Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis (Crime Island Adventure)

Onwards, to further and further tactics!

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [14] Volcanicity

Video Length: 45:39

Starting us off today, we take a look at the results of all the off screen Quest grinding I did. I made…some use of Quest mode, to acquire funds to buy some more spells for the party and to get some shoes for Gaston that let him walk on water. We also got a fair share of items as well, mainly just armour but we did get a powerful fire element spear for Trobby. Ironically this spear is something you can get in the map we’re going to, but I forgot to actually pick it up during the map (I’ll pick it up during training). Now, unfortunately, Quest mode DOES count the kills and time spent in it, at least mechanically, so me not showing them off is…unfortunate, but it’s okay! We weren’t going to be counting the Quest mode kills in thread anyway, and apparently when you beat the game you get an official kill counter by the game’s method of counting, so we can probably update the list from there. But yeah, that is somewhat unfortunate, but ultimately for the best for my purposes.

Incidentally, if you don’t…think this is fair, me grinding to get some powerful equipment, I completely understand that. But you’ve gotta understand that otherwise we’d have basically nothing in terms of gear, since this path really starves you for goth. The A Path give you 1000 and 2000 goth rewards constantly, and B Path gives you…not, that, at all. And that’s weird.

Anyway let’s talk about the map we’re going on today. It’s Mt Aquila, the active volcano on Ovis! This is Eleanor’s shortcut to the cape where Berevra is, and I mean that…that sure is a shortcut. This isn’t the hardest fight in the world, and mostly just lets me show off just how powerful our army has become. Haste spells to increase our movement speed and accuracy, powerful gear that gives us the edge against these monsters and demi-humans, it’s actually pretty great. We also spend some time having Celestine read some law books so she goes from Chaotic to Lawful, for important reasons later (she’s a patron and wants to be a knight). We also manage to obtain an emblem on Gaston that we quite want; Gibe of the Fallen Angel! This lowers his alignment to Neutral, so now he can be a Dragoon…once we have dragon scales anyway.

Once the map is over, we reach the cape where Berevra is…only to be ambushed by Rictor and Father Hamen. We get some…more than creepy dialogue with the Father, only for Rictor to send him aside so he can reveal that he’s been in on the sacred spear quest the entire time! And he even knows it’s name, Longicolnis. And, he even knows it’s origin…a spear fashioned from the horn of a fallen angel. The lucifer spear, Longicolnis, the GUN OF SATAN. This is actually a REALLY cool reveal, to me. We’re not just hunting some strange powerful artifact, we’re hunting THE strange powerful artifact. Everything that is happening on war-crime island is for this spear. It’s fantastic. Things start to get hectic, but then…mysteriously, Eleanor’s necklace causes everyone to fall to their knees! With that opening, Gaston and Eleanor (and presumably the entire rest of our army?) leap off the cape’s cliff face into the ocean!

We then kinda end up at Berevra’s house since we were gonna need to swim there anyway. We finally meet the golden scaled mermaid! She tells us where she puts it, and reveals that Eleanor is NOT her daughter at all and is instead just a survivor of one of the many burnt to death towns Lodis left in it’s wake. That’s good to know. Also somewhat unfortunately, the location of the spear is not here. It’s far, far north. So we won’t be able to get it just yet.

And with that…we finish chapter 1 of the game, and get a cool little interlude into chapter 2. The White Fang troops are no longer a problem, leaving only Gaston’s rag tag gang to fight against Rictor’s army…though most of his forces left so he could focus on his real goal of finding the spear. Slowly but surely we’re building our forces for an eventual confrontation, one that we won’t be able to avoid. We’ll have to come to blows with Rictor eventually.

But, things are still good. We have an advantage. We know where the spear is, and we have the mysterious Eleanor and her pearl necklace that is clearly more important than it first appears. We get a cute little romantic scene to round us out today, wherein she mentions how awful snow is. I agree. But with that, we’re done for today! I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time.

Emblem time! Only the one emblem, but it’s a good one.

Gibe of the Fallen Angel: In order to get this, you’ve gotta be a cleric or priest. Simple enough. Less simple is that then you need to kill three people, outside of training. Thankfully Gaston’s learned a lot in the knight and ninja classes, so even as a Cleric Gaston was able to easily slice his enemies into pieces to get this emblem. When you do get it, it lowers your alignment by one step. If you’re lawful you’re now neutral, and so on.


Onward, to chapter two!

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [15] Thriller Night

Video Length: 18:01

In this episode, we officially begin chapter two of the video game! We’re like, a third of the way done now. Two or three of our units are at end game class wise and Gaston may as well be even though I’m gonna have him be a dragoon. With this level of power, what can the game exactly throw at us? Well, heading to Gryllus woods, we find out! Today, we’re tangling with the undead!

Zombies are your bog standard units. If you see a zombie soldier, you best believe they’re gonna do the basic ass soldier thing. Zombie wizard’s gonna throw some light magic your way, but otherwise is the same. Allegedly zombies have poison firsts (game’s typo, not me) but I’ve never seen that and we likely never will given, if it IS meant to be fists like I think, literally no zombie but archers who are counter punching will hit with a fist attack. And given the point we’re at in the game no one will ever hit with a fist attack ever again, pretty much. Ghosts, meanwhile, are a different sort of unit. They’re not technically monsters, they’re…kind of a “class” actually? It’s weird, but the game considers ghost a class, a class that humans can unlock only by dying and being revived with the bane spell Cursed Existence. There is a good chance I will murder a random recruit to show this off at some point. Ghosts can cast low level bane magic, and teleport to move! The game says they’re immune to physical attacks and…I mean all of our actual weapons are magical so maybe that means they don’t count, but given the one ghost that gets Don Quixote in this episode I don’t think the game is telling the truth on that.

The major strength both ghosts and zombies have, however, is their ability to revive! After two or three turns, the undead rise from their grave with about a quarter or so of their health left! It’s pretty annoying, not least of which because the only way to permanently take them down is through having a cleric. It does, however, make for a really silly kill count this episode. Blue’s gonna be the only one to do a murder this episode…meaning he’s gonna get Centurion, becoming a slightly buffer cleric. The cleric and priest classes have two ways of dealing with undead. Exorcism, which is a basic AOE spell like all the other elements, but instead of dealing damage it just has a percentile chance of permanently removing undead from the field! It only works if they’re up and about though. Then they have Faith, which only works on the reviving corpses…but is GLOBAL range, and never misses! So that’s pretty cool. As well, because exorcisms are not TECHNICALLY kills, I don’t think they count against the ability to become a Priest. They’re not KILLS, specifically, they’re EXORCISMS. I’m pretty sure this is how it works, don’t quote me, and none of the guides have info on this. The only way to beat undead encounters otherwise is to make every single unit fall down at the same time, which the game counts as a win in your favour. No one gets a kill in that case since you can’t…KILL an undead, they’re already dead.

