When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX


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We’re back, and what you don’t see is me having to record this long-ass mission twice because the first one didn’t have sound! And, then, I forgot to take pass by the squad-deployment screen before setting off… blah.
But what we have here today is ALL THE EVENT DEPLOYMENTS with Saya, Arnie, Mazinkaiser/Tsubasa, Shou and Fei-Yen on deck (the first two are flying solo). Oh, and Kurou is too bummed out to fight. With that in mind here’s how we’re going:

Zhang Fei/Sun Shangxiang
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Sun Quan/Eida
Tactician (Cheerleader): Cham

:siren: Secret Alert
Dunbine secret – third step: did you take the US route (or NG+ it) on mission 13 and have 100+ kills with Shou and Marvel by the end of the last mission? Then tag Cham in for this one. Just a +5% evasion bonus means we might as well have no tactician running, but whatever.

Now grab some popcorn, folks, because we’ve a lot of stuff to get through today. Off we go.

: Lord Garan, our scouts report that those men have returned to the Machine Island.
: It seems they call themselves Ultimate Cross now.
: The group we met in the outside world, hm? I can hazard a guess as to why they are here… the Gravity Generator.
: Likely due to the fact that the generator has been growing further and further out of control ever since that devil’s mysterious activation…
: The other devil, the counterpart to the one with the skull…
: An uncontrollable weapon is no better than a blunt stick. That said, I do not mind it serving as a lure for them.
: Burn, how fare our preparations for combat?
: The new weapons are already in order. We are prepared to depart on your command.
: Hmhmhm… it has been a while since my heart has throbbed so. How much stronger have you become since our last bout, Ultimate Cross…?
: And, Burn, it seems the time for your fated clash is almost at hand.
: …
: My lord, I am forever grateful for you. You took me in when I arrived, lost and confused, in this world and lead me until today.
: However, your cause notwithstanding, my one true goal has always been Shou Zama!
: I understand. The moment any man rises and faces his fate is the climax of his life…
: That applies to all of us.
: Lord Garan…
: …
: Let us march! We’ll snap the chains of fate ourselves!
: Yes, my lord!

: Hmph, yeah, you go and tear each other apart! While you’re doing that, I’ll help myself to that little devil of yours…!
: Heheheh… I’m gonna show you all that power’s meant to be used!


: Wh-WhaaAaAat?!
: Tsk… It’s been ages since we’ve been to the Octagon but it really don’t look like we can chill right now, huh…
: Unfortunately, yes… the Gravity Generator already looks to be in critical condition.
: The frequent gravity discharges coming from it have triggered volcanic eruptions and tore crevices across the whole island.
: The Octagon’s keeping together thanks to our barrier, but even that’s just delaying the inevitable…
: But the Generator should have been pacified after we silenced the production plant at Kiba’s fortress, no?
: Why is it running out of control again?
: We wouldn’t be in this situation if we knew that, don’t you think?
: But, whatever the case, the point is that Earth’s magnetic field’ll be torn apart by the gravitational collapse if something isn’t done soon.
: And if that happens, there won’t be any life left on the surface…
: Considering the situation, I presume the only way to solve this is to shut down the Gravity Generator itself, yes?
: Cmdr. Kojindani did say that we had free rein to deal with this in any way we deemed fit, but…
: Lady Aila, I presume the Octagon and island won’t go unaffected if we do shut down the Gravity Generator?
: The Generator is the heart of Machine Island… without it, the island itself will die as well.
: All production plants will stop functioning, and no one’ll be able to live here anymore.
: Same goes for the Octagon?
: Yep, that’d be about game over for this place.
: Oh…!
: But I don’t think that would be a bad thing. Quite the contrary.
: The old scientists who once lived on this island… they sought to tamper with the taboo and twist Man’s very fate…
: I say that forbidden research is best buried beneath the waves forever…
: Lady Aila…
: (A forbidden research…?)

: M-Maj. Richard only has six months left to live?!
: He’s pushed his body too far over the years. His cardiac functions, in particular, are severely debilitated.
: Th-There must be something you can do, right?!
: I’m so sorry, but there isn’t… this isn’t something current medicine can solve…
: N-No…!
: Saya, if I may ask… you already suspected something was wrong with him, right?
: …
: I pretty much always knew about it.
: Ms. Saya…?!
: What?! Do you think knowing meant I could’ve stopped him from doing what he wanted?!
: And this’ll happen to you too… you were aware of that from the start, weren’t you?!
: …
: But…!

Door opens.

: Hey, you know it’s rude to talk about people behind their back.
: Major…! Shouldn’t you be resting right now?!
: Resting won’t fix what’s wrong with me, will it? I figured I might as well do my part, then.
: Hah… even standing up must be tough for you, yet here you are. What a stubborn man.
: I’d rather you called it being “dutiful”, thanks.
: Now, before it’s time for my trip to the great beyond, I’ve got something I need to tell everyone…
: …

: Lady Aila, we were told that it was two hundred years ago that this island first started conducting its research.
: The research institute built here was tasked with finding a new energy source during the fossil fuel shortage that followed WWII. And it was them that first discovered Gravity Energy…
: That’s correct.
: But, then, said institute was suddenly shut down… Do you know why?
: That’s…
: Rumor also has it that many unethical experiments were being made in there.
: Please, tell us what that “taboo” you mentioned was! What were the island’s scientists doing?!
: …

Door opens.

: If you don’t mind, I’ll answer that.
: Maj. Richard!
: Are you feeling well, sir?
: The “Hell’s Executioner” can’t just bite it like that, right? I’d be the laughing stock of the merc world.
: Hah, when you’re right, you’re right.
: …
: The taboo of the Machine Island… it all started two hundred years ago, right when Odyssite was first discovered here.
: Odyssite? What’s that?
: A unique mineral found only on this island. The Gravity Generator works by using it as a catalyst.
: And if I remember right, we’re also using those as fuel for the Elshank, no?
: Right. We’d normally use the kylhasium found on Planet Ladorio, but…
: We’d spent most of our stock as we warped to Earth, so we had no choice but to use that Odyssite as a replacement fuel.
: You say “had no choice”, like it’s a bad thing. You oughta be grateful we were lucky stuff like that’s around!
: In truth, Odyssite is said to be a mineral capable of “magnifying Man’s Willpower”.
: Man’s Willpower?
: Yes. And considering the Odyssite reacted with the Elshank, it could be that it has some kind of system that channels that power.
: Huh… Princess, do you know about that?
: N-No, I don’t…
: But if the Elshank and our three machines are equipped with such a system…
: It’d explain why Tobikage always showed up exactly when we were in trouble.
: He was reacting to our wills, huh…?
: (No, Joe… not our wills, but your – the Legendary Ninja’s – will…)
: Now, the eggheads on this island figured they’d put that Odyssite to use and develop a bunch of strong weapons with it.
: Put it simply, they put together a system that magnified Man’s Willpower and converted it into energy.
: It converts human will into energy…?
: That’s a lot like an Aura Machine…
: Problem is, the Odyssite didn’t just magnify that power.
: The scientists later found out that said magnified Willpower was also traveling through time and space.
: Say what?!
: People’s thoughts were travelling across time and space… Is that even possible?!
: Why are you so surprised? We are already familiar with a handful of items that work in similar ways, no?
: Similar…?
: For one, the earring belonging to Sheryl that’s in Alto’s possession.
: …?!
: Sheryl’s earring… that jewel that transmits thoughts…!
: And, also, the Wings of Rean shoes.
: Huh…?!
: And there is also the Yùxǐ, a sacred relic from our land of Mirisha…
: Th-The Yùxǐ…?!
: I know it can summon amazing stuff like the Celestial Armors, but…
: You mean the way the Wings open passageways through space-time is also through Willpower…?
: Then, perhaps the Wings of Rean proper and the Celestial Armors could be deemed as manifestations of the will of man… or, better put, the will of the heavens…
: …
: Furthermore, another example would be…

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: The Linebarrel’s Override and the Orphes’ warp abilities.
: …?!
: Th-The Linebarrel too…?
: Hey, hold the phone! It’s true that the Linebarrel can teleport when Kizaki and I want it to, but…
: My Painkiller can also teleport, yes…
: Not exactly. A Machina teleporting to answer its Factor’s call, and the Linebarrel teleporting with its Factor aboard are two very different things…
: …!
: Ah…
: What we call Override – the act of executing chain-teleports with the Factor aboard – is a form of teleportation made possible by the Linebarrel perceiving the Factor’s future location.
: It’s pretty much a type of time travel.
: …
: I get it now… Back when I did that last warp to go after the nuke…
: I warped to where the missile was projected to be when I got there…
: …
: When I did, I was also travelling through time… I was crossing space and time …
: Exactly. The Orphes’ engine, the Lepton Vectrer… its prototype was an Accelerated Particle Engine developed on this island.
: …

: …
: Ennea… why…
: Kurou, we were the ones who didn’t keep an eye on her… You can’t blame yourself for what happened.
: But it doesn’t change the fact that I couldn’t keep her safe.
: Kurou…
: Are you going to mope for the rest of your life?
: …
: Because Ennea will not return even should you do that.
: I say you cannot allow the past to consume you! Remember that we still have a duty to fight for the future!
: I know that…
: I know, but… it’s not that easy…
: Hrm…!
: …
: Let’s go, everyone.
: What, you’re just gonna leave him like that?
: Kurou needs time to put his heart in order.
: (Al does, too, I think…)
: …
: (More and more Kurou suffers, and I simply cannot get through to him …)
: (Because, ultimately… ‘tis a false warmth that lies within me…)

: That Accelerated Particle Engine used Odyssite as a catalyst and, so, magnified the Willpower of its pilot.
: But human hands just couldn’t control an infinitely accelerating energy.
: And the end result… was that the Accelerated Particle Energy ran amok halfway through the experiment and vanished across time and space.
: It triggered a particle annihilation, then?
: No, a better way of putting it is that the Engine going out of control wound up calling out to a new Willpower.
: A new Willpower…?
: In other words, the magnified human will and the Accelerated Particle Engine warped through space-time…
: And another will switched places with them, coming in from a different world.
: W-Wait a second… that sounds like!
: Like when the Fenrir explosion and the Wings of Rean caused Shouko and the UX to switch places…
: …
: And who was it that was switched in?
: That would be Fei-Yen.
: …?!
: So, Fei’s not a robot they built on this island…?
: (But, then… just what is all that music deep down in my memories…?)
: I figure you know what happened after, yes, Ms. Aila?
: …
: After the failed experiment, the scientists redoubled their efforts in order to try and find a way to control the Accelerated Particle Engine.
: And in doing so, they reached out and touched that which Man should never have touched – that which was taboo…
: And that taboo is…?
: …
: Erbsünde…
: …?!
: “Erbsünde”… that’s German for “original sin”…
: Correct. It took Willpower to keep a human will accelerating into infinity under control…
: And with that in mind, the island’s scientists decided to infuse a will into the Odyssite itself, creating new “life”…
: Put it simply, they created artificial humans that would serve as control keys for the Accelerated Particle Engines.
: A-Artificial humans…?!
: New life, created by human hands…
: An act of defiance against God, indeed…
: Thus, “original sin”…
: …
: And the beings they created were our fathers…
: Then, you’re…!
: Yep. “Those born branded by the stigma of the sin”, that’s us…
: We’re all descendants of the original Erbsünde…
: And it’s not just us, but Kiba and Garan too…
: Well, damn… so those crazies also had that kinda fate thrust on them…?
: Maybe that’s why they did what they did – to rebel against it…
: …


: Wh-What is that racket…?!
: Lady Aila, Garan’s Forces are heading this way! Our scouts are sending a feed!


: Th-There’re so many of them…!
: Shou, look! That black Aura Battler!
: It’s the Zwarth…!
: The Ace Killer we fought back at Normandy?!
: This is going from bad to worse… if we lose too much time here, the Gravity Generator’ll start breaking down…!
: What do we do, Maj. Richard?!
: Troops, hustle to your mechs and launch! We’ll bust through Garan’s bunch and pull the plug on the Gravity Generator!
: Y-Yes, sir…!

Everyone leaves.

: …
: Haah, haah… Rrgh!
: Major…!
: Maj. Richard… you really are…
: Heh, yeah, I am…
: This is what’s left of the man who’s crossed space-time and seen the Hell on the other side…
: Major…
: Saya, if things go south… You understand what I’m getting at?
: …
: Yes, sir…

: Garan and Kiba… two men who could only oppose their fate through battle…
: Ryo, dude… don’t tell me you’re letting that sob story get to ya?
: Hah… Do I look like that sort of person to you?
: Oho, look at this badass over here. And we ain’t pulling our punches against whatever we find out there, right?!
: Of course not. You find us in the battlefield, you’ll soon find yourself splattered over the Kaiser’s knuckles.
: Damn straight! And that’s ‘cause we… are HELL!

Mission 31 – Final Count

: Hey, what gives?! Why isn’t the Demonbane out here?!
: (Kurou… you still haven’t recovered…)

: Oh, wow, and that’s just the first wave? Pretty major party they’re sending our way.
: (That man, Garan, always talked like he knew a lot about me…)
: (He’s not here yet, but I’m sure he’ll turn up!)

: The Aura Battler!
: Why do you seek battle so doggedly, Black Knight?!
: It’s one of those warriors from another world…
: That should be obvious, I think! What I desire is a showdown with my nemesis!
: I knew it… Burn Bunnings!
: At long last we meet again, Shou Zama! How have I looked forward to this moment!
: Welp, looks like we are gonna have to fight our way out of this…

: Then you won’t mind if we lend you a hand, right?
: Y-You’re…!
: All of us are warriors of the Octagon!
: And we’re not the kind of women to just sit back and be protected!
: Fine, then the Psycogear Squad will follow the commands of Lt. Yuki!
: Can you handle it, Lt.?
: Y-Yes, ma’am! It’s an honor to fight with all of you!
: The honor’s all ours, girl!

: We’ve got almost no time before the Gravity Generator breaks!
: Hurry, hurry, guys! Get rid of them quick and then go shut that thing down!

Destroy everything, don’t lose a ship or any of the event deployments. Most of them should be fine, but be especially mindful of Tsubasa if you haven’t been using her. Of note, however, is that she’s unlocked her new attack with the Octagon girls, so that’s a decent power boost.
As for the battle, this is pretty much a repeat of the fight we had with Burn back in the Europe Route. The SKL mooks have decent firepower, but their accuracy still suffers, so Burn is the only real threat here unless you decide to let Evasion Decay pile up.
And speaking of Burn…

:siren: Secret Alert!
Dunbine secret – fourth step: have Shou attack Burn, and both must survive. Afterwards, reduce Burn’s HP under 10% with anyone.

Simple, but remember that Burn hits hard, is surprisingly survivable and will pop that Off-Shoot like no one’s business, so come packing Strike.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

And here’s Tsubasa’s Maximum Honey Combination.

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Why are you doing this, Burn Bunnings?! What’s the point in us fighting when the country you served doesn’t exist anymore?!
: There is no “point” and I’m well aware of it! But I must still end things with you or I’ll never be able to move on!

: Stop being so fixated on Shou, Burn Bunnings!
: I’m sure you could look for something else to do with your life, no?!
: Humans are nowhere as free as you think! They are bound by fate, and by their own hearts! Thus, what I’ll do with my life is seek closure!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: I’d wished to repay you for Normandy for a while. It may seem trivial to you, but I am a knight and I will wipe away that dishonor with your blood!
: I have heard that knights are warriors meant to protect the people!
: And if you will turn the other cheek to this catastrophe in the making, then you have no right to call yourself as such!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: All that matters to me is Shou Zama! If you’ll impede me, then your heads shall roll!
: What a powerful spirit…! He may be misguided, but his Aura Power has been honed to the Nth degree!
: This is how powerful the guy who fought Shou – who fought a Holy Warrior – is…?!

Aesap attacking: “No hesitation at all…?! So that’s how Burn Bunnings is like…!”

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

: This mech… It’s the Ace Killer we fought in Europe…!
: And he’s as crazy strong as he was before, I see. But if you think that’ll let you do your thing, you’re in for a surprise!
: Your yelling does not impress me. All the bravado in the world will not save you if you lack the ironclad resolve to support it! Such is the battlefield!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: These are Aura Battlers from the other Byston Well…? However, with the exception of Shou, all are exactly the same to me: unimportant!
: A black Aura Battler?! And the way it moves… this guy’s good!
: He may not be a Holy Warrior, but his sword-arm has clearly been tempered in the fires of battle. A very strong fellow…!
: If the old man’s saying that, then we better stay on our toes!



: I will not give in! My arrival in this world would be utterly meaningless if I let this be the end!

: He’s going Hyper?! No, his Aura Power is…!
: Have at you, Shou Zama! Face me if you dare!
: Shou, don’t! You can’t fight him like that!
: No… Shou, that man is haunted by his fixation with you. And so long as that stays, he’ll never be able to right his life…
: Draw your sword and cut out that cancer in his soul!
: I could say that I don’t resent how my life was led astray due to your actions, but that would be a lie.
: Nevertheless, the smattering that remains of my pride as a knight demands only one thing at this moment…
: And that is one final duel with you, Shou Zama! Let’s end this…!
: …
: Then I accept your challenge…

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Burn Bunnings!
: To arms, Shou Zama!

Burn attacking: “What I seek is only to settle accounts with you…! Face me, Shou Zama!”
Shou attacking: “If this is the will of Byston Well at work, then I’ll accept it!”

This scene only plays if you did the secret. The common version’ll be at the end of the update.

: Hrgh…! Hah-Hahah… Defeated, once again…
: But I have no regrets… because this is the path I – and no one else – chose…
: Burn!
: Are you really satisfied with letting things end like this?! Don’t just throw your life away!
: Y-You…!
: I know our Byston Well was purified by Lady Ciela, so don’t you want to know for what purpose we wound up here?! Your hatred is gone, so why not?!
: Purpose…?
: There are forces at work in this world, like the Wings of Rean, that’ve transcended the limits of the human will…
: And I’m sure it’s not too late for us to find an answer…
: …
: I-I…

: Garan…!
: Took you long enough, boss-man!
: Lord Garan…!
: I pity you, Burn… ever at the mercy of fate, even after transmigrating into this world…
: (“Transmigrating”…?!)
: But, Burn… It’s clear that this is not where your struggle with fate comes to an end.
: Follow your heart, and seek out whatever battlefield it guides you to…
: …
: My lord… I shall never forget the kindness you have shown me!

: Farewell, Black Knight…
: However, here is where I end my dispute with fate. Here and nowhere else!

Common ground:

: Riots…!
: He’s really managed to mass-produce the things with the data he got at Normandy…!
: The time is come for me to claim your lives and sever the chains of fate that bind my life!
: Are you done talking…?
: What…?

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: You can only prove your existence through battle. That makes you little more than garbage.
: Hah… Hahahahah. Oh, yes, I remember you – that other Erbsünde…
: Say what?! Magami’s an artificial human too…?!
: I won’t deny that our lives were fabricated. But what does any of that matter?!
: Our will is our own! Our lives may be artificial, but I’ll live the rest of my days according to my own will!
: Magami, you…!
: Live the rest of your days, eh?
: …
: You amuse me! I say this calls for a duel!
: Will it be my pride or your will that emerges victorious? Steel yourselves and come, my nemeses!
: Ya didn’t even need to ask! Bring it on, Garan!

Garan’s the same as back in the Europe Route, only with a boost to all his stats. Comparatively, our guys are now way stronger, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just don’t let him get a clean hit in and attack from beyond point-blank to neuter his strongest weapon.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

The few mooks he’s brought in are of no consequence when our morale’s this high.

This next convo plays for either Shouko or Karen, whoever goes first:

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Now what is this? Someone who’s broken free from the wheel of fate…?
: If Man is capable of living outside the flow of karma, then I demand you prove it to me through your strength…!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: Your life is man-made – so what?! That doesn’t justify what you’re doing to prove you’re in control…!
: But you must take control of your life, or you’ll never be your own man in this harsh world!
: You have been given a proper life, so I doubt you could understand what I feel.
: Maybe not, but I’m still putting a stop to you! Whatever your issues may be, involving the rest of the world in them is just plain wrong!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: I am simply an empty vessel made for combat. But I’ll fill that vessel, and through battles of my choosing!
: Even someone whose life was made for combat can still decide what that life’ll amount to!
: Why do you feel like this is the way you have to use all the power you were born with…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Begone, knave! Every frontier my sword has cut into is my domain! None can oppose me!
: War itself is what you desire… and, indeed, it shows in the astonishing might you display.
: However, if your gaze is not set beyond your war – if you have not the ideal to establish a grand nation through it – then you cannot be deemed a true conqueror!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: If it’s my fate to do war, then I need only emerge as the supreme victor and tear those chains asunder!
: Listen, I can kinda sympathize with the bad hand you were dealt, but
: People’s lives aren’t set in stone after they’re born! The way you’re born into the world doesn’t change the fact that you get to choose what to make with your life!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: Lt. Magami, Maj. Richard, the Octagon ladies… everyone’s been living their lives defying the fate they’d been given!
: Garan… whatever past you might have, I won’t hesitate to put you down…!
: Hmhmhm… Such a killer resolve. I have long wished to crush a man like you.
: I challenge you, warrior of the UX! Now we duel!

:siren: SRW UX - Shadows that Rend Darkness

: I will not be beaten… but not because of my fate, or my origin, but because of the man who’s showed me the way!
: I cannot perish, either. Not just for myself, but for all the subordinates who’ve laid down their lives for my cause!
: To battle, girl! Muster your life and your beliefs and pit them against mine!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: So the once-sealed away Sleeping Beauty now presents herself as an enemy of my conquest…
: Curious, indeed…! If this is fate at work, then I’ll soon uproot it!
: My appearance here is part of the reason why this man is like this…
: But I still want to know why I’m here! So, I won’t – I can’t – let this world be destroyed!

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: It’s you… Hmhmhm, I’ll be sure to savor every moment of this fight to the death with a fellow Erbsünde.
: Hah, the big man’s really getting into this. What say you, Magami?
: A fight to the death is exactly what I want…!
: It’s not my origin or fate that dictates my life. Everything I do is because of my will, and I’ll make him painfully aware of how strong it is!

And we get another Kaido’s Hand-to-Hand Teachings from him.

Aaay, we’re starting to learn Valor too!

: U-Urrgh…!
: We got him?!


: Lord Garan…!
: I apologize, Himiko…
: I will not be capable of uncovering the truth of this world for you…
: The truth of this world…?
: Listen and listen well, my nemeses!
: This entire world, this universe… all is bound by unseen, yet gigantic, chains of fate!
: Th-that’s…!
: …
: My clan was created with the purpose of keeping the gateways of Hell shut…
: Kiba’s clan was created as keepers of Sleeping Beauty, while Aila’s was meant to keep the island isolated from the outside world…
: Aila’s clan…?!
: That’s right… It was Aila’s parents who once draped the island in the Gravity Curtain…
: …
: What…
: And then Aila wound up reaching out to the people of the outside world, and awakening the Sleeping Beauty within Kiba’s fortress… what an ironic coincidence, no?
: …
: However, struggle as you might, everything is happening squarely atop the spiderweb of fate…
: The more we wriggle about, the closer we are brought towards the center of the web…
: Garan, you said your clan was bound to the gateways to Hell. Just what is that thing?!
: Who lies at the center of that spiderweb…? What is the truth of this world?!
: That’s—

: It’s THIS!!

: Rrgh…!
: Wh-What…?!
: Lord Garan…!

: Hah-Hahahahah… fate mocks us so…!

: Who is that…?!
: Yaahahaha! It’s been ages, Skull-face!
: You’re… Kiba?!
: You’re still alive?!
: I am! I clawed my way from the bottom of Hell!
: All so I could wring the life out of you with the other devil… the Iron Kaiser!
: Iron Kaiser?!


: The Kaiser’s reacting to that other machine…!
: Then the gateways to Hell that Garan talked about…
: You got it! It’s the devil the Odyssite called through space-time when the Gravity Generator first got turned on – the Iron Kaiser!
: So Garan’s clan was charged with keeping that machine sealed away…!
: Then, what triggered the Gravity Generator’s recent breakdown…!
: Was that machine coming back online?!
: Hyaahahahahahaha! Bingo!
: And I’m gonna use this baby’s power to trash the entire planet!

: Th-That’s…!
: Gravity waves from a Graviton Reactor…?!
: Kch… Its power is tremendous!
: AHAHAHAHAAAA! How’dya like them apples, Skull-face!
: Gch… that sonuva…!
: W-We can’t move…!
: Gravity waves are still growing! Our machines’ll be crushed if that keeps going…!
: Have some more!

: O-Oorgh…!
: Come on, people! Isn’t there anything we can do?!
: Kch… At this rate, we…!
: Singing Maiden…
: Huh?! M-Me…?
: You should understand by now…
: You, like the devils, were summoned from across space and time by a will within the Odyssite, so I’m sure you understand…
: Understand what…?!
: Let everything pour forth – your feelings, your prayer!
: My feelings? Prayer…? That’s…!
: Quit with that blah-blah-blah! This ain’t none of your business!

: Ghk… Gaaaaah!
: Sister…!
: Aila… We were all being guided by the same force…
: As is that devil…
: …?!
: Seek out the truth… The meaning behind our births… lies beyond…!

: H-How could you…!
: Hehehe…! And you’re all up next!
: …
: You’re a very lonely man, aren’t you…?
: Whatchu say…?!
: You’re incapable of accepting anyone who so much as annoys you, so you do nothing but kill.
: And you don’t – or maybe you can’t – even notice how flawed your soul is. What a sad, lonely man.
: Eh?! Start making sense, goddamn it!
: Oh, well… I guess it’s up to me to fill that empty heart of yours with some positive energy.
: That is my mission, the reason why I was called to this world…

: Fei…?!
: I remembered… my feelings, my prayer…!
: Emotion, the energy overflowing within the chest. Turn your heart into wings and set off into that boundless sky…
: Listen to my song! (The above lines were lyrics for another Virtual On song, like Love 14. It’s called…)

:siren: SRW UX - Believe ver. HD

We’ll see this in a jiffy.

: Gwaargh! H-her song’s…!

: The Gravity waves are gone…?!
: Our units can move again…! No, that wasn’t all she did… This is!

Everyone maxes out morale… only we were already there, so no one gets anything! :v:

: It’s like a surge of power coming from inside me…!
: She’s converting our emotions into strength…!
: Fei’s song is doing this?!
: Heheh… Well, now ain’t this cool!
: Grrgh… Y-You think I’m gonna let you get away with this?!

: Alright, no more tricks! I’m gonna rip you all apart!
: Hmph, ya buncha rats!
: Kiba…! I’ll show you all the power you awakened inside me!

Our good friend Kiba’s back and he’s pissed. Stats are even better than Garan and the Iron Kaiser hits hard and has a two-pronged directional MAPW that blasts up to 8 squares ahead (with a 2x4 AoE in the last 4 squares on each side). He’s not TOO accurate, either, but Prevail L7’ll offset that some, so watch it.
At 100k HP, he’d be the bulkiest enemy we’d had to fight thus far, but Miku shaved off 40% of that, so now he’s got less than Garan did. You should have a few Daunt casts handy and, if you’re like me, nearly all mooks are already down, so he won’t be building up to 130 morale before it’s go-time.
Can’t debuff him, either, so just toss whatever you’ve got left and wrap things up in one turn.


And here are Kiba’s big weapons. Now we can go!

:siren: LOUDNESS - The Eternal Soldiers
:siren: :siren:

: I’ve come back from Hell to settle things with you, Skull-face!
: Have it your way… This world doesn’t need two Kaisers in it!
: And you’ll learn that you didn’t come back from Hell… because the two of us and the Mazinkaiser are Hell!
: And we’re about to burn what’s left of you!

: So many times you hounded us, Kiba, but that also ends today!
: The Octagon women?! After I’ve killed the four of you, I’ll take my time with that haughty leader of yours!
: You dare threaten Lady Aila…?!
: But you’re not getting even one finger on her, you wretch!
: We’ll take you out for good and then we’ll find a way to stop the Gravity Generator…! Psycogear Squad, forward!

: This is it: the greatest kind of freedom there is! I’m now too damn strong for anyone to hold me back!
: You think that’s being strong? Seems to me that you don’t know jack.
: Yeah? Then why don’t you come over and showcase what you think the real deal is!
: Oh, don’t worry, I will! This is the strength that comes from fighting for others…
: It’s the strength of a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!

: What did you want all this power for?!
: For booze! And women! And for power itself! If I want something, I go and get it! That’s the Kiba Lifestyle and I’d like to see you try and stop it!
: While mine is to put an end to those that’d throw the world into chaos! That’s the mission we were given!

: You, Aila and Garan were all the same, right? Then why were you fighting with each other?!
: Pah, you think I give a rat’s ass about that sorta stuff?! You rub me the wrong way, you’re dead! That’s the long and short of it!
: But that’s… I can’t even begin to say how evil that is! We have to stop him, Heroman!
: Ooooh!

: It’s game over for you! The Iron Kaiser and I are invincible! No one can handle us!
: So many people are risking their lives to protect this world – including the Major…!
: And I’m not about to let someone like you destroy it!

: This isn’t due to yours being a manmade life… I can tell. Your bloodthirst, your brutality, is just your nature…!
: Well, that’s real kind of you to say! And you’re right! The past can eat it for all I care!
: This hunger for power? Mine! This overwhelming toughness?! Mine! This raised fist?! MINE! It’s all meeee!
: Then I’ll wipe you and that power from the face of the planet! The darkness beyond the original sin is waiting!

: This power’s the BEST! Now that I’ve the Iron Kaiser, the entire world’s my oyster!
: But that oyster’s hanging over the edge right goddamn now!
: We don’t have any time to waste on you! Come here and I’ll make this quick!

: Weren’t you and Garan born for the same reason? Why couldn’t you live with each other…?!
: What’re you getting at, eh? This island wasn’t big enough for the two of us and that’s all the reason we needed to get with the killing!
: Don’t even try it, Shangxiang. Our words will not work on this one, and we haven’t the time to try…
: Thus, I, Sun Quan, swear by my ancestor, Sun Tzu, to mete out your due punishment!

: You got a lotta nerve pulling that stunt with me! But, now, my devil’ll turn you and that power of yours into ancient history again!
: Song and Willpower are one and the same…! And as long as my song’s in everyone’s hearts, this power’ll never disappear!


: Gwaaaaaaaargh!
: And how do you like them apples, prick?!
: Gch-Gch-Rrrr! I’m not going down like this!
: If that’s how it’s gonna be… then I’m taking everyone with me!


: Whoa…! What’s he doing?!
: It’s…! Guys, we’ve got trouble! The Gravity Generator just had a major spike in activity…!
: What did you say?!
: The way it’s looking, we’ve only a few moments before the gravity collapse occurs…!
: HYAAHAHAHAHAAH! You’re all gonna die! There won’t be anything left!
: This son of a bitch…!
: Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this?!
: There’s… only one way.
: Talk to us, then! What do we do?!
: Himiko explained it to me when she died…
: If you send that energy back to its source, it’ll revert to the raw state it was in originally…
: That’s…!
: What does she mean?!
: The Iron Kaiser’s Graviton Reactor is essentially a miniaturized Gravity Generator…
: So, if we can get their particles and anti-particles to collide, and trigger a particle annihilation…
: Particle annihilation…?!
: …
: Understood.
: What… did you even hear me?! I’m all but asking you to go on a suicide mission!
: Didn’t you say that’s the only way out of this? Then we don’t mind.
: Lt. Kaido…!
: We just blow up the Iron Kaiser and the Gravity Generator at the same time, right?
: Plus, solving this problem with one BIG explosion instead of powering the thing down like a bunch of wimps sounds perfect for us!
: But we’ll need your help to make it work, Lt. Yuki! We’re using that!
: …
: I-I…!
: Why are you hesitating, Yuki?!
: Cpt. Scarlet…!
: Are you just going to let their resolve go to waste?! What did I give you the Wingle for if not for this exact moment?!
: That’s…
: Yuki…!
: …

:siren: :siren: :siren:

: Detaching Tiara Aile and Arsine Guard!
: Make sure to match its speed…! Cross Sequence, countdown initiated!
: I dunno what you’re up to, but I ain’t letting it happen!
: Oh, no, you don’t!

: Graargh!
: Now, Yuki!
: Wing Cross!
: Haaaaaah!

: Th-The Kaiser…!
: It combined with the Wingle’s wings!
: Here’s the little ace up our sleeve! Say your prayers, Kiba!
: Y-You two wanna get yourselves killed?!
: What’re ya worried about, ya goddamn cockroach?!
: Now, are we gonna be the first to bite it, or will you be the lucky winner? Gambles like this are kinda fun once in a while, I say!
: Gaaaaaaah! You… you’re all 100% crazy!


: It ain’t over yet! We got one last game to take you on!


: Excuse you, but that’s my part to play!
: What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Shadows that Rend Darkness

: The Riot…?!
: Is that… Major?!
: Haaaaaah!

The Riot grabs the Iron Kaiser and drags it towards the Gravity Generator!

: Guh… Y-You bastard!
: The hell do you think you’re doing, geezer?!
: A particle annihilation from the Riot’s Proton Generator should also be more enough to gobble up both this guy and the Gravity Generator!
: Wh-What…?!
: You two still have plenty of work to do, no?
: I’m just a scumbag with one foot in the grave. But I can still decide how I go out, so let me have this.
: Maj. Richard…!
: You know what you have to do, right, Saya?
: …?!
: Accelerated Particle Engine, full throttle!

: Gh-Gweeaaaaaaaaah!
: Uoooooooh!
: M-Major…!

Saya flies towards them.

: Ms. Saya…!
: I… I…!
: Now, Saya! FIRE!
: Uwaaaaaaaaah!

: Saya…?!
: …

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: I-I can’t do it…
: Y-You…!
: I can’t… I can’t shoot you, Major…!
: Ms. Saya…
: I can’t… I just can’t!
: Kch…. Aaaaaah!
: …

Arnie flies over.

: Ensign…?!
: You may be a merc… and this might be your mission…
: But no child should have to gun down her own father…
: Ensign Berge…
: Maj. Richard, I…
: I’ll take up your will onto myself!
: Arnie…!
: Hahahah… Thanks, Ensign…
: Deeeyaaah!

Arnie: “Maj. Richard… I’ll do the deed with my own hands. That’s the least I can give you!”
Richard: “Take care of my daughter… and your future…”

: Major…!

: Goodbye, Saya…


: I see. Richard is…
: You don’t look all that surprised, sir.
: He came to me before and explained his condition.
: I knew he’d eventually want to pass his will on to the next generation and settle accounts with fate…
: …
: Is… Is that everything you have to say?
: Hayase…?
: He’s dead – your friend is dead!
: And you just sit there, acting like it’s not that big a deal to you! Don’t you feel anything for him?!
: If you think tears would make Richard happy, then you can go and cry until your eyes bleed.
: But can you end these battles with tears? Can you save the world with those?
: Even I know that! But you could…!
: Tch…!
: Hayase…
: …
: (Hisataka Katou spoke like he knew how the future would play out…)
: (And if Mr. Ishigami and Maj. Richard also did, then…)

: Hrm… Wh-Where…?
: You’re awake. We’re inside one of our motherships.
: Shou Zama…!
: Hm… I suppose you found me passed out…
: Garan is dead, so there’s no reason for us to fight anymore, right?
: …
: So I should come with you? Is that what you’re implying…?
: The old Black Knight – that warrior filled with hatred – is gone.
: And if that’s the case, why not help us as just another warrior willing to fight against fate?
: Shou Zama…
: The way I see it, the three of us may just be in the same boat.
: The same…?
: We were also ready to face death at one point.
: But we managed to overcome that death through our Willpower, and now we’re here…
: And if Willpower can transcend time and space, and even change fate itself…
: Then I believe that we should use that power for others… or, better yet, for the future of this world.
: For the future, hm…?
: Hah, maybe there is truth to what you say…

You obviously only get this scene if you did Burn’s secret. Now we have him and the Zwarth, which not only is pretty dang powerful, also has a combo attack with the Bilbine!

: …
: Ms. Saya, I…
: “Should you find yourself fighting against friends or family, could you bring yourself to pull the trigger?”
: I gave you that whole lecture on professional commitment, but I couldn’t do anything myself…
: Ms. Saya…
: I wanted to do as was needed… I told myself it had to be done…!
: You, the Major… everyone was prepared to risk everything they had during that battle…!
: And I still froze…!
: …
: Ms. Saya… despite all that, I don’t think that was a shot you should’ve made…
: Ensign Berge…
: I don’t know what the Major said to you, but…
: Orders or not, you’re his daughter. You shouldn’t have to do that…
: …
: I’m not his daughter…
: Huh…?

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: A will infused into Odyssite, to serve as a control key for Accelerated Particle Engines…
: That’s what I am…
: Wh-What…?! Then, you’re…!
: Another Erbsünde, yes… a manmade life…!
: Christ…!
: Do you see how it is now?!
: I was created to synchronize and manage the Orphes and Lyras’ engines… but it’s too much for me. That results in the Orphes performing imperfect warps, each and every one of them eating away at yours and the Major’s lives…
: Imperfect warps…?
: Everything that’s happened to you and him is my fault! My will – my life – was too weak, and that’s why he…!
: sob Aaaah…!! It’s… all my fault…!
: …
: No, Ms. Saya… don’t blame yourself…
: Ensign…
: I can’t even begin to imagine how god-awful it must’ve been for you…
: Trying so hard to carry out your mission and keeping us going, all the while knowing the warps were imperfect and would get me and the major killed… I shudder to even think about how you must’ve felt.
: …
: sob Ensign, I…

Door opens.

: Saya… so you knew everything. I thought as much…
: Ms. Aila…!
: What do you mean? Were you also aware of her secret?
: …
: The name “Saya” comes from an ancient word for “life”…
: Apparently, a scientist who worked on this island had a habit of giving names meaning “life” to the will-infused Odyssite.
: The names of life…
: Then it was someone who worked on this island who named Saya…?
: I believe so. And that scientist was called…
: Novel Dylan…
: N-Novel Dylan…?!

: The Neutrino Generators seem to be running nicely.
: Yes, they are. We should be ready to attempt a synchro-overdrive next time.
: The Neutrino Generator… the new Accelerated Particle Engine developed from the Proton Engine…
: The question now is whether we can get them to sync up properly. It’ll all come down to mine and Ayul’s skill…
: Or, rather, to the strength of our wills…
: Correct. The catalyst for all Accelerated Particle Engines is the light of the Odyssite – in other words, it’s Willpower itself…
: You two need to learn how to make proper use of that power, which is why I’m assigning you to assist the Black Lodge next.
: The Black Lodge…?!
: That group in Arkham City…?! Master Therion’s group…!
: Oh, right, you have some rather unpleasant history with him.
: But I ask that you let go of that. The sorcerers can help you understand the root of their magic, and that’s something indispensable for both of you.
: …
: Cpt. Spencer…
: No, I understand. The past doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.
: I’ll do whatever I have to in order to bring about Ayul’s awakening!
: Very good. Her awakening is what’ll lead the way to the future of this universe…
: Ayul… i.e., the name of life…
: The name of life… the meaning behind my existence…

[i]Finally, Burn’s also a Tactician and his bonuses are, respectively, +10% Melee attack power and Defense.

Speaking of, if you didn’t get his secret, the scene that plays after him and Shou duke it out is:[/i]

: F-Farewell… Shou Zama… my worthy nemesis!


: Burn Bunnings…
: Was there no other way…? Are you happy with how this ended?!
: Shou…
: If the will of Man can cross through time and space, then what did it bring us into this world for?!
: …
: Burn Bunnings…! I… I!
: Raaaaaargh!

Garan appears.

: You have fallen, Burn…
: Garan…!
: Took you long enough, boss-man!
: Hmhmhm, it has been a while, hasn’t it, Ultimate Cross…
: And I hear you are now renowned as saviors of the planet. Indeed, you have become worthy nemeses!

And then the rest plays out the same.


Okay, I knew what was going to happen, but still… wow. Just wow. The SRW team pulled out all the stops with the story on this one.


Not to rain on your parade, but while the UX story is pretty up there in SRW’s, the whole “Will is the key power” thing seems contrived as it could be to me.


Emotion-activated plot devices seems pretty standard fare.


It would be cool too, if it wasn’t overly used. Anyways, the next stage should be a big one. I look forward to the translations.


Superior Sniper Miku is officially online, let the enemies cry out to the tune of her song.

And… ah hell, it’s Wingcross Kaiser. So, if you’ve missed it, Wingcross’s attacks all look really, really fucking bad. It’s one of the worst MCs in UX, and isn’t much of a visual upgrade over the original Kaiser.

The OG song that plays over Richard’s death makes me sad. Richard’s death makes me sad. He’s probably not going to be saveable in OG either.

So, first off, note how a lot of the Burn speech involves the previous two secret characters. Expect a LOT of that in the later parts of UX. Secrets feed into secrets as your squad breaks further away from fate.

Also - the hilarious bit about Zwarth is it’s actually more of an upgrade for Marvel, who is a better pilot than Burn due to having an attack modifier.

Hell, X just used the plot point again, albeit in a somewhat different context.

Click to see the mission

Welcome back, and our group’s a lot beefier after that bombastic last mission – and things aren’t about to slow down today. Arnie, Saya and Kurou are set as event units, so here’s how we’re going:

Sun Quan/Eida
Liu Bei/Rennie
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Tactician: Ruri (set Ruri if you’re still on track for the Demonbane secret.)

Off we go.

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Major, we’re all set and ready to deploy.
: Jesus, girl… how many times have I said you can call me “dad” or “daddy” when we’re not working?
: But I’m not your actual daughter, or a human to begin with…
: See, that right there is a very poor way to look at things.
: Your life might’ve been manmade, but you still have a will – you still have a soul.
: And I think the realization of that fact ties directly with the beginning of life.
: The “beginning of life”…

: Rrgh… Haah, haah…
: It’s happening again, Major…?
: Hahah… Just desserts, and that jazz, right?
: …
: I’m so sorry. This is all because I can’t do my job properly…
: Don’t beat yourself over it. I knew from the start what I was getting into, remember?
: Besides, my living or not won’t change the future.
: What’s important here is your own will, and what you’ll do with it.
: But…
: I have bet all my chips in the huge potential you have, after all…
: Major…

: Now, Saya! FIRE!
: …
: I-I can’t do it…
: Y-You…!
: I can’t… I just can’t!
: Kch…. Aaaaaah!

: …
: Major… I…

: Now that the dust has settled, what was that Iron Kaiser anyway?
: From what I could gather, the Odyssite being used as a catalyst for the Gravity Generator sent a will across space-time, which called that mech over from a parallel universe.
: Another devil that came from a parallel universe…
: But if that’s the case, what about Kaido and Magami’s Kaiser?
: Well, both bots did look pretty much like polar opposites, so maybe…
: Our Kaiser also came from another universe?
: Dunno, don’t care.
: Ah…?
: I mean, what difference does it make?
: Where we came from, where we were born… that stuff’s just a buncha baloney.
: We’re here right now. That’s all the reason we need to fight.
: We’re here right now…
: Hmph, I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day…
: Now, how about we cheer up some? The old man’s gonna come back to haunt us if we don’t.
: Lt. Kaido…!
: Why would he need to turn into a ghost for that? We are Hell, remember?
: Heheh, true, true. And if he went to Hell, that means he’s always gonna be with us.
: Lt…
: Always with us, huh…?
: (Alright, old man, then keep close and watch over us. I don’t mind…)
: (Garan, I’m done denying my fate. I’ll just live on and on… I’ll survive for the rest of my days!)
: (Lord Garan… I’ll seek out an answer for our fates alongside these people… and, in time, I’ll find it!)
: …
: Is something wrong, Fei?
: … No, nothing. I was just thinking that I’d like to stay with our group forever.
: Well, that’s to be expected! We’re all friends, aren’t we?
: … Yes, we are.
: (That girl’s song called out to me when I came to this world…)
: (I’m sure it’s because of her that I am who I am right now.)
: (So, I’d like for us to sing together… other me…)

Door opens.

: Looks like everyone’s here.
: Ms. Aila…
: Could I ask why you called for all of us…?
: It’s about what’s in store for the Machine Island and its people.
: As you are well aware, this land has died with the disappearance of the Gravity Generator…
: And, at that, Lady Aila has a proposal for you…
: Would you be willing to let Hurricane’s squadron and I accompany your group?
: You’re offering us the Psycogear Squad? That’s a very generous proposal, but are you certain…?
: Well, it just wouldn’t do to seal our Psycogears away and let them gather dust.
: If anything, we’d much rather carry on fighting together with people we trust.
: Right, so we’ll keep riding formation with the Wingle like we did in the last battle.
: That’s that done, Yuki. Looking forward to working with you again!
: I say the same!
: But what about you, Ms. Aila? What are you going to do?
: I’d like to learn more about the world beyond the island.
: The world?
: Himiko sought to uncover the truth, so I believe I’ll inherit her dying wish and travel the land…
: Then you should look for Marina Ismail.
: Hmm, yes. Princess Marina could certainly be of assistance to her.
: She’s a woman trying to see where our world is headed. I think there’s much you two could learn from one another.
: You’ve my gratitude. I’ll be sure to pay her a visit.
: And with this talk wrapped up… I guess it’s about time to say goodbye to the Octagon, huh?
: Not yet. There’s still one more thing…

Door opens.

: …
: Saya, Arnie…!
: Are you two feeling better…?
: Better isn’t the word I’d use…
: But we understand that staying depressed won’t change what happened.
: And, in that case, we should keep moving onwards. We owe it to the Major, too…
: Saya…
: …
: That’s about the best we can do to honor those who’ve parted, hm…?
: Yes. And also…
: We thought we needed to pull ourselves together before we talked to you about something.
: About what…?
: It’s about me, and Maj. Richard. And…
: About a scientist who used to work on this island: Novel Dylan…

  • :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: *

: Oh, my faithful acolytes, how long have you waited!
: Indeed, how long. And all your perseverance has been for this very moment – for this day, when we shall raise our kingdom onto the Earth…!
#1: Our messiah, Master Therion!
#2: Our messiah, Master Therion!

: This is what the Black Lodge is like…?!
: Take a good look. Willpower can well be said to be at the root of all sorcery.
: Thus, the more Willpower you amass, the more it’s magnified.
: That’s…
: Yes. The light from the Accelerated Particle Engines catalyzing the Odyssite is born of the same process.
: And that ties directly to your own life’s awakening, Ayul…
: Life’s awakening…
: …
: (Master Therion… the man responsible for throwing mine and Arnie’s fate off track…!)

: I declare, here and now, that I will destroy all those blasphemers who would turn their eyes from the Truth!
: I declare that evil shall be used for evil’s sake!
: By the way of our castle, the mobile fortress Illusory Heart Mother…!

  • :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: *

#1: Master Theriooooooon!
#2: Master Theriooooooon!

: The Grand Master has become quite good at inflaming the masses…
: But this time brings a different climax than usual.
: Novel Dylan… show me which realms your grasp has managed to reach.

