The Stage select music from Bulk Slash is so funky!

A game championed for it’s rocking heavy metal soundtrack :metal:, but one of my favorite tunes from Thunder Force IV is also one of the least metal.

The ending Music from Revenge of Shinobi is extremely evocative of the situation. It’s the end of a long journey; the bad guys are all dead and our hero is exhausted. Loooove the drums that kick in about half way through. :heart: