When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX



Easy there, I know everyone and their dog is sick of Frontier in SRW at this point, but I don’t want Alto going the path of Kamile. That’s just a path of pain and suffering.


it was just a joke on how goofy a concept it is.

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Quick FYI: tindeck’s creator decided to shut down the site, so all those links will be dead come August. All UX files have already been backed up, mind, and I’ll carry on posting them as usual via lpix, but the traditional tindeck tags will no longer be there. Lpix doesn’t provide tags, and making those from scratch would be effort better spent translating, so I’ll stick with url links, which I’ll try to make stand out through :siren:s .
I’ll slowly start poking through the past updates, replacing the old links with these new ones. Hopefully it’ll all be clear by the time August arrives, but keep this in mind in case you visit past missions and don’t find any BGM links.

Here we are again, following our party in Alcatraz. Now we’re heading for Tatsumiya, where I’m sure our fun times will only continue. Michio, Kazuki, Arnie and Saya are deploying as event units, so here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Allelujah/Dr. West
Sun Quan/Eida
Tactician: Michio (If you’re on track for the #3 Fafner secret, and have also earned 100+ kills between Michio and Canon, then set him in as your tactician)

Also, keep in mind that this mission is the cutoff point for the #2 Fafner Secret kill tally, meaning Mamoru, Sakura and Kenji’s total must add to 150+ by the end. If you’re not quite there, then take the time to feed Mamoru enough kills. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve used Triple Dog 5+ times when it was available.

Off we go.

Location: Famir Battleship

: Welcome, Director Hazard. I am Alex Glem of the Army of Mankind. (Aesap’s dad, if you’ve forgotten since his last appearance.)
: Alex…?
: Col. Alex used to be commander of a Union base in Japan. He’s a very capable person.
: He, and Dog Tack, will surely be very helpful.
: Hrm, that name – “Alex” – really grinds my gears… but fine. I look forward to working with you, Colonel.
: Likewise, Director Hazard…
: (Hazard had been exposed for having ties to the alien invaders, but now he’s been reinstated…?)
: (Just what is happening to the Army of Mankind… to the Federation Army…?)
: Apologies for interrupting your conversation, but would it be possible for me to head back to the Union’s research institute? The sooner, the better.
: It won’t be an issue, yes. And we’re already making arrangements for that, as per your request.
: We’ve high hopes that your research will be very useful for the mop-up following Operation Heaven’s Door.
: Yes, ma’am! I won’t disappoint you!

Minami leaves.

: You’ve already laid out plans even for the mop-up, hm? I see you’ve been busy with Operation Heaven’s Door.
: Of course I have. It won’t be long before the new Salvator Model is finished, and, with it, we’ll be able to wipe out the Festum dwelling in the North Pole.
: Ooh… Dr. Bartland’s new Fafner?!
: And if we can add ALVIS’ Nothung Models to our forces, victory’ll be all but assured.
: You want ALVIS’ Fafners…? But haven’t they refused to cooperate with us on multiple occasions?
: Heheheh. My, what a benevolent man you are, Colonel.
: … What do you mean?
: What she means is that we just need to have the Fafners. How we manage to make that happen doesn’t matter.
: …
: You can’t be suggesting…!
: Sit back and relax, why don’t you? You’ll see how Hazard Pasha does things…
: (I’ve nothing to worry about now that The Advancers have my back again. And for my next move… Heheheheheh…)

: You’re going to help General Zhou Yu and Sheryl recover, then…?
: Of course. After all the dozens of times your crew has saved our islands, we’re more than happy to assist in every way we can.
: You have my deepest thanks. Please look after him.
: Also, we were wondering if you’d let us try and treat Setsuna as well.
: You can fix him up?!
: We can’t say for sure just yet…
: But if we adapt our research into Assimilation somewhat, there is a not-insignificant chance we may just find ways to treat his condition.
: Now that’s some great news, and I’m sure Feldt’ll be real happy to hear it.
: Now, Ms. Sheryl, I’d like to run some exams to see the current state of your infection. Could you come to the infirmary later?
: Of course.
: But, just to let you know, whatever results you get, asking me to stop singing is absolutely not an option, okay?
: Hahah, the rumors didn’t do justice to how determined you are.
: But, alright. We’ll do everything in our power to try and preserve your vocal chords.
: Prof. Toumi, can I also have a word with you later? I’ve something I need your help with.
: That’d be no problem, but… did anything happen?
: I’ll tell you later…
: (Michio…?)
: Cmdr. Makabe, if I may ask, did ALVIS also receive a message from the Federation Army?
: We did, yes. It was a request regarding their Operation Heaven’s Door…
: They were all but demanding that our Nothung Models take part in it.
: It’s not like the Federation to take that heavy-handed approach with us, but it makes sense when you see who’s in charge of said operation.
: Hazard Pasha, hm? That prick busting out of the slammer was about the last thing we needed to hear.
: And his return is also due to The Advancers’ support?
: Yes, and with those guys on the Army of Mankind’s side, they have pretty much free rein to do anything, no matter how appalling. It’ll all be validated or swept under the rug.
: They’re a much bigger pain-in-the-ass than we expected…
: Regardless, will ALVIS take part in that operation?
: We haven’t given them an answer yet, but the writing on the wall’s very clear…
: This is Hazard. He’s bound to try some of his usual tricks…
: But isn’t that an operation to wipe out the Festum in the North Pole? That should be enough reason for you to agree to help, no?
: That’s not really the issue, though. The main question here is whether or not Hazard is still in bed with The Boom Army.
: If he isn’t, then I think we could find a way to work with the Army of Mankind…
: (We’d be working with them? Meaning we’d fight alongside Jin, too…)

Cut to the G-Excellent, where Hazard relates his escape from prison to Charme – he’d never make it as Director of the Martian Development Bureau if he weren’t a tough nut to crack. Now, what does he want? Surely he didn’t call just to say hi. Weeell, he would actually like to request The Boom Army’s help with a certain operation of theirs.
And what, pray tell, do they have to gain from doing that? Well, of course Hazard wouldn’t expect them to do it out of the goodness of their hearts and has prepared suitable compensation: how does a substitute for the Kylhasium sound? Charme asks how he knows of their fuel problems, and Hazard notes that Ylbora informed him of how when the Elshank warped here, their fuel stocks were, for reasons unknown, consumed almost entirely. The same happened to Charme and Annex’s ship, yes?

Annex can see why Grathan chose to work with Hazard, and the director confirms that his old contact spoke much of the emperor. Charme tries arguing that someone of the emperor’s status shouldn’t waste his breath on a worm like Hazard, but, no, Annex tells her to let it be and agrees to the request.
Hazard sings praises of Annex’s magnanimity and is very grateful – he’ll be sending them details of the operation soon enough. As the call ends, Charme asks if they really should be humoring his request. They could just steal that Kylhasium substitute and be done with it. True, but the emperor confesses that Hazard has piqued his interest a bit: “That is a man who was once swallowed whole by the treads of fate that tie around this world, yet he has managed a comeback that is nothing short of impressive. Was it all due to simple luck? Or perhaps…”

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: Hey, Sakura…
: Mamoru and the others came back to the island today. Been a while since the whole gang’s been together, huh…?
: …
: And, um…

Door opens.

: Kenji, everyone’s here to see you.
: …
: Hey there, Kenji…
: You and Sakura doing alright…?
: …
: Sakura… please get better soon… Then we can all hang out like we used to.
: …
: Back when there was no fighting… It was just all of us, together… Sniff
: Kenji…
: Those days aren’t coming back, though. It’s the present that we live in.
: So, you…
: I’m afraid…
: “Afraid”…?
: Of fighting… of dying, of never seeing Sakura again…
: But we have to fight. If we don’t, the world’ll never go back to being a place where Sakura can live in peace…
: But I’m not like you!
: ?!
: Your Altered Consciousness turns you into a big hero, so of course you don’t have anything to worry about!
: You just slap on that helmet and, boom, you’re the invincible GOUBINE, right?!
: Th-That’s…
: But it’s not like that for me! I tried and I tried, but I just…!
: Your Altered Consciousness isn’t Mamoru’s fault, though.
: So, what?! You still have no idea what I go through! None of you do!
: Kenji, I…
: …
: Let’s go, Mamoru. We should leave him be for now…
: Okay…

Everyone leaves.

: …
: Kenji…
: Mom… Are you going to tell me to fight, too?
: … No. To tell you the truth, I’m actually a bit relieved right now.
: Huh…?
: Because you wouldn’t have to fight if you stayed like this. And the thought of that does make me feel so much relief…
: But there’s one thing you should always keep in mind: who it is that will be forced to fight in your place…
: ?!
: If, despite that, you still don’t wish to fight…
: Then, it’s all right. I’ll take care of you.

She leaves.

: …
: I… what am I doing? What am I supposed to do?!
: Please tell me, Sakura…
: …

Location: ALVIS – Well of Urd

: Thanks for coming, Soushi.
: Why did you call me here…?
: This is where our island’s Siegfried System’s located. And where you chose your fate.
: …
: So, I called you because I want to ask you to choose it one more time…
: My fate…?
: I exist solely to protect you and the island. That’s what I always thought…
: But that changed when you met everyone, when you and Kazuki got through to one another… right? What do you think now?
: I want to fight alongside them all.
: Which is why I’d like to ask that the Siegfried System be set to its full configuration in preparation for the Federation’s counteroffensive.
: All these battles you’ve fought outside the island have been with a simplified version of the System.
: Use it in its full configuration and what happened to Koyo and Sakura will also happen to you…
: …
: I heard a voice at Alcatraz…
: A voice…?
: It came from the Yùxǐ… And Kongming believed that what we heard was the voice of our own fates.
: Present, past, future… what we heard might have been our own inner cries, crossing through time and space.
: And?
: …
: And what I heard…
: Was a Festum’s voice.
: …
: And you’d still fight, even knowing that?
: I will, yes…
: Okay. If that’s the path you chose, then so be it.
: But remember that while your only option at the moment is to fight, there may come a time when a different one may be possible…
: I’m sorry. And thank you, Tsubaki…
: You know you don’t have to stand on formality with me.
: I suppose not…
: …
: We… We never could just be regular brother and sister, huh? Not even in the end.
: The end…? Tsubaki, are you…
: I don’t think I have… much time left, no.
: …
: Please don’t forget that I was here.
: I would never. You…
: You’re my only sister, after all.
: Hm…
: Hey, would it be okay if I called you like a regular sister would?
: Yes…
: Thank you, my…

: Activion…?!
: Yeah, I want you to inject me with it.
: You can’t, Michio! If you do that, you’ll…!
: Please… My Synergetic Code values have dropped too much over the years.
: This has to be done or I won’t be able to pilot a Nothung Model!
: But…!
: What’s this “Activion”?
: A chemical that stimulates the Festum genes in their bodies.
: But it’s only a temporary measure. Once the effect wears off, there’s risk of the person undergoing acute Assimilation.
: Assimilation… Then he’d end up just like Sakura?!
: Michio, please, think this through! You’ve already fought all the way into the age limit of Fafner pilots! No one would ever criticize you if you stepped down!
: …
: I want… I want to make sure the future of this island, and your dream, will be safe…
: Michio…
: Every person has something that they have to see through, even if it means risking their lives.
: And that strong will gives birth to new possibilities… which allow the people to choose between them.
: We’re all here because we’ve faced our destinies and made a choice…
: …
: But… If he gets Assimilated, what will happen to us…
: (“Us”…?)
: Listen to me, Yumiko. I promise you I’ll make it through all the way. And when the Activion’s effect wears off…
: Then we’ll get married.
: Michio…!
: Prof. Toumi, do I have your blessing?
: Of course. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
: Thank you very much.
: …
: U-Um… Michio, I…


: Wh-What…?!


: We’re detecting multiple mobile units approaching the island! They’ve already made it through the first and second Welle Shields!
: Someone’s attacking… Could it be the Army of Mankind?!
: Let’s go, guys! We have to protect our island!

Everyone leaves.

: …
: Are you going, Michio…?
: Yeah…
: Hit me with the Activion.
: …
: Please… don’t die!


Mission 37 – The Living

: The Boom Army?! It’s not the Army of Mankind…?
: I bet Hazard’s behind this! He really is still working with 'em!
: Maybe his plan is to have us fight these first and then steal the Fafners after we’ve been weakened!
: (Hmph… Do you belittle me so that you’d use me as bait, Hazard?)
: (But I’m afraid I won’t be dancing to your tunes. I still have my own mission to accomplish!

: Huh?! The enemy flagship’s just vanished from our radar!
: Their flagship…? What do you think they’re up to?
: We can worry about it later. Our priority right now is pushing them off the island!
: A-All mobile squadrons, p-please deploy right away…!
: You are far too tense, General Lu Xun.
: G-“General”?! Me…?
: You are General Zhou Yu’s successor, no? However, there is a difference between shouldering a responsibility and letting it overwhelm you.
: Please do not forget that…
: Yes, you’re right. Thank you, Master Kongming…
: (Look on, master. I’ll take up your spirit onto myself!)

: So, this is what a Nothung Model feels like…
: Alright, let’s get to it! Come what may, none of them are taking anything from us! Not our island… and not our hope!
: (Michio can’t handle this alone. We’ve to help him out in any way we— Rgh?!)
: What’s wrong, Kazuki?!
: N-No, it’s nothing.
: More importantly, where are you, Soushi? Our connection feels different today…
: The enemy attack forced me to establish a link not from the external models, but from within ALVIS. There should still be no issues with the system’s operation proper, though.
: From ALVIS…?
: (Hmhmhm… Let’s see what makes you so powerful, UX!)
: It’s pretty dang clear that the Army of Mankind’s gonna jump us after we’re worn out a little.
: Make sure you try and conserve as much juice as you can, folks! Remember that we’re the only ones who can protect this island!

Destroy everything, don’t lose a ship, Kazuki, Michio, Arnie or Saya. The Boom Army doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but they’re obviously not the main problem here. As everyone’s been saying, conservation of resources is the name of the game, because there’ll be a decent bunch of stuff headed your way soon.
The entire western edge of the map is covered in water, and the new enemies’ll be coming in from the SW corner, so a good plan would be to angle your guys west and to camp out at the beach. Let the mooks come to your land-bound units and they’ll go down in short order – spread out command auras so you don’t have to spend SP casting Focus and whatnot.

Fafner Mark Ein (Michio Hino)
Mech Features:
Norn System
Siegfried System

And now for something completely different, the Mark Ein is the polar opposite of the Megatherion Model in that it’s very much a close-range attacker. It’s decent enough, and certainly an upgrade to Michio’s previous ride, but it’s by far the worst Fafner we’ve had to this point not only in terms of raw firepower and/or utility, but due to Michio’s less-than-stellar evasion (or the fact that his Melee stat is worse than his Ranged).
Still, he can make for a good-ish squaddie if you pair him with someone that boosts what he needs.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: (The Nothung Model…)
: (I’ll protect not only Yumiko and our island with it…)
: But, also, all the hope our future holds!

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

And when you down 6 enemy squads…

Beep, beep.

: Radar’s detecting new units entering our airspace!
: They’re giving out… Accelerated Particle readings!
: Ensign…!
: Here you are, Jin…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Targets confirmed up ahead!
: Knack, Colbie, are we clear on the operation?
(Knack): Hold the UX at bay and capture the Fafners, roger!
(Colbie): Proton Generator is stable! Ready to engage on your order!
: The Riots Archer and Battler?!
: Jin… Are those units—!
: Hmhmm. They’re furnished with the unrestrained Proton Generators, meaning they can unleash their maximum output…
: These are the very same machines that marked the turning points of our fates!
: You’d take things that far, Jin…?!
: I’ll do as I must to overcome both my past and you, my greatest obstacle!
: All so Ayul and I can grasp the beginning of life!
: Jin…!
: (“The turning points of our fates”? That man also…)
: We can’t let them get their hands on any of the Fafners!
: Cover every single one of them and focus your attacks on the enemy commanders!

Now we need to take out either Jin or Ayul to progress, though, as usual, the other’ll retreat once one is destroyed. They’re in separate squads, so draw them in and see if you can set up a nice MAPW with either Kira, Jeffrey or Rennie in the Kuuma to get both.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

(Knack): Tsk…! I’ll get you for this, UX!

And Cao Cao’s the only of the SD Gundams that gets two Celestial Armor attacks, so here’s the other one plus the DK. And I felt the need to ask MajinZenki do make me a little something for this:

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

The Riots A and B don’t have a lot more HP than the Cs, and the pilots, despite being named, are still generics, so they get trounced quite handily.

(Colbie): There’re abnormalities with the Proton Generator?!
(Colbie): Hrm… I didn’t expect an unrestrained engine to be as finicky as this!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: I’ve no idea what it is that you’re trying to “grasp”, but if you’re going around hurting innocents for it, then I’ll put a stop to you as many times as I have to!
: You’re welcome to try! Ultimate victory’ll belong to Ayul and I!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Come on, Darling-robo! We’ll show them the power of the love between husband and wife-robo!
: Heeey! Don’t go telling people that we’re married!
: (She’s also a manmade being, but… something about her is different.)

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Youko and so many others call this island their home, and I’m not letting anyone take that away from them! Fly back where you came from, Army of Mankind!
: This woman’s will… it’s nothing like how it was before…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: (Follow your heart, Alto, and fly as it tells you…!)
: (And we’ll keep singing for you! Our song’ll empower your wings…!)
: Their song, their emotions… I’ll keep them and everything safe from you!
: Emotion and willpower are flowing all around him…! That light is…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: (A pair of units capable of performing synchro-overdrive via Accelerated Particle Engines… This girl must be…)
: We cannot be beaten! Not until we reach our destination!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: I almost didn’t recognize you, Ensign Spencer.
: Maj. Graham… The ensign you knew is long gone.
: And the new me will not step aside… no matter who I have to fight!
: The paths our lives took may not be the same, but you were once a comrade. So, I won’t disrespect you by giving this any less than my very best…!
: Now come, Jin Spencer!

: You’re always yelling about how you fight for the future, right?! Shouldn’t we be on the same side, then?!
: All roads lead only to one future…
: And where they converge is not where you’ll be.

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

[i]Bam. And they drop some Nyan-Nyan Ramen and a 1/1 Cham Doll (Evasion and Melee +10, Accuracy +5).

If you shot Jin down first:[/i]

: Hrgh… Damn you, UX!

Jin flies inland.

: Get back here!

Arnie catches up.

: Kch… Arnie!
: Captain…!

And if you shot Ayul down first:

: G-Grrgh…!
: Damn it… Pull back, Ayul!
: Kch…!

Ayul flies inland.

: Get back here!

Arnie catches up.

: I’m the one you’ve to worry about, Arnie!

Jin goes after.

: You’re slipping, Jin!
: What?!
: ?! Captain…!

The rest is the same.

: A-Aaah!
: Ayul…! Why would you do something like that?!

: Th-The Draupa’s controls aren’t responding… Captain!

: A-Ayul…?!
: We’ve confirmation that the enemy craft’s been downed! Pilot status, unknown!
: AYUL!!

: They have moved into the island—…!

: Gah, there’re even more of ‘em!
: Ms. Saya, is there any risk of the downed unit’s antiparticles going out of control?!
: The readings off the Accelerated Particle Engine are stable, so I wouldn’t think so… What are we doing?
: We’re going after! I need to speak to him face-to-face…!
: Understood. Lead the way, Ensign!

: Let them handle the Army of Mankind soldiers within the island!
: OK! And we’ll get rid of whatever’s left out here!

New batch of mooks, but they’re just GN-XIIIs and Jinrais, so they’ll go down rather quickly. Mind you, don’t go TOO crazy because there’s still more to come: what you’ll want to do is drop all but one of the mooks, and then send all your guys back to around the center-ish area of the island.
Once you’re there, you can down the last enemy. It’ll make things simpler for you, trust me.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

Fast forward a couple of turns, and the last Jinrai goes down, with everyone in position.

: All enemy units have been repelled!
: Have we heard anything from Arnie and Saya?!
: Nothing yet. It looks like they set their unit down by the nearby forest…
: Then we should help them with their search!
: No, stay where you are. I’ll go after them.
: Or, better put, I need to go after them.
: Alone? That’s too dangerous. We’ll help—
: I’ll be fine. You have a more important job: to teach them the sorrow that comes from battles. And the best way to erase that sorrow…
: “Them”…?

Location: Army of Mankind’s Weapon Development Lab

: SO Bartland, we have received word from the Special Mobile Troop sent to attack Tatsumiya.
: It seems they failed in securing the Nothung Models.
: That doesn’t matter. The Festum’ll be as good as defeated once it’s activated…
: All systems are functioning steadily. Mark Nicht… activation successful!
: Well done, Yukie. It’s only thanks to you that our Salvator Model’ll see the light of day.
(on TV): Thank you, Mitsuhiro…
: Gch…!


: …?! Sir, there are abnormalities in the pilot’s bio-graphs!
: That’s to be expected. We administered – on her request – a sub-lethal dose of Activion to speed her integration with the Fafner.
: Please carry on with the experiment. This needs to happen for mankind’s future to be saved!
: (And, above all, for Mitsuhiro’s dream to be realized…!)
: We must respect her wishes. Proceed to phase two of the experiment.
: …
: What is it? Why aren’t you resuming the experiment?
: We…
: We have learned all we needed of this place.
: What?!

: …
: Wh-What?! How did a Festum get in this base?!
: It disguised itself as a human…! A Master Type Festum?!
: We will use me to acquire your emotions and your power.


: The Festum… it disappeared?!
: Where did it go?!

: N-No! Noooo!
: You are me.
: It’s going after the Fafner…!
: Damn it, eject the cockpit now! Save my Fafner!
: The controls are unresponsive! It’s blocking out all codes we send in!
: Y-You accursed Festum…!
: Th-The Salvator Model’s taking aim at us!
: What?! Yukie, what’re you doing?!
: I-I’m not…! I can’t control…!

: The Festum… It’s Assimilating her?!


: N-No… Stop! This unit is mine and Mitsuhiro’s dream… Please, don’t do this!
: We will use me to further comprehend emotions.

Power uuuuup!

: My… dream… The dream I’ve dedicated my life to creating… This is how it ends…? Hah… hahah…
: Ahahahahahaha! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
: S-Stop! I’m begging you!


: Worm Spheres…?!


: Hrk… A new signal’s Crossing with the Siegfried System…?
: Everyone, be careful! There’s… something incoming!

: Is that… a Fafner?!
: It’s the Salvator Model…
: A new one, made as the polar opposite of the Mark Sein and my father’s wishes. I didn’t think they’d finished it…!
: Its ID code is Mark Nicht…! A unit made to deny all that is…!
: But why is that Fafner with the Festum?!
: I’ve killed it…
: I killed his dream… with my own hands…!
: Yukippe?! Is that you piloting it?!
: Hold on! Something’s wrong with her…!

: Hate… hate… hatehatehatehateHATE!

: We have learned “hatred” through me.
: It’s that man we saw at the Moldova Base…!
: The humanoid Festum…!
: All vitals within the Mark Nicht have vanished…
: Yukippe…!
: Damn it, you idiot…! Is this how you wanted to go?!
: We will use me to eradicate you.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Th-The hell is that…?!
: There’re roots coming out of that Fafner!
: It’s roots are spreading throughout the island… It’s—!
: A-Alert! The Festum’s roots are destroying the island’s inner blocks one by one!
: What?!
: E-Everyone, hurry… if he’s not stopped… ALVIS will…
: Gwaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
: Soushi?! What happened?!
: The Siegfried System has been disconnected! We can’t get through to him!
: ALVIS has gone silent – their comm systems might’ve been destroyed!
: What about Sakura and Kenji?! Are they safe?!
: Guys, you need to move fast! We only have five minutes until that Festum has devoured all of ALVIS!
: Meaning we need to destroy the Mark Nicht within that time frame! Do whatever it takes!
: J-Just five minutes?!
: Maybe that’s insane or impossible, but we still need to do it!
: (Hold on, Yumiko…! I swear I’ll protect you both!)

And now you have five minutes to take out Idun’s Mark Nicht – worse, all your Fafners have lost their connection to Soushi, so they can’t use his spirits. Still, this is simple, provided your guys are close to where Idun spawns and, above all, you saved enough SP to deal with his Mind Read L3.

Fafner Mark Nicht (Idun)
Pilot Skills:
Mind Read L3 (+50% to evasion/accuracy)
Support Attack L3
All Attack L3
Mech Features:
Assimilation L2 (Threshold is 100 morale)

Mitsuhiro’s big evil Fafner comes fully equipped to zap you from far, far away – and it can obviously do that very accurately with Idun’s massive stats and Mind Read L3. Evasion is also at an all-time high, and it has a 6x6 MAPW centered around it, which’ll also debuff your Accuracy and, of course, is also capable of assimilating your guys (it takes 130 morale to use, mind).
How easy this fight goes depends solely on whether or not you have the SP to reliably get a hit in, as Idun’s lack of Prevail’ll make his 80k HP drop faster than you can say “ouch, Mitsuhiro got punk’d”. If you don’t, then… good luck? Put those command auras in place, set up support attacks, and pray the RNG smiles on you. At least try to keep Idun under 130 morale to avoid everyone getting MAPW’d and attack him at least under range two, since his best attack is range 3-8.

Since we’re so close, we’ll quickly take out the other Festum and then turn our sights on him. Idun isn’t the most hot-blooded guy, as you can probably tell, so he won’t get much morale from us dunking on his mooks.

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

: Hatred has been born in the Festum… and humans only have themselves to blame…
: But I know that people can change for the better, which means you can as well…!

: I will use us to return all of you to nothingness.

: Your jibber jabber’s really getting on my nerves, guy!
: We have learned hatred from you. Now we will bless you with it.

: S-Stop…! People… aren’t comprised of just hatred!
: Please, listen! You have to understand!!

: A-Ah…
: Ayul, you’re awake? Get up, quick!
: Wh-What… There are golden roots all over the forest…
: I don’t know what’s going on either. These Festum roots are spreading through the entire island…
: C-Captain, behind you!
: Hrm?! Damn it!

Shoot gun!

: Come on, Ayul! We stay here and these roots’ll grab us as well! Run!
: O-Okay…!


: I guess they’re all fighting right now, huh, Sakura…
: …

Door opens.

: You’re still here, Kenji?!
: Mom…
: Everyone’s already left for the shelters! Come with us!
: …
: No, I… I’m staying here with Sakura…
: What’re you talking about, Kenji?!
: If I stay, I’ll end up like Sakura, right…?
: That doesn’t sound so bad…
: Stop being an idiot!


: Ah…!
: Look at everyone fighting out there! They still have faith in their future!
: What about you? Don’t you have faith in your future?! In Sakura’s future?!
: I-I…
: Come on, you dummy. You still have plenty to tell Sakura, don’t you?
: Yes…
: Hurry, we’re out of time. We have to—


: W-Waah…!
: ?! Kenji, get back!

Roots grab her!

: G-Argh…!
: M-Mom…!
: H-Hold on, I—
: Forget about me… Get the kids… and run…!
: B-But…!
: D-Don’t let… the new life in you… disappear…!
: M-Ms. Kondo!
: I won’t let them… hurt the kids… or the hope that… was born here…
: …
: Come on, Kenji!
: W-Wait! My mom is…!

Dragged away.

: Gosh, that dummy… Always so helpless…
: Live… Kenji…


: The 2nd CDC’s systems are going down! The roots are still spreading!
: Isn’t there any way to stop them other than killing that guy?!
: If there is, we don’t have the time to find out! Focus on pushing him back – every minute counts!


:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: We will return all to nothingness via the hatred we learned from you.
: I guess what he’s feeling is what Yukippe felt in her last moments, huh…?
: Then this is the least I can do to honor you, Yukippe. I’ll wipe out the hatred you birthed and this blob altogether!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: You have enabled us to comprehend hatred. And I’ll use this emotion to destroy you.
: Sorry to tell you, but comprehend hatred doesn’t mean you’ll succeed at that!
: See, we have a lot more emotions that just that inside us! And you’re not strong enough to destroy those!

And here’s Idun’s strongest attack.

: 80% of the island’s functions are down! The Festum roots are showing no signs of slowing down their spread!
: We only have two minutes left… If we don’t hurry, the people of the island will all…!
: Throw everything you have at that thing, troops!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: We will use me to deliver hatred unto you.
: If you are a deliverer of hatred, then I’ll oppose you as a glimmering moon shining over all!
: My light shall dispel the darkness within the people’s hearts!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Shou… That Festum’s really scary…
: The Mark Nicht, a Fafner cloaked in hate…
: Leaving these emotions loose will only bring about more catastrophes! I’ll cut down the hate within you!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: It was through your blessing that we learned hatred.
: Yoji Hino worked hoping that it’d be possible for both humanity and the Festum to have a future!
: And he entrusted that vision of the future to us! If we’re going to make that a reality, then we cannot be destroyed here!

: The Festum roots are approaching the shelters! We only have one minute before it reaches them!
: We cannot tarry any longer! All units, concentrate all your firepower on the Mark Nicht!
: This isn’t over yet! We’re not giving in ‘til the very last second!

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

: I will use us to bless you all.
: Hrk, how the hell are we supposed to get through to these things?! How do we make them understand how we feel…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: We will use me to return all to nothingness.
: You’d take even more from us… just as you took my mom…?
: But I won’t let that happen again! I’ll keep Soushi and everyone on the island safe from you!

And he drops a Holly’s Favorite Guitar.

: …!
: D-Did we do it…?!
: No, not yet!

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: …
: A-Aah! All damage we did vanished in a second…
: It might look like a Fafner, but it’s a Festum behind that armor-robo!
: Rrgh, this frickin’ monster!
: We will use me to accelerate our offensive.

: The Festum roots are burrowing through the main block’s bulwarks!
: If they get through, all remaining systems will fall in short order!
: Crap, are we out of options?!
: No, if it’s actually a Festum in there… then I’ll try and Assimilate it with the Mark Sein!


: Grgh…?!
: What is it, Kazuki?!
: M-My body…
: It won’t move…!
: Don’t tell me… Is your Assimilation triggering?!
: Hrm… Soushi, Soushi…! SOUSHIII!
: We will use me to deny all that you are.

: U-Uwaaaaah!
: Th-This ain’t good…!
: (Curses… Not even the Elshank can withstand a barrage like that for long…!)
: (What am I to do?! If I summon the Zerokage now, I might be able to…!)
: N-No… I still haven’t…!
: I’m not losing them to these freaks…!
: (Michio…! Save us!)
: Raaaaaaargh!


: ?!
: You’re not denying anything! My dream…
: My new dream is here! Mine and Yumiko’s new dream!
: (…?! Michio, you…!)


: Gwaaaaaaaargh!
: Michio…?!

: Hrrrmmm!
: Heheh… Y-You’re not going anywhere…! One more hit and you’re done…!

: W-Watch out! Michio, eject right now!

Grab again!

: …?!
: Where’re you off to…? Yumiko… is over there…!
: I promised I’d survive… and make my way back to her…


:siren: Angela - Separation (Piano Version)

: …
: Y-You’re kidding…
: Wh-Where’s the Mark Ein… Where’s Michio?!
: …
: We’ve lost the Mark Nicht’s signal… and the Mark Ein’s…
: N-No…!
: A-Aaah… No…no…!

: Sis…
: …
: He promised me he wouldn’t die… He said he always keeps his promises…
: Yumiko…
: …
: Canon…
: This isn’t the first time I lost a teammate. It just turned out to be Michio today…
: It’s alright to cry.
: ?!
: Because people are capable of shedding tears…
: …
: R-Rrgh… Mi-Michio…
: sob… Uwaahaaaaaa…!
: (Someone who’s been with you for so long is suddenly gone one day…)
: (This is what war is like…)
: …
: If I may ask, what happened to Ensign Berge and Madam Saya? How fared their pursuit of the Army of Mankind soldiers?
: They have yet to return. I believe the ALVIS personnel are looking for them right now.
: Those two are very capable people, so I’d like to think they will be fine…

Door opens.

: Here you are…
: Kazuki, your eye…! (It may be hard to see in the tiny portraits, but Kazuki’s right eye is red, instead of his usual brown)
: …
: Is that due to the Assimilation…?
: Don’t worry. Dr. Toumi’s given me some medicine, so I can still see normally.
: Kazuki…
: Can you guys come with me? I think my dad has something to tell us about Soushi.

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Ayul, are you okay?!
: Y-Yes…
: Looks like the Festum attack has stopped for now…
: But, look… all the trees in the forest are in full bloom. And it’s not even close to being the season for it…
: You’re right… I wouldn’t expect the Festum to have energized them, but…
: This happened because the Mir came into contact with life…
: Who goes there?!

  • :tfrxmas: *

: I was hoping to meet with you, Jin, Ayul…
: Who are you…?
: You… You’re Tatsumiya’s core!
: Yes… And, like you, I’m also trying to learn more about life…
: Of course, the three of us aren’t the only ones.

: …
: Arnie…!
: Been a while, Jin…
: They are…
: Tsubaki Minashiro… Did you guide the four of us here…?
: I did. I wanted your lives to touch one another…
: Our lives…?
: Years ago, the Mir in Japan took the ability to be parents from people because it did not comprehend what life meant.
: So, in order to protect those people from death, it took away life.
: They kept people from being born in order for them not to die…?
: But the Mir is in the process of learning about life. That’s why all these flowers are in bloom.
: My mother gave the Mir of this island life, just as Akane Makabe did for the Festum – they who used to be her enemies.
: In the same way the Odyssite within you has given you both life, Saya, Ayul.
: …!
: Then, you’re also…!
: A creation of Novel Dylan…
: “Saya” and “Ayul”… both names mean “life”.
: The same name… the same existence…
: …
: Jin… did you know about this?
: …
: Talk to me, Jin! Why do the four of us need to fight each other?!
: Just what is it that you’re trying to accomplish?!
: If you knew… it would cause you more pain than you’ve ever felt before.
: What…?!
: Jin… you are very familiar with sorrow.
: …
: And you’re fighting to try and find an answer for it…
: An answer for the sorrow…?
: If a world filled with war saddens you, then what do you suppose is the best way to erase that sorrow?
: …
: It’s to make your enemy understand that sorrow…
: That’s right. And Akane Makabe was the first one to think of that extremely simple, yet enormously complicated solution.
: Akane Makabe… Kazuki’s mother, who was Assimilated by the Festum…
: Unfortunately, the Festum learned about hatred before they learned of sorrow…
: But I believe you can still accomplish that, yes?
: You want us to teach “sorrow” to the Festum…?
: …
: Let’s go, Ayul. There’s nothing more to be spoken here.
: Jin, wait!
: …
: That sorrow of yours… Is that burden not something you could share with me?
: Arnie…
: …
: There’s no turning back the hands of time…
: Our eyes are no longer set upon the same future…

They leave.


(on TV): Why didn’t you take part in today’s attack, Ylbora?
: This was Hazard’s plan. I simply did not care to get involved in it.
: Besides, the Emperor never actually intended to fight in earnest, did he, Lady Benikage…?
: …
: Very well. But here’s some friendly advice: you’d do well to remember why you’re still here…


: …
: (I know why. I have sworn allegiance to The Boom Army in order to save Her Highness’ life…)
: (Whatever may happen to me matters not. There’s nothing I won’t do to safeguard her life…)
: I trust you also feel that way, hm…?
: …

: What… What happened here?!
: There are Festum Roots everywhere…!
: Do you see that part where the roots are thickest?
: Soushi Minashiro is in there.
: What did you say?!
: Then, the Festum were looking to neutralize the Siegfried System…
: Is Soushi safe…?
: The enemy lost its core before Assimilation was complete, so we believe there’s a good chance he’s fine.
: Doesn’t look like the roots are going anywhere, though. How are we going to get him out?
: We’ve found Ms. Kondo’s research data and are using it to look for solutions. But it’s going to take some time…
: Damn it… And Soushi’ll have to stay there in the meantime…?
: Ka-Kazuki… are you… there…?
: Y-yeah, I am…! I’m right here, Soushi…!
: Thank goodness, he’s okay.
: Wait just a bit, kiddo! My supremely ultimate intellect will cook up some glorious device that’ll have you out before you kno—
: We have been searching for you through me.
: …?!


: …
: He’s…!
: That Festum from before…! You still live?!
: I seek similar beings through us.

: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Soushi?!
: He’s…!
: He’s taking Soushi!
: Move!

Bang, bang!

: …
: Kch… Our weapons don’t work on him?!
: Ga-aaaah…
: S-STOP!!

: Ka…zu………ki…
: Soushi… this can’t be happening… Hey! Do you hear me…?!
: We are leaving, child of ALVIS. We seek your blessing.


: They’re gone…
: The Festum, and Soushi…
: Goddamn it…! We were right here and couldn’t do anything to stop him…!
: I’m going after him…
: Kazuki…?
: I’m going to save Soushi! I have to! He’s waiting for me…!
: And where will you even go?! The whereabouts of that Festum are wholly unknown to us!
: I…
: The denial of existence is also the affirmation of destruction. However…
: I-It can’t be…
: How are you here…?!
: The factor called potentiality never fades, which signifies a connection with the affirmation of existence.
: …
: M-Mom…!

Our tacticians are starting to unlock their 3rd bonuses, and, unfortunately for the rest of them, Zhuge Liang has decided to stop hiding his power level. Now he claims his rightful place as KING: his new bonus ups all our terrain ratings by 1 level. And I mean ALL terrain ratings: unit and weapons. Your guy has an B on land? Now he has an A. His weapon has an A in Air? S.
And, in SRW, boosting a weapon’s terrain rating results in a boost of, approximately, 10% added damage. In other words, during our turn, good ‘ol Kongming gives everyone a free, no questions asked, +20%-ish damage, on top of boosting everyone’s hit and evasion %s, and they still ignore all size penalties.
Zhuge Liang is the greatest tactical mind in all history! :toot:

Oh, and the only convo we missed today was Michio vs. Jin, because I wasn’t about to send him out into the sea:

: I now have something worth fighting for… something I’d never give up on.
: And if anything stands in my way, then I’ll go over it… no matter the sacrifices that’ll entail.
: Well, what do you know? Turns out I’ve got something I’d never give up too.
: And that’s a life – a hope – that I’ll keep safe come hell or high water!


Truly, Zhuge Liang’s tactical genius cannot be stopped. It is a shame, though, that at this point UX becomes essentially a 1 tactician game.


Due to being in a different upgrade rate, the Megatherion ends up being superior to the Mark Ein in just about everything


Well, dang, I didn’t even check that. Yeah, the Mark Ein’s sword is 100 points weaker than the Megatherion’s Plasma Rifle.

But I suppose that’s somewhat offset by it having somewhat better overall stats, ranges and abilities, making it simpler to fit it into a squad.

Click to see the mission!

Here we are again, having lost Michio and Soushi last mission. Now it’s Aesap and Mamoru to deploy as event units. Here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Sun Quan/Eida
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

And keep in mind that this mission is the cutoff point for getting Aesap 100+ kills if you’re going for the Wings of Rean secret.

Off we go.

: …
: This woman’s Kazuki’s mother…?
: No, she’s a Festum.
: What?!
: She certainly looks like Akane, but the real one is no longer with us…
: She was Assimilated by the Festum years ago…
: …
: I am here as the one who’s inherited the will of Akane Makabe.
: My mom’s will…?
: What’re you after?
: There is a core being held captive by the Mir situated in the arctic ocean. That core is under threat of annihilation, so I would like your help rescuing it.
: It’s being held “captive”? Is some sort of infighting happening with the Festum?
: Considering the way the Festum speak, I would presume that individuals do not exist in their midst….
: If there is some infighting occurring, then would that mean something has changed in your kind?
: In extremely rare cases, some of us develop personalities after Assimilating a human.
: Those are usually homogenized with the whole, but the entity called Akane Makabe was different.
: What do you mean…?
: Akane Makabe managed to form its own core, one that’s continuously resonating with others.
: An individual will had been born within your collective hivemind… that’s the reason for the split between your kind.
: Correct.
: But how many millions of people have been victimized by you Festum…? Why did this only happen with her?
: That is because Akane Makabe willingly sought Assimilation.
: I dare you to say that again…!
: Naturally, Akane Makabe did not initially expect herself to be Assimilated.
: However, the moment she came into contact with our collective, she embraced and blessed us.
: Blessed? Then that lady, Akane, came to understand you?
: …?!
: Akane did always strive to understand the Festum… That’s why it happened.
: …
: We were originally meant to be one entity. In other words, we are not supposed to be anywhere.
: However, Akane Makabe understood us despite that. She blessed us.
: And, as a result, I became an individual entity, in opposition to the Mir.
: A single person’s will changed the entire Festum collective?
: We’re the same in that regard. Humans and Festum both change when we come into contact with others…
: Then, would it be possible for us to communicate with the Festum like Setsuna wanted to do?
: It may be possible to arrive at that solution as possibilities continue to diverge.
: However, if nothing is done, the Mir in the arctic ocean will turn Akane Makabe’s resonant core to nothingness.
: Effectively shutting our sole avenue towards peace…
: I would like you to make contact with my core before humanity and the Mir bring about their mutual destruction.
: The core that is central to me is the key towards the solution of not only the conundrum of Akane Makabe’s resonant core but of all else.
: All else…?

Door opens.

: Meaning it’s also a key for us…
: A key for us to win our future.
: Heeey, you guys are alright!
: And Tsubaki’s with them.
: I wanted you all to see that there’s another way forward.
: …
: Teach them what you know. I’m sure they’ll understand.
: Very well.

Beep, boop.

: M-Massive amounts of data are pouring into the main server!
: This is… a way to defend against the Festum’s mind reading abilities and Assimilation?!
: There’s a bunch of data for other stuff too. That Festum’s doing all this…?

: There’s so much detailed data… with this, we might even…
: This is all I am capable of giving you at the moment. Any other answers are still locked within the Mir.
: It should be more than enough to convince everyone, Fumihiko.
: …
: If we manage to save your core, will that also save the children of the island?
: The resonant core of Akane Makabe has been able to produce many answers that go even beyond that.
: In other words, that’s a possibility?
: And when you make contact with my core, if all goes well, you will be capable of retrieving that which was taken from you.
: What was taken from us…?
: What you call the Siegfried System.
: What?!
: The Mir attempted to make your strength our own, but we are incapable of operating it.
: Thus, the Mir is preserving the one human who can do so.
: Then…!
: Yes, it’s the human you know as Soushi Minashiro.
: …
: Soushi’s still alive…

: Cmdr. Makabe, we have finished analyzing the data provided by… the Festum.
: Anything that can help us with the Assimilation?
: We believe we could concoct a new kind of medicine based on the analyzed data, which we’ve hypothesized would be capable of substantially mitigating the effects of Assimilation.
: Really…?!
: You weren’t even close to anything like that before… she gave you that much data?
: Actually, the data she provided goes beyond the scope of just humans and Festum. It’s a massive compilation of varied information.
: If pressed, I might say her information pertains to the essence of life itself.
: Life itself…?
: Then, that data could be used to heal Zhou Yu, Sheryl and Setsuna as well?
: …!
: You can heal my master?!
: Mind you, this is all purely theoretical at the moment. That said, we are already looking into ways to treat them with this new information.
: My V-Type Infection might be treatable…?
: That’s great news, Sheryl!
: …
: Shouldn’t you be happier, Feldt? You were worried about Setsuna for so long.
: No… I’ll only be truly happy when he’s back with us.
: Heheh, that sounds like you.

Door opens.

: Oh, looks like we didn’t have to worry about Setsuna after all.
: I guess us coming here all the way from Jupiter was a bit of wasted time, eh?
: Huh? Who’re you two?
: Papa, mama!
: Hey, Mileina. You’re doing good, I hope?
: These are Mileina’s parents…?
: Right. They’re Ian and Linda, two brilliant scientists working for Celestial Being.
: It’s a pleasure to meet you all. And thank you so much for looking after Mileina.
: She’s surprisingly young for someone that has a daughter around Mileina’s age…
: I’ll say. A woman that young married to this old dude… Is that even legal?
: Hey, we’ve just met! Why’re you looking at me like I’m a criminal?!
: Give it up, Ian. That’s about what everyone thinks when they meet you.
: Alright, alright, enough with the jokes. Can I presume that you’ve finished that since you came here?
: We did, yes. A new power for Setsuna, made by him and for him…
: The GNT-0000, a.k.a., the 00 Qan[T].

: …
: Are you leaving, Sakomizu…?
: My will has not changed, even after observing this world with my own eyes…
: Indeed, I must return Japan to how it ought to be.
: I do not think the current Japan longs for the ideals you offer, though…
: Now is a very different era from when you were sent to Byston Well.
: However, I would like to believe that you are capable of comprehending what I feel.
: I remember how valiantly you fought in the Pacific War as part of the Imperial Navy, Rear Admiral Hisataka Katou. I believe you comprehend, Sir…
: …
: You do realize that I participated in that war knowing that I would be defeated, yes?
: Maybe, but I think that was simply because you took Japan’s defeat as a necessary event.
: A necessary event…?
: A destruction needed for rebirth to occur – one that would pave the way for a better future. If anything, that conflict succeeded in unifying the Yamato race under a single banner.
: However, the people’s resolve has slowly waned in the marshlands of indolence called “peace”…
: And, so, you have taken up arms. To once again open the eyes of Japan… no, to open the eyes of the entire world…!
: Hah… And do you mean to relieve me of that role and take it upon yourself?
: …
: “If one should ask you concerning the heart of a true Japanese, point to the wild cherry blossom glowing in the sun…” (Quote from Norinaga Motoori, a Japanese poet of the XVIII century.)
: …! Sakomizu, you…
: We shall meet again in the treetops of spring… Us, and the blossoms fallen afore… (The first part are lyrics for “Douki no Sakura”, a traditional song of Japanese kamikaze pilots.)

Sakomizu leaves.

: …
: Shinjiro Sakomizu… A Sakimori’s soul never fades, hm…?

(Traditionally, Sakimori were warriors garrisoned in various places – most famously, Kyushu – to defend it against bandits, raiders, pirates, etc., or warriors who would defend a given palace during times of war. I could have translated this as “defender”, but considering Sakomizu’s SAMURAI WARRIOR shtick, I figured I’d throw him a bone.

Location: Tatsumiya – Kondo Residence

: I was looking for you…
: Mamoru…
: The enemy might try attacking again, so I think you should take shelter at ALVIS for the time being.
: …
: My mom hasn’t come back yet. I have to take care of the house until she does…
: …
: Kenji… your mom is gone…
: …
: Oh! Kenji, Sakura’s Assimilation has taken a bit of a turn for the better.
: R-Really?!
: Yeah… It’ll be a while before she’s fully healed, though…
: So, you stay here on the island and go wait by her side.
: Huh…?
: I’m sure Sakura would also like that…
: …
: Ha-hahah… I guess you’re right. Even if you did bring a coward like me along, I’d just get in your way during battle.
: Kenji…
: Dammit… If I just had an Altered Consciousness that made me strong like yours does…
: …
: Kenji, I… I won’t be relying on Goubine anymore.
: Wh-What…?!
: Starting today, it’ll just be Mamoru Koudate piloting the Fafner… I’ll be fighting as myself, and no one else.
: So, I want you, as Kenji Kondo, to look over and protect Sakura.
: Mamoru, you…!
: Everything’ll be alright. We’ll keep the island safe.
: I promise you, Kenji…

Mamoru leaves.

: M-Mamoru…!
: ….
: Mamoru, I…

: They’re probably going to send us to the North Pole, huh?
: … I want to go there.
: Well, yeah, we have to get Soushi back.
: That’s not the end of it, though. My parents showed us a way for humans and Festum to coexist. And I want to make that way real.
: You’ve changed…
: I have?
: Yeah, it’s like night and day. When we first met you were just fighting because people told you to.
: Now you’re here of your own choosing.
: That’s…
: And I believe you have your memories to thank for that.
: My memories…?
: Without memories, we’d never know where our home is, where we belong…
: And without them to hold on to, all we have left are the horrors of battle.
: I think I understand…
: Our memories help us keep track of who we are, of where our place is…
: I think that’s why my mom and the others tried to make this island a paradise for us.
: Because they wanted you to remember those peaceful days…
: I’m here precisely because of the memories I had of our time together…
: I say the same. I could only find where I truly belonged after meeting Shouko and Youko.
: And I will never forget this island or any of you…
: So let’s make sure we’ll come back here – all of us…!
: Yeah…


:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Hrm…! Another attack?!
: No, I think that was…!

: A battle’s broken out off the island’s coast!
: The Army of Mankind is engaging the Hojo Army!
: The Hojo Army…?!
: Incoming message from the Army of Mankind!
: Put it through!


(on TV): This is Col. Alex Glem speaking! We request immediate assistance from the UX!
: D-Dad…?!
: Aesap…! What’re you doing there…?!
: That’s my line! Why are you with the Army of Mankind?!
(on TV): Gaah, enough! To hell with your family chit-chat!
: What in blazes are you buffoons waiting for?! Hurry up and come save us!
: Hazard?! You’re there too?!
: Look at this guy, wanting us to bail him out after all the times he messed with us! You cheeky lil’ sumbitch!
(on TV): This is not the time for debate! There are live nuclear weapons aboard our ship!
: Wh-What…?!

: We’re being sent to save the Army of Mankind? What gives?!
: If their ship is brought down, it’s possible the nukes they’re carrying’ll also explode! We can’t just take that risk!
: N-Nukes…?! But I thought we trashed all nukes in the world back then!
: Those were only the nuclear missiles proper! There are still plenty of warheads in storage across the globe!
: Oh, no…!
: (Dad… It really was your ship that fired that last nuke from Japan, wasn’t it…?!)

Door opens.

: Guys…!
: Mamoru! Did you check on Kenji?!
: I-I did, but… he’s still…
: Hm… I suppose that is understandable…
: U-Um… Should we get ready to deploy too…?
: …
: I’ve never been in a battle outside the simulator before…
: Same here…
: No, it’s too soon to send you out into an actual fight. You’ll stay here and wait for our return.
: B-But… you’ve been losing people left and right…
: Don’t worry about us. We’ll find a way to beat the enemy!
: Mamoru…
: Oh, I know. Take this!

: Huh…?! But this helmet is…
: It’ll keep you safe – I guarantee it.
: Now, let’s go, guys! Our island needs our help!

Mission 39 – The Sakimori

: Carry on the offensive and sink their vessel! Rid the world of these hateful weapons!
: The king’s finally decided to shift into high gear, huh?
: Then how about we take him up on his offer and go kick ass?! We’ll bring the entire system crashing down!

: A-All escort fighters have been destroyed!
: Damage to our ship’s exceeding 60%! Nuclear engine and weapon control systems are down! We’re sitting ducks!
: Goddamn it, I can’t die like this! I’ve just made my comeback!

: It’s them…!
: Tsk… The flagship is all that’s left of the Army of Mankind’s forces?!
: Our vessel’s immobile from the attack of these unknown forces! We humbly request your assistance!
: And don’t screw this up! That is, unless you want your dear island to turn into an irradiated wasteland!
: That prick’s really pushing it!
: Save it for later! We have to keep that ship safe, no matter what!
: (Aesap… I never thought you’d also find your way to the battlefield…)
: Once more you set yourselves before me, Ultimate Cross?
: I don’t see the Katou Organization anywhere. Do you think they’re using Sakomizu as bait for us?
: No, I have already chosen a separate path to follow.
: What did you say…?!
: I hereby declare the start of my campaign towards the reclamation of Japan!
: And whosoever tries to oppose me shall find nothing but a watery grave!
: (My father’s mind really is wholly fixated on his motherland…)
: Th-That’s the Aura of a Holy Warrior…?
: Are you alright, Mamoru?
: Y-Yeah… I’m ready to go!
: (My hands won’t stop shaking… How did I not notice how terrifying battles are…?)
: (But I’m sure Sakura and Kenji also felt this way, and they still fought on! I won’t face away from it!)
: Weapons of mass destruction… We cannot risk even one of them detonating!
: My friends, set a defensive perimeter around the Army of Mankind’s vessel and rout the Hojo Army!

Shoot down the Fugaku (will retreat under 30%), don’t lose any battleship, including Hazard’s, Aesap or Mamoru.
This escort isn’t difficult, provided you don’t give the enemy an opportunity to try anything. Pop Accelerate and Tailwind casts, rush your guys up top and start carving up the frail Hojo guys (try and get rid of either Rouri or Kanamoto quick, to prevent them from using their combo).
Hazard’s Famir is severely damaged, but the guy has the tenacity of a cockroach – barring a massive screw-up, the enemy shouldn’t even get close to downing him. He can’t move on account of having no EN, but he can still attack, so don’t give him a chance to steal your kills. When the mooks are downed, start moving up top and slap the Fugaku into submission.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

:siren: SRW UX - Believe ver. HD

With Kongming’s power boost, the Aura Battlers drop like mad.

: Urgh… What the hell. And here I was, thinking I’d finally get to go to town!
: But, fine. I already know what I have to do to this society…

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: We’re not changing anything fighting small battles like this…!
: What we need is to think bigger… We gotta go for a total game-changer!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: (I expected us to finally begin our conquest of the Overworld, but what I see is nothing but a personal quest…)
: (Holy Warrior or not, he is still an Overworlder. And what Byston Well requires is…)

Whoops, I accidentally twoshotted Murassa with Kaido and Soubi.

: (The Katou Organization was meant to function as the foothold of our conquest, yet we’ve parted ways with them and now engage in unimportant battles by ourselves…)
: (What in blazes is the king thinking?!)


:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

Kotto attacking Lockon: “Snipe down that green Gundam!”

: Ooorgh! The Fugaku cannot take much more…!
: Pull the ship back. I’m launching in the Oukaou!
: By yourself, my king…?!
: A show of my strength as a Holy Warrior is required. You will command our troops from the rear.
: By your will… Kotto and I shall support your offensive.
: …

: The Fugaku’s retreated?
: No, it’s…!

: You force me to wield the Oukaou once more…!
: I praise your strength, Ultimate Cross!
: Here you are, Sakomizu!
: Indeed, it falls on me to personally carry out my dream!
: Even if it means setting off nukes?!
: You, of all people, should know what’ll happen if you do that!
: Indeed, I do! And that is precisely why this must happen! Kanto Plains covered in cold concrete, a Tokyo that is a mere shadow of its once glorious self, forever tainted by America’s influence…
: This is what all those thousands of lost lives begat?!
: It is not something I can forgive…! I won’t ever forgive this disgrace!
: King Sakomizu, you…!
: Someone must take action! Must! Regardless of how much the people will despise him for it…!
: …?! This man, he is no different from Cao Cao in his past…!
: …
: King Sakomizu…! This can’t be the answer you’ve found!

: …
: His vitals are looking stable. All thanks to the data provided by Akane…
: …
: Mom, I know this isn’t the best moment, but I have something to tell you.
: Something to tell me?
: Yes… I think I’m—
: Gch… argh…
: Setsuna…?!

Door opens.

