When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX



Wow, the anime tried to lewd-up a scene from the VN instead of the opposite. What a twist.

Also, what’s this about Zhang Fei and lightning dragons?


They strike me more like lightning snakes, but I suppose one could call them chinese dragons:


He joined the team with a standard MP robot. It was only during the battle in the Pacific when he upgraded it to the superior ace custom Zombio. Note the command horn.


Yeah, I can see the resemblance to a snake, but the jagged lines along the mouth make me think of dragon teeth. Also, HOW THE HELL DID I NOT NOTICE THIS FOR THE LAST 20 MISSIONS?

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Okay, let’s deal with this quick so we can move on to more important things. Tieria, Alto, Setsuna and Fei-Yen are deploying as event units, so here’s how we’re going:
Tactician: Moritsugu

Off we go.

We open up at the Frontier, and Howard’s very grateful that we heroes decided to help them. Of course, the Vajra are too big a problem for us to simply ignore, as Moritsugu notes – they’ll have to be dealt with sooner or later. Now, about the fortress that’s headed for Earth, Mishima figures it’d be faster to just show us a picture of it.
What we see is worrisome, as the fortress is stupidly huge – more like a planetoid, in Shinn’s eyes – and from what Howard’s been briefed, it was lost to the Vajra about a century ago. Their current theory is that this flock of Vajra also came to this universe in pursuit of the Frontier Fleet, just like the other flock that’s been harassing us.
Howard says that while the Frontier’s still investigating what’s what, the issue at hand is eliminating the Vajra inside the Boddole Zer before they cause any trouble. How do our odds look? Well, Saya points out that our Valkyries have been equipped with new Reactive Munitions and we’re expected to be receiving help from the Federation Army, but Tieria thinks that’s unlikely to be enough to offset the enormous numerical disadvantage we’ll have.

In other words, Sumeragi sees, we’re not going to win this if we try to outlast them – we need to find a way to destroy their nest entire. Well, as luck would have it, Mishima says that their investigation has revealed that the fortress has an inactive nuclear reactor inside. So if we can get in there and blow the thing up, we can take care of that problem in one fell swoop.
But how are we going to break through the swarm of Vajra and get inside to begin with? Ah, but Mishima wouldn’t have asked for our help if they didn’t have something in mind; and that plan revolves around Luca’s RVF-25, with its custom Aegis Pack.
You see, the pillar that supports the humongous Vajra flock is their ability to communicate with each other via Fold Waves. It’s what enables them to coordinate perfectly and adapt to pretty much any strategy we throw at them. On the other hand, Tieria sees, if you can find a way to jam their communications, that coordination goes right out the window.

Mishima appreciates a quick study, adding that the Frontier’s successfully developed a device capable of doing just that. It’s still undergoing trials, but he’s certain a prodigy like Luca can make good use of it. And when the Vajra are all weakened, we go inside the fortress and blow up its nuclear reactor. That’s the overall gist of the operation, and Arnie figures the rest’ll come down to our own teamwork… Only a certain guy disagrees, figuring he’s all we’ll need to pull this off.
It’s Descartes, having been dispatched by the Federation to assist with today’s op. Mishima’s heard of him as the guy responsible for dropping the Europa, so it speaks well of his skill. Tieria isn’t listening, though, as he quickly pings the guy as not even an Innovade, but an Innovator.

Descartes’s a bit disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to meet with Setsuna, our own Innovator – he wanted to get his take on the idea of certain entities resonating with the Vajra. Is Descartes implying the things have allies? Who knows; that’s for other people to look into, and Descartes figures it’ll be a moot point once he’s destroyed all of the buggers.
Pretty confident guy, Lockon sniffs, but, again, Innovator.

: Hrk…! cough, wheeze.
: The V-Type Infection in your throat’s getting worse. You know there’s only one way to fix this…
: What, to undergo surgery and have them cut out my vocal chords? Is that what you’re suggesting…?!
: I’m not doing it. I’m not giving up on my voice…!
: I’m sure you remember that the contract we made was that you’d just be a stand-in until Code Q1 was located…
: But I’ve always been singing of my own volition! If the options on the table are death or going mute, it’ll take death!
: Even if that means you’ll never see him again?
: I…!

: Oh, dear, what will it be? Will you abdicate your role as heroine to another…?
: Wh-Who…?!

Kicks door!

: Get down!


: Hmhmhm… Not quite. You’ll have to aim better than that.
: (What…?! I missed at this range?! No… was I made to miss?!)
: And what kind of greeting is that, rushing in and shooting at someone? Didn’t mommy teach you some manners…?
: Are you a Frontier spy… Are you even human…?
: Oho, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, you know.
: (She knows about us…?!)
: But, no, I’m just a simple fan of the beautiful Galactic Fairy.
: Which is why I absolutely must talk to you. You see, I know a way for you to keep both your life and your music.
: You… can help me…?
: You were meant as a stand-in until the real songstress was found…
: Then all you have to do is a little switcheroo. And, luckily, there’s a way for you to take the role as leading singer for yourself!
: Isn’t that right, dear manager?
: …
: What does she mean, Grace…?
: … There is a way to save you, just like she said.
: It’s to transplant all the blood and organs of a person that’s immune to the V-Type Infection onto you…
: But then the donor would…!
: Ahahahah! Bingo! That would be the lead singer’s cue to exit the stage!
: Come on! Come on now! What will it be, Galactic Fairy? Do you have a hankering for that forbidden fruit?
: …
: Hmhmhm, the choice is entirely up to you. I’ve told you the truth and that’s my part done…


: She disappeared?!
: I’m going after her!


: Sheryl, are you alright…?
: Grace… were you telling the truth back there?
: I was… and it’s certainly a way to save both your life and your voice.
: But the person that’s immune to the V-Type Infection…
: Yes, her life and her voice would be forever lost in exchange…
: Code Q1… The Superdimensional Cinderella, Ranka Lee, would lose everything…
: …

: Goodness! Everyone’s here…!
: Well, we were in the area for work.
: Hey, Ranka! It’s been a while!
: I hope we’re not bothering you or anything, turning up right before your show starts…
: Of course not – I’m so happy to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming!
: Pii!
: Heheh, Ai-kun’s also happy that you’re here, I think.
: Here, Ranka, a friend asked me to deliver this to you.
: Ooh… what a beautiful bouquet! And there’s a card? Let’s see…
: ‘Good luck on your first solo concern!’ by Furuya!
: Ah, that’s Hayase’s friend.
: Though, if I remember, he said he was a huge fan of mine…
: Eeh… Apparently, his explanation is that he’s only expanding the list of singers he’s a huge fan of…
: Hm, wonder if we should call that being open-minded or just playin’ both sides…
: Hahahah, I think he’s just a fan of Idol singers in general.
: Speaking of, I’m a bit surprised you wanted to come with us, Setsuna… Can it be that you actually like Idols?
: No way, that’s just…
: … To tell the truth, Ranka Lee’s had my interest for a while now.
: Ah…?
: Oh, I did not see THAT coming!
: (What is there to her song…? What is it that’s resounding with them…?)
: Well, what do you know, Ranka? You’ve got the Innovator’s seal of approval!
: Eheheh… I don’t even know what to say. Are you guys staying for the show?
: Sorry, we can’t… We’re setting off for a mission in a few, you know how it is…
: Oh… right, I guess so…
: But it’s fine. You’re all fighting to help the whole world…
: Ranka…
: Then, Ranka, why don’t you hold onto this?
: It’s… some mini-wireless microphone?
: It’s a prototype our company’s just made.
: Wear it, and it should transmit your song to our units in real-time.
: Real-time transmission through space with that tiny thing? Pretty impressive…
: All thanks to the Fold Quartz that’s installed in it.
: Fold Quartz? That’s the stuff they use in some of our Valkyries’ gear, right?
: Hmhmm. These stones have the natural property of being able to transmit people’s minds.
: We figured we could use that property for a bunch of other things – that’s how we came up with that mic.
: It transmits people’s minds, huh? Kinda sounds like that Odyssite.
: (People’s minds… their thoughts… Then maybe the stone in Sheryl’s earring is…)
: Thank you so much, Luca! I’ll give this concert 200% and make sure my song finds its way to you guys!
: Whereas we promise you we’ll trash that Vajra nest. That way you can sing without worrying about the bugs.
: Huh…? Your mission’s an attack on the Vajra…?
: Is there a problem, Ranka…?
: …
: U-Um… Are you really sure the Vajra are evil?
: Where’d that come from…?
: Well, back when I was trapped inside that Vajra…
: I know I was supposed to be scared, but… I just had this feeling of familiarity. Like I was home, surrounded by family and friends…
: Hey, are you listening to yourself? These are the Vajra we’re talking about.
: But…
: Yeah, the reports we’ve gotten have shown that they’ve got really tiny brains and aren’t all that intelligent…
: But does having a tiny brain mean they don’t have a heart?
: Does a singing cricket have no feelings, no heart at all? Do these flowers feel absolutely nothing?
: Ranka, you…
: But, errr… Even if they DO have a heart, they’re still attacking us for no reason, you know? We don’t really have a choice here.
: Yeah… Way too many people have lost their lives because of the Vajra.
: I just can’t bring myself to believe that creatures that’d do stuff like that have a heart…
: …
: I… I guess you’re right… Sorry, I shouldn’t be bringing this up right as you’re heading out.
: Don’t worry about it. And whatever happens, we’ll protect the fleet and this world from the Vajra.
: And that includes you, too, of course.
: Thanks…
: (But there was a resonance between the Vajra and song. I felt it…)
: (If we can pry open another way – one that doesn’t involve violence – then the future of mankind might just…)

Mission 33 (Vajra Route) – The Hour of Dialogue

: That is a nest, alright… there’s a ton of them…!
: The more spectators, the better, I say! I want my song to get through to all of them!
: What’s gotten Fei this hyped-up?
: Well, we’d previously established that her song was effective against the Vajra.
: Right, so we asked her to lead the charge to speed up our operation.
: Her song is effective against the Vajra? It’s just like when Sheryl or Ranka are singing, then.
: …
: Hmph… You’re awful chatty when the enemy’s sitting right up front…!

Descartes blasts ahead.

: Descartes Shaman, Gadelaza! Moving to engage the enemy vanguard!
: Cpt. Shaman, wait – that’s too dangerous! Don’t break formation!

: Wh-What the…
: The Federation’s Innovator’s that strong…?
: These pests are hardly a match for the power of an Innovator…


: Hrgh…?!
: Huh… This sensation was…!
: Th-That’s…!
: Kch… There’s a voice ringing through my head… What’s going on?!
: What happened, Erebos?! What voice?!
: Something’s wrong with Fei and Setsuna… What in blazes…?!
: B-Be careful… It’s…!

: The ELS?! Why now…?!
: A-Aargh… gaaah…!

Descartes heads after the ELS group.

: Fed, what’re you doing…?!


: My…head…!
: Are you the ones MESSING WITH MY HEAAAAAAD?!

: Rrrgh… The noise! There’s so much noise!
: You’re in too deep! Come back…!

: This is bad! They’re gonna nab him if we don’t do something!
: Artillery strike on the ELS mob! Clear an escape path!

: I-It’s not working! There’re too many of them…!
: The Gadelaza is…!
: Th-They’re… fusing with my unit… grargh…
: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

: Tch…!
: Friendly’s gone from radar! Unable to verify if the pilot’s alive or not…!
: No… way…
: They killed a real Innovator like he was nothing…
: That’s enough quivering! Don’t forget what we’re here for!
: Hrm… So, we’ve to deal with the Vajra and the ELS?! It won’t be easy, but we gotta find a way to make it happen…!
: To think we’d wind up finding both these creatures… But those are still enemies we’ve to destroy.
: Our mission remains the same: make our way towards the center of the fortress and eliminate anything that’s in the way!

Kill everything, don’t lose a ship, Setsuna, Alto, Luca or Fei-Yen. The start of this mission’s the more dangerous part simply because you’re caught in the enemy’s pincer attack. Way I see it, the simplest solution is to just head a wee bit north of the starting area and let the enemy come to you until you get a good morale lead.
Let your dodgier guys hang to the east and deal with the ELS, lest your Supers go the rest of the mission on fumes. Make good use of Command Auras and AoE skills when you can to increase your chances of not getting plinked, and as your morale gets good, you can start heading up and dealing with the bigger guys.

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: I feel something – like their mind – flowing through the Quantum Brainwaves…
: Talk to me! Why did you come here?!

: Hrgh… The flow of information is just too great to try and parse their thoughts…
: We’ll need to find another way if we want to talk with them…!

: Kch… Is this the ELS’ mind that Setsuna told us about? It’s echoing through my head…!
: Goddamn, these things are kicking up a storm in our brains! Get the hell outta my face!

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

: (What if Ranka’s right, and these bugs really do have a heart of their own…?)
: (No, I can’t think that way – they’re still the enemy! They’re the ones who wreck our towns and kill our people without any provocation! And I won’t stop hitting back while they keep with that…!)

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Sorry, Ranka… I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what’s going on inside these things’ heads.
: But they’re hurting people, so that doesn’t leave me with any choice! I gotta fight them!

Did you know you can shoot down the incoming ELS? Moritsugu’s command bonus is particularly good against them because it REALLY makes your guys likely to proc something against the incoming swarm (the ELS don’t have a high Skill stat, either).

And when turn 3 rolls over…

: Hrm, there’s no end to them! We can’t keep this up forever…!
: We’ve our hands full with just the Vajra! Adding these things on top is just…!
: I’m going in!
: Are you nuts, Setsuna?! Not even you can take them all on by yourself!
: No, I’ll engage the Raiser System and spread the GN Particle mental-affinity field!
: You’re going to try and communicate with the ELS?!
: What, you think you can get through to those things?! There’s no way…!
: If we let the fear of not being understood, of failing to communicate, stop us from taking the first step, then nothing’ll ever change… Our world will never change…!
: ?!

Setsuna moves into the mob of ELS.

: Uooooooooh!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

“Hrgh…! Who are you?!”

“What are you looking for?! Why did you come here?!”

“Answer me!”

: Talk to me! What are you after…?


: …?!
: What’s wrong, Setsuna…?!
: A…gh…
: Gwaaaaaaaaaaah!

: The ELS are fusing with the 00 Raiser!
: Stop them, or they’ll do to him what they did to that pilot!
: Everyone forward! Rescue Setsuna!

: Crap…! We can’t even get close to him…!
: Setsuna’s not the only one in trouble… We’re all on the way to getting overwhelmed and wrecked at the pace we’re going…!


: ELS fusion rate with the 00’s at 90%! It’s reaching the cockpit!
: An…swer…me… What… are you…!
: Setsuna, you’re still…?!
: Gaaaaaaaaah!
: Hrm… ELS! Can’t you tell that he’s trying to talk to you?!
: And, yet, all you care about is consuming him…!
: Alto…!
: Are you really just mindless hunks of metal?! Do you feel absolutely nothing at all?!
: Rrrgh…aaaaaah…!
: Fusion rate: 95%! We’re not going to make it…!

: Wh-What…?!
: All those ELS were brought down in the blink of an eye…!
: …
: I know that attack… It’s!

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me
:siren: :siren:

: …
: The Freedom… Kira Yamato!
: ELS, aliens… I’d like to think that even you are trying to protect something

: But if that pushes you to set fire to our world, to shut down the path to our future, then…!
: Athrun…!
: Then we’re forced to make a choice and take a stand…!
: To protect the future of all mankind!


: Wow… Those are…
: The two super aces from the 2nd Alliance-PLANTs War…

The two bots fly over to Setsuna.

: A-A Gun…dam…
: Get here and bring in the pilot! He’s in too much risk!

: Allow me. I’ll take it from here.
: You’re…!

: Have the medical team dispatched! Hurry!
: The boy’s in your hands!
: Maj. Graham Aker?! What’re you doing here…?
: It’s been a long time, Ensign Berge. We’ve a lot of catching up to do, but…
: That’ll have to wait until we’re through this mess! I trust you two Gundams are also ready to go…?!
: We are. This is what we returned to the battlefield to do!
: To clear the way for our future – with our own two hands!

Strike Freedom Gundam (Kira Yamato)
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
All-Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Beam Shield
VPS Armor
Hyper Deuterion Engine
Squad Bonus: Ranged attacks’ power +100, Accuracy +5 (Ranged attacks +200, Accuracy +20, S in Space)
Kira’s voice actor: Soichiro Hoshi (other roles: Brera in Macross F, Sanada Yukimura in Sengoku Basara, Chaos in Xenosaga, and a ton more)

Infinite Justice Gundam (Athrun Zala)
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L1
Command L1
All-Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Justice (正義) – reduces own EN, MP and Ammo cost to 0 for the next turn.
Mech Features:
Beam Shield
VPS Armor
Hyper Deuterion Engine
Squad Bonus: Melee attacks’ power +100, Mobility +5 (Melee attacks +200, Mobility +20, S in Space)
Athrun’s voice actor: Akira Ishida (other roles: Tellius, Mekibos and the Machinery Children in SRW OGs, Kaworu in Evangelion, Gaara in Naruto, Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and a ton more)

We’ve been through this THRICE ALREADY! Big huge stats on Jesus, only pilot who I’d consider can give Maya competition for best sniper, fan-fire MAPW as in L and W, etc. etc. Use him as a lead (get him Hit & Away), unless you just don’t like his face – still recommend at least making him a squaddie.
Athrun is Kira -1, and with a melee focus. Still pretty dang good. Only new thing is that his Phantom-01 actually has a MAPW version that hits 1-8 in a straight line.

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

And here are the Valkyries new Reactive Munitions.

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: I’ll sink my feet into the ground and fight any enemy that threatens peace, even ones I cannot fathom! Such is my pride as a soldier!

First time we fight one of these buggers, so here’s it in action.

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

: I’m ready and willing to shoulder every burden now that I’ve returned to the battlefield – the burden of our lives, of our resolve and our future!
: The man standing here isn’t the son of Chairman Zala or Alex Dino! I’m Athrun Zala of the UX, nothing more and nothing less!

And here’s Graham’s new strongest attack, with his Sol Brave mooks to help!

: All ELS in the sector are confirmed destroyed!
: Now we can follow our original plan and focus on the Vajra!

Mind, as you start dwindling the Vajra numbers…

: Tsk… This isn’t working. We kill one and three more crop up in its place!
: (They still haven’t activated that device of theirs…?)
: …
: There – the concert’s started just now! If all goes right…!

:siren: SRW UX - Interstellar Flight (LIVE in Alcatraz)

: ♪~
: That’s…!
: Ranka’s song!

: Nice, the Vajra are slowing down…!
: It’s the effect of her song! Its Fold Waves are jamming the Vajra’s inner communications!
: Don’t let this chance slip by our fingers, troops! Break through their lines and trash that fortress!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

Hey, did you know the Quarter gained a new final attack during mission 24? I only now realized it! :v:

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

: It’s possible our fighting’ll eventually bring about new sorrow… And I understand that there’s no such thing as a 100% righteous battle…
: But I’ve made a decision to help pave the way for our future! And I won’t look back!


And as you dwindle the Vajra numbers again…

: The enemy’s defensive lines are falling apart! We’ve our way into the fortress…!

: …
: L-Look at the size of that thing…! Think it’s the boss of their hive?
: Tsk… And, of course, it’s blocking our path inside!
: Meaning we won’t be getting in the fortress until we trash it!
: Still, we’d have to do so sooner or later. This hive will not fall while the leader stands.
: Right on! So let’s suck it up and get to work!

Vajra Bishop-Class
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
All-Attack L1
Mech Features:
Fold Barrier
30% HP and EN Regen
All Canceller

Big blob of HP but the lack of Prevail means we can tear it down on one turn. The problem is getting in range, as it’s very well equipped to blast all your guys – complete with a MAPW that blasts in a 1-8 arc (mind, it can’t hit in the column straight in front of the Bishop) – but, thankfully, it’s not too accurate.
If you still have a Confuse cast available, pop it on approach, clear off the remaining Vajra and drop the Bishop to end the mission. If not, your Reals should be safe from the MAPW, so just make sure your Supers and ships are flying inside the blind-spots.

Here’s the thing’s strongest move but, more importantly, Arnie’s first own-screen usage of the warp skill!

Now, the plot kicks in once you get the Bishop under 50% HP and that’s when the pre-battle convos actually start playing. So, to save on space and keep things flowing nicely, let’s jump to it now and then we’ll get the battle rolling properly.

: Blah, the boss-bug’s really making us work for it…!
: …!

: It doesn’t know when to give up…!

: Gch…!
: You okay, Luca?!
: I-I’m fine, but… that attack just wrecked my transmitter…!

: Damn, the Vajra are feeling better…!
: Because Ranka’s song stopped…?!
: Never mind that, we’re already running low on resources! If they call in a new mob of Vajra, we’ll be in big trouble!
: I’ll do it!

Fei moves in front of the Boddole Zer.

: Fei…?!
: I don’t really know what’ll happen this time… I’m kind of scared it won’t help, but if there’s a chance my song can get us through this…
: Then I’ll sing! I’ll sing for Ranka, for Setsuna… for everyone! I’ll put all your emotions to song!

:siren: Chieko Higuchi - Believe
:siren: :siren:

: This wavelength is…!
: It’s very similar to Ranka’s Fold Song?!

: Look… the Vajra’re being subdued by her song!
: One last push, people! Time to finish the leader off!

: Monsters entranced by song… I can appreciate the different side you’re displaying, but this is still an opening I need to exploit!