  • :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: *

: Hmph… a pathetic ceremony for just as pathetic people.
: Doctor, are you sure you shouldn’t be there-robo?
: Nope! My work is my life – period! I don’t have time for their nonsense!
: But, then, why are you with the Black Lodge, Doctor-robo?
: That should be obvious! I’m here because it’ll help perfect my GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL RESEARCH! The Black Lodge’ll help me get to the truth!
: ??? I don’t get it-robo.
: Ah, but you will – and soon.
: For you are Elsa, the android given an ego and a heart by my incredible intellect!
: I foresee many great things for you! Action! Life-threatening danger! A professor with a mind-controlling flute! DRAMA!
: But, as it all draws to a close, I know I’ll be beside myself with joy as my Pinocchio becomes a real boy… err, girl! Woohoo!
: Oh, Doctor, you’re getting a bit too excited there-robo.
: Still, I admit that I am a bit curious about things like “life” and “heart”-robo…

: …
: I see… so you’re an artificial being like us…
: I am…
: …
: (Now that I think about it, there were plenty of times where she acted kind of weird…)
: (I guess Maj. Richard had her do that on purpose to keep our attention away from what she was…)
: (And this girl’s immunity to that spell at Innsmouth… it was due to the fact that she was not human either…)
: Well, I don’t see a problem there. We already got a bunch of folks from tons of different backgrounds.
: Right. We’ve even got robots and fairies around, so it’s a bit too late for us to start caring about stuff like that.
: Borrowing what Kaido said, you’re here and you’re you – that’s all that matters.
: Everyone…
: On the other hand, I’m concerned about this scientist you mentioned, Novel Dylan.
: You knew her as a researcher for the Federation Army, Ensign Berge?
: Right, she was the developer of the Riots and was working with Jin and I as a technical advisor.
: Could this researcher for the Federation and the scientist who delved into the Machine Island’s taboo share the same name…?
: But all that stuff that happened here on the island was around two hundred years ago, right? It can’t be the same person.
: On the contrary – it is, without a doubt, the same Novel Dylan.
: What makes you so sure?
: …
: Do you remember what the Major said about an accident with an Accelerated Particle Engine running amok mid-test?
: Yes, the Odyssite-magnified will couldn’t be controlled, and the Engine was lost across space-time…
: Exactly. The one leading that experiment then was Novel Dylan… And the pilot of the unit equipped with the Accelerated Particle Engine…
: Was Maj. Richard.
: Wh-Whaat?!
: B-But didn’t that happen two hundred years ago?!
: He transposed space and time due to that accident. I’d wager centuries do not mean much in that situation.
: Ah…
: Then Major Richard had travelled from the past to the present as he crossed space-time?
: Hmm… I’d say no – it wasn’t the present.
: What do you mean?
: I am merely hypothesizing, Saya, but do tell me. Could it be that the accident with the Accelerated Particle Engine… actually wound transporting Maj. Richard to our future?
: Huh…?!
: O-Our future?!
: The answer lies with the Orphes’ Lepton Vectrer. It is an engine that applies the same principles as the Riot’s Proton Generator, however…
: The technology found in it is far more advanced than the supposedly cutting-edge Riot.
: Then, the Orphes…
: Is a mech that came from the future…?
: And the one who built the Orphes in said future was also Novel Dylan, was it not?
: …
: Master Kongming’s correct.
: The accident with the Accelerated Particle Engine flung the Major into the far future, and he met Prof. Novel Dylan there.
: H-Hey, hold on! Then that lady can just live for hundreds of years?!
: Or maybe she can time travel at will?
: I don’t know enough about her to talk about her life-span… but I don’t think it’s very likely she can time travel at will.
: After all, it was a complete coincidence that the Major and I ended up travelling to this era…
: Hmm…
: Another “coincidence”…
: In any case, it was in the future that she gave the Major the Orphes and Lyras and left me in his care.
: Whuh…?! Then you were also born in the future?
: Yes. I was made as a control key to keep both Lepton Vectrers from running out of control…
: But, in the end… I couldn’t do anything of the sort…
: Ms. Saya…
: What did I come to this era for if I couldn’t even do my part…?
: And as I failed, the Major was still risking his life to try and to change the future…!
: “Ch-Change the future”… You mean—?!
: I understand now. The “Hell” that Maj. Richard said he saw…
: Must have been the world post the death of mankind, as Hisataka Katou warned us about…
: N-No way… then that guy was telling the truth when he said humanity was gonna go extinct in 32 years?!
: …
: “If you knew that all this is pointless, what would you do? Could you still bring yourselves to fight…?”
: Kurou…
: (Ennea… did you know what our future is…?)

Beep, boop.

: We’ve a transmission coming in from NIA agent Axel Hughes.
: From Hughes?!
: Someone you know?
: Yeah, he helped Isabelle and I a ton back when I was working as a journalist.
: That wasn’t all he did, mind.
: The video footage he uncovered was also essential in clearing your name with the Federation Parliament.
: So, he’s like a major supporter of ours?
: Very well. Put him through.


: Hello, everyone. It’s been a while.
: It has, yeah. But why’d you call us as suddenly as this? Did something happen at the Union?
: As a matter of fact, it has. The Black Lodge is on the move and things are looking bad.
: The Black Lodge?!
: As I’m sure you’re aware, Ms. Hadou, there’s a part of Arkham City where the populace is forbidden from entering, yes?
: That would be Sector 13. A past spell left the area hopelessly tainted and it had to be sealed off.
: And, by the looks of things, the Black Lodge went and built a gigantic fortress beneath said Sector.
: Wh-What?!
: Much as I regret to say it, the Union Army’s weapons are very outmatched against the Anticross and their sorcery.
: And, so, I make this call at the behest of the President. We’d like to ask that the UX intercept and repel the Black Lodge’s offensive.
: Understood. We’ll confer on this matter and get back to you shortly.
: I eagerly await a positive reply.


: And there we have it… Ensign Berge, Saya, what are your thoughts on this?
: Ours…?
: You two are Maj. Richard’s heirs, no?
: Th-That’s…
: And he was a key figure in bringing the Ultimate Cross together. We’d like to give his daughter and successor’s wishes their due.
: …

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: Alright. Then I say the UX should head for Arkham City!
: Ensign Berge…!
: Ms. Saya… I’d always wondered just what was the Hell that Maj. Richard had seen…
: But now I finally understand what it was and what it meant to him.
: That man saw a future filled with despair and decided to take a stand against fate to change it…
: But he…
: I know. He’s no longer with us… but that’s why we have to keep fighting.
: As the people who’ve taken up his will onto ourselves…!
: Ensign…
: Anyone here disagree with their opinion?
: Nope, we’re all on the same page as Arnie!
: Right on. We’ve all been given the power to bite back on evil, so let’s see it done together!
: And even should the future already be set in stone… we shall not yield before the tides of fate!
: Rather, we’ll find a way a to change it! Right, Mr. Asuka?
: Absolutely. Let’s set off, Arnie!
: Thank you so much, everyone!
: Call the Elshank and Ptolemaios and have them take formation alongside the Quarter!
: We’ll be Folding all the way to Arkham City!

Location: Arkham City – Abandoned Building

: Almost time for the C Project’s grand finale.
: …
: Is something the matter, Augustus?
: … Do you not find the Grand Master’s actions to be strange?
: Oh, are you doubting the Grand Master? That alone is essentially high treason, no?
: Consider past events, if you would. He ordered a retreat right as Kurou Daijuuji was moments away from defeat…
: And he proclaimed that we did not need either Al Azif or the Tyrant to execute the C Project.
: Hmm…
: Moreover, he’s even allowed outsiders to take part in today’s operations – as though he does not trust us to see it done…!
: You mean the group that came with that Novel chick?
: And, with this, I now have a question to ask of you all.
: Do you believe the Grand Master is truly suited to be the conductor of the C Project?
: …
: …
: …
: Augustus… what are you planning?
: To see that the C Project is properly executed, naturally.
: But first… we must carry out our assigned roles…
: My grimoire, The Golden Bough!


: De Vermis Mysteriis – time to party!

Tentacle Magic!

: Cthaat Aquadïngen!

Rumbling Magic!

: Celaeno Fragments!

Angry Magic!

: Book of Eibon!

Gentlemanly Magic!

: Cultes des Goules – we go to battle!

Sword Magic!

: The Anticross have started? Then we should do the same, Etheldreda.
: Yes, Master.
: Awaken, Big C!
: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! Chhhhh’R’llllyeeeeh! Ia! Ia! God! ( In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming! Cross over, R’lyeh! Hail! Hail, God!)
: Cthulhu! Cthulhu…! CTHULHUUUUUU!

Big Magic!

Mission 32 – Big “C”

: De-Fold complete. No issues across our vessels.
: Wh-What the hell is that?!

: How could something that size be hidden beneath Sector 13…?!
: Much as I hate to admit it, that is pretty impressive!
: My Lady…
: N-Nothing good can come out of such insanity…!
: Heads up! We’ve got stuff coming out of that big UFO-thing!

: It’s those Deus Machina!
: Those guys we fought at the Hadou Manor are there too!
: And now we gotta take on all four of those monsters at once…?!
: We’re getting out there, troops!

: Heheh… Here you are! I’m gonna pay you back in spades for before!
: Hm…? I do not see the Demonbane.
: (Kurou, I believe in you. I’m sure you can pull yourself back together again!)
: …
: Ms. Saya, I know there must be a hundred things going on inside your head right now but…
: I understand. You’ve steeled yourself to face what’s ahead, and I’ll do the same.
: I’ll fight in a way worthy of Richard Krueger’s daughter!
: I confess I did not expect the Black Lodge to mount an attack of this scale…
: But we still cannot give in to them! Ever!
: By my name as a Hadou, I’ll strive to protect this city – this world – to the bitter end! All troops, engage!

Wreck everything, don’t lose a ship, Saya or Arnie. This one’s a bit more dangerous because we’ve got all 4 Anticross bosses bearing down on us and they’re all big, beefy bruisers – Titus and Claudius won’t hang back for long, either, so you’ll need to contend with them as you build morale.
Tiberius still has his many debuffs, so be especially wary of leaving anyone who can’t dodge in his range, as you don’t want them to be sitting ducks for all the Destroyer Robos and Anticross. Your guys are at about the point where they might be starting to learn Confuse (かく乱), so it might be good for you to pop it when you’re in the thick and morale isn’t quite there yet.
Approach carefully and as a group, because letting someone get mobbed is a recipe for death here, and take out the Anticross one by one – they all got decent levels of Prevail and you don’t want them all running it.

Titus (Ogre)
Pilot Skills:
Sorcerer L5
Grimoire L5
Prevail L5
Support Attack L2
All Attack L2
Infight L2
Titus’ voice actor: Joji Nakata (other roles: Wesker in Resident Evil, Ishigami in Linebarrel, Ahlforz in SRW V, Balgias in BX, and many, many more).

Jack Smith, only he’s a tank now and has Infight and does a lot more damage. His weapons all have S ranks on land, so approach with flying units or make sure your guy can dodge. Best attack is range 1-3, so see if you can’t attack from beyond that if you’re looking to save on SP.
That aside, we’ve dealt with his kind before and he doesn’t have any unique tricks worth noting.


:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: Major… I’m not sure I’ll ever be as strong as you were, but still…
: Saya and I’ll take up your dying wish and carry it on!

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: The heroes of salvation, Ultimate Cross…
: Perhaps you’ll be the ones capable of sating my thirst for combat…? (Where’s Lu Bu when we need him?)


:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Oohoohoo, this world’s going to be so messed up when Big C awakens. Isn’t that wonderful?

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Raaaargh! I won‘t allow you to stop Big C‘s awakening!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: Alright, folks, which of you wants to be fed your own liver? Just line up and I’ll be right there with your order!


:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: Hahahahah! Look at you zipping around like you own the damn place, not even paying Lord Byakhee its due!
: But gimme a sec and I’ll have your wings and your body broken so bad you won’t ever fly again!
: Like hell you will! I’m going to keep on flying – not just for me, but for them…!

And as you start thinning out the mooks…

: Look! There’s someone on top of that fortress!
: Th-That’s…!
: Hmhmhm…
: Master Therion…!
: Hear me, Ultimate Cross!
: It’s all due to your blind stupidity that this most joyous of days has arrived.
: Come again…?!
: And, as such, I would like to offer a small token of my appreciation.
: I have selected you to be the sacrifices for our dream, the C Project. Glory will be yours.
: Go to hell!
: Ensign…?!
: How many lives have you taken, how many fates have you torn apart…!
: You’ve done so much evil and that’s still not enough for you?!
: Hah… I know not who you are, but if you take issue with what I do, feel free to step forward.
: I’ll make you our first sacrifice.
: Shut your mouth, you monster!

: R-Rrgh!
: Ensign Arnie!
: Kch… I-It’s!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Target located. Moving to engage!
: J-Jin…!
: Copy that! Neutrino Generators, synchro-overdrive initiated!
: “S-Synchro-overdrive”…?!

Power uuup!

: Synchronization coefficient 97, 98… Pressure set, safety lock released!
: Haaaaaaaaaah!

: Th-This can’t…! How are they using technology from our future…?!
: No units but the Orphes and Lyras should be capable of synchro-overdrive…!
: Eat this, Arnie!

: Gwaaaaaaargh!
: Arnie!
: Haah, haah… Ayul, how’re the Engines?!
: Inner pressure is stable! No signs of anti-particles running out of control!
: O-Okay…! Then let’s carry on with the… Urgh!
: Cpt. Spencer?!
: D-Don’t worry about me! Think just of what you have to do!
: C-Captain…
: Hrm… Jin, what are you doing?! You’re with the Army of Mankind! Why are you helping the Black Lodge?!
: Because I’ve given myself to fate, is why!
: Wh-What…?!
: I’ve a mission – a destiny – to fulfill… and I’ll even deal with the devil himself to make that happen!
: Hmhmhm, splendid.
: As the light of your soul grows brighter, the shadows turn deeper and darker…
: So, please, let your pained blood and desperate tears pour in a beautiful cascade – it’s through them that Big C’ll descend on this world.
: Hrrr…! Kurou, are you still not going to take action even after hearing him?!
: Al…
: Our nemesis stands before our very eyes! Our companions have taken to arms and are risking their lives!
: And, yet, here you are…!
: …
: Al, I…!
: Jin… That’s too much, even for you!
: This is the Black Lodge we’re talking about – they care absolutely nothing for how precious life is! And if you’ll help those people… then I will make you answer for it!

: Ensign…!
: Ms. Saya, please back me up!
: He’s sold his soul to the devil… and we need to put him down!
: Copy that, Ensign.

Saya tags in with Arnie.

: We’re getting in formation too, Ayul!
: Aye, aye!


: Watch Arnie’s back, troops – that was a pretty big hit he took there!
: Keep a close eye on the Orphes and pound the Black Lodge back underground!
: Mission accepted!
: Come on… Jin!
: Bring it on, Arnie…!

I seriously hope you didn’t trigger this event on the enemy turn, because Arnie’ll likely be within spitting distance of not only Jin and Ayul (who’ll always prioritize him), but also Tiberius and Caligula – odds of him surviving that when he only has 700-ish HP aren’t good at all.
Oh, and the plot kicks in when either Jin or Ayul are downed, but you can just weaken both and kill them together with a powerful squad.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens


: Hrmmm, a devil with a skull?! There‘s only room for one skull in this battlefield!
: Hah… our unit’s design was never really a concern for us…
: But if you care that much, then we’ll just bash your own skull open! Then there’ll be only one left and you can be happy!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: How are you pulling off a synchro-overdrive, Jin…?! Just what is that machine?!
: Did you think you had exclusivity over that trick?
: I… No, we’ve surpassed you two in all regards…!

: How is your unit capable of synchro-overdrive?! That technology shouldn’t exist in this era…!
: All power has an origin. And the moment you come into contact with the origin of yours is when your defeat is sealed…!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: You noisy little bug! We’ll see how zippy you’re feeling after I’ve clipped your wings and nailed you to a building!
: What a foul-mouthed boy! He needs to be taught a lesson!
: An Aura Battler’s a living machine, and I’m not about to let you torture it!

And here’s the combo attack with the Bilbine and Zwarth (doesn’t even need to have Burn – you can set Marvel in and she’s good too).

: Oowww… alright, now you pissed me off! I’m gonna get you for this… and real soon!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: I dunno what you Black Lodge folks are up to, with all your gods and whatnot…
: But we clearly can’t just look the other way and let you keep doing your thing.
: Why don’t you pack up your bags and go home before you get hurt?
: You got a big mouth...!My Cthaat Aquadïngen‘s power‘ll tear your souls to pieces!
: Bring it on, big guy! The only thing that’ll be in pieces by the end of this is your pride!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Gaaah!I won‘t forget thiiiiis!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: You’ve got stones blindsiding me back then. But now my pretty ghosts’ll give you what you deserve, little plushie!
: Ye fiend who trifles with life and death… My crimson flames shall burn your rotted soul to ash!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Ah, you’re such a cutie. I’ve been thinking about you since our last fight… you’ll make a good addition to my ghosts!
: It’s that creepy zombie guy that attacked the Hadou Manor! And his Aura’s just as nasty as it was back then!
: I know what you mean – it’s a sinister Aura Power that inverts life and death themselves! No way I’m letting that thing take us in!

And I finally remembered to show the DK for Aesap’s new finisher!

: Oh, dear, I’m running late for a very important show! See you guys later!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: You get here and fight me! Arnie and Saya have just lost Maj. Richard and I’m not going to sit by and let you put an even bigger load on their backs!
: But this isn’t your part to play. Our battle with those two is fate as it’s been decided.

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: You “giving yourself to fate” is your problem, but how can you side with the Black Lodge?!
: It doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with. I’ll use anything and anyone if it’ll bring life’s sacrament closer to our reach.

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

[i]Jin drops Patrick’s Night Cap (Ranged and Defense +10, Evasion +5), and Ayul drops a Pure Shield (Defense and Melee +10, Ranged +5).

If you down Ayul:[/i]

: A-Aaaaaieeeee!
: Ayul…?!
: I-I’m okay… I can keep going!
: Because I… I’m carrying the same pride you are within me, Captain!
: Ayul…!
: Then, in that case… give me synchro-overdrive one more time!
: Yes, sir! Neutrino Generators, emergency acceleration!

And if you down Jin:

: U-Uurgh…!
: Cpt. Spencer…?!
: I-I told you, don’t worry about me!
: Our problem is them… give me synchro-overdrive one more time!
: …
: Yes, sir. Neutrino Generators, emergency acceleration!

: In that case, we’ll answer with our Hell Stringer! Ms. Saya…!
: Roger that! Lepton Vectrers, emergency acceleration!

Power up!

: S-Synchronization coefficient… 97, 98… A-Aaargh…!
: Ensign Berge…?!
: Haah, haah… P-Pressure set… safety lock released!


: Ensign, what’s going on?! Don’t tell me…!
: M-my body… it won’t move! Why now…!
: Haaaaaaah!
: Ensign…!?

Saya: “Ensign, get back!” > “I-I… I can’t be beaten by you – not here!”

: Ms. Saya…?!
: U-Urk…!

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Ms. Saya…!
: Arnie… are you all right? Thank goodness…
: W-Why did you…?!
: …
: I told you that I would also steel myself, no…?
: …?!
: All this time… I’d been running from everything.
: I couldn’t bring myself to accept the Major’s resolve, his kindness… I couldn’t even make peace with my own fate…
: Ms. Saya…
: But I… I’ll waver no more!
: If this really is my fate… then I’ll face it all of my own will – with every ounce of strength my life has!

: Th-That light is…!
: Oh…?
: Is that the light of the Odyssite…? No… it can’t be!
: The light of life…?
: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens
:siren: :siren:

: Th-This is…!
: The Orphes and the Lyras…!
: They’ve combined…?!

Power up!

: The synchronization coefficient’s at a flat 100%…! The Lepton Vectrers are fully linked?!
: Th-That’s not possible…! Their Accelerated Particle Engines are synchronized perfectly…?!
: This… is the strength my will’s given me!

: …?!
: That light is…!
: Yeah… I know what it is too!
: We all do…
: That’s life…!
: A will sprouted within her facsimile of a life… turning into a real soul!
: What a warm light that is…!
: Ms. Saya, if that light’s the proof of your life…
: Then I’ll answer that life with my own soul!

: Arnie… you—!
: Take a close look, Jin – these are two souls joined as one…
: And the start of a new life…!
: Seeeiiiyaaaaaaaaaah!

Captions are available.

: Gaaaaaaaah!
: C-Captain…!
: They took out the enemy mech in a single attack…!
: Such a fearsome strength…!
: Heh, that was truly wonderful.
: Well, well, I have to tip my hat to you, Novel Dylan!
: That said, your peering into the realm of the Gods is starting to push it a little…
: I-I won’t—
: Captain, we’ve to retreat!
: Wh-What…?!
: We… I mean, I’m not strong enough to fully synchronize the Neutrino Generators right now!
: If we stay here…!
: …
: Tsk…!

: (Jin…)
: Ensign, the battle’s still going!
: I’m on it! We’ll push back the remaining enemies!

Odyssea (Arnie Berge, Saya Krueger)
Mech Features:
Space-Time Warp – upwards of 35% chance to outright dodge an incoming attack, determined by difference between pilot and enemy’s Skill stat. Also spend no EN when moving and rough terrain properties don’t hinder your movement. Activates over 130 morale.
30% EN Regen
Squad Bonus: Armor +150, Crit +20, EN +100, HP +500

It’s still named Orphes but, screw it, that’s the name we’ll be giving it soon enough.

And, boom, Arnie just unlocked his upgrade and jumped straight to the front of the pack as one of the best units in the game: the Odyssea hits like a truck, it’s very survivable, it covers its ranges nicely, it regens 90 EN per turn just by itself, it flies – it’s got it all.
Better yet, the bot now takes a page off Baldios’ book, in that it can just teleport when moving around, so enemies and rough terrain won’t slow it down. Best attacks – Hell Stringer and End of Reverse – are point-blank range, but that annoyance is mitigated by the warp skill.
Mind you, do note that UX follows L’s rules when it comes to combinable units: they’ll deploy solo and you’ll need to plug them together during the mission. So, either make sure the combined units works nicely by itself (give it All Attacks), or do what I did in L and set the Lyras with another unit’ll that get plopped onto another (the R-Daigun sounds good, whenever the Nova can do that again) – once combined, the main units will still have a partner and you won’t be left with anyone running solo.[/i]

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: So, you are the famed twin-horned demon. Let us see how well your swordsmanship fares!
: Alright, you asked for it! Machina vs. Deus Machina… time to figure out which is better!

: Hmm… Could your blades endure those borne by a man who has reached the zenith of strength?
: People getting high on their samurai schtick are a dime a dozen nowadays, hm?
: Then draw, Mr. Bushido. I’ll show you what real swordsmanship is like.

: This is fine. Retreating!

: It’s over by the looks of things…
: No, we’ve got incoming – something with enormous power…!

: Th-That unit is…!
: Master Therion’s Deus Machina… the Liber Legis!
: That was quite the fun show you put, Ultimate Cross…
: Indeed, a very amusing way to celebrate the success of the C Project. You’ve earned my praise.
: Psh, you just can’t stop acting like a smug dingus, can you?
: So, what, you guys put together that stupid golf ball there? That’s your big plan?!
: Hah… You don’t understand, I see.
: In eons past, several almighty beings descended upon the Earth, they who were known as some of the Great Old Ones…
: And of those, there is the God of the Sea, he who sleeps eternal, interred within the sunken city of R’lyeh and watched over by the Deep Ones…
: The god of R’lyeh?!
: And this fortress is the medium through which we shall rouse his power.
: “Big C”… you mean Cthulhu! Your C Project is his revival?!
: Hmhmhm… And it’s now too late for anyone to stop me.
: Do it, Etheldreda.
: Yes, my Master.


: Waaaaaah!
: J-Jeez… that guy’s as stupid strong as he was before!
: Hmhmhm… It’s almost time.
: Come on, now! Come on! Show me a great drama! Show me an ending that leads back to the beginning!
: Hrm…!

: If everything really is pointless… if our future – all of it – has been set from the start, then…!
: FOOL! Would you open your damned eyes, Kurou?!


: Gch… Al?!
: “Pointless or not, could I just throw my hands in the air and do nothing? Could I live with myself doing nothing…?”
: You said that to Ennea before! Or were those words false?!
: …
: Stand up and reclaim the strength I know you possess! Reclaim your pride!
: I am certain you are capable of fighting… Your soul has not yet given in to despair!
: But I…
: And if you still cannot bring yourself to fight…
: Then I shall grant you the strength to do so…!


: Al…!
: Do not bear it all alone. Pain, suffering, regret… Let us share their burden with one another!
: Kurou Daijuuji, my dear master… I have faith in you!
: …
: Maj. Richard knew what future awaited us…
: But he still never lost hope. Why was that?
: That is…
: There’s only one answer: he believed we could change that future. And he chose to let fate take his life in order to make that happen…!
: In order to change the future…

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: I realized that watching Arnie and Saya fight…
: While your words and your feelings have renewed my strength!
: You’re absolutely right, Al. My soul hasn’t given in to despair yet!
: Kurou…!
: So, let’s get out there and just fight ‘til we can’t anymore!
: From the hate-scorched sky, with righteous anger in our hearts, we draw forth the sword that smites Evil!
: Thou art the innocent blade… DEMONBANE!

: Mr. Daijuuji…!
: You show yourself at last, Kurou Daijuuji!
: I knew it…! I always knew you’d come, Kurou!
: Sorry to have you folks worried. But I’m finally back – my eyes have been opened!
: If you fancy yourself some incarnation of evil, Master Therion, then I’ll be a force of justice to match you and more!
: Hahahah… Master of the Necronomicon!
: That is precisely that makes you a suitable nemesis!
: Master Therion weaves comedy with Evil, and Kurou Daijuuji spins tragedy with Justice!
: You are two sides of the same coin. The two melodies of Earth’s Rhapsody!
: Come on, come on, come on! Raise the curtain on this enormous farce!

: Blah, they’ve even brought a bunch of other goons along!
: Ignore those insects! Master Therion is who we must defeat!
: Let’s begin, Kurou Daijuuji, Al Azif!
: This body of steel! This soul of mine! Their power’ll destroy you and all that is evil!
: Bring it on, Master Therion!

Can’t lose Kurou and the mission ends when Therion goes down. He’s still as powerful as he was back at the start of the game, but we’ve bulked up way more than he has – even with all the previous stuff diminishing your resources, you should still have enough juice to take him out.
Just be mindful of this:

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Demonbane secret – 5th step: set Ruri as your tactician and shoot down Master Therion with Kurou.

Easy money.


Have a couple new attacks – I wrecked the Destroyer Robos just because I could.

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: The pain I felt when piloting the Orphes just vanished after the Lyras combined with it. I can’t even believe it…
: Ms. Saya, is this the power that slept within you – the power of your life?
: That’s right, Ensign… It’s the power dad left me: the light of life, which’ll shine the way for our future!
: And we’ll seize that future with it!

: Two men and two women beckoning the light of life to gather. Indeed, I can see the hand of fate behind your confrontation.
: Just as I and Etheldrera are fated to clash with Kurou Daijuuji and Al Azif.
: “Beckoning the light of life to gather”…? Are you talking about us and Jin?!
: The tunes of your fated rivalry may just bring some interesting notes to this dull comedy. Let’s put that to the test.

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: Hmhm, you’re certainly a curious one. Through all the battles I’ve had, I can’t recall anyone ever facing me with a toy.
: Heroman’s no toy!
: He’s a hero who fights to protect our world, who bears the wishes of so many people!
: Hrmmm!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

Against Shouko, Karen or Burn:

: Come. Show me what potential significance the dead still have upon this stage.
: ?! He’s looking our way…?
: He called us “dead”…? What is that supposed to mean…?
: I’m not dead! I’m here… I’m right here!

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

: The void’s emissary has finally acquired a human will…
: Then bring forth all your power! I trust you’ll be able to entertain me!
: I’ll entertain you halfway to death, guy! Come closer and you’ll get an eyeful of how strong Tobikage is after merging with me! (Um…s-sure.)

:siren: SRW UX - Believe ver. HD

: Hmhmhm… I have high hopes for all the possibilities you represent, otherworlder. I’ve grown rather weary of always seeing the same events play out.
: My possibilities…? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.
: BUT, I’m the one who decides what goes with my life – and I’m not taking your suggestions!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Take a look, Ennea… It might be a future full of despair that’s waiting for us, but I’m never giving up hope again!

: Kurou, I presume you are sensing it yourself, but his powers are still akin to divine – if not greater! Attack with all your might or there shall be no victory here!
: Aye, aye! I’m blasting him with everything I have right from the word “go”!
: Indeed, you are a worthy opponent.
: Now, let us raise the curtain on this pulse-pounding play. Set my soul ablaze, Kurou Daijuuji!

And, much to my surprise, I later found out that Michio has a convo with the guy:

: So, he’s Master Therion, eh…? That’s some strong killer intent he’s giving off, alright.
: Still, you know they also call me Master Therion? I gotta live up to that name – I’m sure you understand!
: I praise your courage in pitting yourself against me.
: On the other hand, you are blind to where you stand. And that’ll cost you your life.

We get another Nameless Grimoire from him.

: Hahahahah… I’d expect no less from you. There’s no understating how I long for these moments!
: Princess, do you hear me?! I’m accessing the Hilanipla System! Send the Naacal Code!
: Understood! Transmitting the Words of Power!
: Decompressing spell data!
: Haaaaaaaaaah…!

: Take this! Lemuriaaa… IMPACT!
: Sublimate!

: Hyperborea Zero-Drive!

: Goddamn… How strong is that guy?!
: That was… absolute zero?!
: It might surprise you to learn that the Liber Legis’ ultimate weapon is the antithesis of your Lemuria Impact.
: A burning white blade of extreme cold. Should both attacks collide, they will simply cancel each other out, you see.
: If two exact opposite forces clash, all that awaits is mutual nullification…!
: Hah, sounds good! Let’s give it a go and see if that’s what happens!
: Hold, Kurou! Something approaches…!
: What…?!

: Those aren’t the Deus Machinas we fought before…!
: The Anticross?!
: You… Why have you left your posts to come here?
: It was a personal decision of mine, Grand Master.
: You see, the C Project’s success demands that any obstacles be eliminated with extreme prejudice…
: You overstep your bounds, Augustus! Every moment of this game between Kurou Daijuuji and I is invaluable!
: And I will not tolerate you interfering with it! Leave…!
: I’m afraid I cannot do that, Grand Master.

: …?!
: Th-The hell?!
: One of the Anticross stabbed Master Therion…?!
: Titus, you…!
: We have always been villains. Surely you did not expect loyalty out of us?

: Rgh… What?!
: Master…?!
: Ohohoho! Sorry, Grandmaster, but we’re just being true to your teachings, you know.
: Yeah, “do what thou wilt”!
: The… the Anticross are mounting an insurrection…?!
: Grand Master… You have deceived us.
: You were not looking to revive Cthulhu to create our utopia!
: No, it was all for your personal agenda… you want nothing more than to destroy the world entire!
: And that’s a problem, since we wanna rule the world! We’d be screwed if you went and trashed the place!
: You…!
: And that is why we, the Anticross, have reached a decision…
: Master Therion, you are a traitor and we shall now bring judgment to you!

: Hrm-grrgh…!
: Master!
: Graaaaaaaaaargh…!

: No… way…
: Master Therion was…?!
: Such a fierce melee would have exhausted anyone, even the Grand Master.
: And now it‘s your turn!

: Hrk… Guess “enemy of my enemy” doesn’t apply here!
: D-Damn it… Then I’ll take them all out with another Lemuria Impa—
: Oh, no, you don’t!

: Gwaaargh!
: Kurou…!
: Damage across the magic circuitry’s at 74%…!
: This ain’t good – our guys are still reeling from the fight with Master Therion!
: Mr. Daijuuji…
: We’re gonna start this slaughter with you, Kurou!
: Stop them! All troops, move in and cover—
: You will not interfere!

: Rrgh…! W-We need to do something or the Demonbane’ll…!
: (Our hope in the battle against evil is going to… Kurou is going to be killed…!)
: (There is only one thing I can do…!)
: Farewell.


: Aaaaaaaaah!

: My name is grimoire Al Azif, also known as the Necronomicon.
: I am no more than a tool meant to carry out my master’s goals…
: …
: Kurou Daijuuji… my master. You were just the latest of many, sooner or later to become another stepping stone on my path ahead.
: That… is what I thought…
: But… how can you stand pain like that? To just watch in silence, unable to even cry as you lost people again and again…?
: Pain? I felt none. Neither did I feel sorrow.
: Once a master perished, I would seek out another and set off to do battle again. Such is my fate…
: However… I have never felt as I do now…
: You’re not as cold or as hard as you think…
: You’ve held your emotions in long enough, haven’t you? There’s nothing wrong with crying…
: Kurou…
: And you said it yourself: “pain, suffering, regret… let us share their burden with one another”, remember?
: I do not understand… why am I feeling this way?
: Al… I’m here for you.
: Kurou… I do not wish to lose you. I could endure anything, but not that!
: And if it will prevent that from occurring, then…!
: Al…
: I understand… what I feel is…
: Kurou, I—…!

: Kurou… Kurou!
: U-Uurk…!
: Ah, thank god! You’re awake!
: Damn, dude, you had us on pins and needles there!
: This is… the Elshank?
: But we were… What happened?! Where’re the Anticross?!
: I hate to tell you this but… we couldn’t do anything against them…
: They’re currently holed up inside their fortress, high above Arkham City.
: We… the UX lost…?
: But what matters is that you’re all safe. And while you live, you can always recover and fight again.
: While you live…
: Ah, and what about Al?! Is she safe…?!
: …
: Hey, Al. You okay? Snap out of it…
: Come on, wake up already…!

: Wait… I-Is that?!
: Her body’s… breaking into pages…?!
: Those… Those are her fragments!
: N-No… Then Al’s…?!
: Th-This can’t be real…! Al, please, say something!
: …



Yay! We finally got Arnie and Saya’s ultimate bot! …and that’s the only good thing worth cheering about. Dammit Demonbane plot, I know you were originally an h-novel, but you weren’t supposed to screw Kurou like that.


Oh god, I love the Odyssea. While I do question the fact that they just outright give you its finisher immediately, the mech, its theme, and all of its attacks are just fucking amazing… even if the animation isn’t always the best. Also I can’t get a certain attack quote out of my head, but that’s for part 3. On the other hand, I still think Jin and Ayul’s mechs are shit and should have combined.

Unless my memory is seriously playing tricks on me, you only get this scene in the VN if you’re already deep into the Al route. So…


It’s around this time that the routes diverge from the common route. So it’s more of the start of her route.


Oh god, I love the Odyssea. While I do question the fact that they just outright give you its finisher immediately, the mech, its theme, and all of its attacks are just fucking amazing…

I’ve noticed they also do that a lot for the OG games. As soon as your guys get their upgrades, they unveil their finisher attack right away and give the enemy a good smacking (looking at you, DGG and SRX in OG2…). I guess it’s good to give the players a feel of how strong the new bot is, but I’d rather prefer it if they take some time and let us unlock the stronger attacks.


Man, every attempt the game makes to try and get me to feel emotions for the one-dimensional Demonbane characters just feels more forced than the last. Going into this, I really didn’t think the Lovecraft giant robot anime stuff would be the biggest drag on the plot.


I wouldn’t be bugged about it if it wasn’t for the fact that Kurou just escaped one angst fest, and now it looks like he’s about to be dragged into another one. It’s especially bad since the Mazinkaiser finale was going on during this alongside a major turning point for the OG plot and characters. The whole drama could have been paced better.



Click to see the mission!

: That book-girl is dead…? But she always looked positively unkillable…
: Al…
: (This is my fault…)
: (She’s dead because I just sat there with my thumb up my ass when I should’ve been fighting…)
: They’re… they’re gonna goddamn pay for this!

: Hey, hey! Where’dya think you’re going, Kurou?!
: I’m gonna kill all those Anticross… that’s where I’m going!
: Don’t be stupid! What could you even do in the state you’re in?!
: Shut your trap! Al died to keep me alive – how am I supposed to let that go?!
: Can’t any of you imagine how she must’ve felt?!
: I ask the same thing, Kurou!
: Do you think Al would be happy seeing you like this?!
: …?!
: Kurou, what you’re trying to do is just pure revenge.
: And I know I ain’t Shou to be talking like this, but… all you’re gonna find is a quick death if you fight with hatred in your heart.
: …
: You’re not the only one who’s hurting over what happened.
: But aren’t we friends?! We’ve all been fighting by teaming with each other, right?!
: Joey…
: I ask that you please act carefully. It wouldn’t do to waste the life Al Azif sacrificed herself to save.
: Enduring the pain is as much of a battle as anything else, Master Daijuuji.
: Tsk… Al, I…
: Rrrgh! GODDAMN IT!

: How’s Kurou looking?
: A bit calmer than he was before. I’ve treated his wounds as best as I could, so now he’s getting some rest.
: I suppose he’s finally starting to come to terms with Al’s death…
: …
: I wonder if Al knew what her fate was…
: Maybe she did… but still chose to accept it, and entrust everything to Kurou…
: Knowing that you’re going to die and still pushing yourself to keep going until the end…
: Maj. Richard also felt the same way, I think.
: …!
: But when the time came, I…
: I’d say he must’ve been happy you didn’t shoot.
: Huh…?
: I’m sure the Major wanted you to learn the weight of life.
: Way I see it, the reason he taught you so much about professional commitment and the hardships of battle was so that you’d come to understand the pain and sorrow that comes when a life is taken, when it’s lost forever.
: The pain and sorrow… of a life lost…
: The Major bet on your potential to the very last second, and, in the end, he won that bet.
: So you’ve nothing to feel ashamed of – on the contrary, you should be proud of how well you fulfilled his wish…
: …
: Sniffles Oh, Major…
: Da… Daddyyy…
: Saya…
: “Daddy”…
: I guess Maj. Richard can finally rest easy now.
: Yeah, looks like it…
: By the way, Ensign, how’s your body doing?
: As surprising as it sounds, it’s doing fine.
: That shouldn’t be possible, though, no? The aftereffect of the Orphes’ warps always had you in a lot of pain.
: Still, we checked Ensign Berge’s vitals and there were no abnormalities whatsoever with him.
: Our theory is that it’s due to Saya successfully achieving a perfect synchro-overdrive with their Accelerated Particle Engines.
: Because of her…?
: As we noted before, the Orphes’ warp is a form of time travel. Every moment an imperfect warp was executed, the mech and the pilot would cease to exist in this universe for a small instant.
: And, as a result, that progressively eroded the pilot’s own life force.
: Then, by executing a perfect synchro-overdrive with the Lepton Vectrers…
: Saya’s effectively nullified that momentary state of non-existence?
: That’s the theory, at least.
: Saya’s strong will has given the Orphes a new power…
: Or, better put, she imbued it with life.
: A person’s Aura Power can occasionally affect the very essence of his or her machine.
: Life has many mysteries, indeed…
: A manufactured life like mine did that…?
: And speaking of the bot, I think the Orphes needs a new name.
: Agreed. A name to celebrate its transition from a machine that beckoned death to one that weaves life.
: A new name, hm…?
: How about Odyssea?
: Odyssea…?
: Yeah, taken after Odysseus, a hero in Greek legend.
: Oh, that’s the guy who built the Trojan Horse, right?
: There’s that, sure, but the main reason is that the current name’s based off Orpheus and his return from Hell.
: But now the bot’s not mirroring a tragic hero, but the protagonist of an ancient epic – someone who brought victory to thousands of his comrades.
: Ooh, I like that. What do you think, Arnie?
: I…

Sure thing.

: The story goes that Odysseus overcame many hardships with his fellow men and, eventually, managed to find his way back to his home.
: That’s something I’d like to do myself – alongside everyone, and especially you, Ms. Saya…
: Ensign Arnie…


: Cpt. Jeffrey wants relay our next missions.
: All team members are to assembly at the control room right away.
: Roger that. We’ll be right over!
: We should do the same, Ms. Saya.
: Right…!
: (When Jin and Ayul attacked us, they executed a synchro-overdrive with their Accelerated Particle Engines.)
: (Technology that’s supposed to only exist in the future now exists in the present…)
: (Does that mean that Novel Dylan actually is making use of time travel…?)

And our next mission comes as a request from the Frontier Fleet – straight from the President’s Office. Our target is a Boddole Zer-Class fortress, which the Vajra have used as nesting grounds. A what now? As Klan tells, it’s a type of Zentran fortress with several hundred kilometers in length. If the Vajra are nesting there, who knows how many we’ll find.
Worse, according to intel sent by the Frontier, said fortress is slowly headed towards Earth – should it make it here, the damage will be immense. But, of course, there’s the matter of the Black Lodge and their Cthulhu-ball right on top of Arkham City. As Cao Cao notes, if we leave here, they’ll get on the offensive again.
Only option Sumeragi sees is to split the team in half: one to stand guard in Arkham, one to clear out the Boddole Zer Fortress. Arnie sees no problem with that assessment, figuring Richard would’ve agreed with that suggestion.

The more ground-combat oriented units will stay in Arkham: which makes for the WSO, the Elshank, the Fafners, the SD Gundams, Heroman and the Classic Aura Battlers. Of course, Kurou’ll also be staying here since, as Ruri points out, the Demonbane’s immobile. Everyone else is headed up top.
But what about Arnie and Saya?

[i]Time for another route split, but this one’s very short – only a single mission.

Participate in the Vajra Mop-Up Operation
Wings of Rean
SEED Destiny
00 Gundam
Dancouga Nova
Macross Frontier

:siren: Secret Alert! x4 :siren:
Take this route if you’re on track for these secrets: Linebarrel’s (4th step), 00 Gundam #1 and #2 (4th and 2nd step, respectively), Macross F (4th step).

Stay and Defend Arkham City
SD Gundam
Mazinkaiser SKL

:siren: Secret Alert! x4 :siren:
Take this route if you’re on track for these secrets: Demonbane (6th step), Fafner #2 (2nd step), Heroman (3rd step), Tobikage #1 (6th step).

Also have both these route flags raised, so I can keep whichever I want. I reckon that’ll be the Arkham route, simply because it’s got more series I enjoy.[/i]

Pick the space route and Arnie figures they ought to head up there as, judging from the sheer scale of the fortress, we could use as many extra units as we’ve got. Saya’s fine with the idea, so Jeffrey commands the troops to set off immediately. Inwardly, Alto thinks back to Sheryl and Ranka, wondering that they’re doing right now.

: You wish me to teach you the Art of War…?
: Yes, please. We’ve set ourselves up as Maj. Richard’s successors, so we want to be capable of providing tactical commands like he did.
: Though we’re not sure how capable we’ll be at it, of course…
: I see. That is a fine spirit you two display.
: And if you are so certain, then I would gladly agree to your request.
: Thank you so much.
: And I suppose that means you two are now my fellow pupils!
: Oh, wait… That also means I’ll need to go the extra mile to set an example, right?
: Hmph, I do not remember teaching you to be feckless…
: It is due to that attitude that regardless of ow much time passes, you— cough, cough, cough…!
: Master…!
: I-I am fine. Just a slight chest congestion…
: …
: Um, if you’re not feeling well, then you don’t have to…
: Worry not. In fact, the prospect of new pupils is making me feel even spritelier than usual.
: General Zhou Yu…
: (My lord Sun Ce… please, grant me strength for just a while longer…)

Over by the Frontier, Howard’s being told that we’ve agreed to help – granted, Mishima was certain we would, what with the SMS being personally involved with the battle against the Vajra. Howard’s feeling a little bit queasy for this operation, though, as there’s something to be said against stirring this literal hornet’s nest.

Mishima agrees with him in that they’ve never seen a bigger swarm than the one nesting in the Boddole Zer – but that is precisely what makes this such a major opportunity. What it all comes down to is Fold Quartz, a mineral capable of relaying thoughts across time and space… and the things can only be found with the Vajra, as it’s inside their bodies that the mineral’s refined.
In that case, Howard presumes he has a plan for them to prevail against such odds and, naturally, Mishima does. You see, he’s taken care to match the day of the operation with Ranka Lee’s concert. Inwardly, Mishima schemes: “Now is the time to play that particular card. Which, in turn, means it’s almost time for the other songstress to exit stage left…”

Cut to Aprillius One, Lacus informs Rubens that REQUIEM has been fully repaired and can be fired at any moment. Mind you, the prospect of that doesn’t make her happy. “A weapon is defined solely by the people who wield it – depending on who that is, it can be a positive force. The REQUIEM is no exception” Rubens argues.
Lacus sighs but agrees to move past her unease since, as both she and Rubens understand, they cannot afford to stop for any reason. With a wish for both of them to continue their good work, Rubens hangs up.

: …
: Lacus…
: I preach about peace, yet I hold a gun in my hand…
: I’ve made my share of bad choices and this might just be another one… Still, at this moment we need strength with which to sever the chains of this unending strife…
: Right, we’ve a responsibility to do this…
: If we just turned away from it, everything we said to Chairman Durandal about being prepared to face the hardships ahead would be one huge lie…

Door opens.

: That’s right… by themselves, neither strength nor wishes are enough…
: You’re…
: Athrun…
: …
: There are things you have to protect, even if it means setting off to another battle…
: You may understand that it’s a painful path to follow but…
: But we’re ready to face it in order to protect this world.
: I understand, Athrun. I feel the same way you do…
: Kira…
: You’re ready to stand up and fight once again, aren’t you, Athrun…?
: …
: I’d like to ask you something. Give us the power to carry out our wishes one more time… the Freedom and the Justice…!

And Eida gets her second tactician bonus - +10% attack power to all ranged weapons – while Arnie gets exactly the same ones Richard had.

Or Arnie might decide to stay in Arkham, figuring dealing with the Black Lodge ASAP is the top priority now. With that done, Ruri orders her maids to get the Demonbane fixed with all haste. Not that the thing’ll move with Al gone, but Ruri at least wants it ready to go – her grandfather would’ve done so.
Chiaki and Denton’ll see to it, and Joey sees that even in this seemingly desperate situation, no one’s given up hope yet. So he’ll continue to believe that Kurou’ll recover from his injuries and find a way to fight with us again.

Again, Arnie asks Zhou Yu to teach him how to tactics.

: Gathered disciples! The treachery of the Grand Master, Master Therion, is as I have explained!
: When I think of all our comrades who have been sacrificed to his madness, my heart bursts with rage and grief!
: And, thus, we of the Anticross have judged him as a traitor ought to be.
#1: M-Master Therion is…
#2: The Grand Master…?!
: There’s no cause for concern. No cause at all, I say.
: The god, Cthulhu, has already been beckoned into this world and the means of controlling him are in our hands.
: And with our powers, the C Project can reach its true completion!
: Now is the time to renew your conviction! Comrades, the Word of the Law is…!

  • :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: *

: The Word of the Law is Thelema!

Dissenting Guitar Solo!

: Now you stop right there!
: … What is your business, Doctor?
: Wow… he’s scary-robo.
: Hmph… I just heard your speech and it was nothing but self-serving nonsense!
: You rant that Master Therion betrayed us, but this was all your plot, wasn’t it?! You’re the traitors here!
: Oh? Are you implying you will not obey us traitors? I never imagined you were so loyal.
: I’ve no loyalty! A genius is always alone! I don’t grovel before anyone!
: However, I find you all repugnant! Just because you were his lieutenants, you think you can—


: Gch… uargh!
: D-Doctor…!
: I’ve had enough of you, Doctor.
: Rrgh… you little…


: Doctor! Stay with me-robo!
: I can understand that you are rather agitated following Kurou Daijuuji’s defeat. Everyone here understands you saw in him a hated warrior…
: However, we must restore order as quickly as possible, and that means troubling elements must be dealt with summarily.
: But I am nothing if not merciful… I’ll put you both out of your misery quickly.
: You won’t kill him-robo!
: Spell Cannon: “Dig Me No Grave”! Fire!