: It’s alright. He’s just trying to choose from the roads ahead of him…
: Tsubaki, what are you doing here…?
: My purpose is to grant everyone what they’re looking for.
: And, so, I have come here to meet you, Setsuna…
: R-Rgh…

: Wh-Where… am I…?
: We’re in the deepest corners of your mind…
: Tsubaki Minashiro…
: Ah, I understand… You’re capable of crossing your mind with any living thing on this island…
: That’s right. And it’s also due to Akane that we may have this meeting.
: Akane…?
: Hey, Setsuna.
: Lockon…?
: No… Neil Dylandy…?!
: Hah, who else would I be?
: From what I see, this world’s still just as bad as it was before, huh?
: Yeah… it’s the same as when you were alive. Nothing has changed.
: The only thing the past can change is how you feel in the present.
: Nothing else changes – not how others feel, and certainly not their lives.
: Lockon…
: Remember what I told you before, Setsuna? I couldn’t change, so I want you to change for me…

: …
: Neil Dylandy…
: People are capable of changing, and of understanding on another…
: And, in time, the same might apply to even the Festum, the ELS and the Vajra…
: What makes you say that…?
: Because we were originally one.
: “One”…?
: All life in this universe shares a common beginning – we were all one.
: That is why, no matter how much our forms and minds change, we are still capable of mutual understanding.
: We are capable of establishing dialogue with one another…
: And I’m sure you can make that happen, Setsuna.
: Open your ears to what lies deep within your heart. Listen to the cry of your soul…
: The cry of my soul…

Sakomizu charges towards Hazard’s ship!

: Haaaaaaaaaah!

: Y-Yaaaaaaaaah!
: A-Alex! We still can escape?!
: It won’t be long before the main engine’s back online! If we can just buy our mechanics the time they need…!
: You will not leave here!
: King Sakomizu, don’t!
: R-Raaaaaaaargh!

Mamoru charges after Sakomizu and grabs him!

: What…?!
: Y-You can’t do this…! If the nukes inside that ship blow up, it’ll destroy our island too!
: So many people I care for are there!
: A-A child… in the battlefield?!
: Grrr, what are you doing?! Attack him, blow yourself up, do SOMETHING to stop that monster! NOW!
: Hrmmm… Away!

: Aack…!
: Mamoru…!

Sakomizu gets right in Hazard’s face.

: A-a-a…
: You would use a child as a shield…?! How dare you call yourselves soldiers?!
: You are nothing but scum!
: Aaaieeeeeeee!


: …?!
: Wh-What was that…?!
: The Oukaou’s stopped…?!
: What voice is this…? Who is it… Who calls out to me?!
: Do you hear that? That is the voice of life, crossing through time and space to speak to you!
: The voice of life…?!

:siren: Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst 1
:siren: :siren:

: I’m sure you heard it! A man of true ideals… A man of conviction, who subconsciously wishes to understand others, would have!
: Y-You’re…!


: Setsuna…!
: Hah… Your nap certainly took a long while, boy!
: Setsuna… thank god…!
: I see. You are the Innovator lad, Setsuna F. Seiei!
: And it’s your Aura Power… rather, your Quantum Brainwaves that I feel, hm?!
: Shinjiro Sakomizu, if your thoughts are truly with your motherland, then why aren’t you willing to change yourself?!
: And what would change grant the people?!
: No, what I seek is not change, but to return my motherland to the glory of its past! Thus, I will destroy and bring about its rebirth!
: A man who’s a prisoner to the past could never earn his nation a better future!
: You are a king haunted by his delusions! And I’ll destroy the corruption festering inside you!


: Hrrrgh…!
: For how long must you oppose my dream, Ultimate Cross?!

Sakomizu flies back to his starting spot.

: Very well, then I shall muster my ideals and see that they prevail!
: Will nothing ever convince you to abandon this crusade, Sakomizu?!
: No, never!
: Then you don’t leave us any choice…!
: I’ll cut down the delusion that controls you! I swear it on my life!

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Wings of Rean Secret – 6th step: take out Sakomizu with Aesap.

Nothing different from what we’ve done before, so just keep it in mind. You already know how to deal with Sakomizu, only his usual resilience is further mitigated by the fact that our crew now knows Valor (and Soul, in some cases).

00 Qan[T] (Setsuna F. Seiei)
Mech Features:
GN Sword Bits – negates any damage below 2500.
Quantum Jump – activates at 130 morale, granting upwards of 40% chance to outright dodge an incoming attack, mitigated by difference between Setsuna’s and the enemy’s Skill stat.
GN Drive TD

Setsuna’s back and he’s gotten a major power boost with his upgrade. The 00 Qan[T] has more of everything the 00 Raiser did, on top of the extra abilities and a Trans-AM Raiser Sword MAPW (which hits up to 8 spaces ahead in a straight line).
It also has a ton of range for a primarily melee-focused bot, but that’s offset by huge EN costs. Even with the GN Drive TD regenerating 20% a turn, if you’ve spare EN Save parts, giving him one could be a good idea. Attack power is also through the roof, the Qan[T] having about the highest raw numbers across our Real robots (that’s ignoring special abilities and combo attacks, of course).
On the other hand, he can’t use his Trans-AM Burst, but that’s still a lot of stuff Setsuna has gained.

:siren: Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst 1

: Watch over us, Lockon… We’ll make the world we dreamt of a reality!


:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: H-Here I go, Kenji, Sakura… I won’t rely on that helmet anymore…
: This is my battle now… The battle of Mamoru Koudate!

: You are Japanese, are you not?! I am trying to defend our motherland’s future! Why oppose me?!
: Because you can’t abandon people because of who they are! That’s not right!
: The power we have is meant to defend everyone!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: I have heard of you! You have cut ties with your motherland! For what do you fight for, if not for love to your country?!
: That philosophy of yours makes no sense! My will to fight isn’t bound by notions of country or affiliation!
: You want to know what I fight for? I’ll tell you: I fight for the world!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: You are held prisoner by your past and your shortsightedness… Accept the fact that you are no more than a vengeful ghost in this era!
: You may dub me a phantom of the Great War, it matters not! My peers and I will bring about the day when the motherland is reborn in its full glory!
: The Wings of Rean have acknowledged my will, and thus they responded to it!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: There’s too much hate in your heart, King Sakomizu! If you don’t change your ways, you—
: You criticize me as being hateful, yet you feel nothing for those who debased the Japanese people, turning them into a nation of fools?! Our people must be corrected, or there will be no future for the motherland!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: You’ve long since stopped being a Holy Warrior! Now you’re just a barbarian who lives to satisfy his vendetta!
: The presence of the Wings of Rean shoes is ample proof that I am a Holy Warrior! That fact cannot be denied!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: Accursed American! You mean to mass-produce your odd puppet and stage a new conquest of the globe, don’t you?!
: Not everyone from the Union’s like you think they are, okay?!
: I’d never use Heroman’s power to hurt anyone – only to protect others!

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me

: How do you not understand what a catastrophe it’d be if those nukes went off?!
: I’ve heard of how your nation was also seared by nuclear hellfire! Surely you also feel that such an act can never be forgiven!
: But you can’t become a prisoner of the past! Fight like that and all you’ll do is kill our future!
: And it’s because we know that that we’ve carried on searching for the world we truly hoped for! Us, and all our comrades!

:siren: Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst 1

: As the people change for the better, so does the world. I know you can change as well, Sakomizu!
: I am not about to bend my will! Are you telling me to forsake my ideals and seek something else entirely?!
: Yes. You must look to what’s to come… to the future!


:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Do you mean to acquire even greater power by stoking the flames of hate that consume you?
: What is it that you think you know, hm? But say you are correct, what problem is there to it?!
: The problem is that it is fruitless, as I understand all too well! And I shall do you the favor of excising that hate from you!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: So, everything that doesn’t match up to what you think is right is 100% bad and has to go. Did I get that right?!
: It is not by my will alone that I do this. I serve the souls of all those patriots who sacrificed themselves in the conflagrations of war and now mourn their motherland!
: And so long as you keep telling yourself that, you’ll never see what’s actually meant to be protected!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: King Sakomizu, are you looking to commit atrocities even after making it to the Overworld?!
: Fine words coming from those fighting to safeguard the instruments of atrocities themselves!
: I cannot and will not tolerate these to exist! I do this as one who fully remembers the tragedies of our past!

Sakomizu drops a Goubine Helmet (+10 Defense and Melee, +5 Skill).

: Hrrgh… Haaaaaaaaaaaah!!
: Oh, Wings of Rean! Grant me strength!!

: The Wings of Rean responded to him…?!
: That’s the power of a Holy Warrior?!
: No, it’s not… Those are Sakomizu’s flaring negative emotions!
: If he doesn’t stop, he’s going to go Hyper!
: Hyper…?!
: That man is pushing himself to the very limit… The karma he’s taken upon himself simply refuses to shift?
: Raaaaaaaargh!!

: Kch… C-Col. Alex! Are we still immobile?!
: Just a few more minutes!
: What about weapons?! There must be some weapons we can fire to stop that monster!
: P-Perhaps we could use the AA missiles…!
: I don’t care what you’ll use! Fire! Fire! FIRE EVERYTHING!
: You will not!
: S-Stop!

Sakomizu charges after the ship again, but Mamoru intercepts!

: R-Rrrgh…!
: Ma-Mamoru…!
: Why do you do this?! Why would a principled young man as you risk his life for scum such as this?!
: B-Because I promised…!
: “Promised”…?!
: Yeah… I made a promise to Kenji! I told him I’d keep him and everyone safe!

: …
: Mamoru… Sakura…
: I-I’m…!

: I won’t let anyone else suffer!

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein



: Gwooooaaaargh!
: Wh—?!


: Ma-Mamoru…?
: No… no way…
: Th-That can’t…!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: S-Such a waste…
: A life as young as that, lost so pointlessly…!
: Pah, you missed! The enemy could’ve at least died in the bot’s explosion, but of course it didn’t…!
: Wh-What…?!
: You WORM!!
: Enough…!

Aesap goes and grabs Sakomizu.

: Hrrm…! Aesap…!
: You still don’t understand?! Can’t you see what he was willing to risk his life to protect?!
: I do understand! And that is precisely why I seek to right this society!
: So that such tragedies never happen again!
: But that’s exactly where you’re wrong! How can you not see that?!


: The Nanajin and the Oukaou are…!
: Their Aura Powers are rising…!
: Ooh… Ooooh! I hear it… I hear it, young Setsuna!
: I hear the voice of Poseidon!

: The Wings of rean…!
: Did the Aura Road open once again?!
: Aesap… Father…
: Back to the island, troops. We need to make sure that ship leaves here intact.
: The ship that Mamoru protected with his life…
: …
: Mamoru…

: Huh… What did you say there…?
: Mamoru’s gone. He died… protecting the island.
: Hah, haha… You’re joking, right? I mean, he promised me right before setting out…
: They wouldn’t make jokes about this, idiot!
: …?!
: Calm down, Tamotsu. Lashing out at the kids won’t change anything.
: Your son chose his own path to follow.
: Kch…
: Oh… Mamoru…
: Sob Mamoru…
: …
: I still had so much to talk to him about…
: About our battles, about Sakura… about our future, about myself…
: Why did this have to happen…?
: Kenji…
: Why is everyone dying with so much left unsaid?!
: W-Why… Why… Aaaaaaaaaaah!

: Welcome back, Setsuna.
: Sorry to have worried you guys.
: Still with the usual poker face, eh? But I guess that’s your style.
: Heh, to think there would be a time when we would be part of the same squadron…
: Indeed, I can’t help but feel like the threads of fate pull us together. But maybe I’m just sentimental.
: You’re…
: And I see that the will you once showed me is in good health. Perhaps it was that strength of spirit that allowed you to regain your life?
: Maybe, but I wouldn’t have made it back alive today by myself.
: Hm. We owe that to the young Fafner pilot, Mamoru Koudate…
: Though watching someone younger than you die in battle never gets any easier…
: …
: Setsuna, if we’re going to honor his wishes…
: I know. We must change ourselves.
: And that’s what the 00 Qan[T] was built for.
: Speaking of, I should tell you that the Quantum System is still offline.
: Quantum System?
: A system that deploys an ultra-high-density GN particle field, linking the minds of all those within.
: It links their minds…
: Hmhmm. It was tailor-made to help Setsuna establish dialogue with others, just as he wanted.
: Granted, we don’t know how effective it’ll be against stuff like the ELS and Festum.
: I believe it’ll work. They all have the same life we do, after all…
: Setsuna…
: Ian, I’d like you to finish setting up the Quantum System ASAP.
: You got it.

(on TV): We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to ALVIS and the UX for saving us.
(on TV): You really don’t need to thank them, Colonel. Our forces wouldn’t have suffered anywhere as many losses if they’d pushed the enemy back sooner.
: We went out of our way to save you and that’s what you tell us?!
: We’re not asking you to start bowing at our feet in gratitude, but maybe there’s something you really should be saying to our team? To ALVIS?
: Whatever do you mean? The Fafner kid? We all know that was a sad case of friendly fire.
: Of course, had the brat not stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, we’d have blasted that Aura Battler to kingdom come!
: ?!
: Say that again, Hazard…! Say that one more goddamn time!
: I’ll say it as many times as I want! If anything, the kid could’ve at least saved us the time and blown himself up to take out the enemy…!
: Director…!
: Wh-What is it, Colonel?
: We are soldiers. We’re supposed to focus not on the means, but on the end-result, yes…?
: Hmph…
: The fact is that Fafner pilot saved us… that young, heroic boy who fought the Aura Battler…
: …
: Bah…!
: (Aesap, your father is…)
(on TV): One last thing… Is the answer you sent to us just now correct?
: Yes. We will take part in the Federation’s counteroffensive against the Festum.
: I’m glad that you’ve finally seen reason. Then…
: That said, we will be acting independently throughout the battle.
: Excuse me?
: We’re not about to entrust you with the lives of our loved ones.
: What, do you really think we’re going to allow that?!
: We don’t need your consent. The Federation’s recognized as an independent strike team, remember?
: Gaaaah…!
: Do as you will. But understand that if you head to the North Pole, you will need to fight them, regardless of what you have in mind…


: You have accepted our proposal.
: Not for your sake, but for the island’s.
: That is acceptable. It is a mutually beneficial development.
: …
: Why did you use Akane’s name when reaching out to us…?
: I deemed it would be the optimum way of approaching… Actually, no, it may be that I simply wished to encounter you.
: Me…?
: Yes. I have a message to pass on to you.
: Thank you, Fumihiko…
: …?!
: Thank you for taking care of Kazuki…
: …
: Akane…

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: Master Kongming and the others have just given us the outline of our operation.
: The UX is headed for the North Pole, riding on the coattails of the Federation’s counteroffensive.
: There, we will make contact with the specified core at the center of the enemy’s territory, and download the data within…
: And rescue Soushi at the same time? Talk about a tough mission.
: Can we actually manage to get a win out of this…?
: This isn’t about winning. We’re doing this just to defend something.
: Defend…?
: Yes. To defend Soushi, and our hope for the future…
: (Hope…)
: Don’t worry. I’m sure everyone will welcome the hope born within you…
: Tsubaki, you…?
: Heehee…
: Is something wrong, Yumiko?
: …
: I… The truth is, I’m also carrying a bit of hope for the future in me…
: I’m… pregnant with Michio’s child.
: Are you serious, sis…?!
: Our exams confirmed it, yes. It’s the first natural pregnancy our island’s seen in thirty years.
: Congratulations, Yumiko!
: Thanks, everyone…
: That’s even more evidence that the island’s Mir has learned what life means, hm?
: Yes. And yet another new path might open once you come into contact with the Mir at the North Pole…
: What kind of new divergences will be created there depends entirely on you.
: New divergences… new possibilities…
: What should we call our operation, then?
: The Army of Mankind’s named theirs “Heaven’s Door”, but…
: That’s way too ominous. It makes it sound like we’re all gonna go to the afterlife, no?
: Hmm… Then how about we call it Operation “Sky”?
: Sky…
: The weather forecast does say the weather will be quite clear during the operation.
: How does Operation “Azure” sound, then?
: Azure?
: It means a wide, blue sky.
: Ooh, I like that!
: Ditto. It’ll be through this op that we’ll end this conflict and reclaim our blue sky.
: Sounds like it’s settled.
: Alright, then. Operation Azure is set to begin in T-minus sixteen hours—

Door opens.

: Hold on…!
: You…!
: …
: I… I’m coming with you!

[i]Sima Yi and Lu Xun have also unlocked their third bonuses: respectively, all attacks pierce barriers or gain +1 range.

Finally, here are a couple of convos we didn’t get today:[/i]

: Father, you cannot bend Japan’s future over your delusions! Please stop this insanity!
: History shall prove my actions to be correct!
: And I will show no mercy for any who’d oppose my quest, not even my daughter!

: Since when did Hojo become a nation that seeks indiscriminate war?!
: My ascension to the Overworld has magnified my Aura Power, and through it I’ll restore my true motherland to how it should be!
: You miserable wretch, Sakomizu! Do you even hear yourself?! You sound like a Garow Ran…!

MajinZenki appreciated Sakomizu embracing the Mobile Samurai Goubine spirit:


Yay! It’s a cameo appearance from the cool Lockon Stratos!

And now we pay our respects for our departed comrade. Rest in Peace, Mamoru…

Click to see the mission!

And we’re back. Last time, we lost Mamoru, because Fafner believes the world is too happy a place, and that needs to stop. Also, Hazard has somehow managed to tie Demonbane’s actual zombie avatar of tentacle rape as the single most disgusting entity in this universe. That’s very impressive.
But there’s still work to do, with Kazuki, Maya, Canon,Kenji, Shouko and Fei-Yen deploying as event units. That shaves our slots down to 14, so here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Sun Quan/Eida
Tactician: Romina (if you’re still on track for the other Tobikage secret, set her in.)

Off we go.

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: Cmdr. Makabe, our units are all done getting prepped. We can set off at any time.
: Thank you for telling me. And what about the Siegfried System?
: The improved version has been installed on all Fafners, as ordered.
: Now all the pilots will be able to exchange thoughts with each other when their minds are crossed with the system.
: But there are two major issues with it. The first is that the commingling of minds means the pilots will also feel each other’s pain.
: Soushi had been feeling the brunt of our pain all this time, though.
: We can handle doing the same, yeah.
: The other issue is that the number of pilots crossed has a direct influence on the system’s efficiency.
: Meaning its performance’ll take a hit the less Fafners we’re fielding?
: On the flip side, it’ll only get better if we send out a bunch of the bots!
: In essence, the system enables them to fight as one by uniting their strength and hearts.
: Thank you for helping set up the Fafners, Mr. Koudate. You didn’t have to be here after what happened to Mamoru…
: I know, but I’ll mourn my son after all this is finished.
: …
: I… I really owe him an apology…
: An apology…?
: I said that the only reason he was able to fight was because of his Altered Consciousness…
: But that wasn’t the case. He fought as Mamoru Koudate, and then…
: …
: Make sure you come back alive, Kenji. I know Mamoru would want that.
: Mr. Koudate…
: I will… I will come back!