: Their songs, their emotions, make it through to anyone who listens, no matter who that is…
: And, in that case, I know what I must do!

: Even in a different time and in a different battlefield, there’s always power to song – to the voice of a songstress that prays for peace!
: And I’ll also do my part for as long as their feelings remain with me!

: I won’t stop until all our emotions get through to you. And that includes Ranka, Setsuna’s…
: And that girl’s emotions too!

: So it wasn’t just a one-time thing – Fei’s song really works on the Vajra. But how? Is there some hidden power to her, Sheryl and Ranka’s music?

: I’m not wasting this opportunity! I might not know what kind of power their songs have, but the feelings packed in those lyrics are as clear as day – and they won’t be for nothing!

: Well, dang, Fei’s song really is just as effective as theirs. Now, I get that you’re digging the music so much its got you stunned, but I’m gonna have to cut that short!

: Fei’s song is also getting through to them… Are the Vajra really reacting to the emotions in her lyrics…?
: But… but that’s a question for another time! If we let these guys go, Earth’ll…!

: Are they acting like this because they heard Fei’s song…? Are they actually being moved by it…?
: No… No, look at everything they’ve done – all the people they’ve killed! These things are heartless…! They have to be…!

: …!

: That Vajra’s still kicking…?!
: The enemy’s movements are very sluggish, though. Now is when you attack…!
: You’re—…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Target.

: It’s that Galaxy Valkyrie – Brera’s…!
: This is Antares 1 to the UX. I’m moving in to assist you.

Brera flies after the Bishop.

: He says “assist”, but it’s looking more like he’s trying to take the thing out by himself!
: He’s not, because I won’t pass this on to someone who just got here! I’m going too!

: Don’t stray from the team, Alto!
: But we can’t let up either, or we’ll miss the opening Setsuna and Fei gave us!
: I figured you’d come… Back me up, Alto! We’ll wipe out every single one of these Vajra!
: “Wipe them out…”
: (Setsuna was ready to risk his life trying to communicate with an alien species…)
: (Meanwhile, I…)
: If you’re not going to attack, then leave!
: ?!
: Someone who’s not willing to pull the trigger when needed has no business being here…!
: …
: No, I’ll do it! I’m here, right now, as a pilot…!


: (That’s…!)

: Aaaargh!
: Hrm…!

Kira flies over to Alto.

Any surviving Vajra and ELS run away now.

: Where’s Alto?! Is he alright?!
: Yes, he’s fine.
: Hrgh…
: He seems to be a bit injured, but I don’t think his life’s at risk.
: I see… Thank you for bailing him out of that blast.
: Mission complete. Returning…
: Stop right there, you! The hell’s wrong with you, ignoring a wounded wingman and taking off…?!
: My Valkyrie’s also damaged. Besides, I’m sure you’ll get him back to your ship and patch him up.
: …
: That is all.

: Always such a friendly guy, eh?
: Delta 1 to all units, the mission is a success. We’ve confirmed the target’s destruction and we’re detecting no signs of any enemy forces.
: Repeat, there are no signs of the enemy. Halt combat operations and set a course back to the ship…
: (That Vajra sent out a massive Fold Wave when it died…)
: (The direction it went might just be…)

Back at the Frontier, Luca reports everything that happened – the data collected has already been passed on to the lab for analysis. As the call ends, Mishima is so happy: the outcome of the operation was far better than what he and Howard anticipated. The bugs won’t be running roughshod around them any longer!
“Rejoice, Mr. President. The day the Frontier Fleet ascends to glory is nigh,” Mishima gloats to Howard, before shifting to his inner monologue. “And that calls for a little something to be done first…”

: Well, that battle was as tough as we figured it’d be. And the ELS surprise appearance sure didn’t help things…
: Right. Not only did we spend a lot of resources there, the bigger issue is our injured teammates.
: How’re they doing?
: There wasn’t anything major with Alto – just some superficial wounds. He’s being treated and should be discharged from the hospital soon.
: On the other hand…
: It’s not as simple for Setsuna, right?
: He’s suffered severe brain damage from the massive flow of information that poured in when he tried sharing his mind with the ELS’.
: He’s currently in a coma, and it’s anyone’s guess if he’ll ever recover…
: He…
: But what possessed him to even try that sort of thing…?
: I suppose he was just trying to find a way to communicate with the ELS.
: A way that didn’t involve fighting…

: …
: Setsuna…
: Feldt, I know you’re worried about him, but you should also get some rest…
: We’re moving in to dock at Island 1 now, so why not take some time off while we’re there?
: No, I want to stay here a while longer…

Door opens.

: You’ve been looking for a way for people to better understand one another, and now you’ve even tried reaching out to the ELS…
: Blazing a trail for our future… that’s what your fight’s always been, isn’t that right, boy?
: Maj. Graham…
: (Graham Aker… the Ensign’s former superior officer…)
: You look well, Ensign.
: Maj. Graham, I…
: You’ve no need to explain yourself, Ensign.
: ?!
: I only have to look at you to see that you’ve uncovered where your beliefs lie, and what path to follow…
: …
: Now, Maj. Ronin’s pulled some strings, and I’ve also been assigned to work with the UX – effective immediately.
: Then…
: Yes, we’ll ride together once more. That said, it won’t be as subordinate and superior officer, but as comrades-in-arms.
: You got it…!

: It’s been a long time, Lunamaria, Shinn…
: Good to see you again, Athrun. And…
: …
: Here we finally are…
: I’d always wondered when we’d meet again like this…
: I’m sorry it couldn’t happen sooner, but there’s always so much to do. Still, what I told you back the first time we met is still true to this day.
: Let’s fight together, Shinn. We’ll try and make sure those flowers are never wiped out again… and even if they are, we’ll carry on replanting them…
: Kira Yamato…
: Exactly. That’s what we’re all fighting for.
: So, you’ll be coming with us too, Athrun?
: I am. Glad we’ll finally be able to fight shoulder-to-shoulder, Lunamaria.
: Hahah… And I promise you I won’t be dragging anyone down this time, Athrun.
: As for you, Shinn, you’ve done a great job.
: Are you pulling my leg? Do you know how hard things’ve been for us…?
: Shinn…?!
: But I guess they say hardship is the best teacher, so there’s that.
: I hope you’re ready to buckle down, because there’s a lot of learning in store for you, too, Cpt. Athrun!
: Ah…
: … Aye, aye. You can count on me, Shinn.

: He’s a good man.
: Huh…?
: Athrun’s told me of how hard Shinn tries to make his dreams real.
: Um… Are you really going to trust us to watch your back? You, Kira Yamato, the Super Coordinator…?
: Yes, and not just to watch my back. All of us are trusting you with our strength, our emotions and our wishes.
: That’s the path we chose to follow in order to shape our future…
: And the path Setsuna would also like to take.

Location: Frontier Fleet – Hospital

: Sure you should be hanging out here? Don’t you have work to do?
: Shush, you. It’s not everyday I visit the infirm, so how about some gratitude?
: Hahah… Yeah, thanks…
: But are you really okay? I heard you were hurt pretty bad…
: They’re giving me the full regenerative medicine treatment. Still hurts a bit, but I’ll be better soon enough.
: I see…
: Something the matter, Sheryl…?
: Your wounds’ll be healed, and then you’ll go flying again.
: That’s the plan. Flying’s what I live for.
: Alto, um…!
: I don’t want you to be a pilot anymore. You don’t have to be out there, risking your life…!
: ?!
: There are plenty of pilots around, but there’s…
: There’s only one Alto Saotome, you know…!
: Sheryl…

Door opens!

: Hey, Alto, how are you…
: Ah…?! Sheryl…?
: Ranka…?
: …
: I guess I’m interrupting something… I’m so sorry…!
: W-Wait, Ranka…!

  • :tfrxmas: *

: Don’t move!
: Wh-What the hell are you…?!
: As much as I would’ve loved to watch this drama some more, I’m afraid that’s not in the cards.
: You’re the president’s aide… What do you want with me?!
: With you? Nothing at all. My business is with this girl.
: Isn’t that right, False Songstress…?
: …
: Sheryl…? What’s going on…?
: …
: Sheryl Nome, you are under arrest for a grand total of twelve crimes, including suspicion of espionage and violating the Statute of Secrecy!

Both Graham and Athrun are tacticians, and already come with their second bonuses unlocked: both have +25% chance of activating defensive skills, but Athrun boosts melee weapons’ damage by 10%, whereas Graham boosts counterattack damage by 10%.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, when Arnie and Saya attack anything, they have the same convo they did in the other route:

: Ensign, I’ll assume control of both our units’ engines once we’re combined. I’ll try and make sure it all operates as best as can be…
: Don’t worry about it, and don’t hold anything back! It’s your being here that brings our units’ full power to light! Here we go, Orphes/Odyssea!

Click to see the mission!

And we’re back, far away from Trailblazer/Frontier Land, where actually interesting stuff happens. We’ve got plenty of event deployments today with Kouichi, Moritsugu, Canon, Mamoru, Kenji and Sakura, which also means our available slots are rather diminished – only sixteen.
As such, here’s how we’re going:
Sun Quan/Eida
Cao Cao/Zhang Fei
Liu Bei/Rennie
Mazinkaiser/Soubi (forgot to deploy Tsubasa… whoops!)
Dr. West/Ozma
Kurou/Deceive (him having a squaddie with resupply module’s even more important now that Al isn’t regenerating his MP anymore)
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

FYI, this mission is the cutoff point for you to get the Fafner trio five uses of their Triple Dog combo attack, so watch it. We’re way over that, of course.
Off we go.

We’re back at JUDA and it’s time to go over what happened on the other routes:
If you kept the Vajra route: we killed one of the Anticross, but their big fortress disappeared. Ruri pledges to use all resources of the Hadou Financial Group to locate the thing and while Dr. West would love it found as quickly as that, he’s doubtful that’ll happen. And, on that note, Elsa asks him to pipe down with his loud guitar solos (“NOOOOOOOO! You’re tearing me apart, Elsa!”).
Holly and Joey explain that these two quit the Black Lodge and are now our buddies (though West says they’re just tagging along until the Anticross are dead), but Kurou trusts them enough. “Oh, you make me so happy, Darling-robo! That’s why you’re my hubby-robo!” Elsa glees and introduces herself as Kurou’s “de facto wife”.
Dr. West shakes his fist at KUROU DAIJUUJI for getting together with Elsa behind his back… but, as Denton points out, wasn’t he the one who made it so the Demonbane needed them both to work? Well, he’s clearly abused his benevolence and incredible genius to seduce Elsa! VILLAIN! And that’s why Dr. West’ll be taking to the field as well using his Super West Invincible Robot Type-28 Special! Oh, so he’ll be fighting alongside us? No! He’ll be there to make sure Elsa is kept safe from this villain!

If you kept the Arkham route: they killed Vajra and got two more Hirai characters for our pile.
More importantly, Arnie’s glad to work beside Graham again, who’s impressed at how different the Ensign’s gaze looks from when they first met. We’ve all come full circle, as Joe and Saya remember the tough fight Graham gave them back at Arkham City – if anything, it tells that he’ll be an asset to the team.
“We might have been hostile in a previous battlefield, but now we stand as comrades-in-arms, united by common ideals. And, of course, I say the same of you, Ensign,” Graham proclaims, and Arnie’s all giddy.
Oh, and there were also ELS and Setsuna got mind-zapped – he’s still in a coma, but Feldt has faith that he’ll return to us in time. Lastly, Sheryl got arrested as a spy, and the news that sent shockwaves across the Earth Sphere. As Ruri relates, though, Lacus, Cagalli and Marina are working together to try and convince the Frontier Government and the Earth Federation to reinvestigate this matter and try to clear up Sheryl’s good name. Here’s hoping it works, but then Michel wonders: if Sheryl does wind up convicted, how will Alto react?

: The YF-29… This is my new Valkyrie?
: Looks pretty good, huh?
: The Frontier brass developed it from data collected in our past battles. It’s a specialized anti-Vajra prototype.
: And they’ve also outfitted it with high-grade Fold Quartz taken from said Vajra. Its performance is a whole lot better than the regular jets, that’s for sure.
: Fold Quartz, that stone that transmits thoughts…
: Right, so the YF-29 can pick up, amplify and convert Fold Waves into energy.
: Meaning it turns the pilot’s will into power, just like the Odyssea?
: Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s the best way of putting it…
: While it’s true that the Fold Quartz has similar properties to the Odyssite, what it amplifies is strictly Fold Waves.
: Still, we’ve found that some humans are capable of emitting Fold Waves, and those do carry the will of the emitter within…
: Of course, only Sheryl and Ranka are capable of that feat thus far.
: …
: Hah, you’re thinking “I’ve no special abilities of my own – being a pilot is all I’m good for”, aren’t you?
: …?!
: Listen here, Alto. No one gets to say what goes with your life but yourself. It’s your own will that shapes it all.
: So listen to yourself and decide what kind of role you want to take.
: … What kind of role I want…

Location: Tokyo – Cemetery

: This is your friend’s grave, Hayase…?
: Yeah. He was a real busybody, and, thanks to this huge idiot, wound up dying way too soon…
: Hayase…
: But that idiot’s now a Champion of Justice who fights for the entire world. I think Yajima’d be happy with that, no?
: Hahah… I hope so.
: Either way, we better head back. Should be almost time for our next mission.
: Sorry, but you’re gonna have to go without me.
: Hm? Something up?
: Nah, it’ll just be a bit. I’ll get back before the next op.
: If you say so. See you there.

Everyone leaves.

: …
: Alright, are you gonna keep spying from that corner or am I gonna have to drag you out? Who are you anyway…?
: …
: It’s good to finally meet you, Domyoji…
: Y-You’re…!

: Kouichi and the others went to visit the graveyard, huh…?
: We should go, too, next time we’re at the island.
: Right. I’m sure your father would also be very happy, Sakura.
: Happy, huh…
: Is something wrong, Sakura?
: No, it’s just that… my dad was a soldier; he worked protecting Tatsumiya from harm…
: And he died fighting the Festum…
: I’m so sorry…
: I believed that I could honor my dad’s memory by taking out as many Festum as I could by myself… but I’m just not strong enough to do that.
: So I can’t help but wonder if my dad’s actually happy watching this…
: Oh, don’t worry. I’m certain he is!
: Shangxiang…
: My father also died in battle, you see…
: But he was a very strong, very kind man, and always looked to keep his family safe.
: And that spirit of his lives on within me and my brother.
: His spirit lives on…
: Right. And heroes never really die while their spirits stay inside people’s hearts.
: …
: If your father’s in your thoughts while you’re fighting, Sakura, then I think that honors him plenty.
: You must always think of those that are dear to you while in battle, I say…
: (Those that are dear to you…)
: Alright… you might be right. Thanks, Shangxiang.
: Heheh, don’t mention it.
: U-Um… chief!
: Wh-What?! Why’d you get so riled up…?
: I… I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna be just like your dad was!
: Huh?! Where’d that come from?!
: Wh-What I mean is… Mamoru and I’ll handle the fighting, so you don’t have to go at it that hard…
: What was that now…? Are you looking to retire me or something?
: N-No, I… I just mean that I’ll work at it and get even stronger than Kazuki…
: A-And then I’ll protect you!
: …?!
: A-Are you stupid?! Did you hit your head or something?! I don’t need anyone protecting me!

She leaves.

: Sa-Sakura…!

Door opens.

: Hey, we’re back… Uh, did something happen?
: Kenji tried making his move on Sakura and, well, it didn’t go too good…
: Ah…?
: …
: Kenji, don’t you think you should just straight-up tell her how you feel?
: H-How I feel?!
: I mean, saying stuff like that isn’t gonna fly with her. Sakura doesn’t like people who beat around the bush.
: …
: (That’s easier said than done…)

Location: JUDA – Underground Facility

: You said you wished to speak with us, Mr. Ishigami…?
: Yes, there’s something I’d like you folks to know. Especially after your little pow-wow with Hisataka Katou …
: You’re aware of that, hm?
: You didn’t really need to jump through all those hoops, of course.
: If you had questions, you just had to ask me.
: It takes information from more than just one source to piece together what the truth is. And I was going to question you eventually.
: I see… Then I believe this should answer one of those questions.

Hangar opens.

: Th-That’s?!
: It’s my Machina… Judah.
: The president’s own Machina…
: It’s a Machina that specializes in information collection and analysis. All of our company’s systems are connected to it, which functions as the core to everything.
: JUDA and Judah…
: It could well be said that this Machina is the company itself…
: Then, Mr. Ishigami, you’ve been taking advice from this Machina?
: “Advice” isn’t the word I’d use. More like guidelines.
: Guidelines…?
: You should understand what it entails, Tieria. After all, you’re part of the Quantum Supercomputer Veda…
: …!
: What do you mean?
: Every outcome that occurs is a result of the sum of various events.
: With that in mind, I ask you this: what if you knew what events needed to happen for a given outcome to occur?
: Then you’d be able to bring about whatever outcomes you desired…?
: Exactly. And that is what Judah does.
: In other words, this Machina allows you to put together whatever future you want?!
: I don’t raise a future from scratch, no – I just choose from the available options.
: Just as the Celestial Being used Veda’s predictions to put together their plan on how to accomplish Aeolia’s project…
: …
: Mr. Ishigami, if you’re trying to use this Judah to take control over our future and our destinies…
: I don’t fancy myself God, Tieria, and I’ve no intention of taking His throne.
: I believe I’m in the same boat as Aeolia Schenberg, once he realized what future awaited humanity, way back when.
: …
: Then, Mr. Ishigami, what are you using Judah for?
: Hmhmm… If I may borrow your own words, Master Kongming…
: I’m trying to get a glance at the center of the spider’s web…
: At the center…?
: You could also say I’m trying to find the underlying truth of the world.
: Even if the first link in a chain is pure happenstance, I can influence the events that follow it and, eventually, arrive at the outcome I want.
: A prime example would be Ensign Berge here. His enlisting with the UX was a result of a sequence of various events…
: …!
: Then, you and Maj. Richard…?!
: You were stringing things along since the battle at Arkham City, so that I’d end up right where I am – where you wanted…?!
: Now, now, that’s not quite it. Your being here right now is first and foremost fruit of your own will…
: As I said, the first link in that chain is pure happenstance.
: Don’t give me that! You just said very clearly that you can choose what future comes to be!
: And, if that’s the case, if I hadn’t been shot down at Arkham—…
: Then, I believe… it would be your friend, Jin, standing here with us.
: …?!
: Wh-What…?!
: What I mean is that whether it was your own will that set the wheels in motion, or if it was your friend’s, the end-result would be the same…
: Or, better put, Judah would steer things in a way that would lead to the same end-result.
: It is as he said.
: Th-That’s…
: Mind you, what Judah does is simply provide guidelines for one of an infinite variety of different possibilities.
: But it cannot outright create someone’s fate from scratch. We may choose events that lead towards a certain outcome, but the beginning, the first link of the chain, is always beyond our control…
: …
: In which case, this unease we have felt since coming to this world… those strange “coincidences” that seemingly bind us were influenced, but not created by you.
: Indeed, the origin of it all is the underlying truth of this world…
: It is the will of the heavens that lies at the center of the spider’s web…
: The will of the heavens…
: …
: Then… For what did Jin and I…
: I’m sure you have plenty to say, but I’d like you to understand just one thing.
: The outcome I’m trying to bring about is one where humanity is saved.
: …
: And I swear to you that that is no lie. So I hope you will trust me for now…
: …
: Very well. And what is the next “event” that needs to happen?
: I appreciate how to-the-point you are, Moritsugu. The next event…
: Is a surprise attack on the Katou Organization’s production plant.

: These are the new Arma models, huh? It took a while, but they’re finally ready.
: Hm… Never did I expect the day to come where I’d be making these.
: Ain’t it a bit of a waste, though? I mean, if you just plugged an AI into these things, they’d practically be Machinas, no?
: Indeed, but these were made specifically to be Armas, not Machinas. Take that as some food for thought, if you would.
: It makes no difference to us. We need only crush the foe ahead of us.
: (Yeah, if we can beat those guys with those, I don’t care either…)

: Commander, we’ve analyzed the intel Yulianne gave us. They’ll be attacking us – soon.
: Very well. Then let’s begin our preparations.
: (That is, our preparations to reach the truth… to reach the beginning…)

: You wanna talk now? I’m kind of busy getting ready to launch.
: Um, I… You know… It’s just that, I…
: You, what?
: I-I’m gonna try and prove in this next battle that I’m the strongest guy here…
: And if I do that, I’d like you to be my mumble…!
: …?!
: You idiot… We’re not like that at all. You don’t have to take on way more than you can handle for me.
: I can totally handle it!
: No, you can’t! You’re a helpless coward and a bigmouthed flirt! You’re like the complete opposite of my dad!
: But, still, I…!
: So don’t go out of your way for me. Because if I ever lost you, I…!
: ?! Sakura…
: …
: I’m gonna give this everything I’ve got… I won’t let my Altered Consciousness get the better of me again!
: Kenji…
: (That’s it. One step at a time…)
: (Just take it one step at a time and even I can make it…!)

Mission 34 – Advance to the Beginning

: Yaaaaah, mommyyyy! I’m scaaaaared!
: (Oi, that idiot… What happened to all that attitude from before?)
: Pull yourself together, Kenji! The enemy base is dead ahead!
: Yeah! You’re gonna prove that you’re the strongest and convince Sakura to give you a shot, right?!
: Sob
: Enemy production plant in sight. Moving to attack!
: That ain’t happening!
: What…?!

