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I mean, they still make fun of Kickstarters much in the same way and I’d argue it’s easier to track down a kickstarter than a random LP video. There’s a lot of potential for people to be garbage to the creators of those campaigns much like they were to some of the LPers who got retsupurae’d. I dunno if it’s happened, but my point is it really isn’t any different.


I think they do Kickstarters only after they’ve been closed down. Plus, reaching out to someone on Kickstarter, unless you pledge, is much harder than contacting them via YouTube.


I remember when the people really got on him for using rape as a crutch they said it was less he thought rape itself was funny and more he was just bad at shock comedy, so I do wonder if that is the case here. It’s just you kinda have to put some kind of “I’m joking” message in to make it even work in theory.


Shock comedy is super shitty in general and putting “I’m joking” doesn’t really make it better.


The points on shock comedy many have made circle back to what I was trying to get at above, but don’t think I elaborated well on. At a certain point, shock comedy becomes little different from just saying whatever horrible thing outright, regardless of intent. Intent matters to an extent, but when your words and deeds seem little different from what heinous people are saying and doing, intent means shit all. PDP’s “joke” is also EXTREMELY ill-timed, as there is currently a wave of anti-Semitic sentiment going around. It’s highly unlikely he’s oblivious to it, he just doesn’t care because it has little effect on him. He probably doesn’t see himself as racist or anti-Semitic. He’s probably not as bad as most bigots any of us will meet in our day to day lives. But he carries the same ingrained predjudices we all have and his humor shows it. Instead of thinking of the effect those jokes might have, he makes them and uses a thin shield of comedy to say it’s okay for him to say whatever he wants when people are upset.


If there’s one thing I think we’ve all learned lately, however, is that jontron is just stright up a bad person who isn’t just doing this shit for “comedy” anymore.


PDP at least isn’t falling into the alt-right crowd.


I’d hold off on making that judgement. His most recent twitter follow:


Oh god no.


Yeah, it’s not much better, but I feel there’s a difference between someone saying something because it gets a reaction vs. someone intentionally saying something horrible because they believe it.

It’s the same reason all the “X PRANK IN THE HOOD” videos are all terrible and I’m glad they’re cracking down on them.


Did you see his livestream with that fucker after Sargon was rightfully banned from twitter? He’s a lost cause at this point. Good thing we’re not hurting for youtube video game funny men.


I need something good, what good Youtube LPers do people follow?


Does Critical count as an lpr? He’s pretty great.

Also Cricken2 has a lot of great stuff.


cant promote myself cant promote myself cant promote myself

Really though I enjoy the hell outta Beard Bros and Lucahjin.


If anyone is looking for a good youtuber, Chaos Shadow’s Nier LP is super good and now’s a good time to watch it since Nier 2 is right around the corner. She also did a run-through of the Nier 2 demo, and will probably do Nier 2 fully at some point.


Slowbeef wrote an article about the let’s play business, and why it breeds controversy.


Do you have a link? That sounds super interesting.


Psst, click on the words in the post. It’s a hyperlink. ;p


I enjoy Spoiler Warning myself, its done by Shamus Young (formerly a columnist on the Escapist before it fell apart) and some of his friends. They’ve played a variety of games at this point with their typical formula being Josh (the one playing) trying to do the stupidest/chaotic-evilest things the game lets him do while the others discuss and critique the narrative.


Oh, fuck me. I’m sorry, I have my phone in ultra power saving and didn’t realize. :toot: :toot: :toot: