A Video Game Music Thread??? Maybe??????


You know, I can’t beleive I think thought of this before but this should have been one of my first contributions to this thread. BEHOLD!!!


I was listening to Persona 5 music and then I stumbled into this nice little gem (thank you autoplay~)


I didn’t like Persona 4: Dancing All Night at all, but at least it gave us some great remixes!


The opening and ending to Crystal chronicles are favorites of mine.


lemme lump in Veo lu Sluice’s playful music in here as a favorite of mine too


Mighty Switch Force! has some cool tunes by virt


I don’t even like hockey, but I dig this track.


My favorite GTA3 music


TWEWY (The World Ends With You) has a perfect OST.


Can’t believe no tracks from Doom 2016 are here. The entire soundtrack is perfect in the over-the-top way that the game was going for. A couple of my favorites:


The S&S soundtrack by Jim Guthrie is a treat. This one’s my favorite.

I don’t have a lot of good things to say about MapleStory, but it had some awesome music.

Can’t pick a favorite Sonic tune, but, from the more recent games…


I’m so glad Maplestory was posted in this thread. Honestly I think it had/has one of the best OST’s for a grindfest MMORPG ever.
Always gotta post Ellinia.


Heck yeah. I’ve got a playlist of my favorites, it’s about 100 tracks long, whoops… Here’s some more.


Lethal League has good music

I’ll throw in some corny Sonic R music I’m fond of



Silver Surfer NES: bad as a video game, pretty good as a soundtrack.


There is something wrong with me, where I can get about a minute into any song before I just tune it out completely. I don’t enjoy listening to music, but when paired with a game it can be quite enjoyable. Mad World is the only game where I liked the music enough to buy the soundtrack.

The evolution of the Dragon Quest theme is fun to hear:

(I don’t know how to make the video appear; I’ve never used a forum before).

The music from Medal of Honor: Frontline’s Arnhem Knights level has also stuck with me. It is from a level trudging through bombed out homes and business in heavy streetfighting during the failed Operation: Market Garden, seeing British allies fighting and dying in equal number to the Germans you are fighting. It is a moving combination.


One of my favorite video game soundtracks is also tragically short!! I bought Vib Ribbon exclusively because I heard one of the songs and absolutely lost my shit. I’m not even good at it.


D4 has some really sweet tunes.

As well as Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon

And here’s one of my favorite boss battle songs on the SNES:


In terms of anything pre-Fates, most of my favorite Fire Emblem songs tended to be the enemy army ones.

As for Fates, pretty much every Hoshido battle theme is amazing. Road Taken (the default grinding theme, basically,) is also amazing.

edit: Oh wait, one more amazing one from FE 12! It’s the best song with the worst title that I never remember.


If D4 is on the table, then I think we have to note that Deadly Premonition also had some jaaams.

I haven’t seen Kentucky Route Zero mentioned yet, and I think it’s definitely worth noting. A lot of the soundtrack is airy, ambient stuff which works great in game as the noise of the world you are wandering through, and is equally nice if you just need something chill to listen to in the background.

But the game also does a really nice job of incorporating Kentucky bluegrass tunes into some its scenes as well.

And I definitely can’t talk about the KRZ soundtrack without noting Junebug’s incredible scene from Act III, which if you haven’t played I encourage you to do so before just watching it, because it’s a really great moment.