: The Katou Organization…!
: Heheh, took you long enough to get here! Ya kept us waiting!
: What is the meaning of this?! I thought this was supposed to be a surprise attack!
: Yet the enemy has such a bevy of troops waiting for us…!
: Do you think they anticipated our move?!
: Hahahahahaha! We already knew everything you’re up to!
: You sought to attack at our flank… and it is too late to regret your poor choices!
: Now, take up arms and face us! I demand that you make my heart beat faster!
: You accursed Shura…! I shall end your life today!
: Everyone launch! Quick!

Is this a bad time to say that I completely forgot to set Alto in a team? He’s not available at the intermission menu (since he only gets his new unit in the prologue), and I didn’t realize it until later.
We’ll see his YF-29 next mission, I guess. :v:

: Crap… And here we were, figuring we were finally gonna catch them unawares!
: Hey, you guys know where Moritsugu went? I haven’t seen him in a bit.
: Apparently, Mr. Ishigami gave him another mission to go on…
: Another mission now, of all times?
: You don’t think he’s been leaking info behind our backs again, do you…?
: No way! And I thought we cleared up that he wasn’t spying on us – it was just one big mix-up!
: Forget about him and focus on the enemy!
: (An enemy ambush… Is this also another of Mr. Ishigami’s required “events”? In that case…)
: My friends, your mission remains the same. Repel the enemy and seize control of the target structure!

Destroy everything, don’t lose a ship, Kouichi, Sakura, Canon, Kenji or Mamoru. We’ve had this battle plenty of times before, so you know what to expect. Lu Bu’s as dangerous as ever, but, oddly enough, he’ll only cast Soul under 30% HP this time; many of our guys know Valor now so, if you’d like, you could probably down him before he does that.
Do keep this in mind, though:

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
SD Gundam secret – 4th step: have Cao Cao down Lu Bu.

Simple enough.

Destroyer Robo (Dr. West)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L4
Support Attack l2
Support Defense L1
All-Attack L2
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Mech Features:
Repair Module
Squad Bonus: Armor +100, Money +10%, A in Water (Armor +150, Money +20%, S in Water, EN +75)

I confess I got a giggle out of that S in Water.
Dr. West makes for a surprisingly effective Squaddie, truth be told. His Destroy Robo’s quite tanky and the Squad Bonus it has gives plenty of decent stuff; his weapons have good enough stopping power, furthered bolstered by his L size, and their range covered isn’t bad at all.
On the flip side, he’s sloooooooow as molasses and really wants someone providing him with flight and/or Accelerate (especially since his Tornado Crusher can’t be used on aerial targets without). Regardless, you could do a lot worse than him.

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens


:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

Warring guitar solo!

: HAHAHAHA! I cut a fine figure against the blowing wind! Here I am, genius scientist DOCTAAAAAAA WEST! (Cyborg 009 OP lyrics.)
: And now begins my glorious quest to educate the unenlightened masses of the world of the magnificence of my Destroyer Robo!

Adding this video so you can finally hear Dr. West’s guitar solo in action.

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: This isn’t simply about my duty as a soldier. I wage this battle to also help blaze a path for our future!
: And I’ll fight for the boy as well, in his struggle to communicate with the ELS…!

While we’re quickly cutting Jack down to size, I take the time to show off the DK in Kira’s Funnels and Graham’s GN Beam Rifle (Full Output). And depending on which route you kept, Kira, Athrun or Kurou also have pre-battle convos but they’re the same ones from the previous mission.

Fine, I suppose I should show you off too. In truth, Kira and Athrun’s units look pretty good.

And, of course, Jack decides to start triggering his Camo instead of letting Shinn run him through! :argh:
I would’ve loved if Luna actually got the kill, but alas.

Fine, you wanna get cute? Then you’ll help me show off the Odyssea’s version of Hell Stringer!
And we take Jack’s Glass of Milk as a prize (Skill and Defense +10, Accuracy +5).

: Hrk… That I’d be forced to retreat before having a chance to challenge Reiji Moritsugu… Curses. Our showdown will have to be postponed…!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Psh… This dinky Arma just ain’t cutting it against them!
: I need something stronger… a whole lot stronger! If I just had that, then…!

:siren: Dynasty Warriors 6 - Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime Mix-

: Hahahah… Your skills have improved, Ultimate Cross!
: Yes, excellent! This thrill! This scorching excitement! It ignites—MY SOOOOUUUUL!!

: Watch out, folks, don’t let that monster tag you with that attack! Make sure you dodge it good!
: I need dodge nothing!
: Lord Sun Quan…?!
: I will kill him, even if I must surrender my life to do so…!
: Father! Brother! This Koteito has been passed down through generations of the Sun Family, and now I beseech that you grant it your strength…!

Casts Iron Wall and Drive.

: B-Brother…?!
: Oho…!
: Young Lord, don’t! You cannot set off to battle with hatred in your heart…!
: Come, Lu Bu! FACE ME!
: Hmhmhm… I accept your challenge, tiger cub! To arms!

:siren: Dynasty Warriors 6 - Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime Mix-

: Lu Bu! You… I’ll end you if it’s the last thing I do!
: Hmhmhm… Yes, I see well the pitch darkness swirling within your soul!
: Wh-What…?!
: I wonder, will you willingly join the ranks of us Shura in order to strike us down?!

:siren: Dynasty Warriors 6 - Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime Mix-

And that’s both of them down!

: Hrrrmm…!
: Fengxian…!
: Hahahah, I see… So that is the foundation of your souls!
: The foundation of our souls…?!
: Indeed, I believe Hisataka Katou did not waste his time advocating that you imagine your deaths!
: What’re you on about?! Do you know something?!
: Hmhmhm, but you must not stop here!
: Rouse the flame of your life brighter still! The Heaven I seek awaits further ahead…!

: ?! Stop, Lu Bu—…!
: Fengxian… What was it that you noticed?

: …
: What am I supposed to do to defeat him?! How can I crush that Shura…?!
: Brother…

: All Katou Organization troops have been routed!
: Okay, now all we gotta do is trash that factory…

Kouichi moves towards the building.

: Wh-What’re these things?!
: We’ve no data on those units! Maybe they’re a new Arma model from the Katou Organization?!
: A new Arma?!
: They went and had all these new mechs waiting for us…?! The hell is going on?!
: Is this whole thing just one huge trap…?!


: Ah…?!
: What is it, Hayase?!
: Ki…
: Wh-What voice is that…?!
: Ki… Mach…
: C-Come again…?!
: Hayase, what’s going on?!
: I-I dunno…! The Linebarrel just stopped moving!
: Hmph, you’ve finally awakened…
: Indeed… The ones standing before you were originally meant to be Machina…
: So, please, fight to your heart’s content, Counter Machina… Or, better put…!
: Amagatsu Kizaki…!

: The Linabarrel’s turned black…?!
: Yeah, it’s what it did when Kizaki was piloting it before…!
: B-But the aura it’s giving out is…!
: Yeah, I have a very bad feeling about that!

: The Linebarrel’s moving on its own…?! What the hell is going on?!
: Ki… the… hina… Ll… Mach…
: Kill the Machina.
: Huh…?!

The Linebarrel turns neutral!

: …
: L-Linebarrel, you…!

“What’s happening to you, Linebarrel?!”

: Gwaaaaaaaaargh!

: Wh-What…!
: It’s just like…!
: A demon…!

: Kill the Machina.
: S-Stop… STOP!

: Gaaaaaaaaaah!!

: it’s aiming directly at their cockpits… and the pilots inside…!
: I said stop! Those’re people in there!
: Kill the Machina. Kill the Machina. Kill the Machina-a-a-a-a-a.
: Shut up! Stop saying that! Those aren’t Machina!

: A-Aaah!

: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

: And the way it’s attacking…!
: Continuous teleportation… It’s using the Override!
: Please… stop…!
: …

: Wh…?!

: Urgh! Wh-What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: That’s far enough, Linebarrel.
: Or, rather… Amagatsu Kizaki.
: Moritsugu…!
: Hang in there, Hayase. I’ll put a stop to him shortly.
: W-Wait, what did he call him? Amagatsu Kizaki…?
: As in, Emi Kizaki…?
: Listen up. The Linebarrel is no longer under Hayase’s control…
: Its original Factor, Amagatsu Kizaki, has taken over… Simply put, the will of Kizaki’s father is controlling it now.
: And his primary goal… is the destruction of all Machina.
: The will of Kizaki’s father…?
: I don’t have the leeway to explain everything. Your orders are to help me stop the Linebarrel and rescue Hayase.
: S-Stop it…? You want us to fight a monster like that?!
: Pull yourself together, Kenji!
: …?!
: Were you lying to me when you said those things before?!
: If you’re making promises, then at least have the decency of sticking with them!
: S-Sakura…!
: Not being capable of protecting what’s dear to you is something that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life… Fight, Kenji!
: Do not run, and do not fret, Kenji! Goubine stands with you!
: Let’s go… We’ll save our friend!
: G-Guys…!
: …
: O-Okay… I’ll do it!
: I promised Sakura… that I’d be stronger than anyone else!
: Kenji…!
: Steady yourselves, troops… Now begins our mission to destroy the Linebarrel!

Destroy the Linebarrel Amagatsu, and you can’t lose Moritsugu either. Taking him out ends the mission, but we don’t want all those moneys and kills to be wasted, do we? Get rid of the Katous too.

Linebarrel Amagatsu
Pilot Skills:
Factor – it doesn’t show on the list, but the effect is very much in play. D-S.O.I.L. rate is at 160%, so he’ll regen 80% of all damage taken!
Double Movement
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3
Break Morale Limit
All-Attack L3
Mech Features:
10% HP Regen
All Canceller

Amagatsu, as you can see, isn’t playing around. He’s got massive stats everywhere, all the skills he could possibly need and, if you didn’t see it above, will outright regen 80% of all damage you do on every attack.
He’s also very trigger-happy with that Override, so make sure you come in with Strike (and defensive spirits, of course) – especially since he has S ranks on all terrains. At least his ranges aren’t too good, as he can only use his weakest attack at 3+, with his Override attack being point-blank.
Also, that regen means he’ll also get a lot of mileage out of Prevail-Land once he starts dipping his feet into it, so don’t give him a chance: lower his HP enough and then hit him with a valored finisher to take him down all the way.

But, if anything, Amagatsu is a gentleman and will not go after your guys while the Katous are around, so just make sure you kill as many as you can before he gets a chance to shred them all.

Like so.

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

Between us and Amagatsu, the Katous’ new Armas are done by the next player phase.

: That’s all the new models. Now, if the thing would just settle down, that’d be great…
: …

  • :tfrxmas: *

: Kill the Machinas…
: The Linebarrel’s switched targets to our Machinas!
: I guess it’s really not going to let up until all of those are destroyed!
: Then your orders are the same, maggots! Bash the Linebarrel upside the head and make it shut down!

Now, we need a song for the beatdown… What could we—

: I know!

:siren: Miku Hatsune - Sword of the Demon Emperor ver. HD

: Eliminate any who are taken over by the enemy. Those are the orders I was always given. But now I…

: Sa-Sakura…
: Sorry, Hayase, but you’re gonna have to grin and bear it for a bit…
: That inconsiderate dad inside your bot’s ticking me off and I’m about to give him a piece of my mind…!

Sakura attacking: “Think of how sad you’re making your daughter! Of how much you’re hurting her with this! How can you be fine with that?!”

: Not even the Linebarrel can keep pulling attacks like that forever…
: We just gotta hang in there and we’ll find a way out of this…! Stay strong, Hind!

Yamashita attacking: “Easy there. I won’t hit anything important!”

: That is how the Linebarrel is truly like…?! However, as overwhelming a power it may wield, I shall not forsake Kouichi!

And here’s when I remembered that Override was also a Double Image effect.
Liu Bei attacking: “We must end its rampage…!”
Cao Cao attacking: “‘Tis the path of light that you should follow! And mine attack shall now reopen your eyes!”
Sun Quan: “Everyone stand back! I will stop him!”
Shangxiang: “Maybe if I tried missing just a little bit…! No, I must do this…!”
Guan Yu: “I, Guan Yu, shall save you! I stake my life on it!”
Zhang Fei: “Think I can’t save him? Hah, just wait ‘til you see how good I am…!”

: This thing took out those new Armas like they were nothing, and the way it moves… Its abilities are on a whole different level from what we’d seen the Linebarrel do.
: Well, ain’t that just aces?! I always wanted to see how our Kaiser would do against him!

Kaido: “Hah, what a pain this thing is! Time for you to take a lil’ nap!”
Magami: “I just need to make it shut down, yes?”
Tsubasa: “I don’t want to be killed as much as anyone else, but…!”

: Soubi, run! Don’t risk your life for a kid like me!
: I’m afraid I can’t do that. I’ll use the strength I have to keep others safe… That’s what Kaoru wanted, and what I want!
: Soubi…
: Hold on, Hayase. I swear to you that I’ll stop the Linebarrel!

Soubi: “What a sinister presence…! It’s a demon, indeed…!”; “I’m not about to go quietly into the night…!”

: The Linebarrel’s attacking anything within striking range… And it’ll do the same to us, if we approach without care…
: I’m not backing off, Soushi! I will save Kouichi!
: Well, what a coincidence – that’s exactly what I was thinking.
: I’m relaying you my analysis on the Linebarrel’s attack patterns! We’ll rescue Kouichi together!

Kazuki: “Can I really attack?” > Soushi: “Yes – hold back just enough to not kill him.”

: The Linebarrel’s trying to kill everyone… How can it fight like this…?
: Hrmm…!
: You’re right, Heroman… This isn’t the time to be scared. We need to get Kouichi out of there!

Joey: “Hold on! Heroman and I’ll think of something!” > Heroman: “Hmm!”

: The awakening of Amagatsu Kizaki… Is this another of those required “events”? Mr. Ishigami, are you…?

Arnie: “Tsk… Can I really save him…?”; “I have to find a way to stop them…!”; “I won’t let a friend’s life be snuffed out right under my nose!”; “If we just avoid any direct hits, we can pull this off…!”

: The Linebarrel’s giving out such a crushing pressure… Is that the will of Amagatsu Kizaki?
: On the other hand, I’m feeling more than just hatred coming from him. If I can just cut down the obsession binding him, then maybe…!

Shou: “I’ll try and avoid any of your vitals! Don’t hold this against me, now!”
Burn: “The Machina has gone Hyper?! No, that cannot be it…!”

: How can you put your own daughter’s friends in danger…?!
: Did you even stop to think of what you’re doing, how this might end?!

Aesap: “I’ve to stop him, somehow…!”
Lux: “If this carries on, his evil Aura Power’ll…!”

: Hayase! Hayaseee! Aah, why is this happening…?!
: I dunno, but you’re in danger! Get away, Kujo!
: I will not… I owe you my life, Hayase…
: So, this time, I’ll make your pain go away!

Miu: “Why… Why…?!”

: It may have that Override ability, but I can get around it by tanking its attacks and moving in right after! Hang in there, Hayase…!

Mamoru: “Don’t be afraid! Goubine will save you!”

: Linebarrel, stop! Those’re my friends you’re attacking! Don’t hurt them!
: Whatever’s going on with it, the thing’s clearly trying to kill us…
: B-Berserk Linebarrel or not, I’m putting a stop to it…!

Soushi: “Concentrate on limiting its movements for now!” > Kenji: “I-I’m on it!”

: Moritsugu, did you know the Linebarrel was gonna do this…?!
: I’ll answer every question you have, Hayase… but only after Amagatsu’s dealt with.

: How did this happen…? The Linebarrel really is fundamentally different from the other Machinas…
: Whatever! Hayase, we’re coming to bail your ass, so keep with it just a bit more!”

Shizuna: “Yeesh, you just don’t stop being a headache for JUDA, eh?!”; Izuna: “We’ll have you safe and sound soon, Hayase!”
Kurou attacking: Elsa: “Darling, what’ll we do-robo?” > Kurou: “Whatever works! We ain’t got time to talk things out!”

: Joe, be careful! The Linebarrel’s…!
: I know. I ain’t taking this guy out with half-measures…!
: So, I’ll have to beat him up legit! Grit your teeth, ‘cause this might get a bit rough…!

Joe: “I better drop him quick, before things get even worse…!”
Mike: “I wouldn’t do this if I had a choice, but you’re not giving me any…!”
Rennie: “I’ll open your eyes right back up!”
Damian: “There’s no way around this…! I’m going!”

When Amagatsu goes down: “Kizaki’s dad, it’s over.”

: Did it work…?!
: …

: What…?!

: Hrk… It’s still going?! You have to admit, that thing’s very sturdy…!
: Damn, the Linebarrel’s really going all-out for this…
: They’re not going to win this the way it’s going…!
: Stop…!
: Ki-Kizaki…?!

: Why is she aboard the Vardant…?!
: (Is that what’s going on? Was Moritsugu’s “separate mission” to stay with Kizaki and come in when this happened…?)
: …
: Father, please stop. Things aren’t like how they were before!
: Listen to your daughter, Prof. Kizaki. And try to understand the situation.
: If you continue attacking, we’ll be forced to destroy the Linebarrel completely. Which, in turn, would mean your daughter’s death…
: And above all, losing the Linebarrel would assure this world’s destruction as well. Am I wrong?
: …
: Father…
: Phew, it’s finally piped down.
: Don’t relax just yet, Kenji…!
: Huh…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: U-Uwaaaaaaaaah!
: Ke-Kenji…!

Kenji runs far away!

: Don’t turn your back on the enemy! You’ll be an easy target!

Amagatsu powers up!

: Yaah… M-Moomyyyy!
: Tch…!

: A-Aaargh…!

: Canon…!?
: Critical damage on the Babylon Model! We’ve lost its signal…!
: N-No… Canon, come in!
: Hrm…!
: I-It’s my fault… because I’m such a coward…!
: Father… why?!
: Are you even gonna kill your daughter’s friends?!
: …
: You sorry excuse for a father…!
: Making your daughter cry, pointing a weapon at her friends—!
: Is that something any loving father would do?!
: Sakura, Joey…!
: They’re absolutely right! A father is supposed to be a strong, kind man…
: The kind of person that would always, always, fight to protect his family!
: But not you…!
: You’re a heartless man who feels nothing for those who should be so dear to him… And I won’t forgive you for this!
: Those are dear to you…!
: …
: Fall in, Kenji, Mamoru! We’ll put him down ourselves!
: W-We will…?!
: Muster your courage, Kenji! Could you still call yourself a man if you didn’t take a stand now?!
: …
: O-Okay… I am a man! And I’ll…
: I’ll protect the one that’s dear to me!

: Here we go! GOUBINE SMASH!
: One!

: Twooooo!

: Now, Sakura!

: It’s… OVER!!

: …?!
: Huh…?

: …

: Gch… A-Aark…
: Wh-What’s going on, Sakura?! Attack him, quick!
: (This sensation I’m getting from her… It can’t be!)
: (Wh-What is this…)
: (M-my mind is…)

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: (It’s fading away…!)
: Sakura…!
: (No… No! Kenji, Kenji… Kenjiii!)

: K-Kenji… help!
: …?!

: Aa—

Amagatsu powers up!

: …

: U…rgh…
: Wh-What are you…
: What the hell are you doing, Linebarrel?!

: Stop… I told you to stop, goddamn it!
: Hrm! After them, quick!

: Aaaah!
: It used the Executor…?!
: W-We can’t close in through that barrage…!

: D-Damn it, you piece of shit! Stop it already! STOP!
: Raaaaaaaah!

Mamoru tackles the Linebarrel.

: Mamoru…!
: G-Get away from Sakuraaaaa!
: …

: Gwargh!
: Ma-Mamoru…!
: Rrrgh, damn iiit!

The Linebarrel’s pushed back!

: Kenji…!
: E-Even…
: Even garbage like me has someone dear… someone I’d risk my life to keep safe!
: Kondo…
: I’m begging you, please… please stop this!
: …

: Rrgh…!
: Kenji…!
: Sa…kura…

: …

: W-We’re detecting an energy buildup in the Executor!
: It’s… It’s gonna use that weapon at full blast?!
: They’ll all be killed if it does!
: Father… please, don’t!
: Go to hell…!
: …

: Go straight to hell, Amagatsu Kizaki! You son of a bitch!


: …?!
: Someone sniped him?! Where’d the shot come from…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: …
: That Machina…!
: It’s the one that killed Yajima…! What’s it doing here?!

: You’ll have to wait a bit for the info, Hayase! We’re coming in to deal with the Linebarrel!
: Domyoji?! Why are you…?!
: Priest, remember? I’m just exorcizing some demons haunting this planet of ours!
: Here we go, Moritsugu!
: Copy that. Close your eyes, Ms. Kizaki.
: …?!
: Amagatsu Kizaki…!

Captions are available.

: …

: The Linebarrel’s back to normal…
: Domyoji and that Machina saved them…
: “Saved” me?! That’s the Machina that killed Yajima! It wouldn’t…
: …
: It’s been a while, Kouichi…
: Ya-Yajima…?!
: I-I don’t believe it…!
: H-How are you here…?!
: You were supposed to be dead! Why’re you piloting that Machina?!
: …
: Say something, Yajima!

