Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis (Crime Island Adventure)



It was an age where strength ruled.

Welcome to the next Zodi LP, wherein we tackle the patreon requested and winner of the last poll, Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis. An excerpt of the Ogre Battle saga, a sadly long dead RPG series that is honestly rather interesting. This is more of a tactics RPG in the same line as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, though unlike that game it’s got permadeath and more of an overarching story than just tons of missions to go out on. This is a relatively obscure game, and probably my favorite in the Ogre Battle series in general, so I hope you all like it.

As with all my LPs, we’ll be updating every Monday and Friday…on the exception that the upcoming Monday will be skipped to get time for people to vote for things, because this game does have some degree of viewer participation! Gotta vote for stuff, which I’ll go more indepthly into after the video link. Suffice it to say, even though this is a Game Boy Advance game, it’s pretty complex. Also of note, this’ll be my first time doing a voiced LP in like ten years, so please be patient with me as I blather endlessly about garbage. Also note this IS a tactics RPG, so videos may be longer than my typical 25 minutes. With all that said and done, let’s begin…episode Zero.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis [0] An Introduction to Ogre

Video Length: 7:59

We’re starting this off with a non gameplay video, so we can set about naming our protagonist and choosing some stuff for him via committee. But I like to think this small little intro is a good way to wet your palette, so to speak, with regards to what’ll come next. We are a fresh faced, black haired youth who has just recently joined a noble family of some sort, the Loehar’s, and has going off to war on a inconsequential, let vitally important, little island with his buddy Rictor. He is of course nervous and scared in that way where you’re obviously trying not to be, and before our boat arrives we meet an aged wise woman who tells our fortune. The fortune will determine a good deal of things, which I’ll talk about AFTER we’ve all made our decisions.

With that in mind, here’s how we’re going to do it. Since the six fates we can choose for our protagonista here are quite lengthy, I’m going to just list all the choices and YOU can post the ones you vote for, and I’ll compile that all manually. As well, you can just throw out birthdays and I’ll decide which one to use based on arbitrary reasoning. As for his name, my supports at Patreon have given me some good names for us to vote for, so we’ll be doing that the traditional Straw Poll way. So without further ado…

Name This Boy!

Choose His Fate!:
Bear Which Burden

  • Resolve
  • Truth
  • Sacrifice
  • Affection

Walk Which Path

  • Belief
  • Freedom
  • Wealth
  • Longevity

Design Which Plan

  • Strife
  • Wisdom
  • Hatred
  • Prosperity

Swear Which Oath

  • Purity
  • Revenge
  • Victory
  • Fruition

Share Which Vision

  • Sadness
  • Mercy
  • Bliss
  • Terror

Shape Which Future

  • Glory
  • Peace
  • Change
  • Control

So yeah. That’s a bit of a short one today, but it’s all in service of greater participation. It’s the Ogre Battle tradition, one I’ll not shy away from. Hope you’re all ready for a hell of a boat trip, when all is said and done.

That said, if you’re still chomping at the bit for video’d content, special shout out to DataNinka for going through effectively my entire Phantom Hourglass LP to find where the final treasure map was. Prepare for Bonus Video~

Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass [#B] Last Stuff

As well, please note that the poll for the Zodi Game Awards 2018 has concluded. Furi is our winner, and in the coming days I’ll be asking the patrons which character is their favorite from that so we can all vote on who gets the cool reward art!




1: Truth
2: Freedom
3: Prosperity
4: Fruition
5: Bliss
6: Change


Hey let’s actually get this thing started shall we?

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis 1] War-crime Island

Video Length: 20:39

With the votes tallied, it’s time to begin! With the six fates decided, the adventure of Gaston, a knight of Felis (and Lodis) begins!

There really isn’t much to this episode, we’re still firmly in tutorial zone. Which isn’t a negative thing, tactics games can be complicated if you’ve never played them before. Luckily, I am quite well versed in these sorts of games, even if I haven’t played this one really. Immediately upon making landfall on the island of Ovis, we’ve been attacked by brigands hired to murder us specifically! That’s uh…an auspicious start. Especially since, once we win…poor Gaston gets crossbow’d into the ocean! And for some reason we get swept away instead of landing in the chest high water around these cliffs, as demonstrated with shield-tech.

Waking up in a warm bed, it appears we’ve been saved…and also somehow went all the way NORTH of where we made landfall it seems? That’s weird. Anyway, Ivanna, a former knight of the guys we’ve come here to beat up, offers to help find Rictor and company, so that’s what we’ll be doing next time! Hope you all enjoyed this small taste of what is to come.

As mentioned in video I looked at the pumpkin tips in a separate video, which you can see here.

The pumpkin tips are actually pretty important stuff, but a lot of it is things we won’t have to worry about for awhile. Still, it’s nice to get all that reading done so now I don’t have to spend a large amount of time writing or speaking about a lot of the more grittier mechanics!