Speaking of kill counts, Gaston, Celestine, Deme, Dataninja, and Trobby all participated in Quest grinding, and as a result will not have accurate kill counts to DataNinja’s amazingly well put together kill counter. This is best shown by the fact that during the exactly one bit of grinding I did to buy Celestine water walking boots, he got Blood Reign (which requires killing 25 people total). This is unfortunate…however! I recently read that the game does show each unit’s kill counter at the end of the game, so for now we can rest easy knowing that DataNinja will be catching the regular murders, and the game can shore up what nonsense I did in Quest mode. I will try not to over grind in the future Quests, however. Just wanna put things on the table.

The one final point that needs raising here is…this level actually has a secret. If you wait too long, more undead start to spawn. And by spawn I mean after a certain point every undead that you remove is almost immediately replaced. It can lead to this map going pretty long! Thankfully all our units are stupid ridiculous so we were able to rip the zombies apart before they could do that. But yeah, that’ll be it for today. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time for another video that may be as short as this one!

Emblem time! We’ve got two emblems to talk about, since the other emblem we saw get got this episode was already known to us thanks to Stan.

Blood Reign: You’ve murdered 25 people! Congrats, that sort of thing sticks with you! People with this emblem exude an aura of malice three tiles large that makes enemies get -1 to their morale gauge. This is pretty signifigent, since a -1 works out to be around -13%ish of their numbers, so now every enemy near Gaston is just that much weaker. Added to the fact that we now have two valkyries with Eleanor and Trobby, and we can put the serious hurt.

War God: Oh hey look it’s the serious hurt. If you do over 200 damage to a unit, you get this emblem! It increases your strength by 30, but it also reduces your int by 30! I’ll talk more about how I think emblems as they are in this game are inherently flawed and not that good, but I do like War God. If you do it actively, and you basically have to actively get it to get it, you were never gonna use magic on that unit anyway. Except for buff magic, which isn’t really effected by int most of the time.


Happy Monday. Have a Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [16] Euphaire

Video Length: 30:00

If this and the next couple videos sound weird, it’s because I recorded them in the morning and was just…not super feeling well? It’s weird.

In this episode, we head off to Blete, one of the villages Lodis set on fire! There are other villages that they ravaged, but this is one of them (and it’s a slightly plot important once since apparently Eleanor was a survivor of the attack). Blete now is full of zombies of all stripe, and it’s up to us to clear them out. However, at the head of the zombies is a living being, Euphaire, a powerful shaman (unique Siren class) with a special ability; the ability to convert her HP into MP for others. On top of that, she’s also got the first summon spell in the game, Salamander!

Summons are an interesting sort of spell. Only Siren’s, Priests (to a degree), Deneb, and one other thing we won’t mention here can use summons. They do a ton of damage…but piecemeal, around 20 per hit. The amount of hits a summon has is determined by your int, and I believe the max hits is like 13? That’s a lot. Unfortunately Summons are a little inaccurate, but with morale buffs flying around and positioning being a thing, you can make your accuracy pretty high. The other thing to keep in mind with summons is that they hit everyone in the range, friend or foe, so despite the massive size of the AOE you tend to only want one or two people with it if you can help it. I think summons are interesting, in that sense.

The only other living unit on this map is Pit, a warlock! Warlock’s are masters of physical and magic, though they focus on support spells beyond their special ability Barren Soul, which is a spellblade attack that hits the target’s elemental weakness. Pit here has Fluid Transfer, a support spell only certain classes can use, which let them transfer their MP to another unit! You can see how having a fluid magic user next to a summoner could be problematic, especially given Euphaire’s Energy Transfer means she can, for no real cost beyond health, fill up the Fluid Transfer warlock…who will then fill up Euphaire, or other summoners. It’s a pretty hefty combo! So we’ll be doing our best to recruit Pit, if only so we can snatch that spell from him!

Once all the violence has been properly applied, Euphaire falls down and a ghost pops out of her. Turns out, her father possessed Euphaire with her mother’s spirit after she was killed, and the process drove her spirit into a corrupt state. By beating her to death we purified her of the ghost, and she asks to join us, which we readily accept. Somewhere out there, her father is also around, and she hopes to meet him. I wonder if we will (we obviously will). I’ve got Thoughts and Opinions about Euphaire and her Dad, but I’ll save those for when we actually recruit him. For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that we’ve got a powerful spell in our pocket now, with an equally powerful unit behind it.

That’ll be it for today. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time!


Hey, I know this is strange, but what if…we did another Lodis. Just for the hell of it.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [17] Morale Effects

Video Length: 26:32

In this episode, we set off to Vespa once more to continue the plot! At Vespa, we’re attacked by Surgat, a recurring random old man surrounded by beasts. He holds no allegiances other than animal, and will do us a violence because someone paid them. This fight is a little tricky since his beast whip, plus his being a Beast Tamer, means all of his monsters within three tiles of him are getting +2 to morale. That’s pretty significant!

Otherwise that’s it. There’s very little to talk about in this one. After we beat it we get a strange scene of Rictor finding a mysterious white haired girl, and chasing after her. Calling out her name; Malicia. That’s foreboding.

Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time!

It occurs to me that there is an emblem on Gaston (and Ivanna) that I may have neglected to mention. I don’t recall if I have or not!

Berserk: You get this bad boy if you bring an enemy down from max hp to dead in one go! I got it on Ivanna by mistake, and on Gaston semi by purpose, thanks to using Glycinia during training. All it does is modify your biorhythm gauge, and honestly given how that’s not even remotely on screen and we have no way of testing it’s effects, that basically means nothing! It probably does something, but it’s gonna be so minuscule I doubt we could even calculate it. Still though, it’s a fancy red skull shaped badge pinned to our coat, and that’s cool.


Episode ever so slightly late due to DST being awful.