: Mr. Ishigami, if I may.
: Yes?
: Hisataka Katou said that the last Machina was squarely within his grasp.
: I was certain that today’s operation was to seize said Machina…
: But it appears I was mistaken.
: …
: The event you chose to happen today, one of many on the road to bring about your desired future… it was to cause Amagatsu Kizaki, the will inhabiting the Linebarrel, to awaken, wasn’t it?
: Sir…?!
: …
: If you say it was necessary to secure our future, then I’ll understand.
: On the other hand… it does not mean I’m capable of forgiving what happened to Sakura.
: Hm. I doubt Hayase’ll forgive me either.
: …
: Mr. Ishigami… Despite everything, you are not going to change your methods, are you?
: …
: Of course not, Master Kongming…

:siren: Angela - Separation (Piano Version)

: …
: Sakura… Why…?!
: This is… assimilation?
: …
: Is she alive?
: She is… biologically speaking, at least.
: You call this living?!
: If… If we’d only taken out the Linebarrel faster, this wouldn’t…!
: You’re wrong. Sakura was undergoing assimilation even as the battle progressed.
: This would’ve happened anyway, even if the Linebarrel hadn’t attacked…
: But…!
: Let it go, Canon…
: Torturing yourself over this won’t bring Sakura back…
: Tch…!
: And you’re telling me this is how we’re all going to end? The more we pilot our Fafners, the closer we get to it happening…?!
: Dr. Toumi’s still researching how assimilation works. It may be possible to defend yourselves against it.
: JUDA’ll also help in any way it can. If anything, it’ll help speed up her work.
: But does any of that mean you’ll be able to cure her?! Will Sakura be back to normal?! Gimme a straight answer!
: Th-That’s…
: Look at her…! We’re pretty much batteries to get the Fafners moving! And Sakura’s a battery that’s run out of power, isn’t she?!
: Kenji…
: Don’t say that, Kenji…
: Sakura risked her life in every battle…
: …!
: She fought tooth and nail for those that were dear to her.
: So let’s just… honor her memory…
: …
: B-But… She’s gone…
: She’ll never move again!
: …
: Ke…n…ji…
: S-Sakura…?!
: …
: Sakura… you’re…
: You’re still fighting… your mind is gone, but you still haven’t given up!
: Kch… sniffles Saku…ra…
: Sakura… Waaaahaaaaa!
: …
: Kenji… Sakura’s battle isn’t over just yet…
: Sob Aah… Sakuraaaaaaa!

: You’re… You’re the Factor of the Stray Machina?
: Yeah. I was chosen by it – the Apparition – as that explosion in the park swallowed me.
: A Machina may revive a dying human as its Factor…
: The Apparition’s former Factor died in that battle, and right nearby was…
: Me… half-dead from the wounds I’d taken.
: But, then…
: If you were alive, why didn’t you show yourself until now?! I…
: When you came to, you were a different person from who you used to be. Anyone would need time to come to process that.
: As pathetic as it sounds, that’s right…
: Still, you owe him some gratitude. If he hadn’t acted when he did, your mission to stop the nuclear missiles would’ve ended in failure.
: The nukes? You mean…
: Ah… There was that last nuke that was shot from Japan. You were the one who took it down?
: You did that, Yajima…?!
: And the president’s been keeping him around as a secret weapon since.
: ‘Course, I can’t really say anything since I’ve been getting pilot training behind your backs.
: Training, huh… The unit you’re flying is one of those Jinrais Kiriyama made, only modded to allow manual flight, right? But how did you get your hands on one of those?
: Actually…

Door opens.

: Oh, when you have my connections, getting one unit is as easy as snapping my fingers.
: Y-You’re…!
: Hmhm, I believe we can skip the introductions, yes?
: I think we’re already pretty intimate after the fun times we had at Akoro, after all.
: Yulianne Faithful…!
: The captain of the Katou Organization’s 7th Unit!
: Excellent work with your infiltration mission, Yulianne.
: I-Infiltration…?!
: I was right… You really were one of us.
: Hmm, always so calm and composed. And here I was, hoping to at least get a gasp out of you.
: I had my suspicions after seeing your actions at Kiriyama Heavy Industries and elsewhere…
: Hey, pops, you wanna explain what’s going on here?
: Moritsugu’s already said it all: she’s another JUDA employee and I had her infiltrate the Katou Organization. (So if you were wondering why she was always dropping Ishigami’s Sushi, there you go.)
: She, Domyoji and Yajima’ll all be joining your team.
: That’s the long and short of it. It’s a pleasure to be working with you.
: L-Likewise… as sudden as this might be…
: Are you serious? Yajima and Domyoji aside, she’s an enemy! She’s been fighting us every step of the way!
: I agree. And considering what happened in today’s mission…
: The enemy knew we were coming. Very likely because some double agent leaked our intel to them.
: Hmhmhm, you don’t measure words, do you?
: Sorry to drop this on you, but the one who gave me the intel and told to relay it to Katou…
: Was Ishigami himself.
: Wh-What…?!
: …
: Is… is that true…?
: You were in on it?! And you didn’t tell us?!
: Correct. Mr. Ishigami knew about everything – absolutely everything that would occur. And he has been directing us with that knowledge all along.
: Then… everything that’s happened to us…
: Al and Ennea’s deaths…!

: You knew what was gonna happen to Richard and still kept quiet…?!
: …
: I don’t deny any of it. That said, it’s unquestionably you who determine and accept your respective fates.
: Excuse me…?!
: Judah and I can only show people the way towards the better future…
: But, ultimately, only your own wills can decide what your fate is, what role you take in life…
: …?!
: (So it falls to man to simply prostrate himself at the altar of fate and pray the heavens smile upon him…?)
: Oh, no, you don’t get to wash your hands of this! How many people died because of what you’ve done?!
: Do you have any idea what Sakura and Kenji have gone through?!
: Hayase…
: You knew everything that was about to go down…
: And you still sent them out to fight?!
: …
: Alright, that’s it! I’m done!
: Where are you going, Hayase?!
: …
: I’m never piloting the Linebarrel again…
: I don’t want anything to do with that monster!

And here are the convos we missed:

: I still don’t know what kind of man I should be…
: But I’ll figure it out! I’ll decide what my real dance is…!

: Kill…the Machinas!
: That’s the Linebarrel’s voice…?! It’s being transmitted by Sheryl’s earring?!
: Just what is this earring?!


Well, that wasn’t creepy at all. First Miu turns out to be mentally unstable, and now Ishigami is a magnificent bastard extraordinaire instead of a goofy man-turned-AI. What’s next? Risako turns out to be a serial killer!?

Damn, the anime adaption did a number on the original plot.

I have also come to a conclusion reading this update: to hell with Morgan Freeman, I want Dr. West narrating my life, guitar solos included!

Click to see the mission!

And we’re back, having lost not only Sakura but, actually, Kenji for reasons we’ll see in a bit. That’s two very reliable units gone (plus Kouichi’s still on strike), and I’m not a happy camper. Shouko’s heading out as an event unit, so we adjust accordingly.

Sun Quan/Shangxiang
Cao Cao/Zhang Fei
Liu Bei/Rennie
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Off we go.

#1: No! I…
#1: I can’t do it!
#2: Please, Katou… It has to be done!
: But… How…
: How can you expect me to just kill you, Professor…?!
#2: I understand that it’s a very cruel request I’m making of you…
#2: But I can’t trust anyone but you to see it done. It won’t be long before I…
: P-Professor…
#2: I want you to know… that bringing you into our family has given me so much joy…
#2: Thank you… from the bottom of my heart…
: Professor, I… I!
: Gch… Uwaaaaaah!


: Professor…!
: …?! Th-This is…
: Hm… That dream again…

Door opens.

: Excuse me.
: What is it, Masaki?
: It’s about Yulianne. She has gone AWOL ever since yesterday’s battle.
: I see…
: Our suspicions may have been right…
: Yes… She was likely a spy Ishigami planted in our midst.
: I suppose I’d forgotten what kind of man he is…
: …
: Still, the information she’s provided us with was very valuable.
: And what about General Lu Bu?
: He’s also left with Diaochan. Their current status is unknown.
: That said, considering his M.O., I doubt he was working as anyone’s spy…
: Hm, I’ll say. That man is simply looking for a place to die.
: A place to die?
: To live is to imagine your death…
: And he can only live by confronting death in the battlefield. What a pitiable man…
: …
: One last thing. The Advancers have sent a request by the Hojo Army: they want an audience with us.
: The group that’s arrived from Byston Well?
: Yes, sir. The Advancers reached out to them as they arrived on the surface and the group has been under their protection since.
: They must clearly want something to be requesting this audience.
: Very well. Why don’t we lend our ears to these otherworlders?


: A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cmdr. Katou.
: And allow me to thank you for accepting our request.
: It was no trouble. How are you finding the surface, if I may ask?
: The Advancers have been treating us well… though I confess we were all taken aback when we first met them…
: Hah, that happens to everyone.
: …
: Regardless, in light of the kindness we have been shown…
: We would like to propose an alliance between the Hojo Army and the Katou Organization.
: You wish to ally with us?
: I find it hard to believe that the entire military of a nation would go to war over a favor. What are you truly after?
: As we have been told, your goal is world conquest.
: Thus, when said conquest is complete, perhaps you would grant us sovereignty over Japan? It’s the homeland of our king.
: And has King Sakomizu allowed you to make this arrangement?
: I’m acting of my own initiative at the moment.
: That said, the King dreams of seeing his rotted nation restored. He will not object to this.
: Shinjiro Sakomizu… A loyal warrior of the old Japanese Army…
: Does your ardor for your motherland burn still? Did not even your kamikaze attack snuff it out?
: (This man… he knows of the king’s origins…?)
: But I digress. We will gladly accept your offer.
: I thank you, Cmdr. Katou.
: The blades of the Hojo Army will stand united with you and, together, we’ll bring victory to the Katou Organization.

They leave.

: … Are you sure this is fine?
: It doesn’t really matter. They’ll offset the loss of Yulianne, Lu Bu and Diaochan, and that is more than enough.
: But, regardless, I want you to get ready to depart. We must go meet with him as soon as possible.
: …
: With Amagatsu Kizaki, sir…?

(on TV): You want to send Kenji Kondo back here…?
: Actually, the request comes from him. He wants to stay with Sakura…
: Kenji…
: And I don’t think we should discard any options. Maybe their strong spirits, the strong feelings they have for each other, can help us find another alleyway to take…?
: Okay, I’ll allow it. Send him back to the island along with Sakura Kaname.
: Thank you, sir.


: Sakura… She’ll get better, won’t she?
: I’m sure she will. Tsubaki’s been helping my mom and it looks like her research is making progress…
: And she’ll have Kenji right there with her, too.
: Still, the fact remains that we have just lost two Fafners and Canon’s Babylon Model is severely damaged.
: Furthermore, the Linebarrel is sealed away. One cannot deny that this is a heavy blow to our forces.
: …
: Speaking of, what was that black Linebarrel anyway?
: We’d previously seen it change color when Kizaki piloted it, but…
: According to Prof. Rachel, the color change is a result of its Counter Nanomachines activating.
: “Counter Nanomachines”?
: She said it’s a system meant to protect the Factor from the resulting burden of the Override’s continuous teleportation.
: Right, because the Override’s also a type of time travel, just like the Orphes’ warp. The process probably eats away at his life like what happened with Maj. Richard and me.
: That’s true. Kouichi did almost push himself over the edge during that mess with the nukes.
: But, from what we’ve seen, the Counter Nanomachines can only be activated when Kizaki’s in the pilot seat…
: Emi’s the only one who can do it? Kouichi can’t?
: So far, yes…
: If you ask me, I think that’s because of Kizaki’s dad. He’s inside the Linebarrel, so he’s trying to protect her.
: Just as you’re protecting Arnie’s life when you’re both in the Odyssea, Saya.
: …!
: …
: Even that kill-crazy robo-dad still cares for his daughter, then? Hmm…
: But what are we going to do now? Kouichi still hasn’t come back, right?
: And there’s also the matter of Canon…

: …
: My Fafner really is a total loss, then?
: I’m afraid so. The main frame’s core components have taken too much damage to fix.
: On the flip side, you really should thank all your lucky stars that you weren’t hurt when your mech got as trashed as it did.
: …
: Cheer up, Canon-robo…
: Um… Couldn’t she use Sakura’s Mark Drei or something?
: Yeah, and I’m sure Sakura would also like that, rather than leaving the thing to collect dust…
: Unfortunately, that’s not possible. From what we’ve been briefed, it takes someone implanted with Festum genes to pilot a Nothung Model – no one else will work.
: Then, if I were implanted with those…!
: That’s out of the question.
: Why? The other pilots all had that procedure done, no?
: Kazuki and the others are different: the Festum genes were implanted before they were actually born.
: Trying to do the procedure afterwards can, at worst, kill the subject.
: …
: And there’s just no other way for me to pilot the Mark Drei…?
: I’m sorry…
: I see…
: Then I can’t fight anymore…
: Canon…
: Psh, so much’s going down the drain and Kouichi’s still gone! The hell’s he doing?!
: We haven’t heard anything from him since he stormed out Ishigami’s office…
: His reaction’s not unreasonable, though. His own unit almost killed his teammates…
: …
: And, to top that off, the friend he thought was dead actually turned out to be alive…
: It was all too much for him to take in, I think. It would be for anyone…
: I suggest we leave Hayase to Domyoji.
: Domyoji?
: We saw him leave to go talk to him. I’d wager he’s got something in mind…
: Some way to get Kouichi back on his feet, maybe…


: You little…! Why did you keep quiet all this time?!


: Why do you think?! I couldn’t accept what’d happened to me!


: W-Why are those two fighting?! Go stop them…!
: Nah, Hayase needs this right now. He’s gotta put things in order with Yajima.
: And this is how they’re doing that…?! A brawl?!
: Yeah. And it has to be Yajima. This is the only way we’ll exorcize what’s haunting Hayase…
: Do you have any idea how hard I’d been driving myself, all because I thought you died for me…
: But here you are, alive again – and you even have the same power we have, to boot! What did I do all that for, then?! It was all for nothing!


: “For nothing”?! What about those people you protected?! Where do you get off saying they meant nothing?! Grow up!


: Haah, haah… Then…
: Then, tell me, what the hell am I supposed to do now?!
: What matters isn’t what you should do. It’s what you want to do.
: …?!
: What do you want to do, Kouichi…?
: I… I…
: …
: I just want to be a Champion of Justice…
: Then just be one. It suits you, I think.
: Okay…
: Kouichi… You’re not someone who can only be protected anymore.
: So I want you to protect me back whenever I’m in trouble…
: Yajima…

: You made up through a fist-fight? Talk about old-fashioned…
: Still, it looks like getting everything out in the open helped them sort things out.
: Haha— Oooww…
: Sorry if we had you guys worried, but we’re good now.
: But… how? How did that help you?
: Because we’re all a bunch of idiots here. Honestly, I couldn’t tell beforehand if it was gonna work or not.
: You have to break down the excess and single out what actually matters: “what do you want to do?” as they always say.
: Yeah, first you get that sorted out and then you worry about the rest!
: (What do I want to do…?)
: To sum it up, it’s a guy thing, then?
: Owowowow! Don’t poke at me, Erebos! I’m still hurting all over!
: Hayase… I’m so sorry that I never told you about my father…
: …
: I’m sorry, too, Kizaki… because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive your dad for what he did.
: I know…
: But I also did some thinking. If we can choose our fate, like Mr. Ishigami said, then…
: I think your dad must’ve chosen his fate too.
: My father’s fate…?
: Right. I’m sure there must’ve been some reason for him to head down this path – one that had him drive you to tears, to do all those monstrous things…
: And I wanna find out what that reason is!
: Hayase…
: Kouichi, go and speak to the Linebarrel.
: If you can’t forgive what he’s doing, then face him head on… and set him straight with your justice!
: Yeah…!
: Kizaki… Can you come with me to the Linebarrel?
: Okay…!
: (Hayase’s resolved to stand up to his fate…)
: (And I…)


: The alarm…?!
: We’ve an emergency!
: Several mobile units have been detected heading this way! We believe it’s the Katou Organization!
: The Katous?!
: Kouichi, you and Kizaki go for the Linebarrel!
: B-But…
: What, you don’t think the Neo Hayase Corps. can handle this?! Trust us, dude!
: Yajima, Domyoji…!
: Are you done making out, ladies?! The enemy needs killing!
: Aye, aye, ma’am!

Everyone goes.

: Everything’ll be alright, Canon. Just stay here and wait for us.
: …
: Hrm…!

Canon leaves.

: Hey, Canon! Where’re you going?!
: I’ll go after her. You guys go and get ready to deploy…!

: (I don’t belong in this team, with Michio, Kazuki and the others, if I can’t fight… I shouldn’t be here…)
: (But, I…!)

Mission 35 – Choice ~ Decision

: The Linebarrel should be sealed away beneath the JUDA building…
: Hmph… They would merely seal away that which they cannot control? Pathetic!
: Amagatsu Kizaki! You shall awaken once more by our hands!

: They’re looking to steal the Linebarrel today?!
: But we cannot allow it to fall into the enemy’s clutches! All troops, launch!

: (The Katou Organization was always so committed towards destroying all Machinas, but they want to steal the Linebarrel…?)
: (What for? Just what is the Linebarrel – what is Amagatsu Kizaki…?)

Beep, beep!

: Huh?! Watch out, the Katou Organization isn’t alone! This signal is…!

: The Hojo Army?! Why are they with the Katou Organization…?!
: (My money’s on The Advancers being hard at work again…)
: You’ve allied yourself with an army of the Overworld, Sakomizu?!
: …
: What’s it look like?! We and the Katou Organization’re gonna take over this idiotic world together!
: Our Aura Machines are also getting a lot stronger now that we’re in the Overworld… No one’s gonna stop us with this power on our side!
: The hatred in their hearts is growing stronger as their Aura Power does…!
: That’s exactly what happened back in our world!
: Rouri, Kanamoto… Are you really that far gone?!
: On your command, Lord Masaki.
: …
: We’ll be counting on you and your troops. Forward!
: (The Linebarrel is Hisataka Katou’s primary target… and it is also a key for us to unlock one of the mysteries of this world…)

: Ladies, gentlemen, do not allow the enemy to encroach upon the demarked area. Keep the Linebarrel squarely out of their reach!

Kill everything, don’t lose a ship or let any enemy into JUDA HQ. We’ve got forces coming in from the NE and SE, so you’ll want to spread your guys accordingly – the Katous are bulkier in general, so send more guys that way.
Do note that while the bosses will all move in from the start, they’ll prioritize your guys, while the mooks will always make a beeline for JUDA, so focus on the little guys first, especially the flying Aura Machines. Speaking of, while I didn’t bother checking, I’ve a sinking feeling they’ve really gained a power boost from being in the Overworld – a couple mooks hit the Quarter and did about 4-4.5k a pop, which is a ton.
Regardless, the first waves are the more complicated but once your morale gets going, you’ll be tearing through these guys quickly. Remember that Kotto and Masaki still have their MAPWs and you’ll be fine.

Alto’s YF-29 Durandal F is pretty much a straight upgrade to his Messiah, carrying even the same Squad Bonus. There isn’t really much to be said here: it’s got more of everything. I suppose I could mention that he now has his ISC Maneuver, which means he can use his finisher post-movement. The Battroid version is still stronger, mind, and has 4 shots, while the ISC Maneuver costs a hefty 50 EN to use.

Apparition (Yajima Hideaki)
Pilot Skills:
Factor (Base value is 50)
Prevail L4
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
All-Attack L1
Hit & Away
Gunfight L2
Spirit Commands:
Ideal (casts Fighting Spirit on self and adjacent allies)
Mech Features:
EM Camouflage
10% HP Regen
Squad Bonus: Ranged attacks +100, Accuracy +5 (Ranged attacks +200, Accuracy +20, Range +2, A in Air)
Yajima’s voice actor: Go Shinomiya (other roles: Seishiro Kusanagi in SRW OE, Lee and JB in 00 Gundam, and some more.)

A pure sniper as he was in L, Yajima’s still pretty reliable but he can’t really hold a handle to Maya, Miku, Mike (in the Kaima) or even Lockon. Still, he can make for a pretty good squaddie for any of them and should be an easy fit. His stats are certainly good enough and his squad bonus makes him pretty much perfect for any ranged attacker.

And I forgot to take a picture of Domyoji, so you’ll be spared of my ramblings for another mission. To sum it up, though, he’s a pretty great squaddie too, with his Squad Bonus boosting both ranged and melee weapons.

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

And we start shooting but stuff’s still mostly closing in. Events trigger with every new turn, so…

: (Michio, everyone… good luck out there!)

Door opens.

: …
: Canon… Did something happen?
: You have it, don’t you? A medicine that implants one with the Festum genes?
: Wh-Who told you—?!
: Michio mentioned it a while back. He said that, in the event someone was infected by the Mir’s toxin, it’d be possible to inoculate them through the injection of the Festum genes.
: Th-That’s…
: And considering how many times this squadron has fought the Festum, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’d have some of that for use in an emergency.
: I’m taking it.
: Wait! That’s used only as a last resort—

  • :tfrxmas: *

: Don’t move!
: …?!
: Canon, you…!
: …
: This is what I chose…

Carrying on outside, we’ve got plenty of stuff in range.

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: I have been reborn as a Factor… and I’ve taken plenty of time to come to grips with it.
: But from now on I’ll be fighting as part of the UX!
: I’ll do so not only for me, but also to protect his home…!


: Hayase’s steeled himself and is off to settle matters with the Linebarrel…
: Then I guess I better get to work too! Can’t have you folks making a mess out of that!

: Hmhmhm… Oh, it just breaks my heart to have to fight some familiar faces…
: Still, this is my debut battle with the UX, so I have to make it a good one!


