Q: What are the rules here?

A: Here’s our list of general rules for this forum. Note that each subforum has their own list of rules as well.

Q: How do I support this site?

A: Donate to our Patreon by clicking here! Donating at least $2.50 a month will grant access to a private off-topic subforum and custom flair for your avatar!

Q: How can I stay safe on this web zone?

A: Please read our notes on security.

Q: Who are the moderators?

A: Here’s the current list of moderators. To get their attention, just say “@moderators”.

Q: Where can I find all emoticons/emojis for this site?

A: Here’s a list of all current emojis!

Q: How do I get started with making let’s plays on this site?

A: Read this guide for almost everything you’ll need to know before posting a let’s play thread here.

Q: How do I get my Let’s Play archived?

A: You can find the guide for getting your Let’s Play archived here.

Q: How do I use trigger warnings?

A: You can find a general use guide for trigger warnings here.

Q: I’m a let’s player and I have a Patreon! Can I link it here?

A: Yes! Let’s players are allowed to put a link to their Patreon on their profile page. (Tip: if you put your Patreon link as your website in your profile settings, it’ll show up whenever someone clicks on your avatar.)

Q: I’m looking at a subforum, but I see threads from other subforums there too! What gives?

A: Some subforums, like Let’s Play, have their own subcategories within them. When you click on the Let’s Play subforum, you’re looking at all threads within all categories within that subforum. To only view threads within the main subforum locate the option circled in red in the image below. It will be located above the thread list.

Click on it to bring up a drop-down menu. Click on “none” and the threads within the subcategories will be hidden.

Q: How do I save my place when reading an LP?

A: You can bookmark any post in a thread to return to later. To bookmark a post click on “more options” at the bottom of the post.

(Click for a picture of the more options icon)

The options icon is located left of the reply button and right from the pencil icon to edit a post

And then click the “bookmark” icon

(Click for an image of the bookmark icon)

The section expands after clicking the 'More options' icon

After you’ve bookmarked a post, you can click on the bookmark icon that is now next to the thread title in the thread list and you will be taken directly to the bookmarked post.

Q: Why is there a check mark next to my thread/post?

A: The Site Feedback subforum allows the thread creator to mark a certain post as having “solved the problem”. This will help out site staff by letting them know at a glance what issues have been resolved and which ones still need to be looked at. So, if someone makes a post that solves your issue, be sure to give it a check! Here’s how to mark a post as having solved your problem.

First, click on “more options” at the bottom of the post.

(Click for a picture of the more options icon)

Then, click on the checkmark icon.

(Click for a picture of the checkmark icon)

The checkmark icon is located right from the icon to delete a post and left of the post options button

Q: My question isn’t here! What gives?

A: Ask it in the site subforum. If it’s asked frequently enough we’ll add it here!