: We’ll all support you in any way we can. You’ll be the ones fighting, but we want to ease your burden even if just a bit…
: Thank you, mom. And we promise we’ll come back to you – both of us.
: …
: Um, Youko…
: What is it?
: If… If I do survive this…
: Could… Could I call you “mom”?
: Canon…
: Of course you can. I’ll be right here waiting for you, Shouko, Canon.
: Let’s set off, everyone. The way for humans and Festum to coexist awaits…
: As does Soushi…!
: Ladies, gentlemen, humanity’s new hope – and its future – are in your hands!
: Initiate Operation Azure!

: Please return home safely, everyone…
: Don’t worry… I’m certain they’ll… make our hope real…
: Gch…!
: Tsubaki…?!
: I-I’m… fine…
: I’m glad I could stay outside long enough to see them off…
: H-Hold on! We’ll get you to the infirmary…!
: No… I don’t have any more time. I’ve something I must teach the Mir…
: If I don’t… the island itself will die…
: Mir? The island’ll die? What’re you talking about?

: Here you are, Tsubaki…
: Prof. Denton, Dr. Toumi! Tsubaki’s…!
: …
: Everything’s in place… Isn’t it, Chizuru?
: Yes… We’re ready to set you back in the Valkyrie’s Cave…
: Set her back…?
: We’re seeing abnormalities across all the island’s systems. The local flora and fauna are also dying in quick succession.
: Even though all those flowers were in full bloom not long ago…?
: That’s because the island’s Mir has discovered death. Because it’s learned that death comes after life…
: The Mir is an amalgamation of countless information responsible for managing all the island’s functions.
: Now that it’s learned of the cycle of life, it’s trying to pass away. And Tsubaki, as its core, will follow suit…
: And that’s why I need to teach the Mir… that the end of life also marks a new beginning… that life and death are two halves of the same coin…
: Wait a minute! You mean this “Mir” thing is somewhere on the island?! But if it’s what’s messing with the place…
: Then why can’t we just get rid of it?!
: I agree! We don’t need something that’s hurting Tsubaki!
: …
: The air you’re breathing… that’s the Mir.
: Huh…? The air…?
: The Mir’s actual form is the atmosphere within the island’s mirror camouflage.
: I-It’s the atmosphere…?!
: It exists nowhere, and everywhere. You could well say that the Mir is the island’s environment itself.
: What… But I thought the Mir took the form of crystals, or of Festum cores…
: The Mir used to be a crystal. But it remade itself into air.
: How does that even work? I mean, a crystal transforming itself…?
: It’s possible for a will to exist within a mineral. We already have a clear example of that in the Odyssite.
: Odyssite…?!
: And having turned itself into air, the Mir’s properties are now very similar to that of GN Particles.
: A will can exist inside minerals and particles…?
: The Mir of the island started its trek on the path towards life after meeting humans.
: And that was the very first step for the coexistence between us and the Festum.
: Coexistence with the Festum?
: But the Mir is still in the process of growing. It’s slowly coming to learn of life and death.
: And we can’t let that process come to an end here. That’s why I must…
: But that doesn’t make it fair for you to sacrifice yourself…!
: …
: Life in this universe is a tale of both joy and sorrow.
: And I got to experience all that myself, Seri…
: Tsubaki…

: You want me to attack the UX?
(on TV): That’s what I said, Ylbora.
: And why are you approaching me for that? If you want The Boom Army’s help, why not appeal to the Emperor or Charme directly?
: Because I’m feeling charitable and thought I’d give you a chance to earn yourself a nice victory.
: Surely all those recent failures are catching up to you, hm…?
: …
: The UX are headed towards the North Pole by themselves. Intercept them when they get there and keep them in place.
: That is, until we fire our nukes.
: Nukes?! Are you serious…?!
: Nice plan, isn’t it? We get to wipe out both the Festum and the UX in one go.
: After all, no sacrifice is too much in our campaign to rid the world of the Festum menace, yes? Kehehehehe…
: (You absolute lowlife…!)
: Do I have your cooperation, Ylbora?
: …
: Very well. But I will handle this my way.
: Do it, I don’t care. Just keep them there.


: Hmph, are you hoping to get rid of me along with them? That is not going to happen, though!
: You will yet see the day when I defeat Joe and save Her Highness!

Normally the scene would end here, but if you did the secret…

: Are you really going to play along with Hazard’s sweet talk…?
: …!
: You’re awake, Michio Hino…
: …
: Why did you save me…?
: There’s no reason in particular… I simply did it on a whim.
: Uh-huh… What about you betraying Princess Romina? Did you do that on a whim too?
: What did you say…?
: Or is there some actual reason for it?
: …
: Your machine has been repaired. Take it and go wherever pleases you.
: Hey, wait a sec, Ylbora!
: …
: I no longer have a place to call home… but you do. That is why.

Ylbora leaves.

: …
: Ylbora…

Location: ALVIS – Valkyrie’s Cave

: All the Cave’s links are set.
: The artificial womb Coagula is also OK. We can begin the core’s resynchronization on your signal.
: Well, now I just have to head in there.
: When I do, I’ll join with the island’s Mir…
: I guess this is goodbye.
: No, we’re going to stay with you all the way to the end.
: And we’ll never forget that it’s because of you that we’ll be able to live here…
: Thank you…
: Pseudo-connection test, all clear.
: …
: Tsubaki, it’s time…
: …
: Um, what’re those cables…?

: They’re what will link me to the Cave, and cause my assimilation with the island.
: Do you mind if we hold them, then?
: We… We want to be in touch with your life until the very last second…
: Seri…
: …
: Tsubaki…?
: I… I thought I was ready, but…

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: I’m scared…!
: …!

: I’m scared… I’m so scared…!
: Tsubaki…!
: Chi… Chizuru… I… I want to stay…
: I want to stay here! Waaaahaahaaaaa!

: Tsubaki…! I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…
: Waaaaaaaah! Mommy… Soushiiiii…!

: H-Hrgh…
: The humans have trespassed into our territory. What must we do to defeat them?
: Rearrange your troops… lure in the main enemy force…
: Pretend to assume a defensive stance… you will sacrifice a few of you… but you will destroy them all in the end…
: We understand. I will destroy all humans.
: Wielding the hatred I learned from you…
: W-Wait…

: Gwaaaaaaargh…!
: (Ka-Kazuki… everyone…)

: The UX are on the move, it seems.
: It’s finally begun…

: I have been waiting for this day for over thirty years. A toast: to the victory of mankind…!
: …
: (Aesap, I…)
: Now we initiate our final operation, Heaven’s Door!
: May the warmth of its glorious flames reach the soul of Mitsuhiro Bartland, the man who planned it all…

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Take them out, Canon!
: Haaaaaah!

: Haah, haah… They just keep coming…!
: Are you guys alright?! If you’re getting worn out, then pull back immediately!
: Th-There’s no time! We can keep going!
: And we need to conserve our forces for the main assault. We’ll pry open their perimeter by ourselves.
: (Strange… The Festum’s approach to battle is different from our previous encounters. As though they are now familiar with tactics…)
: According to the data we received, the entrance to their “HQ” is up ahead!

: Okay. One good push and we’ll be in…!


: Wh-What is…?!
: It’s… that voice again…
: What is it, you two?!
: I don’t know… I just have this feeling that… this voice is drawing something over…
: …
: Watch out… They’re coming!

: The ELS!?
: And their timing couldn’t be worse…!

: Rgh…!
: Tsk, screw conserving our forces! If the ELS are also turning up, then we need to get out there too!


: We’ll take care of them!
: What?!
: Darling! Look there-robo!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: The Federation Army…?!
: We have a duty to fulfill as soldiers! And we will not falter!
: Hah, so we get to help ourselves to all this gold and silver? That’s gotta make the boys happy.
: But I already get all the happiness I need from the Colonel! You ain’t stopping me!
: I’m not a Colonel, and I’m sure not sending any happy thoughts your way right now! Quit babbling and get to work!
: Aye, aye, Colonel!

: Kati, you’re here!
: Hah, but of course. The fate of humanity is riding on this battle. We couldn’t well hang back, especially after that request to help you.
: Request…? I wouldn’t expect the Army of Mankind or The Advancers would do that…

: We have guided them here.
: That voice… Mom?!
: That’s… the humanoid Festum that talked to us at Tatsumiya?!
: But who’s the other one…?
: These readings… Everyone, that blue Sphinx Type is Koyo!
: …
: That’s Koyo…?!
: That individual has chosen to fight in a form similar to ours.
: …
: You… You did that to help us?!
: All troops, listen up! Those two Festum are friendlies! Work with them and take control of the AO!

: The Federation and Festum…
: They’re fighting together…!
: We really can understand each other… We can all walk down the same road, together!
: Right! And we’ll sing to make that happen!
: We’ll sing for as long as our lives let us…!
: Thank…you… everyone…
: And… goodbye…
: …?! Koyo, you…
: “Goodbye”…?! But you’re still here with us, aren’t you?!
: …

Kenji charges after the Festum.

: Kenji…!
: This… This is the road Koyo, my mom, Sakura, Michio and Mamoru helped pave!
: And it’s the road we’ll all take!
: Kondo…
: Let’s go, everyone!

Kazuki, Maya and Canon follow up.

: (Mamoru… Your spirit’ll always be with me! I won’t let anything scare me ever again!)
: Kazuki! GOOO!
: Haaaaaaaaaah!


: Now! All ships, full speed ahead! We’re busting into the enemy camp!
: Ooooryaaaaaaaa!

: (We promise we’ll make it back!)
: (All of us, together, beneath that clear blue sky…!)

Mission 39 – Azure ~ Sky

: This is the Festum’s stronghold…?!
: Jeez… Those’re some serious numbers they’re packing!


: Is that…?

: What’s going on, Fei?!
: I heard it… Was it coming from the Festum??
: No, this voice was different! Completely different! A very familiar voice… like a distant memory, coming from across the sky…
: A different voice…?

: Hrm… Maybe Fei sensed something out of place? But, whatever the case, we need to deploy right now!

: We’ve a data match! The target core’s located over there!

: That’s where we’ll find Minashiro.
: Wait for us, Soushi…!
: Everything we did culminates in this one battle! We cannot afford to be defeated here!
: But we do not know how many enemies lie in wait! Please be very careful!

Destroy everything, don’t lose any ships, Kazuki, Maya or Fei. We’ve already got a hefty batch of Festum up ahead with more stuff on the way – as always lead with your more evasive guys to give your Supers a chance to build up morale and avoid being assimilated. Conservation of resources is very important, so try to minimize your spirit casts as much as possible since you’ll need to be able to hit Idun when he inevitably turns up.
As is usual with the Festum, when your guys get rolling, the enemy quickly becomes easier to dispatch (just don’t let them gang up on someone and pile on the Evasion Decay). Head north towards the pointed out core, but also angle your guys due east a wee bit – there’ll be stuff there soon.

Also, as noted in the prologue, all our Fafners, including secret ones, have replaced their old Siegfried System with the new Crossing System. This ability provides a boost for all Fafner pilots’ Melee, Ranged, Skill and Defense stats: you get +3 for every Fafner deployed in the team (the system needs at least two bots to kick in). We’ve the Mark Sein, Sechs, Drei, Acht and Sieben, so all kids are getting +12 to the aforementioned stats.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: I’d lost sight of what I wanted on that day. I didn’t want anything, not even to be myself.
: But now I have a place where I want to be – to exist! And I’ll fight with all my heart to defend it…

: I’m done being afraid of everything…! I’ve made a choice: to stand and face both these battles and the weakness inside me!
: And I’m gonna overcome that weakness, Mom, Mamoru!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: I used to dread the idea of fighting… of hurting others…
: But everyone helped me figure out that it’s by fighting that we can protect what’s dear to us!
: And it’s because of that realization that… that I’m here, right now!

: For so long I felt like I was all alone, surrounded by mist from all sides… (Fafner drama CD reference.)
: But the truth is that while I couldn’t see them, everyone has always been around me! And I’m also there with them!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: We aren’t fighting to take something, but because there are things we don’t want taken from us…!
: And I’ll carry on fighting! So that I can see the future side-by-side with Kazuki and with all my friends!

And as you kill a few enemy teams…

: E-Sensor’s picking up signals! We’ve got hostiles on approach!
: Psh, more Festum?!
: No, it’s…!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: The Boom Army…?!
: Are you here to block our path once more, Ylbora?!
: Indeed, I am, UX! You will not get any further!
: Are you too stupid to tell that we ain’t got time to deal with you?! Piss off!
: Did you not hear me? I said you will not get any further!
: Something’s different with him today…! You can hear in his voice that he’s serious!
: (Cmdr. Ylbora, are you…?)
: Guess he’s set on trying to push us back…
: But you oughta know that we’re not the type of folks who’re pushed around!
: Then, there is only one option left to take!
: That works just fine for me, Ylbora! Bring it on and you better not hold anything back, ‘cause I ain’t gonna!

And now we need to deal with Ylbora again. Taking him out will progress the plot, but if you want an easier time, you’ll want to save him for last. Wipe out all The Boom troops and the Festum (they won’t attack each other), and then down Ylbora.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Tobikage Secret #1 – 7th step: set Romina as your tactician and have Joe shoot down Ylbora.

Like clockwork.

:siren: SRW UX - The Light of Life Shines

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

And here’s the DK for Setsuna’s Trans-AM attack.

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: You will go no further, even if I must lay down my very soul to accomplish it! You will retreat, Your Highness!
: We also have a reason why we must push onwards, even at the risk of life and limb! It’s you who’ll be leaving here, Ylbora!

And we’ve never seen this Zerokage attack, so here it is.

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

Even without Zhuge Liang’s superpowers, the tons of Grendels to build up morale means the Festum get bumped off very quickly.

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

: My pride, even my life, everything is but kindling for me to see my convictions through… Nothing else matters!
: Ylbora… As serious as you might be about this, we’ve just as much cause not to back down!

And Ylbora drops a Black Knight Mask.

: Rgh… I am far from finished! I absolutely cannot fall now!
: He wants to keep going?!
: Now face me!

: Hrm?! That was…!

: I will bring about your destruction via sacrificing a few of us.
: It’s that Fafner from before…!
: The Salvator Model… Mark Nicht!
: (The Festum that hijacked the Fafner…!)
: (If I leave that beast to its own devices, it’ll likely put Her Highness at risk again…!)

: Huh?! He’s…?!
: I will not suffer your presence, either!
: I will not be destroyed by you.

: H-Hrrrgh…!
: The hell are you doing, Ylbora?! You really think you can take him on with the Zerokage all beat up?!
: S-Silence…! I will steer the course of destiny… even if I must wager my life to do so!
: S-Sir Ylbora, what is pushing you to this point…?!
: Come, Festum…! You creatures bereft of any conviction will not break my own!
: We will use me to acquire those emotions of yours.

: Gwaaaaaaaaaargh!
: They’re trying to Assimilate the Zerokage…?!
: Y-Ylbora…!
: R-Rominaaaaaaa!

: Hrm…?!
: Wh-What just happened…?!
: Urgh… Of all the meddlesome…!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: Phew…
: Now that’s a proper “last minute save”.
: I-Is that…?!
: Michio… How?!
: Heheh, I can’t just up and die like that, right? I made a promise to Yumiko, y’know!
: Michio… it’s really you! You’re alive!
: Michio… Hino…!
: And that makes us even. But if you try messing with the people that I love again…
: Then you’ll have to go through me, too, okay?
: Y-You…!
: Just back away, Ylbora.
: Joe…?!
: We’ll take care of that Festum, and then I’ll settle the score with you.
: But only after everything else is finished.
: Kch… Wh-Who would ever accept mercy from the likes of you…?!
: Ylbora!
: …?!
: You wanna know what I think? That even you still have a place to call home…
: …
: I’ll admit defeat for today…

: Ylbora…
: (It’s painfully obvious what’s going on inside your head…)
: We do not comprehend… That emotion is unknown to us.
: Yeah? Then, I’ll tell you! That willingness to risk your life to protect someone…
: That is what people call… love!
: L-Love…?
: Troops, here are your new orders! Team up with the Mark Ein, destroy the hijacked Fafner and gain control of this area!

Obviously, this version of events only happens if you saved Michio. We’ll see the version without him at the end of the update.
As for the Mark Ein, it’s the same as it was before. It doesn’t have the Crossing System YET, but it’ll be furnished with it after this mission, so that’ll up his value as a squaddie – not only will he get stronger, he’ll help buff up the other Fafner pilots.

And the reason why I suggested you save killing Ylbora for last is so Idun doesn’t start gaining morale from all the other mooks you killed and MAPWs you on approach. With the few mooks he comes in, though, it won’t be enough, so you’re a lot safer there.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: I’ll survive and make my way back to her… no matter what I have to do to get there…
: And the reason is simple: it’s because I’ve a dream that I have to protect!

And here’s the DK for Michio’s strongest attack.

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: We have learned hatred from you.
: I won’t deny that we’ve got some of that stuff inside us.
: But that hatred will never get a hold of me again! I’m not about to let it taint the cause she fought for!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: Separate individuals forming a single team… We do not comprehend your actions.
: Honestly, I agree with ya. I dunno why I got stuck with these guys either.
: Still, you can’t argue that this is in our nature – we wouldn’t be who we are otherwise.
: It’s really not that complicated. Shame that you just can’t wrap your head around it.
: But I don’t feel like making some cheesy speech to explain it. So, we’ll just show it to you in a way that’s very easy for you to get!

: If you possess more than just hatred, then we shall acquire those as well.
: Emotions only work for the people whose hearts brought them about!
: They’re not things beings without a sense of self like you could simply steal!

When you do enough damage to Idun, the plot kicks in.

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: A…gh…
: Gwaaaaaaargh!
: That Festum…
: It’s in pain…?
: What… What is happening?! This method we learned is… the humans are…
: Are you curious, Festum? Then, I’ll tell you the name of the tactic I taught you.
: It’s called War of Attrition – a tactic that involves enduring pain and fighting on!
: Soushi?! Are you in there?!
: No, you’re… your mind is crossed with that Festum?!
: U-Urraaagh…!
: What you’re feeling now is pain – the pain of battle! A pain that goes hand-in-hand with existence!
: It’s the fear of death, the fear of ceasing to exist, Festum!
: Hrrrgh… Turn us back! Turn us all back to… NOTHINGNESS!

: Th-That guy’s gone ballistic!
: …
: You… You’ve finally learned the pain of life…

Fei moves closer to Idun.

: Fei…?!
: Get back, Fei! It’s too dangerous to go near him!
: I know what you’re feeling… you’re scared.
: But you can’t shut your eyes from what now exists inside yourself!
: W-We reject it all… this sensation… this way of being…!

: Aack…?!
: Pull back, Fei!
: (No, I can’t go back… not now!)
: (Something is resonating inside me… I remember!)

: Wh-What…?!
: Fei’s body is…!
: I hear it… A stream of light flowing all around me!
: As brilliant as the blue sky I saw back then…!