:siren: SRW UX - The Light of Life Shines
Oh, and it should be noted that Saya’s BGM changed when we unlocked the Odyssea and I only noticed it now! :v:

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

I took care to get rid of one of these dumbasses quick before they had the morale to use their combo attack.

: Damn it, wasn’t my Aura energy supposed to have been boosted?!
: Am I just not strong enough…?!

: Tsk… We’ve got some coming from over there too!
: Relay troops to intercept them at once!


: Detecting a powerful energy reaction coming from above!

: H-Hrrgh…!
: Where… Where’d that come from…?!
: Hm, you’ve finally shown yourself…
: Hisataka Katou…!

: They’ve withstood the Shangri-La’s bombardment… You do justice to your reputation as heroes.
: Katou…!
: Heheh, so the boss-man himself is jumping into the fray? I love it!
: It goes to show how much they want the Linebarrel!
: You were all of great use for our plans… but I’m afraid your part has ended now that he’s awakened.
: And I am here to remove you from the world’s stage!

: Now I just have to inject myself with this and I’ll be able to pilot a Nothung Model…
: Canon, stop! Think of what might happen! You might even die, remember?!

Door opens.

: I thought you’d be here, Canon…
: Shouko…
: Why are you doing this…?
: …
: When I tried to disappear along with the island, Kazuki said I had to make my own choices…
: Youko also told me that I had to figure out how to live without orders…
: But neither of them were telling you to do something like this, no?
: How do you think my mom would feel if you went ahead with it and lost your life?
: I suppose… she would be sad. As would everyone else…
: And it’d sadden you, too…
: …
: But I must still do this…!
: … Okay.
: Ms. Yumiko, please let her do as she wants.
: Shouko?!
: I know what she’s feeling. For so long I was always sick, never able to do anything to help the island or the people I loved…
: Shouko…
: It was my own will that let me be here today…
: I chose to stand up to my fate, to overcome it and to stay here…
: And I know you’ll do the same, right, Canon?
: …
: I have thought long and hard about this and so many things…
: And there’s only one answer I found…!
: Don’t! Canon, stop this!
: I am here…
: And I’ll continue to be, along with all my friends. That’s what I choose…!


: Aaiieeee!
: The Linebarrel isn’t something you are equipped to handle.
: (Ishigami… Whatever future you might have your eyes set on, you will not make it real…!)

Katou and two mooks close in on JUDA!

: Gch… This is not good!
: Ishigami! I’m taking Amagatsu Kizaki!
: …
: M-Mr. Ishigami…!

: Wh-What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: We made it…!
: The Mark Sechs… but the other one is…!
: …
: The Mark Drei… Is it—?!
: I’m borrowing your Fafner, Sakura…
: So that I can protect this place… where all our friends are at!


: Canon’s piloting the Mark Drei…?!
: You implanted yourself with the Festum genes?!
: Canon, you…
: We’ll talk about it later!
: Canon’s here, and that’s all that matters!
: Roger. Canon, provide support.
: Thank you, Maya…
: Canon, you know what to do, right?
: Absolutely!

Canon tags into Shouko’s team.

: All your tricks won’t change the future, Ishigami!


: I presume you’re talking about the future you know?
: What…?!
: I’m sure you’ve already noticed it, but there’s a major difference between the future you saw, and the future my eyes are set upon…
: …?!
: Ishigami… You cannot mean…!
: (Kunio Ishigami and Hisataka Katou… What are they talking about?)
: Now, ladies and gentlemen of the UX, I have a new request to make of you.
: Please set forward and remove them from these premises!
: That goes without saying! Everyone focus fire on Katou’s Arma!
: Copy that!

Now you only have to beat Katou to end the mission but, of course, we want all those kills and moneys.

Canon’s Mark Drei is a bit different from Sakura, as you can see by the new Luger Lance. It’s about a little bit stronger overall, though it no longer has the Piram, so it loses a bit of utility. On the other hand, it now has a lot more range since the Lance can be used to shoot stuff down.

Tsukuyomi (Hisataka Katou)
Pilot Skills:
Factor – Only his Machina’s the Shangri-La and he pilots an Arma… so he doesn’t regen anything!
Prevail L7
Support Attack L3
All-Attack L2
Command L4
Mech Features:
All Canceller
Katou’s voice actor: Jun Fukuyama

Katou’s Arma may look a bit gangly but he’s anything but with 50k HP and that L7 Prevail. His attacks are all high-powered and his stats, as you might expect, are pretty good overall (though nowhere as high as Amagatsu’s).
Best attack is range 1-3, though, so either hit from outside of that or bring defensive spirits. By himself he won’t be a problem, but you might be somewhat threatened if you haven’t shaved off a decent number of the original troops/bosses since that Command L4’ll give them all a major boost.
All that said, he’d be a lot more intimidating if we hadn’t just dealt with Amagatsu.

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Hmph, never did I expect you to turn traitor! You will pay for your deceit…!
: Hmhmhm… All women have layers they don’t show everyone – especially good women!

Yulianne attacking: “Not even your feet can match my Tsubaki-hime, Jack.”

: You again, Mister Samurai? Has it still not sunken in that you’re not good enough to face me?
: I’ll concede that you’ve the strength to match your arrogance.
: However, I cannot step aside! The souls of my dead subordinates demand I claim your head!

Made me waste an attack!

: S-Such strength… Can not even my Arma body challenge them anymore?!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: Goddamn it! Our Aura Machines just can’t handle them?!
: How the hell did they get such a leg up on us?!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Tsk, we can ill afford a display of weakness right before our new allies… but I also cannot overextend on the eve of our assault of the Overworld!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Hrk… They are even stronger than our last encounter.
: Was allying with this Katou Organization truly the right decision to make?

And here’s the Apparition best trick, plus Michel’s Reactive Munitions.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: I’ll keep them all safe, and then we’ll head home together!
: That’s the decision I’ve made!

And we might as well get Athrun’s best solo attack plus DK out of the way too.

:siren: SRW UX - Sublimation of a Destroyer

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: How unfortunate. Were you still an inciter of war, you could’ve been an asset to us.
: Pass. That kind of gig really doesn’t click with us anymore – quite the opposite, actually.
: Now, we don’t really know why you care so much about nabbing the Linebarrel…
: But that doesn’t mean we’re just going to let you get your hands on it or on Kouichi!
: This might be your grand entry on stage, Hisataka Katou, but we’re about to bring the curtains down on you…!

As you can see, he hurts plenty.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Sakomizu has not taken to the field… What are you truly after in the shadows of this assault?!
: It’s that man from before…! Is he coming to assault the king again?!
: Rrgh, fire! Fire! Do not let him near His Majesty!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Use Aura Machines to wage war in the Overworld and there’ll be no undoing the destruction you’ll cause! Why can’t you see that?!
: We must showcase our might to the people of this land! Holy Warrior or not, oppose us and death will take you!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: King Sakomizu, why did you ally with the Katou Organization?! What’re you trying to accomplish with this?!
: Look at the present Japan! Don’t you understand that it has no room for your ideology?!
: That is not for you to decide, young Aesap Suzuki…!

: Father, why on Earth would you cast your lot with such villains as the Katou Organization?!
: …
: Why won’t you answer me?! Father…!
: Silence! The king seeks to understand the inner workings of this world! Your opinion is neither wanted nor needed, girl!

And we’ll take them out in style with Alto’s best Valkyrie attack.

: …
: Sound the retreat, Codour. There is no point in continuing this battle.
: But, Your Majesty, if we do not claim victory here and now, we…!
: Insolence! Know when to still your tongue!
: …?!
: K-Kotto, sound the retreat…
: Y-Yes! All troops, fall back!

Were there any Hojo troops alive, they’d leave.

: (I have seen all I needed to see in this battle. What I must do here, on the surface, is…)

: (Father… just what are you thinking?)

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: A full assault at JUDA, is it? Then, come! I’ll end every last one of you!
: Rather than your usual protective stance, now you take a purely offensive one?
: You may not be gripped by fear, but something else clearly has its bindings around you…
: Something binds me…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: You really were a JUDA spy, I see…
: By your attitude, I presume you already had some suspicions? But just because the cat’s out of the bag doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, right?
: You’re well aware of the Glain-Neidr’s power. There’ll be no fun for you if you insist on doing this …!

: Apparition… I imagined you’d already produced yourself a Factor.
: He’s clearly got the upper hand in terms of size…
: But I’m not throwing in the towel! I’m sure he wouldn’t, were he here!

: (Mr. Ishigami… What are you planning that you’d gather a force as powerful as this…?)

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

: Our battle with the Katou Organization’ll be over once you’re history!
: I see uncertainty in those wings of yours. Do you mean to strike me down with a spirit as weak as that?
: I’ve already made up my mind to keep on flying – and I won’t stop, with or without uncertainty holding me back!
: Because I know it’ll eventually lead me to finding the role I’m truly meant to play!

:siren: SRW UX - Believe ver. HD

: Whatever spirit has found its way inside you, you’ll still be unable to stop me.
: Sorry, but you’ve got it the wrong way around.
: Whatever is up with you, I’ll just keep on fighting and singing with everything I have! And you can’t stop that!

: It’s possible your way could eventually help people survive hardship…
: Why do you oppose me if you think so?
: Because you’re too ruthless! Not everyone’s as strong as you want them to be and you can’t just throw them away!

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

: So, your obsession isn’t with the Linebarrel but with Kizaki’s dad…?
: You got history with the guy, don’t you?! What’s the deal between you two?!
: I admit I underestimated you, Joe Maya… I thought you were a simple man, but you’re surprisingly sharp!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: Why have you taken the to field now, of all times, Katou Hisataka?!
: Because I chose to do so, pure and simple. To see that it’s not the future Ishigami sees that is realized, but the future I… or, rather, the future he sees!
: (Maj. Richard said he saw Hell when he traveled into the future…)
: (But what about Katou and Ishigami? What kind of future do they see waiting for us…?)

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Do you even have a reason to meddle in this world’s affairs? I don’t see any.
: I shall take up arms wherever I see suffering people!
: Such is the essence of my justice, Hisataka Katou!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: I know of you: swept away by the circumstances around you, too young to tell right from wrong… You have no right to be here.
: Maybe, but at least I don’t try and force what I think is right onto others!
: We think things through together, and fight as best we can to let people live their lives in peace!
: (“Peace”, you say…? Ignorance is bliss…)

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: You had left this stage once before, and ghosts have no place upon the battlefield.
: That’s how I looked at it at first.
: But now I’m here because I want to be! Not to fight as a ghost, but as a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Why’re you only interested in taking the Linebarrel, Hisataka Katou?!
: Because the Linebarrel is not something that can be left in the hands of the ignorant! Accept that fact!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: So, this is where your loyalties truly lie, Yulianne…!
: Sorry, commander. To tell the truth, I didn’t mind the time I spent with the Katou Organization.
: But I was on Ishigami’s payroll first, and I don’t break contracts once they’re made. Think of how much my credibility would suffer!

Yulianne: “It’s nothing personal, commander.”
Katou: “Receive the punishment due to your treachery, Yulianne.”

: Hisataka Katou… What reason does the infamous leader have to come here in person?
: Because the time for it had come. That’s all there is to it.

Katou taking big damage: “Indeed, you were the one we should’ve been wary of the most, Reiji Moritsugu…!”


: I won’t suffer rabid beasts, lacking any and all ideals, getting in my way. Leave.
: Hah, and you think rabid beasts would listen to what you have to say?
: “Ideals”? Are you trying to bore me to death, guy? When you’re in a battle, you either live or you die – period!

Kaido attacking (he’ll say it for Sakomizu too): “Ya can stuff all them ‘just cause’ speeches! We fight ‘cause we want to, and that’s just how we like it!”

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: A soldier that does nothing but follow orders cannot hope to oppose me. Leave now and I’ll spare you.
: I’m no longer fighting because I was ordered to…
: I am here, right now, because I chose this for myself!

Katou drops another Teachings of Jikishinkage-ryu Kenjutsu.

: Hrk… Blast you, Ishigami! I will not tolerate what you’re trying to accomplish…!

: Such a terrifying Aura Power…! Where in blazes does such tenacity stem from?!
: I dare say… it’s love that he feels!
: If I have the Linebarrel… If I just have him, then the future—!
: I’m afraid not. The man you’re looking for is gone, Katou…
: What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: That’s enough out of you, Hisataka Katou.
: …?! I-Impossible… How are you…?!
: Why are you piloting the Linebarrel, Kouichi Hayase…?!
: That’s because… Mr. Amagatsu gave it to me.
: What do you mean?!
: Exactly what I said. He entrusted it to me before he passed on…
: Amagatsu Kizaki isn’t with us anymore… he’s dead!
: (Hayase…)
: …
: How… Why were you…
: WHY?!

Katou charges after Kouichi!

: Stabilize fields and then active Counter Nanomachines!
: Engage real-time teleportation in response to target’s movements at intervals 6, 7, 2, 3, 5, 8!

Captions are available.

: U-Uurgh…!
: Kouichi activated the Counter Nanomachines…!
: What’s going on?! I thought only Kizaki could do that…!
: Why… Kouichi Hayase! You were supposed to be just an average kid!
: You were never meant to be chosen for anything!
: You got that right. I absolutely wasn’t chosen for this.
: On the contrary: I chose this! I chose this fate, of my own free will!
: …?!
: You weren’t chosen… but, instead, chose this yourself?!


: Katou, the Linebarrel and Kouichi Hayase turning up wasn’t in the plan. We should retreat and reorganize for the moment!
: Tch…!
: You understand now, don’t you, Katou?
: So, what I say to you is this: imagine. That is, if you truly want to save humanity.
: …
: A man who’s a pawn for the Machinas has no place telling me to imagine…!

: (Hisataka Katou wishes to save humanity…?)

: No further signals on radar. Enemy forces are confirmed repelled.
: Phew, we cut it real close today… I don’t know what we would’ve done if the Linebarrel hadn’t turned up.
: You’ve overcome that hurdle, huh, Kouichi…?
: All thanks to yours and everyone’s help. I’m really grateful.
: And there’s something else I forgot to say…
: Welcome back, Yajima…
: Glad to be here…

: I see… Then it really was The Advancers behind the Katou Organization and the Hojo Army’s alliance?
: I think so, yes. And this isn’t the first time they’ve meddled into things.
: For instance, they often supported the Martian Development Bureau from the shadows and helped push that reform of the Federation Army…
: The reform?! Then…!
: Right, meaning they came this close to driving JUDA and Orb off the cliff.
: I was also quite busy during that time, mind, finding and delivering that The Boom Army top secret footage to Agent Hughes.
: Then, our names being cleared with the Federation Government…
: Is mostly because of me, yes. You may thank me later.
: As for The Advancers, I really wish I could’ve figured out who they were sooner, but they’re a very careful, very secretive lot. It took a long time.
: And these Advancers are Hisataka Katou’s personal secret weapon?
: I’m glad you’re quick on the take, Moritsugu.
: Wait, hold on! Who are these Advancers, then?! How are they Katou’s secret weapon?!
: The Advancers are, put it simply, fixers that have been snuck into every nation. Through them, Katou manipulates the world and everyone’s none the wiser…
: But what The Advancers really are is…

Location: New York – Rubens Foundation HQ

: It seems the Linebarrel has progressed to a new stage.
: Nothing escapes your attention, hm? Though we’d expect no less from the heir apparent of the Rubens Foundation.
: The entire world is keeping a very close eye on the UX’s actions. Of course I’d do the same.
: But the question now is what will you and your fellows do?
: The same we’d been doing before. Nothing has changed.
: All we do is advance the schedule that has been given to us.
: …
: Despite the fact that your Original, Amagatsu Kizaki, is now dead…?
: That’s correct…

: Th-The Advancers are all clones of my father…?!
: What do you mean by that?!
: I think I said it as clearly as could be. The Advancers are a group comprised entirely of Amagatsus.
: And Hisataka manages them all.
: But for what?!
: You and Kouichi both contacted Prof. Kizaki’s mind, no? I’m certain you know the answer to that question.
: …?!
: Then, my father…
: Correct. The Advancers are your father’s legacy for Katou. They were given to him so that he’d use them to influence the world out of sight.
: All so he could choose his future…
: …
: The dealings with the Martian Development Bureau, the treaty with the Frontier Government and the AEU, and, also, the hijacking of one of the Union’s most powerful weapons. All those were a result of The Advancers’ work.
: And I’d wager Katou has been working nonstop to correct any eventualities that didn’t conform to his schedule.
: Not so different from you, pushing for your chosen future to be realized through Judah’s guidelines…
: Yes, but our perspectives are fundamentally different.
: Where I see a desired outcome, he sees an irregularity to be fixed.
: And now that Hayase’s inherited the Linebarrel, he’s likely getting ready to make his next move.
: His next move…?
: But, of course, I’m already taking steps to counter that.
: Ms. Ogawa, I trust all preparations are complete?
: Yes, sir. All personnel have been reassigned to new posts and all projects have been passed along.
: With this, the enterprise known as JUDA will cease to exist.
: Whuh…?!
: I’d rather say it’s just returning to the form it was always meant to have.
: …
: Wh-What’d you mean by JUDA’ll cease to exist…?!
: Ensign Berge. I called you and Saya here so that you’d be the first to know.
: JUDA’s Special Forces are breaking ties with Japan! We are officially an arm of the Ultimate Cross, effective immediately!
: …?!
: JUDA’s incorporated itself into the UX…?
: No take-backsies, yes? We’re all at your service…

: The implanted genes are settling in just fine. There shouldn’t be any risk of rejection anymore.
: Thank goodness for that… but what you did was still too dangerous, Canon.
: Sorry. But I wanted…
: I wanted to be like Kazuki and the others…
: If that’s what you decided, then I won’t say anything.
: But you have to make it through this alive. Keep that in mind, please.
: I say the same to you.
: The bond between those two has grown a lot stronger through this, huh.
: Eh. They still ain’t got nothing on the bond between us twins.
: Sis, please, this isn’t a competition…
: Shouko and I’ll take you up on that challenge.
: Ah…?
: The two of us are no different from you…
: We’re sisters, after all…
: Canon…

Door opens.

: Ah, here you are. Everyone’s being asked to gather at the president’s office.
: Did something happen?
: Maybe Mr. Ishigami has some sort of major announcement to make…
: A major announcement…?

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: W-We’ve been integrated into the UX…?
: Katou’ll all but surely be making full use of The Advancers from now on.
: And if he does, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to turn the world against JUDA like they did before. In fact, I’d expect things to be even worse…
: And, so, you’ve decided to preemptively dismantle JUDA before they tried anything of the sort.
: Well, it makes sense. The UX has been recognized by the Federation Government as an independent strike team, so they can’t exert any outside pressure on us.
: I get it, but trashing the whole company…?
: And it’s not just JUDA’s Special Forces that are being relocated.
: The Skull Force’s officially broken ties with the WSO not too long ago.
: U-Us too…?!
: Nice. Now we don’t even gotta worry about the bigwigs getting pissy with us.
: And, of course, that also applies to the SMS.
: Even us?
: Ms. Yulianne’s information has made it clear that The Advancers have also infiltrated the Frontier government. We deemed it best to put ourselves as far out of their reach as possible.
: But there’s still the matter of Sheryl…
: …
: Mind you, no one’s forced to go along with this.
: A lot of you chose to join the UX, so this decision is entirely up to you. Will you stay? Will you leave? Your fate is yours to decide.
: Psh, you say that like anyone here’d start getting cold feet after everything we’d been through.
: Ain’t that right, folks?
: Yeah, I’m not going anywhere until this is over!
: I’m coming along too!
: We were always prepared to see this path through to the end.
: Not only am I staying, I’ll be singing even harder for us!
: Hah, I suppose I now find myself in your shoes, Ensign.
: Major…
: Well, looks like everyone’s okay with sticking around.
: But, if we’re breaking away from all those groups, then who’ll be our bosses?
: Well, why don’t we give Arnie and Saya that job?
: U-Us…?!
: N-Now wait just a minute! I’m still just an Ensign!
: You want me to start giving orders to people that’re a bunch of ranks above me?! That’s insane…
: Oh, then we now grant you a six-rank promotion! Should we start calling you “general” or something?
: G-General…?!
: While that’s very unusual, it’s not without precedent.
: Right, Kira?
: Heh, right.
: N-No, please… just keep calling me Ensign…
: Always the humble man, eh?
: And don’t worry that you’re in over your head. You and Saya’ll just be deciding our overall policy.
: Hmhmm. Zhou Yu and the others will all be on hand to take care of our tactics.
: You’re fine with that, yes, Zhou Yu?
: Absolutely. We shall strive to support the two of them to the utmost of our abilities.
: Although, I trust you will continue your studies under me, hm?
: Hahahah… Y-yes, sir.
: Thank you so much, everyone…
: And now… with that taken care of, I believe Hayase has something to tell us.
: He does…?
: Yeah, it’s about the Linebarrel. About how I inherited it…
: …
: And, more importantly, I need to tell you guys what I learned from Mr. Amagatsu… about the future of mankind…

[i]Fei learns her 2nd tactician bonus, and is now capable of immunizing our guys against spec debuffs as well – in other words, we can’t be debuffed when she’s leading our team (though it still doesn’t affect the Festum or ELS, so…).

Also, some convos we missed:[/i]

: How do you like this, Aesap?! Check out my real power! All it’ll take is a little show of force and we’ll have the rich and powerful panicking like ants!
: You’re still going at it like this?! How do you figure you can change the world for the better by taking out your dissatisfaction on others?!