Zodi Play: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [18] Elrik

Video Length: 31:11

In this exciting episode, we make our way over to Belleza, wherein we meet Elrik. He’s Ephaire’s dad, and thinks Ephaire is still possessed by her mom! So now it’s time to murder us all to soothe her spirit! Elrik is a Summoner, which is to say he’s a reference to regular Ogre Battle’s second primary magic using unit, the Dollmaster. They don’t actually use their dolls in any particular way in Ogre Battle proper, but here he has the unique ability to summon a “golem” to hit someone. It’s a tricky ability I’ll show off later. He’s also got on Fenrir, the ice element summon! The only other thing of note on this map is that there is a ninja with Warp Shoes, which we want! Warp Shoes let the wearer teleport, which as you can imagine is a super important thing. The only issue is deciding who to put them on…

We put the blade to Elrik and kill his dumb ass…which of course means we recruit him to his army, after some lovely talk about how undead are evil and not to be used at all. Father and daughter have been reunited! And with that…Elrik and Euphaire are now done with their plot and have literally not one single thing left to contribute, beyond helping us fight. I realize that, as optional units, this makes sense. You shouldn’t build your plot to assume you have optional units…but, I mean…why even have them in the first place? Not for nothin’, but Eleanor could have Energy Transfer and that’d make sense, and having a special unit to reference the Doll Master does MAKE SENSE, but…these two have a lot of gravitas thrown their way, and ultimately they’re just two randos we come across. It’s weird. And really it’s not that I don’t MIND being given two really powerful spellcaster units, it’s just…weird, I guess. It’s another example of how this game is kind of off kilter in a lot of regards. The biggest thing of that being, unlike the mermaids, you do have to kill these two to recruit them. No weakening them and letting them run like the mermaids!

But yeah, that’s it for today. I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time, for further plot! And by further plot I mean we face the earth summon user probably.


I sense…a Lodis appearing.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [19] Gnome Mercy

Video Length: 41:25

Rictor sends a rando we’ve never heard of to fight us! It goes about as well as you expect, and we pick up the Gnome summon from it. There’s not much else plot wise in this one, but we do get some mechanical stuff going down! First off, Blue becomes a Priest. All this really does is give him better growths, and access to the highest tier virtue spells, which we don’t have any access to at the moment. Still, it’s good to have. Second, sadly, DataNinja must doff his ninja garb and become a swordmaster. Ninja’s are just not competitive late game and swordmaster is the logically choice for him. I was considering putting him to a warlock (even say so in video) but given I did talk Pit into joining…he probably will stick to DataSamurai for now.

The biggest change however is Terepat. Off screen, I changed our funky little dragon to all the other elements, so now he’s been every flavor of dragons on that scale. And once we level him up one more time in this video, he evolves into his law form, the Mushus! Mushus are winter walking dragons who give a positive aura to allies within 3 tiles. That’s all well and good, but it’s not what we want for the little guy. Instead we dump an urn of Chaos or two on him, changing him from a Mushus to a Naga (already talked about, basically just a wet snake) and from Naga to his true final form, Vritra! These dragons can ACTUALLY fly, meaning they can go wherever they dang well please, AND they give a negative morale boost to enemies within three squares, which is overall a better benefit than a positive morale boost or literally nothing (neutral dragons get kinda screwed over).

T…that all being said there’s basically nothing else to this video? We do make use of Glycinia in this map to show off her Fairy’s Embrace ability, which heals a adjacent target and lets them move again, and that’s hella powerful, but arguably not worth it given how functionally useless Fairies are otherwise. We also get the comedy of gnome just…not hitting Gylcinia at all, ever, which is honestly ludicrous. There’s also the scene at the end with Naris and Nichart, but it’s basically just vague villainous posturing. But yeah, not a lot to talk about in this one. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time!

Anyway hey, while I’ve got your attention, I’d like to note I’m writing a novel! I’m on the second draft of the manuscript (after like four rough drafts before manuscript draft 1). It’s a modern fantasy novel staring Rei, a 17 year old girl who discovers that the supernatural is real and has to deal with the consequences. Hit me up with your email if you’d like to be a beta-reader!

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It’s time for some Knight of Zodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [20] The Sacred Spear?

Video Length: 29:20

In this exciting episode of Knight of Lodis, we head to Sotavento to finally find the Sacred Spear! However, Nichart is here blocking our path with an army of ladies (and two knights). So we’re gonna need to take care of these losers before we can find the shrine. They’re pretty tough, Nichart being an “Esquire”, a special dragoon style class. This is also the first map were we fight an enemy priest, and though they have Resurrection they likely won’t be using it on their allies in any way. The AI is…not quite smart enough for that.

I think I handle this encounter pretty well, even though it is pretty dangerous given the valkyries actually having people to buff. That all aside, I’ve nothing to really say about this one, at least from a mechanical point of view. We’ve firmly hit the point where I’ve explained basically all the mechanics, and aside from a few things we’ve hit everything the game will really throw at us. We’re still pretty early into chapter two as well, so that’s…interesting. I feel like I may have gotten to end game tier classes too quickly, but given some of the requirements FOR the end game tier classes that might just be unavoidable. It’s…interesting.

Anyway, after chasing Nichart off (his transferring stone means we’re not killing him any time soon) we can explore Sotavento a bit. As it turns out, though we did know this I just forgot, Eleanor used to live here after Berevra saved her! Of note, please realize this means Berevra ALSO crossed that volcano, carrying a baby, to reach this town, as well as had to go through what was no doubt a beginning to be haunted forest. They’re so far away from each other, the place she was born and the place she was raised, it’s a little silly! At any rate, we have a nice conversation and while it’s not pointed out in any actual sense she has given us the ability to remove her pearl necklace! We won’t be putting it on anyone other than her though, no real reason to.

Finally, we make our way to where the spear is…the public ass shrine that anyone can go to if they know where it is. Surprising no one, the spear is gone. Someone has found it over the like, 15 years it’s been here. But then Gaston has a plan…just claim he has the spear. This’ll cause his enemies to start panicking, since they KNOW he can’t have the spear…but the spear IS gone, meaning SOMEONE has it. Perhaps it will drive a rift in the middle of our foes? That remains to be seen!

Anyway, that’s it for this one! I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time.


