A Video Game Music Thread??? Maybe??????


Hi I’m Lady Naga and I love the FM chip please post video game music here especially if it’s made with an FM tracker


Also the original PC-98 Corpse Party had some bangers


I have terrible music taste, so here is something off of the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear OST


Persona has some of the best music in gaming. It’s not just good video game music, it’s good music.


I agree with the caveat that I much prefer P3’s hip-hop influence over P4’s mushy J-pop.

Even the redone music for P2 is Very Good

All SMT Music Is Good


The Transistor OST is up there for all time best to me. (I’m a sucker for vocals)

In Circles(Probably my favorite):

And a bonus:

She Shines:


I like Hideki Naganuma.


My favourite Transistor song is The Spine but on the whole I actually preferred Bastion’s soundtrack to Transistor.


Oh, I accidentally hit ctrl+enter so to make up for that mistake here’s more Hideki Naganuma.


I still need to play Bastion, been meaning to since I beat Transistor, which is why I haven’t listened to the full OST yet. But boy does that track gives me a lotta temptation to get it soon.


VA-11 HALL-A is a game that can be generously described as problematic, but despite all the uncomfortable aspects of the actual game, the music was extremely rad.

Also Hideki Naganuma rules.


While it may not have been the best or most well received game in the world, Nier actually had some really goddamn nice sounding music in it. Most if not all of it was composed by Keiichi Okabe and his team, and I think they did a really nice job of it, especially considering the vocals were in essentially a fake language.


Xenoblade has some very excellent tunes.


Also a casual mention of Dangan Ronpa(ignoring how godawful everything after the highpoint of 2 was) These are some funky beats:


Loved VA11-HA11-A. The music absolutely sealed the deal for it, though. If that game had an uninspired soundtrack, it would’ve felt SO different.


yesss i love video game music. here’s one of my favs!!! the latest smash game had a lot of good remixes


As far as things I actually enjoy listening to Nier’s soundtrack is much better but on a composition level I fucking love his work on the first Drakengard, which is a soundtrack entirely composed around the idea of using orchestral samples to create a dark and offputting atmosphere.


Not strictly VG, but I’m absolutely in love with Blacksquares aka Girls Rituals aka Mom (aka a million other names). All of her music is amazing and like some kind of lost soundtrack to a PSX game that you remember but can’t quite place.


IDK if this counts either but it’s really fucking good so I don’t care


I absolutely love Legend of Mana, and its soundtrack is just so good.

Honestly I could post every single track here. There’s also a really good piano arrangement album called Promise.