: We’ll all back at the Overworld, Kanamoto! There’s absolutely no reason for us to be fighting each other!
: What, are you telling me to move back to that apartment, living off minimum wage again?! Get real!
: If I prove myself with the Hojo Army, the King’ll make me a noble!
: A “noble”?! And how many people’ll die because of that garbage?!

Now, as you saw above, Shouko participates heavily in Canon’s events. But what if you didn’t save her? Well, then Soma is the one who tags along. The lines in the prologue are pretty much unchanged, except Soma words it differently, but here are the mid-battle scenes:

: Now I just have to inject myself with this and I’ll be able to pilot a Nothung Model…
: Canon, stop! Think of what might happen! You might even die, remember?!

Door opens.

: I thought you’d be here, Canon…
: Peries…
: Why are you doing this…?
: …
: When I tried to disappear along with the island, Kazuki said I had to make my own choices…
: Youko also told me that I had to figure out how to live without orders…
: They weren’t telling you to do something like this, though, right?
: How do you think everyone would feel if lost your life?
: I suppose… they’d be sad. As would Youko…
: And it’d sadden you, too…
: …
: But I must still do this…!
: … Okay.
: Yumiko, please let her do as she wants.
: Peries?!
: When the HRL experimented on me for the Super Soldier Program… I was left completely paralyzed, stripped of all my senses. I was essentially a corpse.
: But, with Allelujah’s help, I learned how to live as a person.
: And I believe you feel the same way, right, Canon?
: Peries…
: Kazuki and your friends have taught you how to live.
: And that’s what pushed you to make a decision… to answer all their feelings in kind and stand up to your destiny…
: …
: I have thought long and hard about this and so many things…
: And there’s only one answer I found …!
: Don’t! Canon, stop this!
: I am here…
: And I’ll continue to be, along with all my friends. That’s what I choose…!


When the Harute sets into battle with the Mark Drei, Soma’s lines are the same as Shouko’s, so that scene’s mostly unchanged. The epilogue one in the infirmary is different, mind, after Canon apologizes:

: I’m sure all this happened the way it did because of your resolve and your wish to stay with us.
: It was that powerful will, those emotions, you showcased that brought this about.
: Yeah, I think so too. That’s got to be it.
: My emotions…?

And then Luca calls everyone to Ishigami’s office.


Ah yes, the Apparition’s rain-maker. I’ve nearly forgotten about it.

What was that between Kira and Athrun about the six-rank promotion? Did something like that happen in Seed?


To quote a poster from the SA thread: For those who don’t know, after retaking Orb late in Destiny, Kira Yamato is quietly promoted from Ensign to Fleet Admiral. It isn’t even mentioned. He just gets a new uniform with a lot more bars on it. That makes him by far the highest-ranked protagonist of any Gundam series.

Click to see the mission!

: …
: Where am I…?

: This is the Linebarrel’s cyberworld…
: You’re making direct contact with the Linebarrel now.
: Y-You’re…
: I’m Nano!
: And I’m Machine!
: Now, let’s learn about the extinction of mankind!
: You and we, the microscopical mechanical lifeforms! Yaaay!
: The extinction of mankind…?!
: It all started with a certain scientist who succeeded in making nanomachines a reality…
: Nanomachines, as in the things used to turn someone into a Factor…?
: Bingo, and it’s by being implanted with nanomachines that a Factor gains his superhuman abilities.
: Mind you, they were originally invented to heal illness and injuries.
: And thanks to nanomachines, humans achieved a state where they were practically immortal.
: The long-lasting dream of eternal life had become real for mankind! They no longer had any fear of death. What do you think happened next?
: Well, if they couldn’t die, then I guess they wouldn’t have to fight over a lot of stuff…
: Then, the world would be at peace, right?
: Oh, yes, it was peaceful. VERY peaceful. So peaceful that people lost their imagination.
: And that led to the extinction of mankind…
: Huh…?!
: Wait, back it up there! Why would peace cause people to lose their imagination, and how would that make humanity go extinct?!
: Imagination is what makes humans human.
: …?!
: And if humans cease to be human… then they can no longer exist. Nature does not allow such an abnormality.
: …
: Who are you…?
: I’m the one guilty of inventing the nanomachines and the Machinas, and of bringing about the extinction of mankind…

: I am Amagatsu Kizaki.
: You’re… Kizaki’s dad? But you look just like…
: I figured I should assume a form around your age if we were going to have this talk.
: Come with me. There’s something I want you to see.

: Th-That’s…!
: After mankind went extinct, the Machina suddenly started fighting one another.

: Those are Vardants…?! There are so many… What’s going on?!
: With their masters gone, this was the ultimate fate of those oh-so-foolishly pure machines.
: Why are the Machinas fighting each other…?!
: As you already know, the Machinas core principle is that they must prioritize human life above anything else.
: And with said human life gone, the Machinas tried to become human themselves.
: The Machinas tried to become human…?!
: Since the dawn of time, mankind has evolved by thinking of ways to avoid death.
: It was through that primordial fear of death that humans obtained their imagination.
: And if it’s imagination that makes humans human…
: What do you suppose the Machinas would do in order to become human?
: …
: They would make themselves imagine their own deaths…
: Precisely. In essence, this war you’re seeing was a ritual through which the Machinas would comprehend death, attain imagination, and become human.
: …
: Now let’s go back a bit in time.

: No! I…
: I can’t do it!

: Is that kid…?!
: Hm. It’s Hisataka Katou, long before he became the commander of the Katou Organization.
: He worked as my assistant back then, though he had all the makings of a brilliant scientist himself.
: Katou was your assistant…?
: And the one he’s pointing a gun at is me: Prof. Amagatsu Kizaki. I asked him to kill me, so that I’d become the Linebarrel’s Factor.
: …!
: Please, Katou… It has to be done!
: But… How…
: How can you expect me to just kill you, Professor…?!
: …
: I understand that it’s a very cruel request I’m making of you…
: But I can’t trust anyone but you to see it done. It won’t be long before I…
: There’s no telling when the Suicide Switch inside me will flip!

: “Suicide Switch”…?
: I told you, no? Nature does not allow abnormalities such as humans who’ve ceased to be humans to exist.
: The humans who no longer felt any fear of death, who’d lost their imagination…
: All committed suicide, one by one.
: S-Suicide?!
: That was the cause of the extinction of mankind.
: “Commit suicide if you’ve lost your imagination.” This simple program’s coded into our very DNA.
: “Coded”… Then who put it there?!
: Even I don’t know our origin as a species, so I couldn’t tell you…
: This could well be God’s handiwork, after He was finished creating us.
: G-God…?

: Please, Katou. Don’t give me a chance to kill myself as well!
: P-Professor…
: I want you to know… that bringing you into our family has given me so much joy…
: Thank you… from the bottom of my heart…
: Professor, I… I!
: Gch… Uwaaaaaah!


: And, so, I became the Linebarrel’s Factor.
: …
: Can I ask you something?
: Why did you do it? Why go that far to become a Factor…?
: …
: I did it…
: To destroy the world.
: …?!


: To “destroy” the world…? What do you mean?!
: There’s no need for you to understand.
: What the hell… Just what’re you trying to accomplish with this?!
: Isn’t it obvious? All I want is to save humanity.
: What humanity?! The one from the era you lived in?! They’re not even here anymore!
: …?!
: I don’t know how you and the Linebarrel wound up in our time…
: But we’re fighting for the era we live in! For our present! This isn’t your time anymore!
: …
: The humanity I worked to save is already gone, hm…?

: Hrm…!
: H-Hey, what’s…?!
: Looks like my time is almost up…
: Your “time”…?!
: The repeated battles and the wounds I suffered from the compulsory teleports have taken their toll.
: In truth, there isn’t much left of my body anymore.
: W-Wait, but you’re the Linebarrel’s Factor, right?
: If you die, won’t the Linebarrel…
: No… I’ll pass everything on to my daughter – to Emi.
: To Kizaki…?
: Are you kidding me?! You’re going to make her go through the same things you did?!
: How can you turn your daughter into a tool of war…
: You can’t the save world with ideology.
: No! Saving the world’s impossible only when you don’t have any ideals to believe in!
: What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: I get it now…
: You don’t have any ideals of your own. All you felt was despair, and that’s why you wanted to destroy the world…
: The only reason you couldn’t save humanity was you!
: I was the reason why I couldn’t save them…?!
: Was there someone like me in the era you lived in?
: Were there people who’d fight for the same reasons as you?!

: …
: Hah, you’re really something. Not once did I imagine someone who thought like that could actually exist…
: I see… I couldn’t save our world because there was no one like you around?
: …
: Are you telling me you can succeed where I couldn’t, then? You’d take the weight of the entire world onto your shoulders?
: I’ve been carrying that weight for a long while now.
: …
: That’s about the answer I’d expect from you…
: And if you’ll say that much, then I suppose I’ve nothing to worry about.

: This is…!
: It’s time we bid each other farewell.
: Kouichi, so many see in you a Champion of Justice… May I do the same?
: Mr. Amagatsu…
: Humans cannot create their fates, but they can still choose which one to follow…
: It’s taken me until now to finally realize that.
: Thank you, Kouichi…
: W-Wait! I still have more—
: Give my regards… to Emi…


: (What kind of things did he imagine from within the Linebarrel?)
: (He’d lost his body, but still tried to save the world. What kind of dreams would a man like that have…?)
: (I wanted to know what I could do. There was so much I still wanted to ask him. But…)
: (He was no longer here…)

: …
: And that’s everything he told me inside the Linebarrel…
: So, the reason why humanity goes extinct in the future is because they all killed themselves…?
: And Maj. Richard came to our time with Saya in a bid to try and stop that future from happening…
: Just as Prof. Amagatsu took Kizaki and came here from the future.
: With the two of them aboard the Linebarrel…
: …
: Then, doesn’t that mean Kizaki and Katou were born in the future? And…
: Yes… It’s likely that’s also my case…
: But, I wonder, if all Machinas are from the future and teleported through time to come here…
: Then why did they all arrive scattered across the ages?
: True, there’s a big gap between each of their arrivals.
: For instance, Soubi’s Talisman has been around for some centuries, while Kujo’s Painkiller is from over two thousand years ago.
: Ms. Saya, how did you and Maj. Richard make it to this era?
: I… don’t really remember.
: You don’t?
: Hm. By the time I woke up, we had already crossed over…
: Though the Major did say that it was chance that led us here…
: Simply put, then, the time travel method used is extremely erratic and doesn’t allow for one to specify the desired destination…?
: Hmm…
: Rachel, do you have anything to add?
: Well, Time Travel is still very much a theoretical proposition right now, so I can’t give you much…
: I’m more concerned with the Linebarrel, to be honest.
: Something bad happened due to Amagatsu’s death?
: More like I expected something bad to happen.
: See, the original Factor has died, but absolutely nothing happened to the Linebarrel, Kouichi or Emi.
: Hmm, you’re right… The Machina and all its Factors share the same life…
: There’s only one answer I can think of for this: Kouichi’s 100% inherited the Linebarrel from Amagatsu Kizaki…
: Inherited, how…?
: All things considered, it’s very likely that Amagatsu had joined with the Linebarrel’s computer.
: And if he acknowledged Kouichi as his successor and passed the Linebarrel on to him…
: …
: That would mean that the Linebarrel and Hayase are now one and the same…
: …?!
: Wh-What do you mean by that?!
: I think it’s about a similar case to Joe and Tobikage.
: Us…?
: It’s like when you two fuse together, which allows you both to display all your dormant power.
: Then, when Kouichi gets aboard the Linebarrel now…
: The same thing happens, yes. In other words, our Kouichi is far from your everyday Factor anymore.
: …
: Mr. Ishigami… I have a question to ask.
: What is it?
: In your eyes, was Hayase inheriting the Linebarrel from Amagatsu “pure happenstance” or was it one of your necessary “events"?
: I’d rather not say.
: And why is that?
: Because, if I did, it might change events down the road and I’d prefer to avoid that.
: I see. I shall ask you of something else, then.
: We have made several choices throughout our past struggles.
: Say we had chosen different paths to follow, would that have resulted in more or less sacrifices?
: …
: I’ll leave that to your imagination.
: You are still evading the subject?!
: You know everything, yet you tell us nothing… How many lives will you toy with before you are satisfied?!
: Brother…
: …
: Hmph… You lack maturity, Sun Quan.
: What?!
: Those who have perished all chose their fates leading to that point. And as they left this mortal coil, they entrusted their cause to those who remained.
: Ishigami did not determine their deaths to be. Their own wills made it so!
: And we are supposed to simply tread over their lost lives?!
: Ideals demand sacrifice. ‘Tis folly to attempt to see them through without!
: Then let me tell you where you can shove your brand of ideals!
: That is enough! Your bickering will not help us in the slightest!
: Then, where do you stand on this, Liu Bei? What is your opinion?
: I…

And here we get an odd route split – if you can call it that. Our guys won’t actually split off, but the upcoming mission will change somewhat (including what you have to do for a secret).
Top option is to agree with Cao Cao:

: Sun Quan, I understand how you feel… However, I…
: I do not believe those who have died simply erred in the choices they made…
: Liu Bei…
: Though they sacrificed themselves, every last one of them wished their spirits to live on in those who remained…
: Do you not think Lords Sun Jian and Sun Ce also felt that way…?
: …

And if you pick the bottom option to agree with Sun Quan:

: Looking at the grand scheme of things, it could well be said that Cao Cao’s view is correct. However…
: I’m afraid I simply cannot bring myself to accept making a steppingstone out of anyone’s life in a bid to secure our future…
: …
: Hmph… You have not changed at all…
: Moreover, Sun Quan witnessed Lords Sun Jian and Sun Ce’s sacrifice in person. I would not expect him to abide such notions at all.
: Liu Bei…

From here on, it’s the same:

Beep, beep!

: Cpt. Jeffrey, Ms. Lam is sending an urgent transmission.
: From Lam? Alright, put her through.


: G-Guys, we’ve got big trouble! Sheryl was…!
: Hm?! What happened to her?!
: I-It’s…

: President Howard, is this really how you will deal with Sheryl Nome?!
: Yes, it is.
: But transferring her to Alcatraz, a penitentiary famous for housing only the worst of the worst? She’s a citizen of the Galaxy Fleet, so why imprison her on Earth?
: Because the grave crimes she’s committed affected not only us, but Earth as well.
: She intentionally beckoned the Vajra, the enemies of all humanity, into this world. And that deed cannot go unanswered.
: Sheryl Nome beckoned the Vajra…?
: That’s right. It’s with a heavy heart that we do this, but the Frontier Government has decided…
: That she is to be put to death.
: D-Death?!

: …
: You have 15 minutes, understand?
: Okay…
: # 107, come in.

: …
: Sheryl!
: R-Ranka?! What are you doing here…?
: I just wanted to speak to you for a bit…
: I’ve nothing to say to you! Guard, take me back to my cell!
: Are you just going to run?!
: …!
: Sheryl, there are so many people who still believe in you.
: Like Alto, and your fans…
: I didn’t ask you to come here and feed me niceties! I’m no Galactic Fairy or anything of the sort… I’m just a sad excuse of a person!
: …
: I always thought you were stronger than this, Sheryl.
: I remember what I felt when you sung with me during that battle with the Vajra!
: That’s when I felt that you were also lonely…
: I was…?
: I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but I couldn’t help but think of how amazing you were!
: How you carried on singing, despite the loneliness and sadness you felt…
: And singing with you also helped me feel like I wasn’t alone…
: Ranka…
: I’m sorry for this, but there’s only last thing I want to ask – and I want you to tell me the truth.
: Do you… love Alto?
: …
: I do. I love him as much as you do.
: …!
: But it won’t be long before I’m dead, so I want you to keep that between us…
: Sheryl…

: …
: Pii!
: What is it, Ai-kun? Are you trying to make me feel better?
: Pii! PIII!

Jump from the shadows!

: Keep walking and listen to me.
: Wh-Who…?!
: Easy, Ranka Lee. I’ve something I need to tell you.
: B-Brera…!
: Sheryl will die soon. Her vocal cords are rife with V-Type Infection and she refuses to remove them. Even if her death sentence isn’t carried out, she will not last for long…
: V-Type Infection?! Sheryl…?!
: Yes. She was of no further use to the Frontier, so they had her arrested.
: And that’s where you come in. You’re the only one other than her who can contact the Vajra, so the Frontier’ll be looking to use you as their new anti-Vajra weapon.
: A-Anti-Vajra weapon…?!
: You were infected by the Vajra’s Fold Bacteria while in your mother’s womb…
: That made you naturally immune to them, and gave you the ability to control the Vajra.
: My mother…? How do you know about that…?!
: …
: Eleven years ago, after Galia 4 fell to the Vajra, the Galaxy Fleet found and rescued me from the brink of death…
: G-Galia 4…?!
: That’s right, Ranka…
: I’m your older brother…!
: …!


Excuse me, I think I posted the wrong CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE picture in the previous update.

TheMajinZenki saw fit to provide me with the actual version:


I don’t know if it’s the fault of the anime adaption or how L treated the Linebarrel plot, but I like how the whole “imagination” issue was finally explained here, and why Katou was obsessed with expanding humanity’s imagination.

Also, if Mattman is reading this, do you have a list of which factor has which eye color? I have a guess, but I need to double check the eye colors, and forgot who had what.


Since you brought up SomethingAwful and have given the go-ahead for crossing the streams, tell your boy Blaze Dragon that Linebarrels’ scanlations have been complete since last year.


Told him, and he was very thankful. :+1:


Say what you will, but Cao Cao is definitely right in this one.

And dammit, where is the Brave Express Corps in that picture?


Pretty sure it is intended to be a chinese dragon that Zhang Fei shoots, given his dragon shoulder pad.

So fun fact about Alto’s cutscene only Reaction Missiles - they’re actually a full attack he gets for like ~4 stages in BX. This is notable partly because BX updated all of the VF-25’s sprites, so it had to be slightly reanimated. Oh, also, at max upgrades due to varying upgrade rates the Reaction Missiles from Ozma and Michael slightly outdamage the YF-29, but that’s not even remotely enough to make them better.

Also, the Quarter should have gotten a new map sprite at some point - it uses the changed map sprite for the entire rest of the game and BX. Not sure why, but eh.

Aww yes, Dr. West is finally joined. He’s actually legitimately really good in this game, one of the best tanks you get outside of Demonbane and… well, that other guy, proper, and L size in a game where half the enemies are S or M (or even SS) means he hits damn hard, plus his partner bonuses are pretty good (Although Water Rank + is unfortunately usually a wash). He’s absolutely someone you want on an endgame squad.

why is there a miku kitei no tsurugi

Yajima’s eyes are ORANGE. Katou’s are YELLOW. And Kizaki Amagatsu’s one factor eye is RED. You’ve been keeping up, right?


RED: Kouichi, Reiji, Yamashita, Masaki, Kizaki Amagatsu creepy single Factor eye.

ORANGE: Izuna, Yajima, Soubi, Miu

YELLOW: Emi, Eiji, Katou, and Ishigami - I don’t know if we’ve actually seen a portrait with his Factor eyes yet, but by this point in the manga that was revealed, so not really a spoiler.

What is a spoiler though is that Sawatari’s are red.

Of course he’s right, he’s Cao Cao.


“isn’t it a lot more likely there were just unforeseen problems with your nanomachines that eventually made people suicidal?”
“nope, self-destruct switch because of lack of imagination, 100% positive. my nanomachines were perfect, it was people that were the problem. just couldn’t handle how great my invention was. fucked up but true.”

Click to see the mission!

And we’re back. For today’s mission, I’ll be following the Cao Cao route of things but, like I said, the mission is mostly unchanged regardless of who you choose. I just feel like Cao Cao’s version is the “intended” one due to how events progress in it. Still, whatever changes in the Sun Quan route’ll be posted as we go.
Now, on both sides we get Fei, Eida, Miu, Alto, Cao Cao and Sun Quan deploying as event units, so here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

FYI, this mission is the cutoff point for the Fafner secret involving Michio and Canon’s kill count. If you’re going for it, you need to get their total over 100 by the time we’re done.
Off we go.

: Hey, I got a favor to ask you.
: E-eh…? Since when do you ask me for stuff?
: Listen to me! Pleeeeaaaase sign this!
: Let’s see… A petition to spare Sheryl Nome’s life?
: The Galactic Fairy’s such a great gal! She’s like a proper goddess, and I’m not letting someone as irreplaceable as her get the death penalty!
: A-Alright, alright. If you think this’ll help her, I’ll sign as many papers as you want.
: And, I gotta say, I’m impressed you’ve gathered so many signatures by yourself.
: I reckon there’re some other celebrities also working to try and save her?
: Right you are. Princess Marina, for example, made a speech for the entire world to try and stir the public opinion against it.
: And there’s also talk that Ranka Lee’s made a secret detour to Japan not long ago…
: …!
: (Y-Yo, Domyoji, is Ranka…?)
: (Yeah, she should be coming to the old JUDA building right about now. Apparently, she’s got some new info about Sheryl…)

: What’re you two whispering about?
: Y-Yaaah!
: Risako! Don’t scare me like that!
: Psh, you only come to school once in a blue moon, and, when you do, you keep us out the conversation?
: O-Okay, okay, never mind that! There’s someone I want you to meet.
: Hm? Is there a new student or something?
: Maybe. Or maybe it’s someone you know…
: You’ll understand in a jiffy. Hey, come in!

