Zodi Plays: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Pink and Blue Power Hour)

It’s time to return to Dream Land!

Welcome to the new Zodi LP! We’re going to be playing Kirby’s Dream Land 3, a super adorable Kirby game! It’s precious and good and cute and fills me with an incredible warmth that I cannot really overstate. More over, this is a multiplayer game! And who better to join me than Blue Ghost, one of my best friends ever. I’ll be playing the adorable pink Kirby, and he’ll be playing the cool and blue Gooie. There’s not much to really talk about in this preamble, Kirby is Kirby and Kirby is fantastic and brilliant and good.

As with all my LPs, we’ll be uploading Monday and Friday. There IS a chance we’ll actually be missing next week since I am actually incredibly sick right now and we recorded the first two episodes basically an hour before it really hit! So that’s cool! There’s really no spoilers to worry about since this is Kirby, but that said don’t talk about any of the surprises in it since Blue has never played this before, and other people may not have either. Just a general sort of rule; be polite! Be kind! Be good and sweet like Kirby.

So without further adieu, lets do this!

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [1] Flowers, Frogs, and Friends


Starting us off, a strange darkness has come from space and landed on Pop Star! That’s not very good! So it’s time for Kirby, and his new-found friend who just kinda showed up called Gooie, to go out into the land and… basically just explore and help out people. We’ve gotta fight back against the darkness and just help the denizens of his world. As far as story goes, that’s it, but do note this IS a direct sequel to Dream Land 2… I wonder what it could all mean!

Well, that aside, let’s talk mechanics a bit. Kirby is Kirby, as always. You can move, slide, jump, eat stuff (Gooie gets a tongue lash instead of a vacuum mouth) and get powers from enemies we eat. There’s a lot of powers in this, though unlike modern stuff each power does it’s one thing, but it does do it very well! What helps branch that out however is the animal companions. Koo, Rick, and Kine from Dream Land 2 are back (with some changes I’ll point out as we go) while we also get three new ones; Pitch, Chu-chu, and Nago! Nago the cat is a very powerful friend who tends towards anti-air stuff, but is overall just a focus on power. Nago himself can also triple jump, a nice trade off to losing the ability to fly. Chu-Chu focuses on more defensive powers, with some additional Feature to each power she grants. She’s a cute little slime girl who hangs out with Kirby and is really just the absolute cutest. Her special ability is that she can latch onto ceilings and move around on them, which is a really interesting thing to include in this game. Pitch meanwhile had very… weird powers, and all of his power-combos include Pitch being utilized in some way. Pitch himself lets you fly, but it’s a slower, more precise flight than Koo, and is also way faster on the ground than every other animal companion.

Now then, I said Kirby and Gooie are trying to help out people in Pop Star. How do we actually do that? Well, each stage has a special quest in it. Sometimes it’s something you need to do, sometimes it’s something you DON’T want to do. Then at the end of the stage, you get a cool little star-heart thing. It’s cute. It is also the inspiration for what will become the general Kirby formula for literally years. It’s honestly fascinating, given so little about this game gets remembered, that it’s main mechanic is so powerfully taken for every other Kirby.

But yeah, that’ll be it for today. I hope you all enjoyed, WE will see you all next time!

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Ah, Kirby’s Dreamland 3. Now that Nago’s here I can post The Best Gif.

I do love the Animal Buddies in this game though. The animations in general are really great, but the Animal Buddies have so much personality… much of which comes from the sheer disappointment they display when Kirby decides to ditch them.


Nago wants orb. It’s the absolute cutest. The animal buddies really do make this game, I think.

How about… some Kirby!

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream LAnd 3 [2] Buddies, Boyfriends, and Blocks

Video Length: 25:49

In this exciting episode, we finish off the second half of world one, including beating up the boss. As you’d expect, it’s Wispy Woods! Though in this case, Wispy is a bit more mobile than he usually is. I’m glad to see he’s over the cold he had last time we met him though, being sick sucks a big one (source: coughing so hard my bones hurt).

Another fun sort of thing in this stage is that we really show off the Clean ability, which is the only new ability in this game unless you count all the combos with the new animal companions. Clean is one of the most fan popular powers, and for a reason. It’s base form may just be sweeping the floor, but it is a decidedly powerful ad unique ability when combined. Rick gets one of those long feather dusters, Koo becomes one of the big feather dusters, Kine delivers unto us the power of a plunger. We haven’t seen what Pitch does yet, but Nago uses Kirby as a floor waxxer, and Chu-Chu BECOMES A WITCH, ABLE TO FLY AROUND ON A BROOM! It’s really cool, and one of the reasons SO many people were happy to see that Clean came back in Star Allies.