[video type=“youtube”]W04damXZ4Iw[/video]

:siren SRW UX - In the Blue Sky ver. HD
:siren: :siren:
Yes, I spliced in the GET READY. It’s very important.

: U-Urgh… What is this song?!
: Something is welling up within me…!
: (You feel it too, don’t you? What a gorgeous blue the sky is… It sheds such a beautiful light on all the things I’d forgotten…)
: (My voice, that girl’s voice… All our voices shine so bright!)

: G-Grgh… Aaaaaaargh!

Idun loses 50 morale, and everyone else gets maxed out!

: So much energy’s flowing through us too…!
: What a tender song…
: It’s like I’m listening to my mom…
: A song like a mother’s, cradling all in a gentle embrace…
: Fei… You’ve also become a weaver of the wind…
: Sheryl, does that mean…?!
: My grandmother searched for a singer whose voice was capable of bonding with the hearts of the air, the sea and even the sky…
: And that’s her… the Heart of Diva.
: “Heart of Diva”…?!
: (Maiagare! Sora no ao ni! ♪) (Soar high in the blue sky!)
: (Tooku, kataku… soshite, hatenaku! ♪) (Farther, higher… endlessly!)

: Do… Do you guys hear a song…?
: Y-Yeah, what’s going on…? Where’s it coming from?
: It’s like it’s playing directly inside my heart…
: This song… It’s a prayer…
: A prayer…?
: “Kanjiru yo, sono omoi… itsumademo… itsumo!” (I feel these emotions… and I’ll feel them forever and ever!)
: Tsubaki…
: …
: Chizuru, activate the system…
: Are you sure, Tsubaki…?
: I understand… I’ll join with the island.
: And I’ll hold everyone in my embrace, just as this prayer does, and as my mom once did…
: Then, we’ll offer our own prayers, Tsubaki…
: We’ll pray to God that we may always feel the presence of your life around us…
: And that you will always know peace as you continue to watch over us…
: …Leica, God has been born in your heart as well.
: Huh…? What do you mean?
: That through all the choices you made, you, too, have taken hold of your destiny.
: My destiny…
: Thank you, Leica. Thank you all.
: (And goodbye…)

: Grgh… Waaaaaaaargh!
: The Festum are struggling to move?!
: Is Fei’s song confusing them?
: On the contrary. The Festum are starting to comprehend the emotions that lie beyond pain…
: They are…?!
: Fei’s song is on the verge of causing a new divergence to occur with them.
: Now, hurry! Make contact with their core!
: The path towards coexistence with the Festum lies just ahead…!
: U-Uurk… W-We…
: Are you still going to fight us?!


(on TV): Aah, my good friends of the Ultimate Cross, what a wonderful show this was.
: Hazard Pasha?!
: Why the hell are you calling us now?!
: Oh, I just wanted to pay my respects to the heroic way you fought, and to bid you one final farewell.
: “Farewell”…?
: I’ll tell you. We are about to take decisive action to wipe out the Festum menace… through a very, very thorough nuclear strike.
: A-Are you joking?! We’re still in here!
: Yes, and we’ll never forget your noble sacrifices. The future of humanity is at stake, you know.
: Y-You snake…!
: Farewell, UX. Do try and make the most of these last three minutes your lives have.
: Wahahahahahahaha!


: Th-That piece of…!
: (I get it now… You knew about this, didn’t you, Ylbora?)
: Wh-What’re we going to do?! We only have three minutes…!
: Our only option is to get past the Mark Nicht and reach the core as quickly as possible!
: Can you do it, Kazuki?
: Absolutely… There’s nothing the two of us can’t do together, right?!
: Our limit is a scant three minutes! CHAAAAARGE!

Angela – Shangri-La
:siren: :siren:

: We will eradicate you through the hatred you gave us.
: Hatred, eh… Yeah, that may be something you picked up from us…
: But I have one hell of a wake-up call headed your way if you think that’s all we’re made of, Festum…!

Michio attacking: “I’ll wipe you off the face of our planet… You and the hatred you learned from Yukippe!”

: We do not comprehend your emotions.
: But you have to try! Nothing’ll ever come out of all this fighting if you just disregard everything!
: We believe that the pain’ll we feel will bring about a brighter tomorrow, and that’s what pushes us to fight!

: Are you there? This is not where you belong.
: Whatever fate had in store for me, I’m forever grateful that I was given a chance to be here – that I could stay and fight with Kazuki and my friends!

Shouko attacking: “I’m taking down that black Fafner!”

: We do not accept you. You are like us.
: I once wondered what difference there was between myself and a Festum.
: But then I realized: it’s because all my friends are right beside me! And I’ll share that feeling with you!

Maya attacking: “Give Minashiro back to us…!”

: Tell me, in your own words, what you’re feeling right now…
: I promise you I’ll accept it all!

Now that Fei’s 100% awakened to her inner Miku, the Vocaloid’ll show up in her attacks rather than just a shadowed figure.

: Refusing to so much as attempt to reach an understanding with another over nothing but your arbitrary notions… you may as well be spitting at everyone’s emotions!
: The light of justice is born only when we keep others – our companions – within our thoughts! Look upon it and be blinded!

: We have learned your hatred. And now I’ll use it to destroy you.
: Why won’t you try to reach an understanding with us?! If you’re learning from something, your next step shouldn’t be to try and destroy it!

: I have learned hatred. And, through it, I will deny your very existence.
: But knowing hatred is nowhere enough for you to even start to comprehend the essence of the human heart.
: If you really do wish to comprehend us, then there is something you absolutely should know…!
: That enduring pain and experiencing happiness are all facets of the blessing of life!
: And now we’ll make you come to grips with something else, Festum: sorrow!

: I wouldn’t put you down simply because you can’t understand us…
: But if you’re set on denying and snuffing out everything we have, then you force my hand!

: We have learned hatred through you. And I will destroy you through it.
: If you said that some months ago, I wouldn’t have cared. But now I’m 100% committed to staying here with everyone!
: When hatred destroys something, nothing else is born to take its place. You need to realize that, Festum!

Canon attacking Idun: “I’m taking back what you stole from us!”
Idun attacking a Fafner: “Child of ALVIS, I will not tolerate any further divergence from you.”

: I do not comprehend those emotions of yours. We will not accept it.
: Good… This fear is my emotion and mine alone.
: And it’s up to no one but me to accept and overcome it!

Kenji attacking: “Give Soushi back right the hell now!”

: We will—
: Blah, blah, blah, quit yacking and get over here! We’ve got one of them blessings to give ya!
: Mind you, that blessing… is Hell!

: We do not comprehend your emotions. I will deny your very existence.
: But nothing would ever change if you don’t have the courage to accept what you don’t understand! And you’re gonna learn that the hard way!

: We reject you. I do not accept you.
: Listen, I’m the first guy to butt heads with folks ‘cause I disagree with their ideas and whatnot…
: But what you’re doing is about ten times worse, so I’m gonna have to force you Festum to pipe the hell down!

: Hmmm…!
: You have nothing. You are not there.
: You’re wrong! Heroman has plenty: a heart that’s always trying his best to protect people, for example…!
: And you’re not denying that! Not if I have anything to say about it!

: I have learned your hatred. We deny your existence.
: You need to come to grips with not only with hatred, but with pain and all other emotions. That’s the only way for anyone to actually exist!
: So, I won’t deny you…! I am here, and so are you, Festum!

Kazuki attacking: “Soushi… I’m coming to save you!”
Idun drops yet another Monthly Shounen Adventure King.

: Grroorgh!
: Do you feel gratitude over being alive?!
: That is the joy that comes from being here, Festum!
: W-We do not… comprehend… We… Rrraaaaaah!

: The Festum…!
: It ran away-robo…?!
: No time remains until the nuclear weapons are launched! To the core, quickly!

Kazuki runs up to the thing.

: Soushi! Are you there, Soushi?!
: Ka-Kazuki…
: Soushi… you’re here!
: Yeah… I still am.
: Minashiro…
: Go, Kazuki. Make contact with the core. Feel the pulse of the Mir, the will of the Festum…
: …
: (Mom…!)

Beep, beep.

: A-A massive amount of data is being transferred into our data banks!
: Y-Yeah, there’s a ton of info!
: This is the data we need to enable humans and Festum to coexist…!
: All of this?! It’s dozens, maybe hundreds, of times more than the data the Festum gave us before!
: Relay it to me! I’ll have Veda help parse it!
: The long battle between humanity and the Festum is finally over…
: No, this is not an end but a beginning. The beginning of a world where humans and Festum can live together…
: Hrgh…!
: What is it, Kazuki?!

: I-I can’t see… my eyes…!
: Your contact with the core has caused your body to trigger its Assimilation again.
: But you’ll be fine, once you receive treatment back at the island.
: S-Soushi…
: Let’s go home… to our island, Kazuki.


: …?!
: Whoaaa?! Wh-What’re these tremors?!

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: I-It’s…!
: Everyone move! Get out of here now! The Mir… The Mir has become active!
: Wh-What…?!

: Grrr, get out of the way, Alex!
: I won’t! You will not fire these nukes…!
: What you’re trying to stop is the attack that’d put a definitive end to a battle spanning decades!
: Have you gone insane, Colonel?!
: It’s you who’ve gone insane!
: The UX haven’t fought as hard as they did for you to sacrifice them like this! It’s inhuman!
: My son did not—
: Shut your trap, you lunatic!


: Urgh…!
: Psh, take him away!
: Now, ready all nuclear missiles! Restart the launch sequence!
: Yes, sir!
: (Kch… Forgive me, Aesap…!)

: The Mark Nicht…!
: N-Nothingness…
: We will use me… to return all to… nothingness…!

: Such a powerful hate… Is it going Hyper?! No… What in blazes is it doing?!
: The enemy is trying to link with the sky…

: It means to reach space, and if it gets there, it’ll Assimilate all other Festum and cover the entire planet!
: F-From space?!
: What do we do, Soushi?!
: There’s still time! Assimilate the Mark Sieben’s weapon and shoot down the Mir!
: But he can’t see right now…!
: Toumi, you’ll line up the shot and pull the trigger.
: Me…?
: Charge the Mark Sein’s energy as far as it’ll go and then unleash it all.
: You’ll only have one chance at this. Kazuki won’t survive a second shot.
: Roger…!

: More Festum…!
: I’ll get you the opening you need! Deeeyaaaaah!

Canon charges after the Festum.

: Canon…!
: I’ve learned from all of you how wonderful life is! And what it means to take hold of your fate!
: Are you there…?
: …
: I… I didn’t use to be! But now…
: Now I am here!

: Canon, you…!
: Haaaaaaaaah!

Kenji also joins the fray.

: Kenji…!
: I’m here too…!
: Me… and the spirits of Mamoru and all our friends! We’re all here!

Shouko, Michio, Shinn, Arnie and Saya move to block the Festum.

: We’ll hold the enemy at bay!
: Kazuki, Maya… Do it!
: Kondo… everyone…!

: You’ll be alright. I’m sure you can make this shot, Maya!

: Breathe in slowly, and calm yourself down. Join your very soul with your trigger…!

: And, then, just set your target and shoot it down. This is your time to shine, got it?
: Okay…!
: Toumi…
: I know, Kazuki. We will survive this and make it back home…!
: I’ll put everything that I am… into this single shot…!

Captions are available.

: I-I will… use… us…
: Now, Kazuki! Assimilate him!
: Haaaaaaah!

: H-Hrgh…
: Wh-What… happened…?
: Here is where nowhere is.
: …?!
: Existence and Nothingness are mirrors of one another.
: Koyo… Mom…
: The Mir has been shattered.
: This is the Festum’s blessing. A return of everything to nothingness…
: It’s likely we’ve already disappeared in the real world…
: …

:siren: Angela - Separation (Piano Version)

: No, we haven’t – not yet…!
: We… we are still here!
: …
: You’ll be all right. The self does not disappear while the heart still remains…
: Tsubaki…
: That Mir and I are the same.
: We were born into this world to show that life and death, existence and nothingness, continue as one…
: Tsubaki, you…
: You have returned to the other Mir…
: Soushi…
: Soushi taught the Festum what it means to feel pain, and to exist.
: And through its death, the Mir has given the Festum individuality.
: Whereas, I understood their blessing… I have learned of the cycle of existence and nothingness.
: A cycle…? What do you mean?

: I cannot be here. I must go to the Festum’s side once again… and, there, I will rebuild my being anew.
: …?! Wh-What’re you talking about?! You can’t be serious, Soushi!
: I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I promise you…

: Soushi?! Are you there?! You’re there, aren’t you?!
: Don’t worry. I, Soushi… everyone is here.
: Listen… Can you hear their prayers…?
: Their prayers…
: I understand now. As much pain as life may have, I would still choose to exist… just so that I could see you.
: Have faith that we will meet again… and, someday, I will find my way back.
: Back… to where you are…

: …
: The final Assimilation has begun.

: No…!
: Tsubaki…!
: …


: …


: Wind…
: She’s become one with the island…
: Oh, Tsubaki…


: …?!
: I hear… the wind…?
: …
: (Thank you, Tsubaki. Your spirit will live on with us forever.)
: (Thank you so much… and I know we’ll meet again someday.)
: (Sometime, in the budding future you showed us…)

: The Festum left…
: Is it because the Mir is gone…?
: And it looks like they changed their minds on doing that nuclear strike…
: But what about Kazuki?! Where’d he go?!
: Our minds are still crossed, so he should be alive.
: Kazuki…
: We’re detecting a gravitational anomaly!

: The Mark Sein… Kazuki?!
: sob
: Kazuki… Kazuki, is that you?!
: Soushi… Soushi…
: Soushiiiiiii!

: So, Grace knew about Fei all along?
: I think so, yeah. From what I can tell, she must’ve caught Grace’s eye as another potential weaver of the wind.
: The robotic idol, Heart of Diva…
: It’s like we’ve got the second coming of Sharon Apple here with us.
: I don’t really know who that is… but so much cleared up inside my head.
: I mean, I closed my eyes and, all of a sudden, I could see this wide sky right in front of me, just glowing with the most beautiful blue!
: Hey, that sounds pretty cool.
: I think that that’s a memory from before I came to this world. A memory that resurfaced as a song capable of bridging worlds…
: As a matter of fact, I’ve the sinking feeling that it was that girl’s voice that led me here!
: And, as usual, I understood precisely zip of what you said…
: No, no… I find what Fei is saying to be extremely interesting.
: Maybe this could be a clue towards solving the mystery of our voyage to this world?
: What do you mean?
: To put it simply, I am thinking of parallel universes.
: Consider the following: if Fold Waves are capable of traversing space and time, then Fei’s song would also be capable of the same…
: In which case, perhaps it caused hers and the aforementioned girl’s two fates to connect to one another from across parallel universes…?
: Yes! I think you’re right!
: That that girl is me, and I’m that girl! I know that without a shadow of doubt now!
: Song connected their fates…
: But, then, what does that make the voice I heard from the Yùxǐ at Alcatraz?
: Could that have been my own voice, crossing over from a parallel universe, as Kongming suggests…?
: Nah, that can’t be it.
: Remember, I heard Tobikage speaking. Are you saying I’m Tobikage in a parallel universe? That’s way too crazy.
: But aren’t you two fusing, or piling up, or whatever ya call it right now?
: That’s not what I mean. Quiet, you!


: Oow! Why do you already gotta hit me so much…
: Still, it makes sense now…
: The voice I heard was the voice of my own fate in a parallel universe… the fate I didn’t choose…
: The one that would’ve been real, had I not decided to stay here…
: Karen…

I don’t know if there’s a priority for this, or if it’s just random, but Burn and Shouko can also say this bit. It’s exactly the same, mind.

: A parallel universe, huh…?
: Soushi said he heard the voice of a Festum back there… (Look closely – both of Kazuki’s eyes are red now.)
: And now Soushi’s forced to be with the Festum…
: Meaning what he heard was also his own voice, crossing through time and space…?
: Tsubaki Minashiro said that there is only one beginning for everything that exists.
: Humans, Festum, ELS, Vajra – all share a common origin…
: And that is why we can establish dialogue with each other…
: I’m sure Minashiro’ll come back to us eventually. Especially now that we’ve chosen to coexist with the Festum…

Door opens.

: Well, yeah. If I made it back, I’m sure he can do the same.
: Michio!
: Are you really good to be up and about?
: We gave him a look over but there isn’t anything wrong. He received some top grade medical care, that’s for sure.
: Real sorry to have worried you guys like that.
: If you’re going to apologize to anyone, it should be to Yumiko, not us.
: Do you have any idea how broken she was over your death? And she’s even—
: Pregnant with my baby, right? I know.
: Huh, you noticed it?!
: Y-Yeah, I did…
: But I swear I won’t be trying any crazy stunts again. I owe it to Yumiko and to my baby.
: …
: And we’ve already done as you asked and installed the improved Siegfried System in the Mark Ein.
: Now you should also be capable of crossing your mind with the other Fafner pilots’.
: Thanks. I’ll be working extra-hard to make sure this second chance I got isn’t wasted!
: All that said, I still can’t believe it was Ylbora that saved him.
: Do you… Do you think that Sir Ylbora will return to us someday?
: Shaff…
: I can’t tell you that… but at the very least I don’t think he’s your average traitor.
: True. You can feel a very powerful resolve coming from him when we fight…
: Do you think he joined The Boom Army to help Princess Romina in some way?
: Who knows. But I’ll settle accounts with him, sooner or later.
: I reckon that’s also what he wants…
: Joe…


: W-Whoaaaaa! Th-The hell was that?!
: Was there an explosion in the hangar?!


: E-Everyone, we’ve an emergency! The Army of Mankind has…
: The Army of Mankind used a nuclear weapon against the Festum at the North Pole!
: Wh-What…?!

: Congratulations, Madam Secretary General!
: You have saved humanity!
: Our dream has finally, finally been realized.
: And much of it is due to your invaluable help, Director Hazard. You have my gratitude.
: Oh, please, all I did was push a little button.
: Wahahahahahaha!
: But I must now return to New York straight away.
: I’ll see you when you arrive, Director Hazard, but rest assured that you’ve already earned yourself the title of hero.

She leaves.

: Hmhmhm, a hero, eh? I like the sound of that.
: Director, what should we do with Col. Alex?
: Hmm, he still has some use left in him. I’ll deal with the guy.
: More importantly, he should have arrived by now, yes? Send him in.
: Yes, Director.

Door opens.

: It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Director Hazard.
: Your reputation precedes you.
: An expert in the construction of Aura Battlers, chief technical advisor to the Hojo Army…
: I say, the pleasure is all mine, Shot Weapon.
: …

[i]Sumeragi’s unlocked her third bonus, which is to restore 10% EN/MP to all units at the start of every turn. Now that makes her a much more worthwhile tactician, especially as the lengthier endgame missions approach.