Oops, didn’t realize the last two posts got wiped due to the forum issues. Reposting them now…

God, because the fact that I’m writing like 5000 words a week and work being a bit of a slog, it feels like it’s been way longer than it has been. Time for a Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [21] Duke Knights

Video Length: 45:35

Starting us off, we do something I had intended to do earlier. The newest Quest we acquired has glass pumpkins as a reward, so I got one of those! This is our fifth pumpkin, so after selling it to Pumpkinhead we’ve unlocked a special item! The Firecrest! Failed Legend of Dragoon joke aside, this is a powerful item. It’s not necessary by any means and given it’s price I don’t know if we’ll even get it, but it sure looks powerful! Put this bad boy on and the unit wearing it is basically invulnerable. I think that’s a pretty decent reward, since to get this you need to know about the Deneb special character and all that, plus you need to find the pumpkins (there ARE enough in game to sell it without grinding in a quest, I just wasn’t aware of that).

Now then, for the actual video. Not a lot of plot in this one, we basically just hit a story enforced random encounter. However, it does introduce a dangerous foe! The Duke Knights, special units under service of Naris himself! The Duke Knights are spellblades covered in heavy armour wielding, typically, big swords, making them kind of a perfect super unit. What really puts them over the top is that they have Charisma. Luckily, they don’t LEGALLY have Charisma, otherwise they’d be unstoppable. It gives a +1 aura to every ally within 3 squares, meaning fighting them is…well, like fighting US. Suffice to say, this fight is difficult! It also features one of my favorite events to happen in a Zodi life rotation: something happens that breaks me enough to laugh. It’s like a melodic, dying hyena. Also we snatch up some flying shoes, and Dragon Armour which I hype up a bit but forget that we need the dragon helm still before I can actually show it off. Oopsidoodle!

Once the fight ends, we have a little camp scene…wherein Cybil reveals a bit more about her story. Turns out she was ALSO from a town that Lodis destroyed, and she got kidnapped by the church and groomed into their ultimate wizard assassin. And never questioned her loyalty to them. This is perfectly reasonable a plot point it’s just also really silly when you say it out loud. Anyway, it turns out she took this mission for more than just loyalty reasons, and she realizes we’re not actually allies in any real sense so she goes off to take care of some personal stuff before returning. Sure thing Cybil, you do you.

And that’s it for this one. I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time!

Emblem time! But first a special note: we finally got Dragon Scales for Gaston! That’s rad! He can finally become a dragoon, which I’ll talk about more indepthly next time. Now onto the actual new emblem we saw today.

Charisma: Charisma is a powerful emblem! It gives you a +1 morale bonus to every ally within 3 tiles. Getting this on say, a valkyrie, is a really good idea! However, getting it is pretty tricky. You see, you’ve gotta get 300 in one of the three stats, any will do, to get it. That’s kind of a big ask! I’m not sure if we’ll be getting that or not! I do hope we do, because it’d be cool.

Despite stepping on my microphone like a dumbass and having to rerecord; a video exists!

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [22] Mount Gracula

Video Length: 22:28

In this episode we finally have Gaston enter his final form as a Dragoon. He is now virtually indestructible! He’s also got a spell he can toss out but since he’s got War God it’s not going to be all that effective. Still, it has it’s uses! We also outfitted Gaston with the flying shoes, and gave Ivanna that earth sword we found…which isn’t any stronger than the fafnir sword we had, but it matches her element so it’s slightly better.

Now let’s talk about the map a bit! Glycinia appears and tells us she smells her sister and or friend Lubina. One of the gremlins is named somewhat similar, and that’s your hint to not murder it (that and it doesn’t ever attack). Once all the enemies are killed, if you move Glycinia next to the mystery gremlin, they have a discussion and the gremlin reveals herself to be Lubina! That gets us another fairly strong fairy, comparatively to other fairies anyway, and…I mean that’s basically it. Not much else happens at this place with a cool name.

And…yeah. That’s it. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time for something far, far more important and complex!

Oh hey it’s time for a big Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [23] West Side Story

Video Length: 55:42

Real big one this time, but for valid reasons! We’re storming Ostorea castle, ready to take the fight to Naris Batraal himself! This, by the way, is part of why I did go out of my way to recruit all the optional units. Because of duel assault maps like this, you’re able to field functionally 16 units at once, meaning having a roster of people waiting in the wings who are actually leveled up and good to go is important! If you don’t have enough units to do both maps you just skip the other one, but that means you lose out on treasure and loot and experience, and that’s not good at all!

We’re tackling the west side of Ostorea today, which is guarded by a handful of powerful but generic units, plus Margaret, Ivanna’s sword teacher. Margaret is very powerful, and is the only female swordmaster in the game. I don’t…exactly know why we don’t get access to swordmaster for ladies, presumably it’s to make Margaret look more impressive? But she’s also the first enemy to have a Special Skill so she’s already super impressive. Ah well. But yeah, she has Atropos, a super powerful skill that can only be used by sword, katana, and axes. It does a ton of damage, in exchange for biting a chunk out of your health! It’s pretty dangerous, but as far as double edged swords go it’s entirely reasonable and fair.

That aside…there’s not much else to this one! It’s just a really difficult map, where the enemy has two archers on super high ground and four units that are decently powerful able to engage you at the base of it. The hawkmen aren’t as big a deal as the duke knights, and for some reason the duke knights aren’t actually exhibiting the Charisma they should have (that’s fine on my part!) but it’s still pretty tough. The loot is worth it though, giving us a a bunch of good rare items…which would be some of our FIRST magical rare items if we weren’t using quest mode to some degree. We also get Atropos, which we can only teach to one unit, forever…and we choose Ivanna, to help make her relevant.

And that’s it for today. Join us next time when we see how team DataNinja is doing. See you all next time.

There is an emblem to show off here, so let’s talk of it!

Mark of the Elite: Giving to units that win a map when there is only one other friendly unit on the field. This is a pretty hard reward to get depending on the enemy layout, but the reward is very palpable. If you are rewarded this, you instantly get 100 EXP, right then and there. Winning a match heavily outnumbered is a small price to pay for a free level up. The only problem with this is that it is, of course, only gettable once…and you’re not allowed to ever remove Gaston from the combat, so you can only get it on two people once. Then it’s one person carried on Gaston’s back for the rest of it. I will be doing my part to try and get this emblem at some point, basically the next legitimate random encounter will be Gaston and DataNinja probably, but I won’t be going out of my way to put it on everyone.