Oh also, as a note; Cutter Kine is upgraded underwater. That’s the difference between it and Burning Kine.

But yeah, hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time. Assuming there is one, we’re both of kind of sick.


Both me and Blue were feeling PRETTY GARBO, so today I’m flying solo with a bonus Kirby!

A Taste Of: Kirby’s Pinball Land

Video Length: 25:34

Kirby’s Pinball Land is not very good, but it has its moments. I like the music, and as far as time wasters go it’s pretty solid. The only problems it really has are that some of its recovery mechanics are Bad and its controls are bass ackwards in a way that I truly could not believe when I first tried it out and that pinball games are inherently kinda dumb due to their uncontrollable nature.

I did enjoy playing this, and it was kinda fun save stating my way into a boss fight. I’ll probably beat this on my own time due to just general boredom radiation.

Uh oh still sick x_x

A Taste Of: Kirby’s Block Ball

Video Length: 10:16

In this exciting filler episode as me and Blue recover from being sick still, it’s time to play Kirby’s Block Ball… which is basically Kirby Break Out. It’s interesting, and brings back nostalgic for the web-games of my youth and stuff. It’s a pretty decent game all things considered, though some of it is a bit unclear (though I could have searched the manual to make sure like Pinball Land…).

Now, what really stands out however was the boss fight at the end. That was really fun, and while it doesn’t LOOK it, was absolutely nerve wracking for me, Zodi, who is dumb and was not mentally prepared for three paddles, two of which are controlled by up and down while the other one is controlled by left and right. It’s a fun boss, and has interesting mechanics (changing pattern at half health, the recover-blocks that turn into spikes) which makes me wonder how the later bosses go. I’ll definitely be playing this on my own time as a result (though possibly with save states since I’m a coward).

Lotta parenthesis in this one today huh? I suppose that’s what happens when playing a side game, you get a lot of asides. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you next time for your regularly scheduled Kirby, I swear.

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It’s time for a return to dream land, as it where.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [3] Precipitation, Parasols, and Pots

Video Length: 20:22

We tackle Level 2’s first three stages, which are a signifigent jump in difficulty all across the board in basically every regard! We show off a few more powers that are all pretty good honestly, and we managed to even get two out of three star-hearts here! Not bad.

Not a lot to actually talk about in these videos now that we can speak with our words, I’m realizing. I could probably try and go indepth on some of the powers and the star-heart puzzles, but I don’t actually know if that’s needed given we talk about it in game as well? Feel free to provide input on that.

Also worth noting; me and Blue have broke up. It’s mutual and important for our growth and there’s a chance we’ll get back together. We’re still best friends and you can expect more Blue in these videos and in general. I just felt you guys should know.

ANYWAY, I hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time.

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Onwards, to the rest of world two!

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [4] Frogs, Family, and Faces

Video Length: 37:04

This one is a little longer than you’d typically expect, because oh boy it turns out world 2’s levels are hella long huh! Starting us off we’ve got a level that requires us to find the right path so we can acquire a baby frog, the next level is an out and out MAZE where you must find Pitch and bring him to his mother (when we do go to do this I may just cheat and bring Pitch from the next level) and the last one is a rather difficult area where the star-heart puzzle is actually really interesting and cool, though simple since it just involves an understanding of shapes. It occurs to me that, comparing world 1 and 2, the star-hear challenges are basically all the same, give or take, and that’s neat. There’s minor differences here and there, but ultimately it asks the same stuff of us.

With that done, it’s time for the boss of world 2, Acro! Much like the rest of world 2, this is a water boss… mostly. The first half is super easy, as long as you aren’t absolutely distracted and paniced because you forgot how to fish, but the second half is a bit harder due to it being underwater and auto-scrolling! Acro spits out skulls and rocks and baby whales, which can all be sent back at him if you hit them with bubbles from Kirby (or, blessedly, if Gooey eats them) and he also spews out bouncing anchors of death that can really put the hurt on you. This boss is SURPRISINGLY hard, and honestly given the length of the levels in this world and the difficulty of Acro, I’d call this like a world 4 or 5, not a world 2! That said, the boss fight goes VERY well, in all the ways that I feel matter, so I hope you enjoy that.

And I hope you enjoyed this video. We’ll see you again next time, for world three!

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stumbles into frame, nearly falls over new video!