Also, only one convo we missed today:[/i]

: I’ve made a choice to leave all that I had behind me and live alongside Damian and his friends!
: And, so, I won’t hesitate to fight even a former ally of theirs!
: I have elected to trail my own path just as you did! And none will stop my advance!

And if you hadn’t saved Michio, when Ylbora’s about to get zapped by Idun:

: Ylboraaaaaa!

Joe runs over and takes a hit for Ylbora. Had you not deployed him, he’d auto-launch.

: …?!
: R-Rrgh…!
: Joe…?!
: Y-You… I need not your meddling!
: Just back away… Ylbora!
: What…?!
: We’ll take care of that Festum… and then I’ll settle the score with you!
: But only after everything else is finished!
: Kch… Wh-Who would ever accept mercy from the likes of you…?!
: Ylbora!
: …?!
: Didn’t we both swear that we’d protect the princess?!
: Joe, you…!
: …
: I’ll admit defeat for today…


: Ylbora…
: (It’s painfully obvious what’s going on inside your head…)
: We do not comprehend… That emotion is unknown to us.
: Yeah? Then, I’ll tell you! That willingness to risk your life to protect someone…
: That is what people call… love!
: L-Love…?
: Troops, here are your orders! Destroy the hijacked Fafner and gain control of this area!
: R-Roger that… Hrk!
: Joe, are you alright?!
: Bah, look at how hurt you are! That’s all because of your crazy stunt to help Ylbora!
: Still, I have to admit… you were pretty smooth there, Joe!
: Rennie…!
: Leave the rest to us, Joe!
: We will take out the Mark Nicht!
: A-Alright… Good luck, Kazuki!


: We’ll make you give us Soushi back, Festum…!
: (Ka-Kazuki… Just a bit more, and they…!)

So, yeah, keep this in mind if you’re launching Joe. If you haven’t saved Michio, he’ll be forced to retreat once Ylbora’s down.


The Megatherion is TECHNICALLY better, yes, but Mark Ein gets the Crossing System, which is absolutely goddamn OP.

Original Lockon was a fucking asshole, though. He’s the sort of guy who would fight your team similar reasons to why Sakomizu did in this mission. That’s one of the central differences between him and his brother.

That section with the Fafner kids reminds me a bit of Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear?

And thus Miku learns IN THE BLUE SKY during Operation AZURE, named after the blue sky. This game is fucking poetry in motion I swear to fuck.

I love how you get a new Fafner combo now, of all times, despite the fact that all the Fafner stuff is about to be reanimated. Shows how much was put into this game.

Click to see the mission!

And we are back, having successfully taught the Festum about emotion and individuality, paving the way for effective peace… until Hazard and Hester nuked them. Piss. But work carries on, with Lux launching as an event unit today. Here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Sun Quan/Eida
Tactician: Erebos (if you’re on track for the Wings of Rean secret, set her in.)

Off we go.

: …
: Is something the matter? Do take a seat, Col. Alex.
: What did you call me here for? I believe I’ve made my opinion of you perfectly clear.
: My, so hostile. I called you just to say that I’m going to let bygones be bygones and forget your behavior during Operation Heaven’s Door.
: Excuse me…?
: Of course, that’s presuming I’ll have your help for a future plan…
: Well, you will not! Court martial me, gun me down – do your worst! I’ll never capitulate to you!
: Hmhmm…
: I guess that’s that, then. Dog Tack, did The Advancers send that little something we requested?
: Yes, Director. A full dossier detailing Toshiko Suzuki’s address, as well as her daily schedule…
: Y-You… Have you done something to my wife?!
: Oh, no, absolutely nothing.
: At least not yet, that is…
: Kch… Hazard, you…!
: Will you help us, Col. Alex Glem?
: …
: (My son risked his life in battle, and I failed him …)
: (Protecting the woman that I love from this fiend is all I have left…)

: We’re getting reports that the Festum have started to reappear all over the world.
: And I’m willing to bet the reason for it is the nuclear attack at the North Pole.
: We have no conclusive evidence… but I believe you are correct.
: Goddamn it, we were so close! Coexistence with the Festum was right around the corner!
: Was all that fighting we did for nothing…?
: …
: No… this isn’t over yet.
: How do you figure?
: I can still hear Soushi’s voice within me…
: Meaning he still exists, somewhere, beside the Festum.
: And if he’s there with them, then I’m positive that…
: That the road leading to coexistence with the Festum can be reopened…?
: Well, our choices are resulting in countless new divergences to emerge. It’s not impossible that one of those would lead to mutual understanding.
: Yeah, and we’ll keep trying to make it happen as many times as needed.
: I’ll keep on fighting too. It’s how I’ll honor Soushi’s wish…
: But, your eyes are…
: Don’t worry about me. I can see just fine when I’m with the Mark Sein.
: But…
: I made a promise to him that I’d stay here until he came back…
: That I’d be here, waiting, for as long as it took…
: Kazuki…
: …
: (Aesap… You’ll also find your way back to us, right?)

: Wh-Where… Are we inside the Aura Road…?
: Where are you taking us, Wings of Rean?!

: I see light…!
: Graaaaaaaaah!

: Hrm… We’re out of the Aura Road?
: This is not Byston Well, though. Where in blazes…?
: Look! That’s the Tokyo Tower!
: Tokyo?! We’re in Japan, then?!
: …
: N-No… something’s wrong! This doesn’t look like the Tokyo I know at all…


: Whoa! Wh-What was that?!
: …! Those are Vardants?! And a bunch of other Machinas…!

Clash! Slash!

: What is the meaning of this?! Why are the UX machines fighting one another?!
: I-I know why…!
: This is the future!
: The future…?!
: Kouichi told us that the Machinas started fighting each other after mankind went extinct…!
: What…? Then, the Wings of Rean are showing us the future of Japan?!


: W-Waaaaaaah!
: The Aura Road is opening again…!

: H-rrgh… Where are we now?!
: Aah… Aaaah! That’s the Sumida River! This is Tokyo – the Tokyo I knew!
: But the city… the whole city’s on fire!
: Hm, yes… you would not remember! This is that fateful day in the 20th year of the Showa Period (1945)!
: It is the day of the Bombing of Tokyo by American forces!
: The… The Bombing of Tokyo?!

: S-Stop! Y-You’re going to burn down the city! You’ll kill everyone!
: And they did! Hundreds of American B-29 bombers were sent to raze Tokyo to the ground!
: There are elderly, children, babies down there…! This is not a battlefield, but our home!
: Can’t we stop them?!
: I’m sure the Nanajin and the Oukaou are strong enough to take down those bombers…!

Aesap flies after.

: Young Aesap…!


: Wh-Why…! Why can’t I even touch the B-29s?!
: You waste your time…! Not even the Wings of Rean are capable of erasing the past!
: Indeed, the past is immutable!
: King Sakomizu…
: Th-The world…

: The world itself has taken a wrong turn…!
: (He’s crying…?!)
: Rrgh… Aaaaargh! Wings of Rean!
: You brought us here, did you not?!

: I’m honored to make your acquaintance, Your Majesty.
: Shot has sent word of you. You wish to collaborate with the Hojo Army?
: I couldn’t help but be in awe by the power of Aura Machines ever since I saw them in battle.
: Why, if you put that power to good use, it’d be simplicity itself to take over Japan, no?
: Japan…?
: JUDA is gone, and the reform of the Federation Army has caused most of the Union’s forces to be withdrawn from Japanese shores.
: You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to invade.
: The King had always sought to conquer and restore the nation of Japan to how it was meant to be.
: That being said, isn’t your Army of Mankind with the Earth Federation Army?
: What reason would you have to turn the other cheek to our invasion?
: Because it’s all but sure that when you attack…
: The UX will be sent to deal with you.
: Hmph, I see… that is what this is about.
: You’ll accept our conquest of Japan, but, in exchange, you want us to eliminate the UX…?
: And Director Hazard has already agreed to provide us with weapons and ammunition to see that accomplished.
: What do you say, Your Majesty?
: …
: I see The Advancers were not exaggerating: you are quite the schemer, indeed.
: However, in the eventuality that you get any ideas of wiping out both us and the UX at the same time, you should know that we are well equipped to destroy you ourselves. Is that clear?
: Hahahaha! Of course, it’s because I respect your strength so that I’m looking to form this alliance!
: Hmhmhm, very well. Then this arrangement may just be mutually beneficial to our causes.
: I dare say that we are kindred spirits.
: I humbly thank you for your kindness.
: (Keheheheh. ‘Well equipped to destroy us’, my foot. If your Oukaou climbs out of whatever hole its hidden in, it’ll just be another wreck alongside the UX’s pile…)
: (Hmph… You believe yourself capable of manipulating us, filthy Garow Ran…?!)

: The Hojo Army is attacking Tokyo?!
: The SDF is currently engaging them, but the situation looks bleak.
: The Japanese Government has already sent a request for help! Everyone get ready to launch!
: Let us be off, Your Highness. The war of Herikon has seeped into the Overworld and it’s our duty to bring it to a close.
: Hm, absolutely!
: (I’ll defend your home until your return just as Kazuki and his friends are doing, Aesap…!)

Mission 40 – Tempest of Cherry Blossoms

: Ahahahaha! Our patience has finally been rewarded, Rouri!
: Hell, yeah! Now we can really get to work! Come on!
: Double…!

: Gwaaaaaaargh!

: Aahahahaha! You hear this, Japanese?! It’s your wake-up call, you peaceniks!
: C-Captain… we can’t win this!
: Grr, don’t let them through! There’re a ton of civs right behind us! Failure is not an option! (Igarashi)
: Well, look at that hotshot over there!
: You’ve been doing nothing but relying on the foreigners to sort your problems. What do you think can do against us, eh?!
: Hmhmhm, and once you’re gone, we’ll trample Tokyo under our bootheels!
: Rrrgh…!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: It’s…!
: Deploy all troops!

: The UX have arrived!
: Aesap worked so hard to try and stop my father… Why did you still open fire on this city?!
: Because command of our forces does not presently reside with the king!
: Her Majesty the Queen leads us, and it’s by her command that the Hojo Army moves to conquer Tokyo!
: Wh-What?!
: Looks like losing Sakomizu didn’t change their plans to attack the Overworld!
: You can’t really hope to talk down guys like those. A swift punch to the jaw’s the best way to put them in their place!
: We’ll handle this bunch. Recall your troops and evacuate the civilians.
: Copy that! Good luck, UX!

: This is awful… they’ve trashed so much of the city!
: And it’s only going to get worse if we don’t stop the Hojo Army right now! Got it, guys?!

Destroy everything, don’t lose your ships or Lux. Same fight we had during mission 38, only the Fugaku isn’t here yet. Downing either Rouri or Kanamoto’ll get the plot going, so do what we did last mission and save them for last (if you can catch them both in a MAPW, so much the better), clearing out all other units before.
If you haven’t been using Lux, take very good care of her since she’s never been the most evasive unit around. FYI, for this mission, much more than the last one, you’ll want to conserve a decent amount of SP for the later part; try to cast Strike only for the midbosses to get around their Double Image skills. Your regular guys should be capable of easily dispatching the mooks with help from just our command auras.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

: This is his fault… If he hadn’t come to Herikon, we…!
: But I will not fall just yet! Not until our clan thrives once more!

:siren: Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst 1

: I-I will not die in this godforsaken place!
: I’ll yet find my way back to our land of Herikon…!


Why, you little…!


HAH! Kanamoto drops a Lacus’ Disk, whereas Rouri would’ve dropped Eida’s.

: Hrm… They’re ganging up on us!
: Let’s back off for a bit, Kanamoto.
: … Okay, Rouri.

: What, they left? Think they got scared?
: Don’t worry about pursuing runaways! There’re still more folks looking for a fight!

: Hmph, what a worthless pair.
: They are, ultimately, Overworlders. We shouldn’t have put our trust in them in the first place.
: You’ve finally usurped control of the Hojo Army, Codour…!
: Just what is going on, stepmother?! Is this a plot from your clan?!
: Silence! You, the mere child of the first wife, dares speak to me so?!
: ?!
: Do you know how much my people slaved away, shedding rivers of blood and tears, so that the conqueror-king could have his Aura Machines?!
: A brat with Overworlder blood flowing in her veins could never even come to grasp the suffering our clan endured!

(This reveal about Codour’s clan isn’t less abrupt in the original show, no. If you remember, Sakomizu conquered and unified the various Herikon clans into his nation of Hojo, making a big push towards expanding his Aura Machine army to eventually invade the Overworld. Codour came from one of the conquered clans and has been looking for a chance to get revenge since. Mind you, we’re never given a lot of evidence outside of a bit of word-of-mouth. Wings of Rean was kind of rushed, you see.)

: I knew it; you’re really…!
: I dare say that the king is already dead, forever lost within the Aura Road.
: Meaning that once you’re gone, the last of the Overworlders’ blood will have been expunged from Hojo!
: And that’s what you were after all along, queenie?!
: You’re all but the second coming of Louza Luft, Codour!
: “Louza”…?

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Shot didn’t tell you about her, did he? Of how the power struggle within her family tore through our Byston Well? Of all the lives that were lost because of that feud?!
: And we’re not about to let a calamity like that happen again…!

: Wh-What…?!
: Shou and Marvel’s Aura energies are flowing into me…?!
: Set forth, Princess Lux! It’s up to you to slay the negative emotions that bind her!
: Yeah! Stand up to her!
: Hrm… I will not be bested by this brat!
: Stepmother… Or, rather, Queen Codour!
: I’m ending your ambitions here and now!

Take out the Fugaku to keep things going – Kotto is still the pilot and the same as when we fought him two missions ago. If you cleared the lesser mooks prior to downing Rouri/Kanamoto, he won’t even get enough morale to MAPW you before you’re going in for the kill.

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

I don’t think I’ve ever noted it, but the Fugaku isn’t immune to debuffs, so Mike can effectively neuter it.

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

And problem solved.

: Anomalies in the Aura Engine! Output is dropping!
: Curse you all…!
: How long have I waited to be rid of the king…! I will not die until the rage of my clan has been repaid!

Location: the sky above Hiroshima

: The Aura Road’s dropped us off again…!
: These islands… this is the Seto Inland Sea!

: Another B-29? But there’s only one…
: I-It’s…!
: Morning on the Inland Sea… and there’s Itsukushima… Then, that B-29 must be—!
: The atomic bomber… Enola Gay!

: S-Stop! Don’t drop that bomb!

: Not the Little Boy!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Aah… Aaaaah!
: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Th-This…
: This is the morning when the Americans dropped their atomic bomb on Hiroshima!

: Wh-Where… Where are we now?!
: A fleet raining artillery fire upon land, countless warships making landfall…
: This is the Battle of Okinawa!
: Okinawa…?!

Machinegun fire!

(Soldier): Glory to the Imperial Army! Glory to the Imperial Army! Gaahahahahahaha!
(voices in underground trench): Noble ancestors, please watch over and protect us…

: Th-These voices are…!
: From all those who lost their lives upon this land…!

(kamikaze soldier): OHKAAAAAAA!


(soldier): “We beg that you show mercy to the people of Okinawa.” Telegram sent.


: Th-This…
: This actually happened in Japan?!
: Yes, it did! These ghastly scenes you’re watching are memories of your nation’s past!
: And the Wings of Rean are saying that we must never face away from these!
: You were also going to make a kamikaze attack during this, weren’t you, King Sakomizu?!
: I was, because I was told that a decisive battle was taking place in Okinawa!
: But this is no military showdown! This is no war!

(child): Waaaaaah!
(woman): Shin-chan—! Gyaaaaargh!

: Even women and children were engulfed under the torrent of fire and gunpower! This… This is an atrocity!!

: Rrrgh… Aaaaaaaaargh!
: Are these… the feathers of their lives…?

: This… This is the color of my life! The color of a life that couldn’t even set off into the great beyond…!
: I hear them even now… the song of the souls lost within that hellfire! A song that has been wandering to this day…!
: Their song has been wandering…?
: They suffered… How they suffered! And their lingering pain tears at my soul…!
: This is what they all felt…! This is the true face of that war…!
: This… This is unacceptable!
: King Sakomizu!
: I’ll personally make all those complacent worms in Tokyo feel every ounce of their pain… their sorrow, their regrets!

Wings of Rean powering up!

: …?!
: Hear my will, Wings of Rean! And grant me strength!!


: Wh-What is happening…?!

: Th-This is…!
: It’s Tokyo… There’s the Tokyo Bay!
: (Th-The King made it back to the Overworld… He didn’t lose his way inside the Aura Road?!)
: Aesap… Father!
: Are you okay, Aesap?!
: Lux! Everyone!
: And what’s the Hojo Army doing in Tokyo?!
: It was Codour! They’re following her orders!
: Codour!
: Y-Yes, Your Majesty… How glad I am that you’re back with us.
: …
: Order the Fugaku to retreat.
: B-By your will… Kotto and I’ll see to it…

: …
: Father, you can’t be thinking of continuing with this attack! Are you going to drag the people of your own hometown into a warzone?!
: The Wings of Rean have joined with the Oukaou and led me back to the Overworld!
: Thus, this power is now mine to use as I see fit!
: You got it all wrong! Those who died are all in the past! And you can’t fight with a power that stems from the past!
: No, this does not stem from the past at all! This power is a legacy, from the past to our future!
: A legacy from the past to our future…?!
: Young Suzuki! You have also see the reality of that war, so you must understand!
: The loathing of being unable to stop the A-Bomb, the grief of having to turn away from the events at Okinawa… You have felt it all!
: So many lives were lost in that conflagration, and their voices now lie forgotten and unheard… All that awaits a Japan that’s forgotten about them is a future of nothing but ruin!
: But how does that justify you destroying Tokyo now?! You’d just be repeating the events of that war!
: All the people who live in this city haven’t done anything wrong! You can’t blame them!
: The will of the Wings of Rean lies with me, and I shall wield it to smite these foolish Overworlders! You cannot stop me!
: You’re looking to destroy just for your own personal reasons! That’d never be capable of renewing our future!
: If you seek to change the minds of the people, then you must first change yourself, Sakomizu!
: You dare lecture me, Ultimate Cross?!

: His Aura Power’s flaring up again! If he keeps going…
: Hrm… Do we really need to fight him?!
: Let’s go, Aesap. We’ll stop my father ourselves!
: …
: Alright. Come with me, Lux, Erebos!

Lux tags in with Aesap.

: Father, it falls on me, as your daughter, to right these twisted ideals of yours!
: Come what may, the path I tread will remain the same…
: Thus, I must destroy you! The feathers of your lives shall join with the Wings of Rean!
: Power is… Power is only meant to be used to build a better future!