Door opens.

: …
: N-No way…!
: H-Hey…
: Yajima… But… how?!
: Well, a lot of stuff happened. He’ll explain it to you later.
: And it’s really you?! You’re not a ghost or anything?!
: Yeah, it’s me – in the flesh.
: Ya-Yajima…
: Sob Waaaaaaaaaah!
: There, Risako. You don’t have to cry so much.
: But, you’re… you’re really alive…
: …
: (Congrats, you two…)

Cut to Ex-JUDA, where Ranka’s arrived and relayed Brera’s info for us. Can we believe what he said? Saya thinks so: the guy’s currently wanted by the Federation Government, so she doesn’t believe he’d risk getting arrested just to pass misinformation to Ranka. Furthermore, Canaria adds credence to his report by relating that exams HAVE confirmed that Ranka’s is host to the same Fold Bacteria as the Vajra.
As Luca tells, the Frontier’s research has revealed that said bacteria reside and multiply in the buggers’ intestines. It’s through them that they establish their trans-dimensional Fold Network and communicate with one another. And what, exactly, is that network? Rachel explains: simply put, it’s a network that works via Fold Waves, allowing for the Vajra to communicate even across time and space.

That’s essentially the same property as the Odyssite, meaning that by emitting Fold Waves, Ranka’s song is also crossing through time and space. Seems to Kurou that her Superdimensional Cinderella nickname was perfect in every way. Mind you, as Rachel points out, Ranka isn’t the only one that can do that: there’s also Sheryl.
And on that subject, Ranka tells what Brera said of her V-Type Infection and how the only thing that could save her would be removing her vocal cords – which she refuses to do. When Aesap asks, Canaria explains that V-Type Infection is a deadly disease that occurs when a person’s infected by the Fold Bacteria. Thus, Sheryl also emits Fold Waves and her voice also travels through time and space.

Said Fold Song of theirs is also capable of messing with the Vajra Network, Dr. West adds, which is how their songs affected the things so. And now the Frontier Government’s looking to weaponize that power of theirs. Lockon doesn’t appreciate that jerkwad, Mishima, cooking up this plan behind our backs, and it’s clear to Cathy that the SMS made the right choice to break away from the Frontier Government.
Ozma asks if Brera said anything else, but Ranka stammers a denial – inwardly, she figures it best not to tell him YET about Galia 4 and Brera actually being her brother. But the question now remains: what are we going to do about Sheryl?

Well, as Jeffrey remembers it, Sheryl waaaay overpaid us for that past job she and Richard set up. That ain’t gonna fly, now, will it? We need to give her her money’s worth, so how about we chalk all that extra cash up as medical expenses? Arnie likes it: “Then we should get her ‘transferred’ out of Alcatraz on the double so she can receive all the help she needs.”
“Heheh, why all the insinuations? Just say we’re gonna nab the broad and leave it at that,” Kaido laughs. One problem, though, is that Alcatraz’ security is top-notch, meaning we’ll need a good plan if we’re going to break her out. Ranka speaks up right then: she has an idea.

Cut to the Frontier, Mishima’s getting informed of this “Humanitarian Concert” at Alcatraz – apparently it was Ranka’s idea. Grace shrugs that the girl wants to cheer Sheryl up, but Mishima figures that’s just an excuse: this is likely part of a plan to free Sheryl.
Mishima tells Grace that the only reason she’s not locked up as well is because they figured she could keep Ranka under control. If she can’t, then things’ll change. Grace understands, and asks why don’t they make an experiment out of this concert and use it to analyze Vajra Communication Protocol?
Is she suggesting they call the Vajra to Earth? She is: they’ll give Ranka a Fold Wave-amplifying microphone and, if the Vajra do turn up, the UX’ll have no choice but to fight with them. And while that battle’s going on, they’ll have ample opportunity to analyze the bugs’ comm protocols.

Mishima likes the idea and gives her the green light. And, while they’re at it, considering there’s a person in the UX that is capable of something very akin to Fold Wave Communication, they might as well also use this opportunity to look into that as well.
But Grace has a question to ask: how is Sheryl doing right now? From what he’s heard, she’s been writing some lyrics in her cell’s walls. A total waste of time, as even if she did successfully escape, her days are already numbered.
Inwardly, Grace thinks of her: “Sheryl… you still haven’t given up on your music…”

: Cao Cao and I are to guard the escapee?!
: Alto’ll be in charge of locating her cell through that earring he has, but if her escape is discovered, the guards might shoot to kill. And if that happens…
: You have that Aura Barrier… That is, your Azure Wall, yes? It’d be ideal for shielding the songstress from harm.
: I-I understand that… but why also Cao Cao…?
: …

: And that will be all for today’s lesson.
: Thank you very much.
: We apologize for always taking so much of your time. We know you’re busy.
: It is no trouble. There’s nothing as gratifying as teaching such fast learners as yourselves.
: Yes, I’d best redouble my efforts of you’ll catch up to me in no time…
: You are being modest. Our strategic insight is still lacking compared to yours.
: Then we shall continue this tomorrow.
: Yes, sir. See you tomorrow!

: …
: Hrk… cough, wheeze!

: You do not seem well…
: …! Master Kongming…
: Your accepting Arnie and Saya as pupils… is it because not much time remains for you…?
: Hah… I cannot hide anything from you.
: But you are right. I suppose overturning my fate was beyond me…
: …
: For the world to lose a man of your caliber… it is truly regrettable.
: However, unlike my Romance of the Three Kingdoms counterpart, I shan’t leave this life with regret in my heart.
: I am content with what I have accomplished. And it was truly an honor to have lived in the same era as you…
: General Zhou Yu…
: Maj. Richard has left some wonderful heirs. I wonder if I will be capable of saying the same for myself…
: Master Kongming, should anything happen to me…
: Please look after Lu Xun, the young Lord and the Princess.
: …

Sun Quan version:

: …
: Are you thinking about Cao Cao?
: About a lot of things. Cao Cao, Lu Bu…
: And of why we wound up in this world.
: Why, hm…?
: If what Kongming and the others say is true, and there is this underlying truth – the will of the heavens – governing this world…
: Then it would be that same will that beckoned us here.
: But that does not answer the “why”. Even a Shura like Lu Bu, someone who seeks only battle in this world, was summoned…
: For what purpose did all this happen…?
: Sun Quan…
: …
: I understand how you feel, but it is best not to let this dominate your thoughts.
: To fight with doubt gripping your heart is the way for it to be tainted by darkness.
: I know…
: (But I cannot simply…)

Cao Cao version:

: …
: I have heard that it was you who proposed this jointed offensive with Sun Quan, my lord.
: Hah, I confess that the sight of his current state annoyed me…
: Do you seek to awaken the fierce tiger that sleeps with him…?
: I feel no such obligation. However, if his will is true, then he shall, in time, also commune with one of the Souls of the Three Sovereigns.
: Lóngdì, Quèshùn and Hǔxiǎo…
: Do you believe the Souls of the Three Sovereigns depicted in our legends would manifest themselves in this world as well…?
: Indeed.
: …
: (And when they do… my soul shall once again ascend to the Heavens…!)

Mission 36 – The Hero Chosen by the Heavens (Sun Quan Route) / The Conqueror Chosen by the Heavens (Cao Cao Route)

:siren: SRW UX - Interstellar Flight (LIVE in Alcatraz)

: Hold me to the edge of the galaxy!
: Yeaaaaah! You’re the best, Rankaaaaaaaaa!
: You’re our idooooool!
: It’s started…
: Excluding the stage crew, all those participating in the operation are at their assigned posts.
: Hey, those prisoners are from those Machine Island gangs, right? Didn’t think they’d all be locked up in here…
: Word around the grapevine says this is where that guy, Hazard, is also being kept.
: Even him…?
: Now, let me introduce you to everyone taking part in tonight’s very special concert!
: First off, on the keyboard, we’ve Japan’s nº1 idol – Eida Rossa!
: This is my very first time crossing the Pacific to sing on a Union stage! I hope you’ll have a great time!
: Wow, I didn’t know Eida could also play the keyboard.
: Looks pretty real, doesn’t it? But, actually, all instruments are pre-recorded… I can’t say anymore, though. It’s classified. (Reference to Haruhi’s Mikuru Asahina, who was voiced by Eida’s VA. “It’s classified” was a common answer when questioned about stuff.)
: R-Really? Man, I wish you hadn’t told me…
: On bass, we’ve a rising star, also from Japan! From the Smash Dolls group, Miu Kujo!
: Everyone calls me Miumiu back home. We’ve got a wonderful show for you tonight!
: Oh, lordy, Miu just glows when she’s up on stage. No wonder Furuya’s so into her.
: Kouichi, you really might wanna watch what you say…
: Huh…?
: …
: Aack…!
: On the drums, the beautiful Virtualoid that’s the talk of town! Fei-Yen!
: Hey, everyone! Come and dance to our beat!
: “Our” beat…? But Fei’s the only one playing the drums?
: Fei just says some weird things from time to time. (Since I know someone’ll ask: Fei’s talking about herself and Miku.)
: On lead guitar, the top artist in New York’s Indies’ Chart! Holly Jones!
: YEAAAAAAAAAAH! We’re gonna bring down the house!
: Crap, she’s really getting amped up. Our Father, who art in heaven…
: (Sis, please, don’t do anything crazy…)
: And, finally, on rhythm guitar, we’ve got a special, one-night-only guest!
: The mysterious gothic lolita, Alty Saotome!
: Whuh?!
: Look over heeeere!
: O-Ohohoho. Make way for Alty…
: Now there’s the world-famous kabuki onnagata. He’s still got it.
: Aaah, magnificent! That is apex of beauty… A true princess! Oh, how I wish to hold her in my embrace!
: H-Hey now…
: (“Mysterious gothic lolita”, my ass! I’m gonna get you for this, Ranka!)

Away from the stage…

: ‘Tis almost time for us to begin. I trust you are ready, Sun Quan?
: A-Aye…
: Hmph, such a weak-kneed answer.
: Do you expect to surpass your father and brother with that attitude? Because you shall not.
: Wh-What…?!
: Hm? Hold, this presence is…!

: Th-The Vajra…!
: Are you kidding me?! What’re they doing here…?!
: What’s going on, Luca?!
: I-It’s… I’m detecting powerful Fold Waves coming from the Alcatraz stage!
: Powerful Fold Waves?!

: Hmhmhm…And that’s phase one of the experiment complete, Col. Grace.
: Your microphone’s called out much more Vajra than expected.
: …
: Now fight the good fight, Ultimate Cross! Our analysis of the Fold Network depends on you!

: Aaiieeee!
: U-Uwaaaah! Ruuuuun!
: Everyone, please calm down! You’re all going to be alright!
: Ms. Kujo…?
: Miumiu… What’dya mean?!
: …

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Come, Painkiller!

: Th-That’s…! One of the UX’s robots?!
: That’s right… We’re of the Ultimate Cross!
: We’re Champions of Justice – your protectors!
: Whaaaaaat?!
: U-Um, should she really just come out and tell everyone that?!
: (Kujo…)
: I don’t believe it… These pretty girls are with the UX?!
: Well, I’ll be damned! Kickass, Miumiu!
: (Heeheehee, did you see that, Hayase…?)
: I guess that’s that. We’re heading out too!
: Alto, you stick to the plan and go get Sheryl!
: Aye, aye! But Ranka can’t stay here or the Vajra might try to attack her!
: Holly, take her someplace safe and stay there!
: You got it, flyboy!

: I’m not cutting the Vajra any slack if they’re coming after us!

: Alto has made his move. The Vajra’s unforeseen appearance notwithstanding, we must proceed with the planned operation. Into the prison!
: A-Aye!
: The infiltration team’s started-robo. What do we do?
: The Vajra leave us no choice – we must set out as well.
: Deploy all mobile squadrons!

: The power to control the Vajra… It’s likely that this was orchestrated by…
: Regardless, their appearance is an obstacle to our rescue operation! Support the diversionary team and eliminate the enemy!

Kill everything, don’t lose your ships. The Vajra don’t bring anything that we haven’t seen in the Boddole Zer battle, but there’s a ton of them to deal with. No ships, though, so just set forward and start thinning the bugs out. Mind you, try to keep people not TOO far away from each other, in light of events down the line.
Safest approach is to head up north and spread out a wee bit to intercept all the groups that’re coming to you. Keep Confuse casts on standby for later, and don’t be a afraid to use the Deceive to boost your guys until the enemy numbers start to dwindle.

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: Hrm, all that effort to put this concert together, down the drain…
: Still, I better pull myself into shape and get on with the mission. I am a professional, after all!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: I finally, finally, got Kouichi to see me on stage…
: And I’ll make you pay dearly for ruining that for me…!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: All those beauties up on stage… Operation or no, I was having a blast watching the show.
: What’re you mumbling about?! There’s a battle going on, so pay attention!
: He’s got a point, though. I hope we’ll have another chance to see their act.
: But we first need to clear out these Vajra for that to happen!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: Aw, our show got interrupted… I’d love for us to have a do-over, but the rub of it is that I can’t exactly just call for one…

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: While we didn’t expect these to turn up now, we still have to get rid of them. Psych yourselves up, crew!
: (Ranka… I’ll give this my very best, just as you are.)
: (I’ll fight in a way worthy of your brother!)

And here’s Canon’s second best move.

: M-More Vajra…?!
: These roaches never know when to call it quits!
: Ooh, boy, things are looking real bad out there. We gotta get back to the Elshank lickety-split!
: …
: I’ll sing for them!
: What, are you nuts?! You do that and aren’t all the Vajra gonna make a beeline for you?!
: I know. But if I really do have the power to control the Vajra, then…!
: Ranka…
: I… I won’t go through what I did in Galia 4 again. I won’t just watch, impotent, as the people I love are hurt!
: You… Did you get your memories back…?!
: …
: Alright. Hold on a sec.

: Your Highness, we have an urgent message from Lady Holly.
: Put her through.
: Hey, it’s Holly. I wanna ask y’all to let Ranka sing on the Elshank’s deck.
: Ah?! Are you stupid?!
: Shush, Psy! Ranka’s telling me she wants to help hold back the Vajra, even if it means putting herself at risk!
: And if she’s that sure, then what we gotta do is support her all the way through it!
: Sis…
: Very well. The Elshank will set off to receive them both immediately!
: Gameran, set a course for Alcatraz!
: Y-Yes, Your Highness!
: Did everyone hear that? The Elshank’s rendezvous point is over there!

Oh, that’s convenient.

: All mobile troops, maintain the offensive and keep the enemy away from the Elshank!
: Roger!
: (Thank you, everyone…!)

So now you just need to get the ship there. If you wanna play things safe, you can shave off another 10 enemy squads and the plot’ll kick in regardless.

We’ll just go right now, though.

: We’ve confirmation that Ladies Ranka and Holly are aboard!
: Okay, Ranka, get out there and let ‘em all hear your heart!
: I will!

:siren: SRW UX - Interstellar Flight (LIVE in Alcatraz)

All Vajra lose 30 morale.

: The Vajra have stopped…!
: Alto, Cao Cao, Sun Quan! Make haste and rescue Sheryl…!

: Sheryl, where are you?! Answer me!
: Hey, girl! Wait a minute!
: Y-You’re…!
: Hm…? I thought you were a girl, but you’re actually a boy…?
: Bah, that doesn’t matter. What’s all this racket? Is something happening outside?
: Sorry, but I don’t have time to waste on you.
: You’re gonna stay in here and think for a long time of everything you did, Hazard Pasha!

Alty leaves.

: W-Wait, you know who I am?!
: Please, help me get out of here! I’ll pay you anything you ask!
: You need not pay her anything…
: ?! Y-You’re…!
: It’s been ages, Director Hazard.
: Dog Tack! Why are you here…?!
: Why else, sir? I have come to escort you out.
: Ooh… Oooooh! :qq:

: This voice… Ranka…?
: Sheryl!
: A-Alto?!
: Thank God, you’re safe!
: You have found her, Alto? Then I am going to destroy this wall! Take cover behind the cell’s bed!


: Kch… cough, wheeze

: Are you okay?!
: Huh…? There’re lyrics on the wall… You were still…?
: W-What I want to know is what possessed you to come here…
: I told you before: you’re not alone!
: …!
: You idiot…
: Hey! What’re you doing there?!
: Crap, they’ve found us!

Prepares to fire!

: Azure Wall!


: Gyaaaah! Wh-What’s that thing?!
: Sun Quan…!
: Leave now! Quickly!

: Ranka Lee’s Fold Waves are increasing and generating interference with the Vajra’s Fold Network!
: Protocol analysis at 97.5%… It won’t be long before it’s finished.
: Magnificent! The Fold Bacteria grow more and more active as the host pours her life into her song…
: Yes, excellent! Keep singing, my dear!
: Sir, the prisoners are escaping! There’s pandemonium within the compound!
: Don’t panic! We were expecting that to happen from the start!
#2: This is…! Sir, we’re picking up a new interference with the Fold Network!
: What?!
: It’s here…
: The Willpower that, like Sheryl and Ranka, is also capable of interfering with Fold Waves…!
: “Willpower”…?! Is that?!

: ?! Wh-What is happening?!

:siren: SRW UX - The Legend of Mirisha

: Hmhmhm… I hear the cry of one’s soul!
: I-It’s…!

: Who is it that beckons the Shura?!
: L-Lu Bu?! What’s he doing here?!
: Were even these fiends called out by Ranka’s song?!
: M-My song…?!
: Hmph, I see… It was this song! A song bearing your life upon its lyrics!

: This song that rouses the soul of all who hear… the heavens themselves are stirred by its tunes!
: Fengxian… That’s…!
: It is the Yùxǐ…!
: The Yùxǐ?!
: Domyoji, what’s that thing?!
: A seal that was passed down through generations of Chinese emperors back in the day. It’s essentially the crest of the Emperor.
: But the one Lu Bu’s holding is…!
: Correct… It is the Yùxǐ of our land of Mirisha – the seal bestowed from generation to generation, since the age of legend, said to embody the will of the heavens!
: The will of the heavens…!
: Hear ye the voice of the heavens!

: H-Hrrgh! Th-There’s… something in my head…!?
: Wh-What’s going on?! Someone’s talking to me?!
: That’s… the Linebarrel?!
: A-Aaargh!
: Grrgh… Calm down, Hallelujah!
: Is that Lady Ciela speaking?! N-No… Lady Jacoba?!
: This voice… It’s the Festum…?!
: Tobikage… Is that you?!
: …!
: No, this is…!
: A-Are… you there?!
: I-I am here! I exist – I’m certain of it!
: Rrk… Gwaaaaaaaah!
: M-Ms. Saya…?!
: I-It hurts… inside!

Liu Bei, Joe, Shouko, Karen, Burn, Fei, Cham, Erebos, Arnie, Saya, Kouichi, Allelujah and Soma lose 30 morale and all SP!

And all enemies get max morale!

: The Vajra have been invigorated…!
: Wh-What just happened…?! What kind of power does that Yùxǐ have?!
: (If Ranka Lee’s song transcended space and time, causing the Yùxǐ to manifest here… then what in blazes is that Fold Network?!)
: (What is the will of the heavens that resides within the Yùxǐ…?!)
: Hah-Hahahah… The Shura would climb its way from the bowels of the Underworld and ascend to the heavens… I would not believe it to be true, had I not witnessed it!
: What’re you doing, Cao Cao?!
: Take the others and go. I…

: Have a task to see through!
: Cao Cao!
: How have I waited for this moment – this very moment, when the Yùxǐ would cross space and time and manifest itself!

Cao Cao casts valor and maxes out morale.

: C-Cao Cao… You’re…!
: Troops, many of our pilots are being affected by the Yùxǐ’s power!
: Rally around Lord Cao Cao and do whatever it takes to stop Lu Bu!
: Th-That’s easier said than done…!
: If death concerns you, then away! This battle is mine!
: To arms, Lu Bu!

Don’t lose Sun Quan/Cao Cao either. That’s not too difficult since Lu Bu doesn’t seem to prioritize them, so just make sure the gaggle of Vajra don’t build up evasion decay too high.
And, as you saw, the reason why I told you to keep your group decently closer together is to make sure your debuffed guys won’t suddenly find themselves pitted against all those Vajra and unable to cast any spirits. They can still attack and move, but being unable to cast Focus and taking a whole bunch of extra damage from the morale-boosted bugs means it won’t take much to kill a Real.
Pull those guys back if you’re not sure they can handle themselves in that debilitated state, use Confuse if you’d like, and what I’d suggest you do depends on which route you’re taking: if you’re with Cao Cao, send everyone after Lu Bu and get him under 70% HP immediately; if you’re with Sun Quan and care about maximizing your cash and kills, then pop Confuse and clear out the Vajra before dealing with him. If not, go after Lu Bu as well.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
SD Gundam secret – 5th step: destroy Lu Bu with either Sun Quan or Cao Cao, depending on whose mission you’re on.

Keep this in mind, too.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: The will of the heavens, destiny… Everything has been leading to this moment!
: None shall stand in my path towards conquest! 'Tis the Mandate of Heaven that guides me!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

]Even with my debilitated guys, it doesn’t take long for the Vajra to go down when everyone’s so powerful and command auras are plentiful.

:siren: Dynasty Warriors 6 - Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime Mix-

And, bam, he’s under 70%. The order of events changes here, so we’ll see the rest of Sun Quan’s stage at the end.

: Hrrrm!
: Farewell, Lu Bu!