Man, April Fool’s was a Monday this year. But I didn’t have any good jokes to do since I already did Farcry 3 and there was no game that I could play that I could pretend is Lodis that would be all that funny to play around with (if I had been smart and had time I’d have prepared a FFTA2 save file named Gaston for this very purpose…). So no bonus video joke today. Instead, you just get a regular ole Lodis Knight.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [24] Southland Tales

Video Length: 40:10

The south wall is protected by dumb ole Nichart and Lethe, one of the two wizard twins that seem to be working for Batraal. That means this map has TWO leaders, one of whom is pretty strong physically and one who is pretty strong magically. We’re gonna have to beat them both, though I think stomping out Nichart makes Lethe leave automatically. Not quite sure. We’ve also got a fair amount of spellcasters to fight on this map, and all women like Nichart apparently wants to be a theme with him. Weird.

There is truthfully not much to talk about on this one. We do get DataNinja to level 20, giving him access to Swallow’s Daze, a move that he can only use with katanas! It’s a move that I completely blanked on when using it, because I thought Nichart’s counter was MY attack for some reason. Swallow’s Daze does decent damage and can also stun the enemy, and the two parts of that are separate and thus pretty cool. Swallow’s Daze is interesting as well in that it’s meant to evoke the classic idea of the Swallow Flip, a famous samurai move that probably didn’t actually exist because it’s…not like special moves existed in reality or anything. Aerial Ace from Pokemon is based on it as well!

We also finally have Elrik use his special ability, Summon Golem…which brings out a cute little doll that trundles along the ground in a straight line, jumping I believe only once to try and reach its actual target. If it jumps down it trips and falls and explodes, but I believe it does keep going if it does a jump upward. It does decent single target damage and is really expensive and honestly not worth it at all given how finicky it is. Still, it’s a nice reference to the older Ogre Battle games.

And that’s truthfully it for this one folks. See you all next time…when we storm Naris Batraal’s throne room, and see what we have to see.


Is it really Friday? where the hell did the week go? Anyway have a Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [25] Tricky Rick

Video Length: 41:03

In this episode, we surge forward into the throne room of Naris Batraal to face our foe…and as it turns out, Rictor is there, alongside two wizards, two duke knights, a witch, and two regular knights who may or may not be the characters from the opening of the game (and in retrospect maybe the Siren we killed is also from the opening?). So it’s kind of dramatic, just a little, and I think it works. The knights don’t have unique sprites in the slightest but it’s kinda cool that they have their own unique death messages. Also dramatic, if…very very silly, is Rictor and Gaston arguing about how they should use the Sacred Spear. Rictor wants to use it to create his perfect holy kingdom under God…and Gaston also wants that technically, in that he wants to give it to Lodis for safe keeping. But the idea of using the literal horn of Satan to build your god-empire is, needless to say, kind of a bad move, and Lodis…has routinely and consistently been shown to set everyone on fire. So let’s not give them the pointy death stick. Anyway, mechanics.

This is a pretty tough fight, in part due to the enemy having at least three healers, one of which is Rictor himself. This is of course a double edged sword as I show, since the AI will waste their turns healing instead of doing anything else. Bad for me since it makes the enemies slightly tankier, but good for me because Rictor using his magic to use Heal Plus instead of the virtue element summon Ignis Faatus, is MUCH better in every real sense. Rictor is a dangerous unit, and even when grouped together a summon can tear chunks out of you if you’re not careful. Other things of note is that one of the duke knights have the Warp Ring, an int boosting ring that allows more teleportation movement options, and one of the knights has the Dragon Helm, the final dragon armour piece. Unlike every other piece of dragon armour set, it actually does something by itself; complete immunity to dragon breath. That’s super rad honestly.

Once we beat the crap out of Rictor and all his friends, Gaston begins his trump card; revealing a regular iron spear and claiming it’s the real one, in order to play off the fact that no one really…knows what the Sacred Spear actually is. It seems to work, but then Gaston cottons on to something. Something we the player weren’t let in on at all which sucks. The dagger he found at the shrine had a white rose symbol on it, the symbol of Rictor’s family! Which means his family was there, at some point! Possibly! Honestly this makes no sense at all but sure, okay. Then Malicia arrives…but Gaston and maybe Ivanna can’t actually see her, dun dun duuun. She also REALLY emphasizes the spear…it appears Rictor’s been slowly mind porked until he revealed what happened to the actual Sacred Spear, 15 years ago when he and his father first arrived on this island to find it. How mysterious! Malicia explodes at us, and the two wander off into the crypt of this castle to set up for the final confrontation with…whatever is up next I honestly don’t remember, don’t spoil it.

Also, a question: how old is Rictor? Cause Gaston is literally just 15, and he’s friends with Rictor so I’d have to imagine Rictor is like, at most 17-18. Which means 15 years ago when he came here to marry Malicia he was…2. 2 years old. I realize nobility in ancient knight times are garbage but wow, way to predicate your entire plot twist on the memory of a literal baby.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed. Join us next time for that final battle within the crypt of Ostarea castle!


I had a really neat of idea of making my typical video intro thingy here be the Tales from the Crypt intro but it turns out it’s just a bunch of music so…farts.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [26] Crypt-o-gram

Video Length: 59:10

Yikes that’s a video length. Yeah this one has some plot in it. Particularly, we follow Rictor down into the Crypt where all the Batraal’s are interned when they die. A fighting place for what will probably be the last battle of Naris Batraal. One there however, we find Rictor and Malicia, who have finally found the secret thing that was down here the whole time that will help them find the sacred spear: a small fragment of thet dang thing. Some Satan Dandruff that fell off with it I guess. Malicia turns into a ominous flame that demands we humans give it the spear so it can regain it’s full power or whatever, and it tries to possess Rictor (probably just probing his mind, honestly). Long story short, Rictor manages to get rid of the demonic influence and is mostly okay…only for Naris to appear and take the fragment for his own self, using it’s corrupted influence to make himself even stronger. We banter a bit with regards to Why he is doing this, and the fight begins.

