You've got a friend in my Nintendo 64. - Let's Play "Toy Story 2"

Let’s Play Toy Story 2

Jon Burton really enjoys making videogames. This is one of them, and it’s pretty okay. It’s a 3D platformer where we collect things so we can move to the next level and collect more things. It isn’t as “collect-a-thony” as Banjo-Kazooie, but the environments are still non-linear and exploration is required. The N64 port we’re playing is generally frowned upon, but it still functions the same in spite of inferior graphics and some technical hiccups. I remember it being the best of the 3D Disney platformers on the PS1/64, so let’s see how it holds up

Sweet nostalgia! This was the first game I ever played (PC version). My whole family got into the act, and we all loved the game. I’m following this LP. The feels will be good. The potential salt from fighting Zerg will be even greater.

I’m frowning on the N64 version as well for a different reason: what’s with the music!? The PC version had better music than this! :rage:

The music is unfortunately the biggest downgrade



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Yay, they kept the original backyard OST! Even though it sounds kind of bad. Speaking of the OST,
why does the Plane have the second boss’s theme!?

And yeah, the best climb in the entire game is up next. Also, are you going to collect the power ups? Because I’m somewhat sure that you’re going to need the Cosmic Shield at some point in the future.

some of the power-ups are necessary, but the shield isn’t one of them

Despite being a huge Toy Story fan back in the day I’ve never heard of this game! It’s pretty charming so far, I really like seeing how they’re trying to keep all the platforming pretty grounded in reality.

How much practice went into mastering the platforming? You make it look pretty effortless in the videos. The first level in particular felt like a well practiced speedrun.

i played the game two times in a row before recording this run, but i still mess up an embarrassing amount in the third level

Top 10 Best Jackhammer Themed Enemies in Videogame History

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Ah, gaming based nightmares. I remember having dreams of the toy robot from the first level chasing me as a kid. Good times!

Also, fun fact for those playing: that protrusion at the top of the construction site sticks out far enough that, if you jump from it, you can reach the roof of the office where the paint puzzle is. If you do, you can find a free 1-UP on it.

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Huh, I had no idea that 1up existed.

This game is fascinated with green slime

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Y’know, I had a whole rant ready for Alleys and Gullies ready, but you pretty much said everything I wanted to say about the level. So, yeah…

As for Slime Time, I finally figured out what happened to the bomber plane’s music. How did they get switched around?

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good to know there’s a reason the boss music always sounded so out of place

Those lasers seem dangerous to potential consumers

Ah, someone else who can appreciate Al’s Space Zone. That level was fun both for the atmosphere and the platforming. I like a lot of the details there, such as the boss having the only unique dialogue in the game, or the ball pit spitting up balls. Never knew about the trick to reach the end of the laser maze, though. I also remember the crane being more difficult than that. The 3rd boss was also cool as well, and was my favorite in the game.

Now, on that note:


Why did you skip half of Al’s toy barn! There was a whole two areas unexplored! And the rocket boots!


But seriously, you could have gotten the rocket boots and done the race, and probably Hamm as well. I know you need the last power up for the chicks, but that’s it.

I’m not sure there’s an elegant way to say, “I didn’t want to do any more of Al’s Toy Barn because I personally dislike the level”

I’m sure it isn’t objectively bad and it’s not hard to 100%, but the music and atmosphere depress me for some reason

Couple that with the fact that Al’s Spaceland is next, and may be my favorite level, and I’m just inclined to get through the Toy Barn asap

Fair enough, but if you’re going for 100%, you know that you haven’t even touched half of the level yet, right? Get ready to grit your teeth.

I thought I said in the first part that I wasn’t attempting a 100% run, near the end

Welp, I missed that.