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [5] Mushrooms, Mops, and Math

Video Length: 29:51

In this exciting episode, we head into world 3, after I finally fix the game saving issue we were having (ooops!). World 3 is, like Blue says, where things start getting serious, and I think that’s actually true here as well, even if world 2 was full of lengthy, pretty tricky levels. Of note, we’ve FINALLY seen the, at least I believe, last power in the game; ice! I’ll be sure to show off all the power combos eventually, don’t worry, but for now know that we’ve seen at least every base power.

As for the tasks we have to perform in these levels, they’re actually pretty unique. Intuiting the mushroom one is fun, figuring out how to do the cleaning one can be a little tricky but I think is also pretty intuitive. The counting one we had to do was kind of crazy and rude since there’s no real way to prepare for that unless you know in advance what’s going on, and while I did know I was also distracted so we kinda goofed it on that one.

But yeah, hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time!


Well this one is gonna be a thing.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream LAnd 3 [6.1] Caveman, Chus, and… um…

Video Length: 26:26

So, this video. This was also recorded yesterday, just due to a combination of time constraints and the summer heat being a Lot to deal with, and poor Blue not having a fan. Normally this wouldn’t be that bad, I don’t mind taking breaks between recordings, though doing so when you’re a day away from the upload date is a little risky boots. Of course, when someone’s internet explodes and crashed Netplay… well, these things happen.

In today’s episode we do a maze that feels kind of unfair, and then have to somehow bring Chu-Chu to her friend without getting killed. A trickier proposition than you’d expect. Then we enter into one of the game’s hardest levels, a massive puzzle dungeon where the items you must collect to get the star-heart are scattered about, and you’re given access to every single power and helper in the game! Suffice to say, this level takes a Long Time. So in a sense, the above happening is kind of for the best, since fiting this level in with the boss fight as well as the other two levels would be a bit much!

And thus, this video. I hope you all enjoyed, we’ll see you all next time for the finish of this stage, and then the boss!

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It is time for a perfectly normal video.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [6.2] …CHAOS. Right, Chaos

Video Length: 29:55

In this episode, we finish the last level of world three. And then also fight the boss. That’s it, that’s all we do this entire stage. Yes the video is 29 minutes and 55 seconds. This level is indicative of the idea that Kirby is a very easy game series… as long as you aren’t going for 100% completion. If you’re going for the full game clear you’re in for a hell of a challenge. Sadly, at least to me, while this level is really cool an interesting… it also lacks creativity at the same time. I was wrong about each puzzle requiring an animal companion, which is really unfortunate for a variety of reasons. It still works, but ultimately it feels a little bad.

After the stage, we have the boss of Sand Canyon, Pon and Con! These two cuties are probably the hardest Lololo and Lalala variant, with tons of patterns and randomly falling bombs throughout. Even worse, unlike the other bosses of this sort, they don’t share a health bar! So you can’t focus fire one down and then be left with one on it’s lonesome. It’s pretty tricky! We’re able to get it done, though, and Nago proves himself to be a very good anti-boss animal companion.

But yeah. That’s it for this one folks! I hope you all enjoyed, we’ll see you all next time.

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This one’s a little late since I may have played Bloodstained till 3 in the morning.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [7] Hollyhocks, Hens, and Hues

Video Length: 31:06

Kinda stretching on these titles now, hahaaah. But yeah, in this one we start the next world of Popstar, Cloud Park! It’s another jump in difficulty, though in this case mainly from me entirely forgetting what we need to do and much of the layout of the levels! This is also where the game starts to get a bit rude with what it does, level 2 in particular. Not helping the fact is that Blue’s internet was a little shaky on this one, making things a little disruptive! That aside we managed to push through, and showed ourselves to be true brain geniuses when it comes to math.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time!

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You’d think with me spending 40 hours 100% clearing Bloodstained I wouldn’t of had time to make a video. That’s just a sign of my power.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [8] Mochi, Mates, and Model

Video Length: 34:05

In this exciting episode, we round out the finish for Cloudy Park. You’ll notice that in terms of difficulty these levels are barely anything compared to some of the last few. Aah, eclectic difficult. My faaavorite. This one has a fun couple of puzzles to deal with though. The first stage we do is the standard “get the right animal companion or such so you can make your way to the pick up that you’ve gotta bring to the end”, though in this case there’s no maze involved, just a rather tedious mini boss fight with Jumpershoot, the parasol mini boss. After that we’ve got the per-requisite “bring an animal companion to their friend” stage, which involves Rick and a whole hell of a lot of really precise, careful jumps. This one is extremely tricky and I’m not actually sure how we’ll go about getting it. And finally, we have another puzzle piece who wants us to carve out hisi shape into some blocks. This one is really cute and I like it a lot.