: …?!
: Hm-hmhmhm… Did you believe that would avail you against me, Cao Cao?! Do you even know who I am?!

“The time has come for us to duel, chosen of the heavens!” > “My name is Lu Bu!”

: A-Argh…!
: M-My lord…!
: Wh-What was that machine…?!
: That was a Celestial Armor!
: It is a grand power made manifest by the Yùxǐ… It’s a personification of the heaven’s judgment, born anew from ancient times!
: The heaven’s judgement…?!
: He might just wear us down if the tide doesn’t turn… Mina, what’s the status on Sheryl’s team?!
: We’ve just received confirmation that all three of them have safely made it to the ship!

: She should be safe here. Alto, we must set out as well!
: Right!
: Hold on, Alto. I’ll sing too!
: What did you say?!
: Ranka risked her life to sing for you… The great Sheryl Nome couldn’t just cower inside, right?
: But your vocal cords are—…!
: Still there. Living without song would be no different from dying for me; and if that’s the case, I’d much rather go on singing for as long as my life allows it…
: Sheryl…
: Besides, you’re facing the Vajra, so my song should be of use.
: Just keep my earring close by. My song’ll come through it and I’m sure it’ll help you…
: …

:siren: May’n & Megumi Nakajima - Lion
:siren: :siren:

: Alright. I’m counting on you, Sheryl.
: Leave it to me!
: Let’s go, Alto!

Back outside…

: This song is…!
: Sheryl…!

: (We hear you, Sheryl. The earring – the Fold Quartz – is relaying all your emotions…!)

Alto casts Alert and Strike.

: (I’ll help you, Sheryl! I’ll pour all that I feel into this song!)

Everyone gets a full SP restore!

: What?!
: Th-This is…!
: My body’s awash with power…!
: Their song dispelled the Yùxǐ’s influence?!
: Hmhmhmhm… The voice of their souls compels the very heavens!
: This is it! The power that I sought! This is… SOOOOUUUUL!
: Fengxian…!
: Then you may return to the Underworld draped in that soul’s embrace!
: …?!
: Cao Cao…!
: I acknowledge the strength and conviction you possess! However, I shan’t bow before them!


We’ll be seeing this attack properly in a jiffy.

: Gwaaaaaaargh!
: Cao Cao has also beckoned his Celestial Armor…!
: The hell’s going on here?!
: That is the power of the divine beast Quèshùn, one of the Three Sovereigns of legend!
: O-Oooh…! The light of their souls overlapped, causing my lord to manifest the power of the heavens once more…!
: This is the moment Cao Cao had been waiting for…!

: Aah! W-We’ve got even more incoming!
: Let ‘em come! We’re not getting dropped by any Vajra now!
: Sheryl… Ranka!
: (If our emotions can bring everyone strength…!)
: (Then let them sail across the dimensions and back…!)
: Hmhmhm… Mwahahahahaha! This thrill! This scorching excitement!
: It ignites—MY SOOOOUUUUL!!

: You blasted Shura…! I won’t allow your rampage to continue!

Sun Quan casts Iron Wall and Drive.

: Sun Quan…?!
: Young lord, stop! Do not allow yourself to be swallowed by darkness…!
: All your predecessors stood courageous, and I am certain that true courage also lies within you! Do not forsake it!
: (I care not if I must consign my soul to darkness…!)
: Receive ye the judgment of the heavens, Lu Bu!

: Just what are you thinking, turning up unannounced like that?! We’re busy here, if you can’t tell!
: Interesting… I feel a torrent of vitality flowing through your music! And now I shall ascertain the contours of your soul!

: Why do you keep fighting just for the sake of it?! You don’t defend, much less create, anything… Can’t you see how pointless that is?!
: My ears hear not the inanities of a pup who is ignorant of the true essence of battle!
: Still your mouth, and try to stop me with your body and soul!

: The voice of the heavens reached your ears as well, hm? Now I command you to step forward and lay bare the destiny given to you!
: “Heavens”…? That voice just now? It apparently gave him a power boost, but, for me, it only…
: But this isn’t the time or place to think about that! I’m a goner if I don’t pay attention to him!

: I see it in you! The light of the soul – the light of life – flaring as it collides with the lives of others!
: The real light of life only comes from defending, cultivating and creating!
: And if we clash with others, it’s only so we can make one another better… There’ll be no future if all you do is take!

: Sheryl’s emotions and Ranka’s song are echoing within me!
: They’re both pouring their lives into this song! What kind of a man would I be if I went down now?!

Alto attacking Lu Bu: “Every move he makes is calculated…!”

Also, at the start of every turn…

: (Nani no tame ni umareta no ka… Nani no tame ni, koko ni iru no ka! ♪)
: (Ikinokoritai… mada ikitetai! Anata to isshoni, kono omoi to tomo ni…! ♪)
: (Sheryl, Ranka! Your prayers are filling me with power!)

Alto casts Alert and Strike.

: Power is only just when you use it to protect something! Use it the wrong way and all you have is violence!
: Strength cares not for notions of right or wrong! It is meant to determine who is mightier, who stands above all others, and nothing else!

: You’re messing with our battle just to feed your fighting spirit?! Can’t you see how self-absorbed that is?!
: It is by facing the strong that one proves his very existence! If you cannot grasp that, then begone from the battlefield!

Shinn attacking Diaochan: “Your attacks won’t confuse me, Diaochan!”
She drops a Mirishan Rice Ball (Skill and Melee +10, Evasion +5)

: H-Hrrrgh…! I will not… I cannot fall just yet!
: Not until Fengxian’s soul has become the light of the very heavens…!

: (What that woman feels… it’s not the Shura’s usual bloodthirst.)
: (I wonder if she’s realizing that it’s love that she’s feeling…)

: I sense your violent souls! A pair of wills that fear not death, but rather long to feel alive by exposing themselves to it!
: Yeah, I hear you! I’m getting all tingly squaring off against ya!
: You’d best enjoy it while you can. Because we’re about to pull you down from cloud nine and straight into the depths of Hell!

Kaido attacking Lu Bu (and I reckon he’d also give this for Diaochan and Jack): “Oho… Maybe I oughta get down there and take him on in the flesh!” > Magami: “Don’t be stupid.”

: I dunno what trick you used back there, but it doesn’t matter! The usual ‘find bad guy, beat him into the dirt, repeat’ strat’ll work fine!
: The will of the heavens scalds your flesh and mind, yet you do not falter, hm? However, that is also due to the heavens’ guidance!
: Now come! I shall feast well upon that powerful resolve of yours!

: How the hell can anyone enjoy taking life this much?! It makes no sense! There’s no way I’m putting up with the insane way you look at battle!
: I do not need your comprehension! All I require is that you stay your course, fearless, and fight! Fight and set my soul ablaze!

: The worst thing about you is that you’re not even fighting to accomplish anything! You just fight for fighting’s sake… That makes you nothing but a demon!
: I have long since consigned myself towards trailing the path of the Shura! It is only within the flames of war that I may show who I am – that I may express my life!

: What was it that called out to you, Lu Bu?! None here have any desire for the brutal battles you so fancy!
: What I sought are simply battles overflowing with life! The explosive clash of strengths energizes my soul!

: I see the raging flame of the life within you! A flame spurred by conflict!
: Calling me out just like that, huh? Alright…
: Then, get over here! I’ll show you which burns hotter between your soul and my life!

: You battle-obsessed Shura! Whatever the will of the heavens may be, I will never excuse your crimes!
: However, the fact remains that the Yùxǐ has blessed me! The Mandate of Heaven is clear!
: And if you do not wish to be crushed by my might, then you will show me how strongly your soul shines!

: Indeed, I shall ignite your soul… and your very flesh! Not even ashes shall remain to rue your poor choices!
: ‘Tis time we brought this to a close… Let us see with whom the will of the heavens truly lie, Lu Bu!
: Such a powerful drive… such ferocious ideals! Indeed, I would expect no less from my worthy quarry!
: And that is precisely why I long to devour your soul and its brilliance!

Captions are available.
Also, Lu Bu drops a Kongming’s Book of Strategies.

: R-Rrgh… I am far from defeated!

: Uooooh! Boufuu Gekiretsuzan!

: U-Uwaaaah!
: What incredible tenacity… We have pressed him so, yet he shows no signs of stopping!
: Kch… LU BU!!
: Young Lord, stop…!

Sun Quan charges after Lu Bu!

: Begone!

Sun Quan’s tossed aside.

: A-Argh…!
: B-Brother…!
: Your life is mine, Sun Quan!
: Y-Young Lord!


: O-Oorgh…!
: Zhou Yu…!
: Hmph… Impertinent worm!
: Zhou Yu… why?!
: Y-Young Lord… The spirit of the Sun family is too strong to be consumed by darkness…!
: I-I beg that you recall… the spirit you inherited from Lords Sun Jian and Sun Ce!
: From my father and brother…!
: T-True courage means standing as a glimmering moon, shining its light upon the people as the night’s darkness surrounds them…
: Young Lord, embrace that spirit… the true courage that lies within you… Urgh…!
: Zhou Yu…!
: …

: N-No… Master?!
: …
: Why does this always happen…?!
: My father, my brother, Cheng Pu, Han Dang, and now Zhou Yu…! Why must everyone…!
: Dost thou desire power…?
: …?!

:siren: SRW UX - The Legend of Mirisha

: Dost thou desire power?! Power beyond measure…?!
: …
: I do! Power, but also the courage to keep my family and comrades safe!
: Then manifest thine soul before me!
: Haaaaaaah!

: Hrm?! That is…!
: Ye heavens…! Hǔxiǎo…! Behold my soul!
: This desire to defend those that I love… That is my true courage!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Brother…!
: Sun Quan, your soul also has ascended to the heavens?!
: Hah, the soul of Quèshùn whispers to me. It says now is when we must sear away the darkness…!
: With me, Sun Quan!
: Aye!

Captions are available.

: Urk…!
: Th-They did it…

Sun Quan route only, since Cao Cao gets his Armor second there:

: That’s Cao Cao’s Celestial Armor…?!
: Judgment has been passed…!

Common ground:

: Ha-Hahahah… Very well done, Cao Cao… and Sun Quan (Quan Route: he calls out Ultimate Cross as a whole.)
: The light of your soul has carved into my being!

: Lu Bu—…!
: (Lu Bu… Just what are you truly after…?)

Were there any enemies left, they’d also retreat.

: …
: (We have prevailed, Zhou Yu…)

: Heheheh… I knew I could count on you to come for me, my loyal right-hand man.
: But I have to say, I’m very impressed you knew that the UX were going to stage an attack here.
: All due to information The Advancers passed me.
: The Advancers…?
: Well, I don’t really care. Whatever that group is planning, I’m not one to turn away useful pawns.
: Speaking of pawns, I’ve taken the liberty of securing the Machine Island prisoners for future use.
: Once we have left here, we’ll rendezvous with the Army of Mankind. Secretary-General Hester will be expecting you.
: Hm, you did good, Dog. Lead the way.
: Please, wait…
: Ah? You are…
: Minami, once project leader for the Union Army’s weapon R&D.
: Dr. Minami! You were also imprisoned here?
: If you’re making your escape, then please take me with you.
: I’m sure my brilliant intellect could be of much use for you, yes?
: Oho…

: Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee’s Fold Waves are in unison. Protocol analysis is complete.
: Hmhmhm… We know just what wavelengths can stimulate and which can hinder the Vajra…
: This is it! Victory over the bugs is just around the corner!
: All we have to do is connect this data to their Fold Network and…!
: …
: But I suppose this means neither of those girls will return to my supervision, hm…?
: …
: Oh, and I should inform you that the Galaxy commanders you were reporting to have agreed to cooperate with us in exchange for their lives.
: What…?!
: Still, I can’t help but feel some measure of pity for them. Who in their right might would be so desperate to survive that they’d turn into such abominations…?
: But what about you, Col. Grace? What will you do?
: …
: (Dr. Mao… I…)

: Grace, she… she used to work as my grandmother’s assistant while she was researching the Vajra.
: Grace…?!
: My grandmother and her team searched their whole lives for a singer – a weaver of the wind – capable of bonding with not just the hearts of other people, but with the hearts of the birds, the animals, the grass, the flowers… the air, the sea and the sky.
: Bonding with the hearts of the birds and the air…?
: Yes. They were looking for someone like you, Ranka.
: Me…?
: My grandmother once told me that if someone could weave the wind, then that person should also be capable of communicating with the Vajra.
: But her plan ended in failure, and the Vajra attacked the research team. That’s what Grace informed me.
: No, they weren’t attacking.
: I think… what the Vajra were doing was trying to save me.
: Save…?
: …
: …! Ranka, did your memories…!
: Yes… I remembered everything. Of what happened in Galia 4, of how Brera is my real brother…
: Ranka…
: Our mother was also working with Sheryl’s grandmother researching the Vajra.
: And through that research, they discovered a song that could be used to communicate with them.
: And was that Aimo…?
: Right…
: Hmm… It may be that since Ranka emits the same Fold Waves as the Vajra, they took her to be a friend?
: A friend…?
: Meaning the Vajra were trying to rescue her from these unfamiliar humans…?
: I think that was the reason behind the incident at Galia 4, eleven years ago…
: But then… that would mean that the Vajra are intelligent creatures, with a mind and emotions of their own…!
: …
: Not just the Vajra, I think. That might also be the case with the ELS and even the Festum…
: I guess Setsuna had the right idea all along…
: Alto…
: To try and communicate with them in a way that doesn’t involve fighting, huh…?
: Then, Alto… I’ll keep on singing for you and your team!
: Sheryl…?!
: What? Remember, we’re the only ones who can impart out feelings to the Vajra.
: If you’re looking to communicate with them and avoid any more pointless battles, then you’ll need the powers of one weaver of the wind.
: But you’re…
: I ask the same! Neither of us can return to the Frontier anymore…
: So, we want to stay here and help you with our song!
: If we can bring peace back to this world even a few moments faster, then we’re ready to do whatever we can!
: Sheryl, Ranka…

: Master…
: He barely escaped with his life, but there’s no telling if he’ll ever wake up.
: He must have been struggling for quite a while now…
: And despite his condition, he still took the time to teach us…
: This is my fault… If I hadn’t let my emotions cloud my judgment, he…!
: If that is what you feel, then do not shy away from your destiny.
: …!
: Cao Cao…
: All of Creation possesses two sides to itself. Light and darkness both share the same origin.
: Light and darkness…
: Thus, ‘tis by bearing light within one’s heart and facing the darkness that one becomes a true warrior…
: And I believe you to be capable of doing so, Sun Quan…
: …
: To stand as a glimmering moon, shining light upon darkness… such is true courage…
: I shall fight as well…!
: …
: My master… and Ladies Sheryl and Ranka all risked their lives in battle today!
: And while I don’t know of how much use I’ll be, I, too, will ante up my life just as my master did…!
: …
: I’m sure Zhou Yu’s proud to hear you say that…
: G-Gch… Master…! Maaasteeeeeeeeer…!

: We’re heading to Tatsumiya…?
: Hmhmm. We believe ALVIS’ medical facilities might be able to do something for General Zhou Yu and Sheryl…
: They are our best bet, yes, especially now that JUDA’s no longer functioning as a medical company…
: I also agree. Have the Elshank set a course for the island of Tatsumiya.
: I’m informing the Macross Quarter and the Ptolemaios as well.

: Now that the battle is over, does anyone have any idea what that Yùxǐ actually is?
: I mean, it’s capable of both interfering with the Vajra’s Fold Network and summoning those amazing Celestial Armors…
: And it also made us hear that voice, don’t forget about that. I was sure it was Tobikage speaking, but…
: I thought it was the Linebarrel…
: (And I thought I heard that girl’s voice…)
: Everyone heard a voice, it seems. Cham and Erebos said the same thing…
: Therein lies the mystery.
: During that event, every single one of you heard the voices of different beings, yes?
: Of different beings…?
: In which case, what would the “voice of the heavens” be? Consider: what do all the people who heard the voice have in common?
: Odyssite, Fold Waves, Ninja, Quantum Brainwaves, Aura Power, and more…
: Do you mean…!
: Yes. If my hypothesis is correct, all those who heard the voice of the heavens are people whose will is capable of crossing through time and space.
: Our wills…
: And, thus, I believe the identity of the voice you heard is…

Nope, we don’t get to find out just yet. We do have new tacticians/cheeleaders in the form of Sheryl, Ranka and Lu Xun, so here’s what they bring:

  • Sheryl: Spiritual Fortitude, morale limit +10
  • Ranka: Spec debuff immunity, starting morale +5
  • Lu Xun: Ranged attacks and chain attacks’ power +10%

And I should note, Sun Quan unlocks Courage with the Celestial Armor event. He doesn’t even need to have unlocked his penultimate spirit command – it’ll always happen.
Now, here are the convos from the other version of the stage – the ones with Sun Quan and Shangxiang only play BEFORE he unlocks his Celestial Armor:

: Nothing else matters to me! If it’ll help me end that monster’s life, then I’ll readily pay any cost!

: Pray to whichever gods you have, Lu Bu! On the honor of the Sun family, I will not tolerate you drawing breath for another day!
: I will eradicate every last trace of you from the face of this world!
: The spirit of the Shura has taken of hold of you, hm? Then unleash your ferocious hatred upon me!
: That is what I desire! A clash to ignite my soul! To battle, tiger cub!

: The heavens lead us to one another! A lone thread binds our raging lives, our mighty beliefs together! Where are you, Cao Cao?! Where are you?!
: If the tiger has, indeed, awakened, then I shall also earn the Yùxǐ’s blessing!
: Prepare yourself, Lu Bu! The blazing hellfire within my heart shall burn your life to cinders!

: I can’t stand to see my brother gripped with hatred…!
: And that’s why I’m ending you myself – I swear it on the Sun family name! Come, Lu Bu!
: You may try and conceal it, but your burning thirst for revenge is patently obvious!
: And I approve of what I see! Rise, young tigress! Display the ardor of your life to me!

Now, for the different scenes. After Lu Bu zaps half our team:

: Why?! How can that Shura ascend to the heavens…?!
: N-Nay… I refuse to accept this! I cannot!
: What’re you doing, Sun Quan?!
: Alto, you go on ahead with the others! I…

Sun Quan deploys

: I have a duty to fulfill!
: Hm… I see you, tiger cub!
: Lu Bu! I shall grant my father and brother’s spirits peace today!

Sun Quan maxes out morale and casts Valor.

: B-Brother…!
: Troops, many of our pilots are being affected by the Yùxǐ’s power!
: Rally around Sun Quan and do whatever it takes to stop Lu Bu!
: Th-That’s easier said than done…!
: If you fear death, then stand back! This is my battle to fight!
: Young lord, stop! Do not allow yourself to be swallowed by darkness…!
: All your predecessors stood courageous, and I am certain that true courage also lies within you! Do not forsake it!
: I care not if I must consign my soul to darkness…!
: Face me… LU BU!

At 70% HP, things play out the same as Cao Cao, with Sun Quan going for the kill, getting blasted by Lu Bu and his Celestial Armor and it cuts directly into Zhou Yu taking a spear for him. Sun Quan then unlocks his Celestial Armor. The only difference is at the end of the sequence:

: Sun Quan has also beckoned his Celestial Armor…!
: The hell’s going on here?!
: That is the power of the divine beast Hǔxiǎo, one of the Three Sovereigns of legend!
: Hmph… At long last, the sleeping fierce tiger has awakened to his destiny!
: Alto, take Sheryl and head towards the Macross Quarter!
: What about you?!
: Sun Quan’s soul has reached the heavens…

: And, thus, I am obligated to also ignite my inner flame!
: Lord Cao Cao…!
: Hmhmhm… Mwahahahahaha! You have arrived as well, Cao Cao!
: This thrill! This scorching excitement! It ignites—MY SOOOOUUUUL!!

Lu Bu heals up.

: I won’t allow your rampage to continue, Lu Bu!
: I shall take the true courage that I’ve inherited from my predecessors to heart… and stand in the defense of my family and my companions!

Oddly enough, Alto only delivers Sheryl to the Quarter, kicking off the full SP restore, after you down Lu Bu… but, then, the mission ends right after, so the restore is effectively wasted (this is one of the reasons why I think Cao Cao’s route is the intended one)! :v:
The scene that follows is the same, including Sheryl and Ranka singing the lyrics (which, this time, causes Alto to cast SOOOOUUUUUL), and it segues into Cao Cao unlocking his Celestial Armor, which changes a wee bit:

: I acknowledge the strength and conviction you possess! However, I shan’t bow before them!

Casts valor.

: Th-That flame is…!
: Behold…
: There is a power in this world far beyond any strategy, beyond the realm of any and all imagination!
: Receive ye the judgement of the heavens! Alto, with me!
: Got it!

And then Alto sets up for Cao Cao’s kill, which is, frankly, more than flyboy there deserves.


Sad thing is, they’re actually right. There’s been some hinting at this and there will be more in UX, but since the plot point didn’t come to a head until after the timeskip this is something the game won’t cover: there’s actually a number of people from Linebarrels who’s switch has been flipped already. The obvious one is Miu, but there’s also Katou - probably fairly obvious - and Izuna, for reasons that make a lot of sense when it happens and not much before then. Izuna and Miu die because of this. Katou manages to cling to life out of spite.

Oh, and speaking of which: That thing where Miu reveals “oh yeah here’s my giant robot we’re keeping you safe”? Doesn’t end up causing the shit it did in the original manga because obviously thing go differently, but suffice to say, that bit her hard in the ass in the source.