Naris Batraal is a really difficult fight, not least of which because of his mass amounts of Duke Knights and the surprisingly unbreakable regular knights he has with him. Beyond all the beef and healing he’s got behind him, he also got the Bloody Cleaver, a gigantic axe filled with Bane energy, that heals him on each swing. There’s no actual UI read out to show how much he heals so I’m guessing he heals for each damage he causes, which is kinda messed up because that’s a LOT. He also has a special move no one else can use, Hell’s Gate! It’s a two square forward attack that does minor damage, relative to his axe, and puts people to sleep. I believe it has a 100% chance to sleep unless you have something that resists special attacks and stuff. Adding to that, he also has Ray of Paralysis and probably cheats the numbers on it, though thankfully we only see him use THAT once…though he uses it to great effect.

That aside there really isn’t much going on in this fight, he’s the biggest threat and he is genuinely enough. There are two Duke Knights with unique load outs, and killing them gets you a powerful flame two handed sword and another two handed sword that is anti-dragon. I mention giving these to Ivanna but we’ll probably end up giving her the axe because hey, ancestral weapon and all that. The only other real thing of note is that on this map is a hidden ring you can find, called The Ring Of The Dead. We won’t be talking about it this video, but suffice to say…it sure is an ominous thing that we now have access to. Oh boy!

With Naris defeated, he tells us more about why he did this. Ultimately, it’s because he feels the world lacks any true rhyme or reason. His brother was weak and ill-suited for leadership, and as a result he let Lodis step all over him. It saved a lot of lives, but…Lodis is definitively kinda super evil so maybe that’s something that should be fought against. I realize Gaston is on their side, and is getting the spear for them to keep a safe keeping on, but ultimately the like three destroyed towns we passed through on the way here makes me think perhaps Lodisism…is bad. He dies, and Ivanna doesn’t say anything which sucks because she of all people should get some last word in edgewise.

After that, we begin Chapter 3 of the game! We’re firmly two thirds of the way through the game, and are officially in end game territory more or less. We…are technically in charge of Renanculus now? It’s kind of unclear. But ultimately we’re considered a super cool hero since the populace are superstitious and cowardly and all they really know is that weird shit was going on at Batraal’s house and we stabbed all that to death so hooray, our hero. We do some research into the spear, and learn some neat stuff that at the end of it is really just a confirmation of what we already knew…though we do find one big piece of information.

As it turns out when I called this place War-Crime Island, it wasn’t referring to all the violence the humans were causing. I mean it was, in part, but also uh…this is, it appears, to be the prison of satan. Sahar, the angel that fell from Heaven due to assisting humans in what was known as the Ogre Battle. He shattered his horn and was imprisoned within the snowy north. There’s some cool discussion about why Sahar would do this and what that means and how it can relate to our own experiences right here and now and it’s some actually really interesting stuff that I wish the game was a bit better about making the forefront of it’s plot instead of just a kinda side thing. Rictor decides to join us, and we gladly accept.

And that’s it for this one! Pretty long, but pretty good I’d say. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time where I uh…perform some crimes. Take care.

Emblematic of the times, Naris gets unique emblems only he gets (because there’s no way for me to do link cable stuff, as far as I’m aware).

Lucky Soldier: Avoid all damage in a link battle and win and you get this one! It makes you luckier, whatever that means. Any and all effects on the biorhythm are kind of obscure and hard to notice. Like with all of these, getting this is as easy as how many GBA’s, copies of this game, and friends willing to let you just bash on them for 30 minutes you have.

Mark of Valor: Win a VS battle, pretty easy. Makes your luck more balanced, which I believe is like…the highs are less high and the lows are less low? That seems bad, to me.

Veteran soldier: Kill someone in a VS battle. You get +15 to all three stats, which is kinda bonkers. That’s a good emblem I wish I could have. It’s really weird that Naris would have this, or really any emblem really, since they can obviously give units whatever stats they want without any real compunction…unless this fight is also somewhat determined by Gaston’s level, and they gave him the emblem’s to ensure some baseline.


I finished the second draft of my manuscript after like 12 years of planning, four false starts, three actual physical books worth of writing, and like six months of writing every day. So it feels like now’s a good time to release some Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [27] Transmigration

Video Length: 45:49

Starting us off today we’re going back to Ardea for something. Primarily to show that it’s winter now, so all the maps have a wintery charm cast over them…which mainly means that moving on them is harder and water gets frozen sometimes. It can be frustrating, but on the whole it’s not that bad. However, as eagle eyed viewers may have noticed, Ardea’s little location pin got removed and readded during the chapter swap. So actually arriving there has us find a secret scene! Therein, the Angel Knight Lobelia appears, asking us if there’s anything she can do for us in the service of god. We of course say yes, because a unique portraited angel lady descending from on high to be like “yo need some help?” is one of those good omens I think, that you should always follow. Of course, having Lobelia in our army means there’s another unit we can’t get, but we’ll talk about that later…

Speaking of later, let’s talk about Angel Knights. They’re…supposed to have a +1 morale boost to allies within 3 squares but I’m not actually sure if it ACTUALLY works? Suffice to say I haven’t really gotten the chance to test it that much since this is my first time playing even if I know much of what’s going on from having watched it. They also have two special abilities. Poignant Melody, which I miss is only for undead and thus basically useless to us. It fully heals all HP, MP, and SP an undead unit might have…and what classifies as an undead unit is a little…finicky, let’s say. We’ve also got Banish, which is a basic virtue damage spell with the caveat that any undead in the AOE get outright banished instead of damaged. That’s actually pretty cool!

Also cool is the snapdragon scroll, which I’m deciding to mention here for no particular reason. The unit that uses the snapdragon scroll gets permanently transformed into a sword of their elemental type, dealing that damage and having a shape that looks like that element and everything. It’s super cool. It also takes half their strength, half their int, and a quarter of their agility and shoves all of that into the blade as a power up, so snapdragons are literally some of the strongest weapons in the game if you can afford to smush one of your units into one. Certain units also give their unique trait to the weapon, like say Angel Knight’s giving the sword a +1 moral bonus to units within three tiles. Which means that if, say, an angel knight wielding an angel sword showed up, we’d be getting +2 morale to everyone. In theory, anyway.

Anyway, it’s time for the actual map today. We go to Rebenada for no real reason, and go explore a cave that Elrik knows is explicitly cursed in some way and he doesn’t tell us until we’re already inside. Within we find a bunch of zombies and a dude warped into a demon by his own hate and suffering. So now we’ve gotta kill him or die. That’s not good! Also not good: me forgetting to put any undead killing spells on Blue god how did I mess this up woopsidoodle! I also get a little silly in my strategizing here, and decide that Celestine is able to go get the hidden item on this map all by herself and that since Vecna is wearing a ring of the dead, said to give immortality, that he’ll be fine to wrestle with a dragon zombie.

