Youtube LP General Discussion.


That also gets weird with my videos, because my Furi LP is subtitled. Maybe it detects text, but I use far less profanity in subtitled videos (maybe one or two in the entire Furi LP?)

But it somehow leaves Magical Drop III which has a bunch of anime fanservice.


I decided to check my channel to see what got cut, and noticed a pretty galgun-sized hole in my uploads…for probably good reason, though some of the other cuts were odd (all the videos outlined in red are cut in restricted mode)


I have a recommendation for a channel to watch - Beaglerush has returned to youtube (Technically) he is streaming Thursday Night Xcom again and uploading clips/VODs of Xcom Long War and player unknown battlegrounds. One thing which was talked about on the thursday stream was that someone had the complete archive of the original Thursday Night Xcom campaign which is going to be slowly uploaded onto youtube/downloaded from the archive because of Australian Internet limits.


Nobody has posted here for a while - but I feel like double posting to promote another youtube person and another person who moved on from the SA let’s play Forum - I was surprised a few months ago to find out that Raocow was still doing let’s play videos and he has started a new series recently. “All the MegaMen” where he is going to play through all the original megaman games in a row. He is just finishing up Megaman 1 currently and Raocow is still one of the most fun happy let’s plays around - even when he is playing harder Mario World romhacks.