WoW: I've spent how much in sub fees?

Oh World of Warcraft, I have such a love/hate relationship with this game it’s kind of ridiculous. Blizzard loves my money, and I hate how stacked up my backlog of games’n’stuff has gotten due to playing an MMO since I was goddamn twelve years old. Just kinda wondering generally -

  • How long y’all been playin’?
  • How do you feel about Legion thusfar?
  • Do you think it will have enough staying power over its lifetime to keep folks interested?
  • What is your opinion on MMOs in their current state (F2P/P2P/ETC)?
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I started towards the end of Burning Crusade and burned out on around the start of Mists and I haven’t looked back since. Guild Wars 2 is where I’m at these days.

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Played from Vanilla to Cata when my guild burnt out on progression and content not really being fun. As it stands now I am not sure there is anything that would get me to reactivate.

Been playing FF14 and it is pretty fun for a chillgame, no urge to raid or anything ever again though.

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I started in Burning Crusade. I remember farming eggs to get a collection of Netherdrake mounts. Played all the way to Cataclysm. I was a career raider; I’d do each one every week, daily quests every day, farmed and crashed the market several times with rare materials for an easy buck.

I burned out fucking haaaaaard. These days, Warframe is my choice for MMO-ish stuff, as well as Elite: Dangerous.

Usually I re-up when an xpac comes out and peace out after a month. Think I’ll go back to Legion for the story stuff though.

Anyone playing on a vanilla server? Got a 23 horde druid going and it’s a damn blast.

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Played for the (southern hemisphere) summer that Cata came out. Multiple “gosh it is 5am already?!” and other unhealthy behaviours made sure it was only for those 3 months.

Been playing since near the end of Cata - I regret not getting into WoW before that point, though. Legion is pretty radical so far, and I’d rank it as the best time I’ve ever had in an MMO although it isn’t without some really obnoxious flaws (Heavy RNG on loot, etc).

I think WoW has staying power, if only because of how tight-knit a community can become. I’ve been part of the same guild in WoW since I began playing, and I’d wager that has contributed a large amount to my enjoyment. Without them, the game’d end up feeling hollow. Blizz does seem to be pushing to make the game more accessible, which I like a lot.All the different catch-up mechanics and how quickly it is to gear right now.

I think the typical MMO is dying - WoW and FF14 are the only two I can think of that have managed to maintain a subscription service while others have gone to corner a different area of the market to survive. Old Republic is a cool example of this, focusing on ‘single’ player storyline content ala typical Bioware RPG style. It def worked for them, and TOR is worth checking out if you enjoy Star Wars.

been playing since vanilla, with a lot of large breaks inbetween. I really like legion so far (though, rip enhancement) - honestly not sure about the future. I’d like to think blizzard learned from the trainwreck that was WoD so maybe??? they’ve kept a nice steady flow of niche updates/changes that haven’t turned me away yet.

nighthold is super great. my guildies and i LOVE IT

I played Legion for about a month and a half when it came out and had a way better time than I expected. I even raided a bit, which I’d never done in WoW before, though these days I don’t really like to dedicate that much time to a video game if it’s going to suck to interrupt it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll play video games for hours when I have the time, but I always need to know I can stop whenever I want to, and ducking out mid-raid always feels like something I don’t want to have to do.

I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the Monk class, too. Blizzard did a really good job making it flow really, really well in play.

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I played since vanilla, but I’ve basically quit now. Legion is the best expansion since Lich King, but I just haven’t found the motivation to play for the last few months. I’ve mained a discipline priest for about 8 years and I really don’t like what they did with the spec and most of the people I used to play with have moved on to other games.

I had a good run with WoW, but 12 years is long enough. My backlog is so insanely long that I don’t think I can fit in the time for another MMO anytime soon.

I’m a wrath baby. Have been in charge of three different RP guilds since then. To be honest if it weren’t for the guilds and the friends I met I wouldn’t have stuck with it, as it’s not a great game, but I’ve made some great friendships that I cherish dearly through the game. I don’t really raid or do battle grounds, though I may do a PUG raid if I’m bored on the weekends.

I started playing a couple months ago around the holidays. I’ve got a character up to like 87 or so. Dunno why people seem to be upset about enhancement shaman, I’m having a blast. Currently slumming through Pandaria, forever on the prowl for cool transmog pieces.

On the off chance you hadn’t heard about it - Shaman get an incredibly nifty transmog set from the Dark Shaman boss in Siege of Orgrimmar. You should be able to solo this once you hit 110 and get some decent gear. It’s probably one of my all time favorite sets (Kor’kron Dark Shaman Armor). Sadly not a 100% drop chance, though.

I had not heard, but also I don’t have Legion yet. Didn’t want to plunk down $80 CAD + sub fees for something until I’m sure I want to keep going with WoW, so for the time being I’m just rocking the base game.

I’m not sure if you know, but Blizzard heavily nerfed our Boulderfist and Frostbrand abilities, 'causing us to become one of the weakest output classes in the game. They buffed us back into position, but kept the Frostbrand nerf, rendering a few of our legendaries completely useless.

I was being a bit facetious when I said ‘rip enhance’, it’s totally usable, but the playstyle changed massively (causing a lot of people who liked the previous playstyle to be pretty disgruntled), and caused their hard-earned legendaries to essentially just be wasted time

Ah, fair fair. I knew about Boulderfist being nerfed but I was never bothered by Rockbiter spam since I was still pretty new to the game so I transitioned pretty cleanly in that regard. I also never liked how Frostbrand fit into my rotation, personally. Just too many buttons for me to learn as a new player, so I never even took Hailstorm as a talent and I just haven’t be using it. I also definitely don’t have any legendaries… sometimes I’m lucky to have purples. :V

Guess I got lucky.

Finally put together a transmog set tonight for my mage

That I am quite happy with

May be easy to tell my favorite color at a glance.

e:boy howdy hide details squishes pictures

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dude!!! that belt looks so good with the set. is that just the untransmogged mage artifact? you look really … “plain mage with a legendary, very personal item” and iT JUST WORKS SO WELL AAA

I’ve been playing on a Wrath server with a couple friends for a little while now and I’ve been having a great time with it. Running a 44 blood elf priest :grinning:

I was watching polygon’s peacecraft episode and it kinda made me want to go back and try WoW again:

I’m sorta torn between trying this and heading back into FFXIV.