Suffice to say neither are capable of that. But also hey coincidently did you know if you have the stat requirements for angel knight and die on a real map, you have a chance to transmigrate into one and respawn with full health where you died? And if you’ve got the right stats and a ring of the dead on and you die, you immediately revive as an lich, the strongest magic user in the game? Because both of those things are true, and after about an hour of reckless abandonment with Celestine we finally get both of them to happen! And with that our team is basically complete, there is at most one more unit that will be joining Gaston’s little band of fighters, and Pit still has a destiny to encounter, but otherwise we’re all set for end game.

Also we kill Rimmon the demon I guess, and have a sort of sad moment thinking about whether falling into despair and being tainted by it is worse than just dying. Fun game. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time.


It’s time for A Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [28] Lesser of Two Evils

Video Length: 30:05

Last time, we faced the horrific might of an ogre, a human warped and twisted by evil. Today, we fight another demonic entity. In the exact same place. He also has gorgons and vitras and hawkmen with him instead of undead stuff so overall it’s just a basic map. The figure in question is Saia, a lesser demon with a giant axe. Lesser Demon’s aren’t that special, just able to cast low level bane spells and I don’t believe they can actually fly despite having wings, which is a thing this game does a lot of. Gorgons are more deadly, focusing on using bows or whips and having their petrifying gaze that you need a shield or proper facing to avoid. Hawkmen and dragons continue to be what they are, though I finally realized the weird thing I noticed about dragons in this. The baby forms of the dragons, the ones that are purely element instead of alignment based, look identical to Dragon Quest dragons. That’s just weird to me.

Anyway, there’s not much to talk about on this one. Aside from some frustrations due to the enemy being…very silly about positioning, the only real thing of note until the end is that Gaston and one of the enemy dragons so helpfully remind me that Dragoon units have like a 10% chance to insta kill dragons in one strike. I believe Swordmasters using katanas have the same effect, but I do not recall. But yeah, once we slay all the monsters surrounding Saia and then rough him up a bit, instead of dying he offers us a trade. Let him live, and in exchange he’ll join our army as a loyal servant. He will not join the army if your army has Lobelia in it…and technically it still does, but not enough for him to count so it’s all good!

But yeah, that’ll be it for today. A shorter one, though not as short as it could be. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time. Take care.


I get a four day weekend so it’s time for A Lodis.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [29] Venefica

Video Length: 38:51

Starting us off today, I show off the OTHER bit of treasure we got from off screen questing. Necromancy! With which we turn Pit into a ghost, and turn Terepat into a dragon zombie which gets us a super fancy emblem, since Terepat’s been in every “class” of dragon. It’s way easier to get this emblem with dragons, so this is how I’m showing it off. We do use the Resurrection scroll to turn Terepat back to normal…perhaps too normal. Incidentally I forget who I’ve told this to but I’ve realized the regular dragons of Ogre Battle look like Dragon Quest dragons and that’s just kinda neat.

After that we head to Harmonia, a snowy field (like most maps now that it’s winter) wherein we fight both Cervantes and Lethe alongside a bunch of monsters, introducing Giants (who are bad due to inaccurate attacks) and Daemons (who can but usually won’t ever summon weaker enemies). There’s also some Gorgons around who are dangerous due to their petrifying eye, of course. The real threat on this map are of course Cervantes and Lethe, who are two incredibly powerful spellcasters…who due to being higher level than us, are basically unhittable! I get…a little annoyed at this, and basically decide that we’ll be grinding after this map regardless of what I said previous, because this is a biiit much for my tastes. The game shouldn’t force you to have to have everyone on par with the game in order to progress with any sort of ease, is all I’m saying.

Also we learn that Cervantes and Lethe are fallen angels in this episode. That might not be a big surprise, but it does explain a lot about them! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time.

Emblem time! We got two to show off today.

Relix’s/Ripple’s/Grozz Nuy’s Emblem: Male, Female, and Dragon respectively. If you get someone to be in every single class, you get this emblem! It imparts a permanent, unremovable +2 to morale, which is kind of absurd, which makes the actually rather tricky task of getting someone into every single class pretty difficult! If you do try to do this, here are some things to watch out for. Male units need to kill 5 dragons, but also need to avoid killing beasts for Animal Tamer and killing 10 people to become a Priest. Female units don’t have to worry as much about murder, but due need to persuade a male unit. Dragons are as said above the easiest, all you need is necromancy and you can get it. Of note, Angel Knight, Lich, and Ghost are the last three classes on male and female units, so you’ll need Necromancy and at least two scrolls of Resurrection to do it for a human unit.

I would say this emblem is actually worth trying to get, if you can. Of course Gaston cannot get it, sadly, but your other units can and if you can plan ahead for it, it’s super smart to do.

Circle of Life: Gained for using Resurrection after being turned into an undead. You’ve crossed several veils of life and thus are friendlier to undead, giving them a +1 to morale when nearby. A fairly useless ability given ghosts are basically useless and are the only unit that count as undead! Still, neat to have.

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Onwards, to more Lodis!

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [30] Cybil

Video Length: 39:00

Starting us off today, I show off the results of our last dip into the Quest mode. The only thing of real note we got is Clotho, the final special ability. It’s a spear length attack that does a ton of damage, but not as much as Atropos. It’s usable by spears and thrusting swords, so it’s quite good on say a Valkyrie. But we’ve given it to Gaston, to give us a unit able to just erase people from existence.

That aside, there isn’t actually much to go over. Our team is almost complete. We dive into our next destination, the frozen wastes of Charadrius! Therein, we find Cybil, who traitors us due to Saher’s influencing her…apparent actual genuine romance for this underaged child. Cool, thanks Cybil. She summons up angels and demons to fight us, and we do a violence upon each other. At this point Cybil’s got the wind summon, the Thunderbird. We do get it for defeating her, but given our only wind element spellcaster is now a Lich who can’t use summons for some reason, we won’t really be making use of it. Luckily, she uses it often enough that we get a good feel for how good it is.