That being said you’ll notice that there is a Biorhythm thing like in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. That’s basically as ignore-able here as it was in that game.

Rounding us off today, let’s look at the emblems we’ve seen. First off, dumb Past Zodi got it wrong. Arbitration is rewarded to you for persuading FIVE enemies to join your side. It increases the chance of persuasion by 30% flat, which is really good if you intend to talk enemies into joining you. It also is some nice flavor, showing that Gaston here is a nice boy who is quite good at talking.

Don Quixote is an emblem “awarded” to you for taking 2/3rds of our hp in a single counter attack. You went up against someone who could kick your ass and they did so on YOUR TURN. It lowers your int by 10, because you’re clearly an idiot.

Embodiment of Desires is given to you for picking up five war trophies (the little loot bags) before a battle ends. If you’ve got this emblem, buried treasure you find tends to be better. Note that this is random buried treasure, some maps have pre-set buried treasure. Still nice to have, though.

Finally, Heavenly Spirit. You get this for healing allies TWENTY times! That’s a lot of healing! If you’ve got this emblem you can become a Priest class, and that’s all it does. Note that you do need to use healing MAGIC to get this. You don’t become a priest by shoving herbs in someone’s face.

A lot of emblems are pretty tricky to get, but thankfully this game has a mechanic we’ll talk about later (though it’s briefly brought up in the pumpkin tip video) that’ll help alleviate some of that.


Back from the void I rise, with live commentary.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [2] Disaster At Scabellum

Video Length: 27:40

The disaster, thankfully, is that Gaston gets jumped by a hedge wizard. But yeah, this episode is a rather…interesting fight, in that last map we only controlled Gaston so everyone could give us a tutorial on how to fight. In this map…we only control Gaston again, and from the looks of how this one played out it’s so the game could give us a tutorial on how NOT to fight. It’s uh…a bit chaotic, to have a bunch of guest units since the guest units have priorities. Hell if I know what they are though.

The end result of all this is that we do, in the end, meet up with Rictor and Orson! Unfortunately, this is just a nominal reunion, as they give us a large sack of cash and tell us to perform a pincher manouver on our current target, which we’ll be doing next time. We’ll also, next time, be showing off all the cool actual units we’ve received thanks to your votes on the six fates. That rules! But yeah, hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time.

Oh boy it’s emblem time I didn’t forget that.

Knight’s Certificate: Minor correction on Past Zodi here. You don’t HAVE to attack from the front on to get this, you just need to be counter attacked five times. This lets you be a knight and not much else, but that’s still pretty important.

Centurion: This was surprising to get. You get it for killing three or more enemies on a map with a single person. It gives you a flat +20 strength…which is super good! Gaston can now punch up really good.


Hoo boy, that guest character AI is… pretty bad. You never want your reinforcements to arrive just in the nick of time, only to start flailing about with little rhyme or reason.


This series has…a history, with poor guest AI.

At least these ones are self sufficient enough to not explode into atoms.


It’s time for a sleepy baby Zodi video for Ogre Tactics today.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [3] Gaston v. Gaston

Video Length: 37:49

Yeah expect these to get pretty long after a point. Anyway, a minor correction on Past Zodi. Centurion specifically requires you to kill three enemies and NOT kill EVERY enemy, with that single unit. It’s weird. As well, I mention the Heavenly Spirit emblem…it is NOT required to become a CLERIC. It is required to become a Priest/Priestess, the second tier cleric. I am correct that Kamui, our rando ninja, isn’t able to be the class he is, but otherwise our cleric is actually capable of being a cleric.

Also yeah, like I said I’m not sure I’ll be keeping all those four units we received. I can confirm due to recording stuff in advance that uh…we won’t be. It’s a little silly, you’ll see. Now, what’s important…let’s look at the actual mechanics of the six fates and why we got what we got. The answers to our questions, ultimately, give us an overall point score of -1. That means we get two soldiers, a cleric and a ninja. This part turns out to be correct! Less correct is…we’re supposed to have a rapier. Instead, astute eyed viewers will notice we have a second axe. I notice eventually, but it’s…it’s weird. I don’t know why it’s like this? Especially because according to the guide I’m using that’s…not an option. It may just be that my guide is wrong however, since looking around a different guide says we get a francisca for our options. But yeah, who knows!

Now, recruitment time! Hiring soldiers in this game is…interesting, mostly in that you can only ever actually buy soldiers, beasts, and demi-humans. Soldiers are…average in many ways, so boosting their level with money is a double edged sword. We use some cash to recruit a fire element lady called Deneb for absolutely no reason at all, and we’ll recruit actual patreon units…later. This unfortunately takes priority for a variety of reasons. We will also never be buying an octopus, as beasts are generally not that useful and octopi are the weakest of them. You also see me equipping Deneb with a bow and an axe. The shortbow and axe are both one handed weapons, so you can put both on your person and use both in battle. That’s actually pretty neat, though it makes it so that Deneb can’t use a shield. This is fine.

We also take a dip into training mode this video. Training mode is interesting, pitting your units against each other. You can turn on auto battle for this, but it’s not recommended since they WILL use items and that’s uh…that’s a waste. I mention not to over-train, and it’s…actually kinda hard to over-train, but it’s still worth keeping a thought on. If you gain 20 levels in training mode, you get an emblem that lowers all your stats by -10! Very flavorful, but also nasty.

Once the training is done, we head off to…a random encounter because I said so. We don’t be DIRECTLY pursuing random encounters, but if I do them I will show them off since unlike the training fights (which I also won’t be making big use of) this doesn’t count for our kill counters. But yes, random encounter with some soldiers and their wizard buddy. This is an otherwise inconsequential battle…minus two important facts. One, we use the Persuade option to recruit the wizard, Leon! Persuade is a difficult ability to use, but if it works you turn the target into a guest party member, and at the end of the map they’ll offer to join your army. Now, persuade maxes out at 49% accuracy wise, various stacks like your class (same class boosts it) gender (opposite gender boosts it) and emblems (some increase it, some don’t) influence the accuracy of persuade. So does stabbing the life out of them. Ultimately, we only end up with a 4% chance of getting Deneb to recruit the wizard…which we get, since I’m a cheater who uses save states for specific things like this. The other important thing in this fight is ONE OF THE NPCS HAS THE SAME NAME AS OUR PROTAGONIST. This CANNOT stand, and our Gaston makes a pretty convincing argument for making this guy change his name.

But yeah, that’s it for this weird, weird little episode. Join us next time, for actual plot progression…and the last time we ever seen the starting generics.

Emblem time! We got a couple emblems today!

Book of Initiation: You get this for avoiding three attacks in a row. It’s pretty fancy, though all it does is let you be a swordmaster. Of course being a swordmaster is uh…really important, given it’s a pretty strong class! A little tricky to get, so I’m glad to have gotten it when I did.

Self-Preservation: Another tricky emblem to get, though as you can see we can get this in training. If you kill a unit with a counter you get this emblem, and it increases your counter attack damage! A little extra boost, there’s a good chance I’ll get this on all my melee units eventually, just because of the nature of things.

Sniper: A surprise emblem I didn’t imagine I’d get any time soon! I sorta poo-poo it in video, but Sniper gets you +10 agility which is actually pretty decent given agility determines accuracy and stuff. I will at one point be getting this on all my fighting man units just because it’s that useful. To get it, you need to land 5 bow shots in a row without missing. Simple enough, though you can miss on a 99% shot if you’re not lucky…

Vixen’s Whisper: Persuade a male unit with a lady, and you get this emblem! It let’s you become a witch, a female magic user class. We’ll detail the specific…interesting points of this emblem at a later date.


Kamui’s the best character so far.



This is a powerful post.


Good morning Vietnam Ovis. It’s time for more this.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [4] A Them Emerges

Video Length: 44:12

And by theme I mean not only with regards to plot, but with gameplay as well. In this one…we get to see that I’m perhaps not as smart and yet far smarter than I give myself credit for. We head off to our next destination, and get ambushed by Cressida, an archer lady angry about the deaths of her parents 15 years ago. Lodis killed her family in the Reformation, and she wants revenge. Gaston’s response is “yeah but that happened 15 years ago” which uh…probably puts into perspective the type of dude Gaston actually is? It’s truly interesting, I feel, that Gaston (who is our protagonist, mind you) can look at someone who’s parents were killed in the brutal Reformation that his own side did, that he doesn’t even really agree with, and say “yeah but that was like 15 years ago who cares”. Just a fun little…thing, to consider. I’m sure it’s fine, given we’re still attached to the Lodis army and this is a young, impersonally Gaston who hasn’t yet learned the truth of the world, like how a certain blonde haired Final Fantasy protagonist did. And by that I mean…well, you’ll see.

But yeah, this video also has some minor desync issues. Now, the next videos WON’T have that problem, because I’ve figured out two very good and important ways to fix that. That being said our next actual Ogre video will be done in Sony Vegas as opposed to my typical AVS editor. It’s time to actually do an upgrade. So there may be some shakiness with quality wise in the upcoming videos as I learn to wrangle that particular bucking bronco. That being said, this one is pretty good…length aside. This is one of the inevitable Issues with a tactic game like this…it’s gonna run long, and have not much to really discuss. Still, I hope you enjoy our attempts at rampaging through the country beating up more or less justifiably angry archers who barely even contribute to their undying rage due to the AI being very, VERY strange.

I also think this episode is actually pretty funny. Just as an aside. But yeah, hope you all enjoyed! Next time…well, Something Will Happen. Hope you didn’t like these particular generics…