: They‘ve escaped...
: Should we not give chase?
: Hmph, no. There is nothing he can do against us.
: Besides, we already have a suitable replacement for him.
: We trust you will rise to our expectations, Doctor…
: Hmhmhm, absolutely…
: You may count on me, Dr. Minami, scientist extraordinaire…!

And Ruri’s also unlocked her second bonus, which provides +20 SP to everyone.

Click to see the mission!

We’re starting off in the Arkham Route, where Joe and Joey are deploying as event units. Kurou’s still unavailable, so here’s how we’re going:

Arnie/Saya (I got him pretty set up to work well solo in the Odyssea)
Sun Quan/Shangxiang
Damian/Guan Yu
Cao Cao/Zhang Fei
Liu Bei/Rennie
Tactician: Ruri (if you’re still en route for the Demonbane secret)

Off we go.

: Hey, guys. Sorry I had you all worried.
: Kurou!
: Looks like you’ve cooled your head some, eh?
: Not some – a lot. But, yeah, I’m fine.
: I’m glad to hear that, Kurou…
: So, how’re things going with the Black Lodge?
: Still camping out above the city. Thankfully, they’ve been keeping to themselves for now.
: Which strikes me as odd. They have revived that Cthulhu creature, so one would expect seizing control of Arkham to be a simple task…
: Maybe they’re overconfident that they can destroy us at any moment, or, perhaps, there’s another reason…
: Whatever the case, we cannot afford to presume anything in the situation we’re in.
: Hmm…

Beep, beep.

: Commander, we’ve got a message coming in from the Union’s California Base.
: From the Union…? Put it through.

: My apologies for not keeping in touch, Cmdr. Hadou.
: Heey, is that you, Ronin…?!
: Why, it’s been ages, Joe. I’m glad to see you’re doing okay.
: (Maj. Ronin Sanada, vice-commander of the Federation’s California Base…)
: (But Ensign Berge probably looks at him and thinks…)
: …
: Maj. Ronin, to what do we owe this call…?
: Ah, yes… There’s something I’d inform you about…
: What is it?
: Not long ago, a certain Union scientist went missing…
: And we’ve just received word that he’s reached out to the Black Lodge.
: Say what?!
: His name’s Dr. Minami and he used to be head of the Union Army’s weapon R&D projects.
: But then… doesn’t that mean he knows everything about your country’s new weapons?! Someone like him has run off to join the Black Lodge?!
: Do you have any idea what he’s after?
: Unfortunately, no. The President has dispatched an agent to look into it, though.
: And it’s someone you know – Axel Hughes. He’ll let you know if anything turns up.
: Thanks for telling us, Ronin.
: Oh, I haven’t done anything worth thanking. In truth, none of this would’ve happened if we’d done more than the bare minimum.
: …
: Maj. Ronin… I…
: Say no more, Ensign Berge.
: Huh…?
: Agnés Berge, the Ensign of the Federation Army is listed as MIA.
: The man I’m speaking to is simply Ensign Berge of the UX, yes?
: …
: Maj. Ronin… Thank you, sir…
: Hmhmm, he’s a pretty shrewd man.
: The giant fortress that’s appeared above Arkham City’s left the entire planet in an uproar.
: So now we’re forced to once again rely on your group. You’re all but everyone’s ray of hope – the people who once saved our world…
: Everyone’s counting on us…


: We’re under attack?!
: Makoto, report!
: A lone Destroyer Robo’s launched from the flying fortress! It’s descending towards the Hadou Building!
: Just one? What’s going on…?


: Darling! You’re in there, right-robo?!
: Elsa…?!
: The Black Lodge’s android?! Why is she…?
: Please help-robo! You… you have to save the Doctor-robo!
: O-Oooh…
: Dr. West…?!

: …
: There, that should take care of it.
: But, I have to say, I’m impressed by how tough he is. All those wounds and his life wasn’t even in particular danger…
: That’s not really a surprise, I think. He shook off a ton of punishment like it was nothing the last time we fought!
: Why did you save this man? He’s our enemy, no?
: Sure, but… I guess I’d just feel bad leaving someone hung out to dry – even him.
: Besides, from what Elsa’s told us, they’ve cut ties with the Anticross.
: Oh, brother… You are far too kind for your own good.
: But, all right. If Mr. Daijuuji’s fine with this, then I suppose I won’t complain…
: Thank you so much for saving the Doctor, Darling-robo!
: Owowowowow! Gimme a heads up if you’re coming for a hug, Elsa!
: Hrm…! Unhand him this instant, you animatronic!
: But more important is the other bit of news she’s brought: the Anticross have taken over the Black Lodge…
: It appears the upheaval in the previous battle was, indeed, an insurrection.
: On the other hand, from what they’ve told us, the Destroyer Robo’s control system is inoperable right now…
: Right-robo! I made sure to break everything when we escaped-robo!
: Ya don’t say? Doesn’t that make this like the perfect chance to go and pop that Big C Ball up top?
: No, it’s not that simple.
: Why not?!
: While Master Therion has perished, the remaining six Anticross are still well.
: And we have no idea how mighty that evil God, Cthulhu, is…
: Gaah, y’all are driving me up the wall! We’re gonna have to fight them one way or another, right?! Staying in here thinking’s just wasting time!
: …
: (I’m not a Magius anymore. I’ve no more power to fight the Black Lodge with…)
: (But, still, I…)
: (Kurou…)
: …

Over by the Illusory Heart Mother, the Anticross are assessing the damage made by Elsa – Claudius vows to turn her into as many pieces of junk as she’s left the control system. But, of course, they’ve Dr. Minami around and his mighty intellect can easily figure out and fix up whatever tech an imbecile like West put together.
Indeed, he promises Augustus to take care of everything, though Stallion and Amanorich don’t share in his excitement. Should Minami really be making promises to big evil folks like the Anticross?! “Quiet, you! My rosy future’s fallen to pieces thanks to those UX beating me to the punch and stopping the Skrugg invasion!” Minami yells/whispers to them. “Now I want REVENGE and I’ll even sell my soul to the devil to make it happen!”

Mind, as Veronica points out, he should consider himself lucky if these guys simply don’t eat his soul and leave it at that (gulp). Caligula spots them whispering but it’s n-n-nothing at all! As Titus warns, untoward ambition will find their lives forfeit in short order (Eeeeek!).
“Oh, but don’t you worry. Even if you do wind up dead, I’ll take care to… recycle you,” Tiberius quips and Minami’s already starting to have second thoughts. “Hrrmmgh… I’m in too deep to turn back now! You better watch your back, UX, because DR. MINAMI’s coming for you…!” he swears inwardly.

: (I’m not holding my breath, but all these magic armaments should at least let me fight with the Black Lodge for a bit…)
: (Now I just have to find the Destroyer Robo Elsa came in with and break into the Illusory Heart Mother.)
: Okay… let’s get going…
#1: Go where, exactly?
#2: And what’s with that weird get-up?
: ?!
: You were going after the Black Lodge by yourself, weren’t you…?
: Guess you didn’t actually cool off.
: Joey… Joe…
: Are you going to avenge Al?
: No, that’s not what this is about.
: What for, then?
: The only reason I kept on fighting is because I had people I cared about nearby.
: And I believe the same applied to Al.
: …
: So I’m going to carry on that fight…!
: I’ll watch over everything she wanted to protect in her stead…!
: Really… Well, if you’re saying that much, I ain’t stopping you…
: Better yet, we’re gonna tag along with ya.
: ?!
: I told you before: you haven’t been fighting this alone.
: We’re all friends here, and we feel the same way you do.
: You…
: And, by the looks of things, that doesn’t apply to just us.
: Huh…?

Supportive Guitar Solo!

: Are you lonesome toniiiiight? Do you miss me toniiiiight? Are you sorry we drifted apaaaaaaart?
: Dr. West…?! You’re better already?!
: Mwahahahahaha! Fool! Did you think me only as stubborn, full-bodied and annoying as a sweet cup of coffee?!
: If you like it that sweet, then go eat a bunch of saccharine! Feast until you can feast no more!
: We’ve been waiting here for a while, darling-robo! Everything is set up and ready to go-robo!
: “Set up”…?

Boom! Alarm!

: Psh… Looks like it’s a legit attack this time!
: But they shouldn’t have repaired the control system this quickly-robo!
: Whatever, we’ve no time to worry about that!
: Dr. West, I’m taking out that Destroyer Robo of yours!
: Oh, you little buffoon, you! It takes a genius to handle my super ultimate Destroyer Robo and that’s certainly not you!
: I’m really not in the mood to enable your nonsense…
: Easy, Kurou Daijuuji! I’ve seen fit to prepare a mech that’d suit you far better!
: Yes, that hateful, despicable, oh-so-annoying machine which I can’t help but also admire a bit!
: A mech that’d suit me…?
: Wait, you don’t mean…!

Mission 33 (Arkham Route) – The Crow

: …

: Hoho… Very impressive, Doctor. Very impressive, indeed.
: Hmhmhm… You honor me with your kind words.
: Hmph… idiocy. There is no thrill whatsoever to be had in stomping ants underfoot.
: (And with Kurou Daijuuji and the Demonbane gone, the only one who could rouse my spirit is…)
: That’s far enough, Black Lodge!
: Whuh?! That voice…!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: It can‘t be...!
: Kurou Daijuuji and the Demonbane are here to put an end to your mess…!
: The Demonbane?! It managed to escape our attack?!
: But something is odd… the grimoire Necronomicon should be the source of its powers, yet I feel none of its presence…
: Wow… the Demonbane’s really moving…!


: Yeah, you see that! The Demonbane’s been transformed by my brilliant intellect! It’s stupendously invincible!
: Darling, my proxy-grimoire system’s running smoothly-robo!
: Still, it’s just that – a proxy-robo. With Al Azif gone, you…
: It’s alright, Elsa!
: I may not be able to use the power of her fragments, but I’m more than happy just being able to fight with it!
: Dr. West, you piece of… you’re still alive…?!
: (Rrrrgh! You’re thwarting my plans again, West?!)
: We’ve got a few more enemies than expected, but that’s just perfect for us…!
: Now go, Kurou Daijuuji! Show me the perfect union between you, my brain and the Demonbane!
: Aye, aye! I’m on it!
: This blade might get broken to pieces, but I’ll keep on fighting to my last breath even if I have to glue it back together!

As Kurou said, the Demonbane’s back to its base form. It’s lost all of its special abilities, and the only attacks available are the Vulcans, the melee attack and Atlantis Strike. Worse yet, it’s not regenerating MP anymore since Kurou lost the grimoire skill. You can refill its stocks via the Resupply command, but Kurou’ll need to be a lot more careful with his attacks now.
Elsa’s replaced Al as the subpilot now, with her spirits being Accelerate, Alert, Iron Wall and Assail.

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Are you ready to go, Darling-robo?
: Yeah, I’m all good!
: Come on, Demonbane… we’ll make sure everything stays in one piece! This is for Al too!

I just realized we never saw this attack from Tobikage.

And once you kill 4 enemies…

: More meat for the grinder! Those bundles of garbage won’t take long to deal with!
: Um, didn’t you make those robots? You’re being awful dismissive of them now…
: You think those are my robots?! Ridiculosity! Look at them! There isn’t a shred of elegance in how they move!
: Yes, I’m sure some nobody must’ve tinkered with them! Hah!
: We’ll see how long your sass lasts, Dr. West!
: ?!

: Urgh…! What the…?!
: The Demonbane… it won’t move…!

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS
:dance: FUNKY! :dance:

: Mwahahahahahaa! How do you like my EM Pulse Blaster?!
: Your machines are special, but they’re still machines! You won’t be going anywhere inside my EMP!
: Who is that…?!
: Open your ears and listen up! I am the genius Dr. Minami!
: And this machine of mine is poetry in motion! It’s art! It’s the ultimate weapon in all the universe! The MR-1!
: It’s the guy Ronin warned us about!
: What the hell are you thinking teaming up with the Black Lodge…?!
: All to enact my vengeance on you, see!
: The hell…?!
: You… If the UX hadn’t stuck their noses where it didn’t belong, I would’ve beat the Skrugg! I would’ve been the hero! You stole my gloryyyyy!
: Oh, cry me a river! We didn’t do anything wrong!
: Silence! And regardless of you, I won’t know peace until I’ve had my revenge on him!
: That’s right! I’m talking to you, Dr. West!
: Huh… Dr. West…?
: Do you know him, Doctor?
: Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.
: You… does your disrespect for other people know no bounds…?!
: I said I don’t know, so I what do you want from me? Besides, I really don’t think I’d be familiar with a buffoon like you.
: Rrrrr… If you’re going to feign ignorance, then fine! Be that way!
: But don’t forget the quagmire you’re in! This is the end of the road for all of you!
: Hrm… Elsa, isn’t there anything we can do?!
: N-Nothing works-robo… His EMP has left us completely immobile-robo…
: Of all the dirty…!
: I make it a point to never start a fight before my victory’s well secured! Now behold the power of the MR-1!
: …
: Heromaaan… BLAST!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: I-Inconceivable! How can you move?!
: Heroman runs on electricity, you know.
: As powerful as your attack might be, if it’s made of electricity, then you’re not beating him!
: N-Not bad… I suppose that’s to be expected from the Ghost. You’re special, even among the UX bots…
: But I wonder… How, exactly, are you going to handle all these enemies by your lonesome?
: Damn it… Joey, you can’t pull this off alone! Forget about us and get outta here!
: I’ll be fine. I’m not fighting alone…
: …
: I’ve my friends here with me! And your presence makes me stronger!
: Joey, you…
: Here we go, Heroman! We’ll keep everyone safe!

And now Tobikage and the Demonbane can’t do anything. That can be a bit problematic on a fresh game, since your Demonbane’s might not have its Barrier yet and there are a ton of Destroyer Robos gunning for him. And you can’t even cast spirits!
Best you can do is send Heroman up ahead to try and divert as much attention as possible and hold the line (which might cause Evasion Decay to bite you).

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

And on the second player phase after the new enemy wave…

: Haah… haah… I have to… keep them safe…
: I’ll admit that you’re very resilient, kid, but you seem to be on your last legs!

: Joey, Heroman, are you two alright?!
: Hrrrmmmm…
: W-We can keep going… right, Heroman…?
: Psh… It’s still hanging in there? That’s quite the curious specimen, especially with it being able to move inside my EMP field.
: Okay, then I’ll give you a little reward for your trouble! I’m taking in your Ghost as a research subject!
: Where do you get off…?!
: Sorry, but I don’t speak loser! Here goes! Time to seal the deal!

: Waaaaaah!
: Wh-Who…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: Now, what’s going on here? You guys got a big party rolling and don’t even invite us? That ain’t cool!
: G-Guys…!
: What were you thinking, setting off to fight the enemy just the three of you?!
: Forget them. All troops are to spread out and rout the enemy forces!
: Take back our city from their evil clutches!
: Thanks, princess…!
: Boss! That attack just now did some major damage to the EM Pulse Blaster…!
: It cannot irradiate high-frequency blasts anymore – we can’t immobilize the enemy.
: Th-that’s pretty bad, isn’t it, boss?!
: Hardly, I always have a backup plan! Switch the Blaster to Mode 2! Rain thunderbolt and lighting on top of them!
: And besides, they simply cannot hurt my MR-1. Ever…!
: That geek’s way too cocky for someone who just got the rug pulled from under him!
: And with good reason. From the readings we’re getting…
: That robot’s completely covered in a barrier!
: W-We’ve been made!
: Hmph, so they noticed the MR-1’s barrier.
: But it doesn’t matter – I’ve analyzed data from all their units! It’ll be impossible for any of them to break through it!
: Maybe, but it falls on science to make the impossible possible!
: Give me a while and I’ll figure out how that barrier works!
: (They’ve really covered their bases… Could it be that…?)
: A Hadou could never turn a blind eye to villains hurting the city or its populace!
: Everyone set forward and engage! Crush that fool of a man!