Finally, with the death of Cybil, we can use the dandruff of satan to reveal Longicolnis! And we just…we get the Longicolnis. We just straight up get it. And we equip that thing onto Gaston immediately, putting him on the same level as Celestine and her snapdragon sword. It’s a pretty cool moment honestly, finally getting the plot macguffin we’ve been hunting for so long. And then…then Gaston decides that they will go storm Saher’s fortress and unleash him like Saher wants but it’s okay because we’ll kill him??? I don’t know, this is a part of the story I’m kinda lost track of.

At any rate, that’s it for today! A bit of a disjointed write up, but really at this point there’s just not a lot to talk about. It’s the one negative point of tactics games that will never go away. There just becomes a moment where you fun out of things to say. I could go indepth into how Cybil’s death is…entirely lifeless for the plot, but then Route B has kinda been like that in general and we should leave that until the end of the game. But yeah, hope you all enjoyed! I’ll see you all next time!


It’s time to commence the end game.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [31] Satan Jail

Video Length: 24:41

In this episode, the beginning of the end…well, begins. We begin storming the Angel’s Headstone, the massive god-built structure that houses the soul of Saher. The bridge collapses behind us…we either kill the satan or we die, simple as that. He taunts us using a lich that is also pretending to be Cybil for some reason, and then we begin our first fight which is predominantly undead which provide no loot and thus can be entirely ignored. Given the fact that this is the final series of missions (the final area is another castle siege map) we really don’t need the loot anyway…though in retrospect I do kind of forget to stock up on supplies before diving into here so ooops!

That uh…that being said, there isn’t actually a lot to discuss about this map. It’s a lot of zombies and one demon, plus a powerful lich. But we’ve got the Longicolnis, which is suitably powerful! It doesn’t allow us to shoot out bolts of hell lightning or anything, sadly, the legends of it being a super powerful satan gun were a bit exaggerated even in by the mermaids who wielded it. But it does do a ton of damage, and can used with Clotho to one shot basically almost anything. Also given the “break” effect, it may be that the spear can just instantly kill whoever it hits.

We finally put an end to the lich guarding the entrance to Saher’s prison, and then begin to climb. Eleanor hears voices in her heads, and Rictor suggests we split up so we can…study the ancient god ruins some more. I suppose that’s valid. But yeah, hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time for the next one! Take care.


Okay let’s have a Lodis, why don’t we?

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [32] Corruption, Real or Not

Video Length: 22:22

In this episode, Zodi accidentally deleted the audio and she had to record post-commentary. Oops! This is the first of two “branches” of our assault on the Angel’s Headstone, and the Hall of Corruption is the demon side, with more nasty folk on it. Dark Angels, who are Angel Knights that can cast mortal spells instead of angel abilities (which is rude) and a lead demon that shows just how much better angel knights are to demons.

Otherwise there’s little else to talk about, beyond the fact that I show off juuust how powerful Gaston could be, if I didn’t do things for flavor over mechanics. Atropos on Gaston with a snapdragon would rip the game in half, but giving him Clotho and the Longicolnis are so very, very good flavor wise and I love it.

But yeah, that’s it for today! Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you guys next time for the virtuous part of this final “dungeon” of sorts.


So uh, it’s time for some Knight of Lodis. With a caveat on this one.

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [33] Silent Memories

Video Length: 21:35

Due to me trying to set things up to make it so I can record game audio seperate from my boyfriend’s voice audio (since both come in through the same source and thus are smushed together by OBS) I accidental made it so that the last three episodes of Knight of Lodis do not have sound. In order to re-record I’d have to play through literally the entire final area again…and I don’t really have the time to do this, sadly. Now, I do still have my audio commentary, and the OST is available on Youtube so I just got some songs and will shove em in there so you can hear stuff, and truthfully you’re not missing much given how repititious the sound track has gotten. But still, it kinda sucks. Between this and losing my voice audio last video, it seems like starting voice commentary has reserved my curse. Almost every Zodi Plays has started with some technical difficulties…except for Knight of the Lodis, which has them all at the end. Welp, that’s a foreboding sign.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Hall of Memories, which is the map we’re doing today. It’s led by Judecca, a bane element angel, in contrast to the virtue element demon last time. This side has less of the supreme heavy-hitters on the team, but I feel like this side is also easier? Barring the environment of course, this area looks way tougher to navigate than the Corruption wing of the Headstone.

Also, while she’s not in this episode, I want to make a note regarding Eleanor since I brought it up in the thread previously. She has a super special secret move only she can learn if she gets to 170 int…but that’s only if she gets to 170 int with her base stats. And sadly, we’re gonna end the game with her like 15 off from that, so we won’t be able to share Star Tiara in this playthrough. Sorry! It’s a pretty powerful virtue spell, but given that I made Eleanor a valkyrie instead of a siren it wouldn’t have been very strong, and it comes with the condition of actually losing access to it on every cast, only gaining it back when you level up. So it’s not actually that good in the grand scheme of things. Still, it would have been nice.

But yeah, that’s it for this one folks. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you all next time when we finally take the fight to satan himself.

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Onwards! To the battle against Saher!

Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis [34] Fight It Out

Video Length: 40:42

In this episode, we enter the Hall of Conviction and face off against Saher and his forces. The best angels and demons he has to offer, as well as Cervantes and Lethe themselves, each armed with some of the strongest bane and virtue gear in the game. Not helping the matter is that Saher himself has the Ambicion, a super powerful virtue sword that is even stronger when he uses it, and he’s got three very powerful abilities. One ability is just him magically using Ambicion to do a ton of damage (presumably, he never uses it), one is Descent, which lets him refill on servants (who immediately get to move once they’re summoned) and the final one is Ice Requiem, which allows Saher to deal global damage to every enemy, and quite a lot of damage at that.

Otherwise, there isn’t actually much to talk about. Saher is full of HP and strength and not a lot else. He’s actually surprisingly passive. Killing his units so he wastes turns using Descent is vital to success given how powerful he and his angels and demons are. Plot wise, we learn that there’s a good chance Saher could have escaped naturally just by consuming enough envy from humans, so it’s actually a good thing we came to stab him in the face.

And of course, once we’ve finished stabbing him…well, if humans are so powerful in THEIR world, it’s time to bring us to HIS. He rips open a tear in space, and we prepare for round two. We have beaten Saher’s half fallen state…next time, we’ll face the full brunt of his power. I hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you next time.

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