After all that fun, it’s time for the boss, Ado/Adeline, an adorable little painter girl! If you’ve played or watched my LP of Kirby’s Dream Land 2, you’ll recognize all the old friends she creates to fight you. This is honestly probably one of my favorite bosses because of how hectic and crazy it is, but it’s actually balanced fairly well with only the final part of it being boss level in any real regard. And of course, if Ado runs into you, you’re gonna take damage so be careful!

But yeah, that’ll be it for today. Hope you all enjoyed, we’ll see you all next time.

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Onward, into the final world!

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [9] Soot, Samus, and Sounds

Video Length: 24:44

In this episode, we begin the final world of Iceberg! Those of you who recall the Dream Land 2 LP will recognize the name, since that’s what the final world was called back then as well. Just an interesting reference point.

In terms of difficulty, while we don’t get nearly as many star-hearts as we likely should have due to user error and occasionally the game just being rude, I’d say these last levels are basically on par with world 2 in terms of difficulty. A little long, and sometimes with surprising screens that mess you up, but overall not that difficult at all. The real challenge comes from fulfilling the quests for the star-hearts, and even then these ones are actually pretty easy in comparison to the other ones we’ve done. It’s interesting, but the final world seems really tame all things considered.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time for… well, the final three levels and the apparent final boss!

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It’s time… for the finale(?)

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [10] Flat, Feline, and Feathers

Video Length: 35:26

In this exciting episode… we really only actually have one stage. Like what has kind of sort of become Kirby tradition, the last two stages of the game are an enemy and miniboss in review. This is usually regulated to the special levels in modern Kirby, but here it’s just a part of the main game itself. It’s interesting. It also means, length aside, these levels are really easy. Truthfully, aside from a few stand out levels, I don’t think any world is as hard as world 3 is (the last level of World 3 specifically as an indicator of what is genuinely too hard). Everything else is kinda easy, or Difficult But Doable if going for the star-heart. Again, with some exceptions, and you’ll see next time.

Beyond that, we go fight King Dedede himself! He uh… seems a little out of it though. He fights basically how you would expect Dedede to go, except once you take down his lifebar… he reveals himself to be possessed by Dark Matter! He gets a really unsettling stomach eye that can turn into a mouth and he makes weird, cool noises and overall, it’s a really good final boss in terms of aesthetic and such. We beat him, saving the day, and playfully trundle back home as we think about all the people we beat up on our journey… only for a legitimately terrifying image to appear at the end, a horrifying visage that tells us in no uncertain terms; we need to get 100% clear to beat the game proper. This isn’t the first Kirby to do this, but it’s the first Kirby to do so in a way that probably could traumatize a child.

With that in mind… I hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time for what is going to be the star-heart collection run! I highly, HIGHLY recommend you watch it, for a variety of reasons I’ll detail when I post it on Friday. Trust me.

Ah, the ending in which Kirby assumes that Dedede always had a mouth on his stomach, and decided all was well enough to go home.

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To be fair, it sorta works. I can see Kirby just not getting it.

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It can be strong, and sudden, and even cruel. But it might save your life.

Zodi Plays: Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [11] The Power of Love

Video Length: 50:07

In this episode, we replay basically 40% of the entire game, give or take! This isn’t actually as difficult as it appears, since we know the levels and know what we need to do in them, so ultimately it doesn’t take us nearly as long to do as you’d expect. In fact, while in normal recordings three levels took us nearly half an hour on average, doing all but world 5 took us about 40 minutes. So we’ve improved quite a bit, I think!

Truthfully, the only actual difficult challenges are the one in world 3 that we already did, bringing Nago to his girlfriend through an entire gauntlet of enemies we’ve seen throughout the game, and getting Rick to his girlfriend which is probably the single most frustrating, nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done in a game. Without spoiling it, I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video through to the end just to see how the Rick Girlfriend Run goes with us. It’s um… very good, I believe. And also the first recorded instance of something I’d consider iconic about yours truly.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed! We’ll see you all next time… for the finale.

In which the act of bringing Rick to his secret girlfriend in the mountains briefly turns Zodi into a seal.

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Seal’s a new one. I typically get hyena or, rarely, Light Yagami for some reason.