Kill everything, don’t lose any of the event deployments or a ship. Minami’s still covered by his barrier (had we attacked him before, we’d have gotten a scene that said exactly that), so focus on dealing with the Destroyer Robos.

MR-1 (Dr. Minami)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L4
Support Attack L2
All-Attack L2
Minami’s voice actor: Yasunori Matsumoto (other roles: Stoner in Eureka 7, Alejandro in 00 Gundam, Folka in SRW OGs, and many more).

Minami doesn’t really bring anything new to the table – in truth, he and his MR-1 are standard fare as far as midbosses go. Hell, they’re not even immune to debuffs. On the other hand, the thing has plenty of range, with his Darts Spear and EM Pulse Cannon carrying the Armor Down and Mobility Down, respectively. Keep an eye out for that, and you’ll be fine.

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: Ensign, I’ll assume control of both our units’ engines once we’re combined. I’ll try and make sure it all operates as best as can be…
: Don’t worry about it, and don’t hold anything back! It’s your being here that brings our units’ full power to light! Here we go, Orphes/Odyssea!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

And the next turn over…

Beep, beep.

: Aha… Eureka! It’s the Destroyer Robos!
: All the robots set about this area are providing energy for the barrier!
: Which means if we take them all out…
: Exactly! You’ll be able to damage his unit!
: Dr. Minami, it seems they’ve figured everything out.
: So, what?! My MR-1 is absolutely invincible!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

And the next enemy phase…

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: Get a load of this! EEEEE! EMMMM! PIIIIIIIIIIII!

Everyone loses 10% max HP! Heroman gets a full EN restore!

: Aaargh…
: You feel that?! That’s the sting of my technology!
: I got some bad news for you, though!

Zhang Fei also gets a full EN restore.

: Whaaaaaaaa?!
: Lightning doesn’t do jack to me! Actually, it just powers me up…!
: Gaaaah… It’s not just the Ghost that’s like that?!
: We cannot allow this opportunity to pass us by! Form up around Heroman and Zhang Fei and split the enemy formation!


And, soon enough, all Destroyer Robos are down.

: We’ve confirmation that the EM Barrier is gone! He can’t block our attacks anymore!
: You better start clenching, old man, because we’re repaying you in spades for the mess you pulled!
: Our primary defense is gone. What should we do, Dr. Minami?
: Hrrmmm…

: Rrgh, it’s them…!
: Getting beat already, Doc? You gotta put your back into this!
: Please, I might not have my barrier but no one pushes me around!
: You better get to work, then.
: You finally show your faces, Anticross…!
: Aw, look at how hard you’re trying, Kurou! And you don’t even have Al Azif there to help you anymore!
: But no miracle‘ll save you today. This time I‘ll bash you to dust!
: You’re right. Al’s gone, and it was my weakness that killed her…
: Which is why I’ll make sure we win this today! I won’t let you kill anyone else!

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Demonbane secret – 7th step: set Ruri as your tactician and then have Kurou shoot down Caligula.

Killing either of the two Anticross’ll trigger the plot, so make sure you drop Caligula.

Here’s the Odyssea version of Last Testament – very nice.

Also, the Wing Cross version of the Gazanto. I am extremely cross that they don’t get to keep the JIGOKU DA finish on this one.

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: Of all the UX units, this one looks like it could yield particularly interesting data.
: Okay, time to pick that bot apart and see what makes it tick!
: The Orphes/Odyssea embodies our bonds and our wishes! You’re not getting your hands anywhere near it!

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

Ah, how long it’s been.

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: You’re willing to even throw your lot in with the Black Lodge to get what you want?! What’s wrong with you?!
: A scientist has to be ready to use any and all means necessary to get to the top! If you’re not nº 1, then you’re just one of the losers!
: Hmph, I’ve got you all figured out. You’re not a scientist… you’re just another maggot like them!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: You even turned on your boss to carry out this insane project of yours… Too bad for you, we’re stopping it here and now!
: The Grand Master was looking to destroy the whole world! You should be thanking us for putting him down!
: Now we‘ll use the reborn Cthulhu to rule the world... And we‘ll kill anyone who tries to stop us!

Arnie vs. Black Lodge: “I’m getting chills…? It must be because of their magic… BUT!”

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: Ghost…! Fame and fortune would’ve been mine for the taking if you hadn’t bungled everything up!
: That is the reason this guy’s hurting the city and the people who live here…?!
: Forward, Heroman! We can’t leave him running loose!

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: Rrrgh… so you were just waiting for your friends to come over and blindside me?! Cowards!
: That’s what’s called strategy! Consider it your lesson for the day, “genius”!

:siren: Heroman OST - MADNESS

: Ganging up on me, are you?! You’re all going to get a taste of the EM pulse!
: Those sparkles of yours ain’t real lightning! Now sit there and let thunder’s roar fill your ears!

Aha! I finally got Zhang Fei’s Lu Bu impression on tape! “This thrill! This scorching excitement! It ignites— MY SOOOOUUUUUP!!”
No, this doesn’t even qualify as a pun. In essence, Fei misread a memo somewhere and didn’t realize that Lu Bu yells 魂 (tamashii) and not 塊 (katamari).

And we get another HEYBO from Minami.

: The MR-1 has taken critical damage. It won’t be long before it explodes.
: B-Boss, we need to eject!
: Aaaargh… You imbeciles! How dare you destroy my art!
: I won’t forget this, UX… and Dr. West!

: Hey, they got away!
: We can’t go after, though. We’re as good as dead if we take our eyes off these two!
: I’m glad you’re with the program! ‘Course, keeping your eyes on us only means you’re gonna get killed from the front and not from the back!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Hey, shortstack! You really think a thing like you stands a chance against us?!
: As sure as the sunrise, I do! There is no strength in evil – and it is fated to perish before the true might of JUSTICE!
: Power isn‘t right or wrong. All that matters is who has more of it.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Quit wasting time, Caligula! You oughta be able to take this gangly-lookin’ bot out with one hit, right?!
: You do it, Claudius...Your Lord Byakhee should also only need one swing to end this one.
: Tsk… They’re always giving each other lip, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous…!


: Don’t just stand there, Caligula! Those guys’re closing in on you!
: Then I just need to hit back and beat them to a pulp. Or can‘t you tell even that much?
: Hurry up, Kaido! Fighting’s about the only thing you’re good for, so don’t screw up!
: Get off my back, mom! And make sure you don’t throw me off my game!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: They’ve the size advantage, but an Aura Battler has the better speed! I’ll confuse them and move in on the offensive!
: Annoying bug! I‘ll teach you to buzz around me!
: You’re a real speedster, eh? Come try your hand at me, then! They’ll need tweezers to pick up your pieces after I’m done!

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

: You Anticross’re a buncha cowards! Why don’t all 6 of you step out to fight us like you did the Master Therion?!
: You’ve got a real big mouth, but you know what they say: the weaker they are, the louder they bark!
: We don‘t need all the Anticross to deal with worms like you. You‘ll have plenty of time to regret fighting us once you‘re dead!


: Pin him down, Claudius. Then I‘ll rip him apart...!
: Don’t tell me what to do! I can trash that toy of his myself!
: These two are really tough…! But Heroman and I are a way better duo!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: I won’t let all she did be for nothing…
: You better be ready, Anticross! I, Kurou Daijuuji, will wipe your evil off the face of the planet!
: Aaw, you must’ve cried so much when you dear grimoire got killed! You actually think we’re gonna get beat by a wimp like you?!
: Don‘t let your guard down, Claudius.Arrogance only makes you an easier target!

: You insects can make as big a swarm as you want, but when the storm comes, all you can do is be swept away!

: Tsk, this is looking worse by the minute…
: But we cannot give in! The people of this town need us…!
: Hahahaha! You’re bringing a tear to my eye! But it takes more than a “never say die” attitude to win this!

: Waaaaaaah!
: Darling, the Demonbane’s really hurting-robo! Any more than this and it’ll…!
: Kch… No, we can’t let it end here!

Kurou moves up top.

: Hah, well, aren’t you a real go-getter. But you oughta know when to give up!
: (Just one… I just need one opening…!)
: In the end, you‘re just a failure of a sorcerer with a Deus Machina you can‘t use properly. It‘s impossible for you to beat us.
: But don’t be sad! We’re about to send all you guys right to where Al Azif’s waiting!
: And you‘ll be the first to go, Kurou Daijuuji...!
: Hrk…!

: Grrrrr…!
: Tch… You’re still doing this?! Lemme go!
: Th-This ain’t gonna go your way…!
: Don‘t get ahead of yourselves. All you‘ve done is pin us down...!
: P-Pinning you down’s more than good enough…!
: Yeah… he’ll take care of the rest!
: What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Sublimation of a Destroyer

: T-Take a look, Anticross…
: I’ll show you how much power this “failure” has…!

: Raaaaaaaaaargh!

Captions are available because we FINALLY get this attack for real.


: Y-Yo… Caligula…? You’re just messing with me, right…?
: Azathoth readings have vanished. The enemy Deus Machina has been completely destroyed.
: That’s your associate down, Claudius! And you’re next!
: You… SCREW YOU!!

: Oorgh…!
: You killed him…! You killed Caligula!
: You’re gonna pay for this, I swear it! I’ll tear you apart down to your goddamn cells!
: Wh-What happened to him…
: An unbridled killer instinct, as of a rabid beast… He’s like a completely different person!
: You better not hope for a quick death… I’m gonna take my sweet time with you…!

: That’s enough, Claudius. Pull back.
: Piss off! I ain’t going back ‘til I’ve killed them all!
: The C Project is nearing its final stage. We need to muster our powers – all of us.
: We have already lost Caligula; no further missteps can be afforded.
: Kch… Damn it…!
: Just you wait…! When I get my hands on you, you’re dead! You’re all dead!

: The Illusory Heart Mother…!
: It’s gone…?
: Radar’s not picking up any enemy signals in Arkham City…!
: Then does that mean…?
: Yeah, we did it… We beat the Black Lodge…
: We’ve saved the city…
: Winfield…
: Yes, my lady.
: The sword that smites evil hasn’t left us yet.
: Of course, my lady. We are far from the point where we should admit defeat or give up hope.
: You see that, Anticross? This is the light of the sword that’ll destroy you.
: You better go and start praying to all your sick gods, because the sword that smites evil’ll hunt you down wherever you might turn up!

: Aaargh, those accursed UX! They bungled my plans not once but twice!
: On the other hand, the Black Lodge are gone – I say we got lucky to jump off that ship when we could…
: By the way, where’s Veronica? I haven’t seen her for a few…
: It doesn’t matter where she went!
: What’s important is rebuilding my MR-1 straight away! Revenge will be mine…!
: I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, Dr. Minami.
: Y-You’re…!
: NIA Special Agent Axel Hughes, in service of the Union’s president!
: Dr. Minami, for the crime of collusion with the Black Lodge and treason against your country, I now place you under arrest!
: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaaaaaaaa?!


: Urk…!
: D-Darling…?!
: Consider that your punishment for launching the Demonbane without permission. Never do something like that again…
: You only have one life, Mr. Daijuuji… Had things turned out differently, that would have been the end of you…
: Sorry, princess…
: I’m more impressed that the Demonbane was even in fighting shape to be begin with. You fixed it up real good for how beat-up it was…

Proud guitar solo!

: Bwahahahaha! But of course! Don’t compare me to the buffoons you’ve got lying around here!
: Because I am the greatest intellect in history! A genius! An intellect chosen by the big man upstairs! DOCTAAAAA WEEEEE—


: Ooof…!
: Get off your high-horse, creep! Who even said you could mess with the Demonbane, eh?!
: Grumble… Four-eyed buffoon…
: What was that now?!
: Just tell me one thing, Dr. West.
: Why’d you decide to help us?
: …
: Here’s the deal. The Anticross are now my sworn enemies. So I’d like to join forces with you to fight them.
: Is that a fact…?
: The enemy of my enemy as a friend, huh?
: Please let us fight together with you, darling-robo!
: C-Come again?!
: You expect us to trust people who’ve been hostile to us until a few hours ago?
: I’d think this battle today proves that we’re telling you the truth, no?
: …
: Alright. Welcome aboard, you two…!
: Hah, spoken like my true rival. That speeds things up for every one of us!
: Are you serious, Kurou…?
: It’s only because of him that the Demonbane’s active again. If anything, we can’t question his ability.
: Besides, while he does have all his screws loose, I don’t think he’s straight-up a bad guy like the Anticross.
: I agree. He helped us a lot today…
: What do you think, Ensign…?
: Hey, who am I to say anything? I started this as a POW, remember?
: Oh…
: Hah, I guess that’s true.
: I say what’s important is the answer you’ve found, not the road you took to find it.
: You’re absolutely right…
: If anything, I see that he’s a man who follows through with his beliefs… the correctness of those notwithstanding.
: That settles it, then! You’re part of our crew now!
: Thank you-robo! I’ll work extra-hard to help my darling-robo!

Cheerful guitar solo!

: Aahahahaha! Just you watch! My Destroyer Robo’ll make mincemeat out of those Anticross!
: That’s quite the celebration you have here. Mind if I hop in?
: …! You’re…!
: This is our first time meeting face-to-face, isn’t it, Hero of Center City?

: So, Dr. Minami’s been arrested… that’s a relief.
: All thanks to your help.
: As much resources as the NIA might have, even we would’ve been hard-pressed to stand up to the Black Lodge.
: I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the guy. He’ll be shipped off to Alcatraz now.
: That’s the most secure prison in the world, right? I doubt we’ll be hearing from him for quite a while.
: Maybe he’ll take this time to learn that science should always be used for good, not for evil.
: Serves him right, I say! Who goes around starting vendettas with people for no good reason? Oh, the humanity!
: You’re one to talk!
: Still, setting aside Dr. Minami, the Black Lodge remains a concern…
: Hmhmm, but I swear to you on the name of the Hadou Financial Group that we’ll locate their base…!
: I’ll also send out some feelers of my own. If anything turns up, I’ll let you know.
: Um, thank you for everything, Agent Hughes. You helped us so much and we didn’t even know who you were.
: Ah, please, I’m just doing what I do best. And personally…
: I’m also a big fan of you guys.
: Us…?!

Beep, boop.

: We’ve an incoming message from the space team…
: It looks like their operation ended successfully!
: They have prevailed…!
: Hm, you always seem to find a way to pull through, no matter how dire the situation is.
: That’s why I and so many people look up to you and try our hardest to help.
: We all know that feeling, I think.
: Yeah, we can fight as hard we do because we’ve got everyone here with us…
: (That’s right… We’ve always been fighting together, and that hasn’t changed now.)
: (Isn’t that right, Al…?)


Minami’s theme is way too catchy.


Criminally catchy, you could say. I’m not sorry.

And yay, Lemuria Impact. I know I’ve joked about Demonbane being an h-novel originally, but did the devs need to keep the panty shot? It just takes away from the awesomeness of the Impact.


I mean, this is Banpresto we’re talking about, I’m just glad our woman Original pilot has some proper support in this game (and I don’t mean in game mechanics terms)


FUCK YES IT’S DR. WEST. I think in the original he had a unique version of his MP robots when he joined the heroes, but in the anime he just used the thing he has in this game. He did finally make it waterproof though, since it gets used in the water just fine later on.

Keep the “Zhang Fei working with Heroman for LIGHTNING POWER” thing in mind, it will be important later. Also, regular reminder that Zhang Fei Z Gundam can make giant lightning dragons and is thus the greatest character.

Actually, Lemuria Impact didn’t originally have a panty-shot. The anime added it. As for why they added it, fuck if I know!