Same fight we’ve had before, only Sakomizu already at max morale and, so, packs a heavy punch right off the bat.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Wings of Rean Secret – 7th step: set Erebos as your tactician, and beat Sakomizu with Aesap.

Rinse and repeat.

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

And here is me, underestimating his damage. It won’t happen again!


Lemme give myself a little boost. I mentioned it in a post following the last mission, but Fei unlocked her Emotional Wave IBS command during the Fafner finale.

:siren: SRW UX - In the Blue Sky ver. HD

It works just like the Deceive’s Nerve Crack, in that you can use it post-movement and will boost all stats for everyone and lower all enemies’ in a 5x5 AoE centered around her. Costs 70 EN a pop and requires 130 morale, but that’s still rather spamable if you pair Fei up with someone that regens EN (though keeping her as a support after FUBing her kind of seems like a waste…).

The effect of it is proportional to her Diva skill, starting at 6 and increasing by 3 with every level, maxing out at 30 with Diva L9. She’s currently at L8, so everyone in the AoE gets all stats boosted/debuffed by 27.

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Father, if you made it back here safely, then please sheathe your sword and recall your troops!
: There’s no reason to carry on with this battle! I’m sure you did not come to the Overworld to fan the flames of war!
: However, there is no other way for my goals to be realized! And if I have made it to the Overworld, it was only because the Wings of Rean willed it so!
: And that can only mean that there is a mission for me to carry out here!

: I had taken you as someone worthy of calling both a Holy Warrior and a son-in-law, but perhaps I overestimated you!
: I believed you, someone who had also been guided by the Wings of Rean, would be capable of understanding my wishes!
: I do understand, but the way you’re going about it is simply wrong!
: I’m putting a stop to your violence before you bring about even more sorrow!

: Uurk… The pain I feel is absolutely nothing compared to that of the dead!

: Are you well, Your Majesty…?
: Codour! Why have you returned?!
: …
: Because what I’m after is only one thing: that Byston Well is cleared of the rotten Overworlder blood.
: What…?
: All hands, fire! Shoot down the Overworlder King!
: …?!

: H-Hrrrmm!
: Stepmother…?!
: The hell is wrong with those people…?!
: The King has become mad with the Oukaou’s power!
: His raging delusion has brought us to the Overworld, and if we stay here, we’ll soon be as filthy Garow Ran!
: Fire! FIRE!

: Ooorgh!
: Hah-Hahah… And, now, the King’ll—!

Wings of Rean noise!

: Kotto… You are of Codour’s clan, are you not? Not only did you sleep with her, now you stab me in the back?
: O-Of course not, Your Majesty! I would never think to oppose a Holy Warrior…!
: Codour’s bed is quite warm, hm?

: Ehe… Heheheheh…!
: DIE!

: Rgh…?! That’s…!

Canon fire!

: Message the entire fleet and tell them to maintain their barrage on the Aura Battler!
: He’s still kicking even after all that punishment… blasted monster!

Door opens

: Hey, now, you’re having a whole lot of trouble taking one guy out, huh?
: Y-You’re!
: Ah, don’t worry about them. They’re another couple of collaborators of mine.
: Right. You can call us a pair of revolutionaries.
: Revolutionaries…?
: Yeah, we’re going to be transforming this nation of cowards!
: With one huge game-changer! It’s going to be a literal blast!
: Y-You don’t mean…?!
: Hmhmhm… Yeah. Turns out there’s only one way to change this nation whole, and that’s with a nuke!
: Are you insane?! You’re going to kill over ten million people!
: Eh, don’t worry about it. There’ll still be another hundred million around.
: The warhead’s detonator is already active, so feel free to take it.
: Director?!
: Much appreciated, Army!

They leave.

: Heheheh… Now isn’t that way easier than leveraging the Hojo Army?
: Why are you doing this?!
: Oh, that shouldn’t be hard to figure out. With their capital in shambles, all we’ll need to do is swoop in to help “restore this magnificent nation” and the whole place’ll be as good as mine.
: You cannot be serious! I did not endorse the Army of Mankind so you could destroy Toshiko’s… my family’s country!
: Hmph, and you think I care? I don’t, especially considering you’ll be the one taking the fall for giving those two the nuke.
: Wh-What…?!
: Indeed, Col. Alex. The responsibility for everything will fall squarely on your shoulders.
: Hrrr… You two were planning this from the start…?!
: We’ll call for you to be judged by a military tribunal as something of an apology.
: Granted, it’ll be a confidential trial and you won’t be allowed a lawyer, so…
: Waahahahahahaha!

: Urk… They’re just shooting everyone!
: Destroy this city and the Oukaou!
: We’ll purify both the Overworld and Byston Well once the Wings of Rean shoes are back in our hands!
: D-Damn you all to Hell…!
: You’d spit at my ideal and cast your lot with the Army of Mankind?!

: A-Aah… King Sakomizu’s Aura Power is!
: This power…! It’s turning white into black, darkness into light…?!
: We almost have him! Blast the King out of the sky!

: Hrrrrrrgh! You blasted Herikonians!
: F-Father, stop! STOP!!

: Graaaaaaaaaaargh!!
: W-What in blazes… The Oukaou!
: It’s turned giant?!
: H-He’s gone Hyper…! What we’ve been dreading has finally happened…!
: Die, filthy Garow Ran!

: Aaaieeeee!
: A-Aaaaah! Retreat! RETREAT!

: Power… Power! GRANT ME POWEEERRR!!

: Stop! FATHER!!
: What… What can we do now…?!
: We’re being overwhelmed…!


: (Don’t worry. There’s still time…)
: (Tsu-Tsubaki…?!)

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: (That is a man who’s experienced so much sorrow…)
: (And, in that case, what would be the best way to erase that sorrow?)
: …
: (It would be… for us to understand King Sakomizu’s sorrow!)
: (That’s right… and I know you can do it…)


: (Tsubaki…)
: Ms. Saya…?
: …
: Everyone, I need your help! Talk to King Sakomizu!
: “Talk”…?
: We need to come to understand his sorrow… his feelings for his motherland, his fear of the war!
: We have to reach an understanding with each other…
: But right now?! With a battle going on?!
: … We can do it! I know we can!
: Yeah, we can. The Aura Power, Quantum Brainwaves, Fold Quartz… and the light of the Odyssite will show us the way, I’m sure of it!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: Saya…!
: I agree… The Wings of Rean have shown me the truth before! And they can do it again…!
: He may have gone Hyper, but that absolutely does not make him invincible!
: Even I once held onto enough of myself to get back to reality! If we can just cause our Aura Powers to resonate, then…!
: We can absolutely understand one another! There’re ways for us to get through and communicate with him!
: Mr. Amagatsu… I’ll put what I earned from you to good use, right here and right now!
: Watch over us, Soushi! This is what we’ll fight for!
: This is our true courage…!
: And these are our emotions, riding upon the wind!
: Here we go, folks! We will pull this off!

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Wings of Rean secret – 8th step:

Alright, here’s the deal. Sakomizu has gone mad and we need to get him to chill, which, as Scarlet prophetically mentioned a bunch of missions back, is going to require us to talk him down. That is to say, we’ll need to use the Persuade command on him thrice with different characters. Mind you, some people are better equipped to actually get through to him than others, and it works on a point system:

  • 3 Points: Aesap, Lux, Setsuna, Saya (only possible if she’s in the Lyras and not the Odyssea), Shou
  • 2 Points: Amalgan, Burn, Kouichi, Kazuki, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Alto, Fei-Yen, Arnie
  • 1 Point: Joe, Shinn, Kira/Athrun, Liu Bei, Kurou, Heroman, Kaido, Aoi
    The cutoff is seven points and if your three chosen guys add up to that, you’re in the clear (you’ll know you did it right not only because his dialogue changes but because he casts Soul if you fail).

… I confess that I’m not sure if this is even an option if you’re not on track for the secret (since there isn’t really a point to doing it otherwise – you’ll either waste 3 people talking, and gain absolutely nothing, or you’ll screw it up and just piss Sakomizu off further). Do tell me if you know.
I’m going for it, though, and since Aesap and Lux have already moved, Setsuna, Saya and Shou’ll deal with the guy. Here are all the convos:

: How are you to fulfill your ideals by letting sorrow and vendettas lead you in battle?!
: If you call yourself a King… if you call yourself a man capable of standing on a battlefield, then that’s the last thing you should do!
: Indeed, but there are some things I can never forgive precisely because I stand in the battlefield not as a soldier, but as a man!
: You are a warrior, yes? Then, I can say with certainty that some battles have shocked you with their atrocities!
: You’re right. And I’m here today, fighting, because I managed to endure that feeling!
: And I know the man you once were would be capable of doing the same!

: King Sakomizu… You’ll accomplish nothing by just venting your sorrow on others! You must convey what you feel to them, and there are ways to do that!
: Do you take me for a fool?! All the flowery speeches in the world will not restore the motherland I’ve lost!
: The lives, the souls, that have been sacrificed will never return!
: But if those left behind can unite their spirits, their wills, to one another, then the light of those lives will never truly fade!

: Stop this, King Sakomizu! Fight with hate in your heart and not only you’ll be incapable of helping the world, but you’ll be incapable of helping yourself!
: Would you still say that had you seen atrocities unfold before your very eyes?!
: I have seen them, trust me! And I eventually discovered that it’s only by overcoming the pain and the sorrow we felt that we can truly have a future!

: Don’t do this! The only thing that comes out of destruction is sorrow! There are so many people who can understand the pain you feel…!
: “Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth” only serves to tighten the chains of hatred around us…
: But we know you’re brave enough to break that cycle!
: I’ve heard these admonitions before, that our society is worth believing in… but those were ultimately nothing but empty, utopic ideologies…!
: I have a will to carry out, a duty to fulfill, and I’ll see it done even if I must trail the bloodstained path!
: But you can’t stop pursuing something because it’s utopic! If you do, then that is when it’ll never amount to anything real! So, please…!

: Let hatred take the reins of your life and all your cause will amount to is basic revenge! Is that what you really want?!
: How could I ever stare the dead in the eyes if I did not feel outrage over the tragedies I’ve seen?!
: Because nothing would ever change that way! If we really mean to make the future a better place, then we need to start by changing ourselves for the better!

: You have to take control of your rage, King Sakomizu! I’m sure there’s more within your heart than just hatred!
: Who are you to speak so to me?! A child like you is nowhere mature enough to grasp how I feel!
: You’re wrong, because there’s no line separating children and adults when it comes to what’s truly important – it goes for anyone as a person!

: Listen to us! There won’t be any need for us to fight if we can just understand each other…!
: Are you trying to placate me, Yankee?! It was under that same banner of democracy that America brought Japan to heel – all to satisfy its own agenda!
: This isn’t about what countries we come from!
: All I want is for you to realize what’s right and what’s wrong!

: Hatred, resentment… Do you really think you can put together a better future with twisted stuff like that in your heart?!
: Who are you to speak of my resentment?! But, please, take sword in hand and see for yourself if it’s strong enough to still it!
: I admit that I don’t know what you’ve gone through – I’m not psychic…
: But I what do understand is that answering a tragedy with another one is never the right thing to do!

: You’re not getting anywhere with just violence! If you think your cause is right, then you gotta get together with people and work with them!
: My cause has never had the room for dialogue! I’ll see my ideal realized, and I do not need the people’s understanding or their compliance to do so!
: If you do that, you’ll be nothing but a tyrant that’s blind to the world around him, Sakomizu!

: You think you have all the answers, don’t you? But, I’m sorry to say, there’s no way someone like that could ever help the future of humanity!
: You know nothing! I have been betrayed by what I and so many believed in! How can you tell me to swallow my indignation?!
: And that’s all the reason you need to destroy everything?!
: But this is the era we live in! It’s not your time anymore!

: There may be a big disconnect between you and your country, but I know you could try and start anew! That is, if you do love Japan as much as you say you do!
: I do this because I bear within me the spirits of my fallen compatriots, restless and outraged! You would never understand how disgraced we feel!
: But we could understand the pain and sorrow you feel! That’s not going to happen if you don’t start putting some trust in people, though!

: Hah, we don’t need no words to get our point across!
: There is only one way those who meet in the battlefield can communicate to one another…!
: Indeed! A cause can only be carried out at the tip of one’s blade!
: I challenge you, Kaido and Magami! Are you prepared to plummet into the depths of Hell?!
: Who do ya think you’re talking to, eh?! We ain’t gotta prepare for anything, ‘cause we are Hell!

: Let go of your hate, King Sakomizu! A Holy Warrior of your caliber isn’t weak enough to be dominated by it!
: He’s right! Going Hyper is never a good thing!
: You mean to lecture me on how a Holy Warrior should or shouldn’t be?! If you wish to stop me, then do so through your strength!
: Aura Power isn’t meant to be used to make others submit! It’s a force that comes from our emotions, and that’s why it’s meant to defend and bring people together!

: Stand down, King! Do not let yourself be engulfed by that negative Aura Power, or all you’ll find is the destruction of what you seek to defend!
: What I seek to defend is my just cause! Aura Energy is the energy of life… It was given to me so that I may stay my course!
: That course is the wrong one, King, and it’ll only produce more hate if you continue to follow it!
: And I’m sure you realize that, Shinjiro Sakomizu!

: Please stop, King Sakomizu! A hate-filled Aura Power could never bring about a new world!
: I once had faith in the future, and I watched as it rotted away! How could you ever understand the anguish I feel?!
: But there are ways we could understand! I know that’s what the Wings of Rean led us for!

: Father, you’re losing yourself as you let that evil Aura Power take hold of you! Please go back to being the man you once were…
: Even the most virtuous of men would fly into a mad rage if he saw the country for which he sacrificed himself in this sorry state!
: Nevertheless, you cannot give in! Take back control of your soul and be our Holy Warrior once more!

: Regain the pride you once had as a Holy Warrior, Sakomizu! Stay this course and soon you’ll be nothing but a Garow Ran!
: I’m fighting to see my dream realized! All the power I have is for this purpose alone!
: I’ll concede that sometimes power is necessary to govern society! But if that power isn’t held in check by the ruler’s heart, then that society will soon break down!
: And you had that heart before, Sakomizu! That’s why so many once swore their fealty to you!

: Do not allow sorrow and anger to corrupt your life! Nothing is ever born from baseless violence!
: I have lost everything! Who could ever heal this pain, this hatred that I feel?! Who could ever heal the souls of the fallen?!
: You may destroy until there is nothing left and that would not restore them either!
: Look upon all the families walking through life together… all the friends supporting one another! I’m certain you can find an answer within their smiles!

: Set a vendetta as the crux of your strength and it shan’t be long before you may neither go forward nor backwards.
: If you would trail the path of the conqueror and be King, Sakomizu, then you must first conquer yourself!
: I must see this cause realized, or I would lose more than just my pride. The life I’d led would also lose all meaning! Thus, I shall march onwards on the path I’ve set myself on!
: What you ought to see realized is not that, but your will to establish a grand dynasty for yourself and the conquered! If chaos is what you seek, then your ideals shall never reach the ears of the heavens!

: The battlefield is home to unbearable pain and sorrow…
: However, if you do not face those, if you do not muster your courage and accept those, then you can never move onwards with your life!
: Are you accusing me of such cowardice?! I fear nothing! I shall answer the cries of all those restless souls!
: If this is how you’ll answer them, then I’ll oppose you with every ounce of my being! There is no future down this path you’re taking!

: This may not be the society you wanted, but there’re still people living here! Are you saying those are unwanted lives too?!
: Life and death compose a cycle, and there can be no rebirth without sacrifice! The Japan I envisioned demands that this entire society be rend asunder!
: That’s not happening… no way in hell! No one has the right to deny the lives of others!

: Stop with your angry yelling and listen to your heart! What is it trying to tell you?
: You waste your breath, puppet. My heart will not be swayed!
: No, I’m reaching out to you as many times as I have to! I want to understand how you feel…
: So please don’t clam yourself up!

Aaand, that’s the last of them. If you DIDN’T choose a trio that amounted to seven points:

: Hmph, insolence! Prattle on as much as you want…

Casts Soul

: The current state of Japan is not something I’ll ever tolerate!
: Tsk, it’s too dangerous to keep trying to extend that olive branch!
: Then we don’t have a choice! We’ll stop Sakomizu by force if we have to!

But we’re good people, and we got enough points, so we get:

: I’ll concede that not all who live in this society are worthless!
: However, I took a vow to the spirits of they whose corpses laid the foundation for this society, and the grief of the lives the Wings of Rean took in!
: I cannot, and will not, end my cause here!
: Gaah, what a pigheaded old fogie!
: But we did get through to him! Now if we can just get his raging Aura Power under control…!
: Troops, concentrate all your attacks on the Oukaou! Stop King Sakomizu in his tracks!

Hyper Oukaou (Shinjiro Sakomizu)
Pilot Skills:
Aura Power L8
Holy Warrior
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3
All Attack L3
Command L4
Mech Features:
Oukaou’s Wings
30% HP and EN Regen

Sakomizu has gone ballistic and his already powerful Oukaou has really beefed up because of it. Don’t expect your Reals to survive any clean hits unless you’ve REALLY buffed their defensive stats.
Good news first: Sakomizu has lost his Double Image ability and the Oukaou is now L sized, so he’s less evasive. Bad news is everything else, as he’s now the most resilient enemy we’ve thought so far, sporting 150k HP, big defenses, regens 50k HP a turn, and will still reduce any ranged damage you try making on him. Sakomizu’s maxed out Prevail will also make him way more survivable than you might expect (while also providing a huge power boost). Oh, and the Oukaou now has S ranks on all terrains, so don’t expect his accuracy to take a hit.
How easy this battle goes depends on whether or not you’ve kept a decent bit of SP left for this. If you did, then you can easily drain his large HP pool in one turn with valor and soul; if you didn’t, then you’ll be in for a tough time against his regen and Prevail’d stats. The best I can say then is to buff up with Fei, Luca and/or Shizuna, set up command auras and support attacks and toss everything you have at him.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Wings of Rean secret – 9th step: shoot down the Hyper Oukaou with Aesap.

And there’s also this, provided, of course, that you cleared the persuasion check.

Here’s Sakomizu’s second best attack.

: As people are commanded to commit atrocities, their ideals and their wills are progressively corrupted! This is not the kind of peace we desired!
: But what’s committing even more atrocities going to get you?!
: This power you have – the power of a Holy Warrior – was meant to shape a better future, not destroy it!

And his best one. Now off we go!

Anna Tsuchiya - My Fate
:siren: :siren:

: Get a hold of your emotions! Power gained by going Hyper is just your Aura running out of control!
: A negative Aura Power is incapable of changing anything! It can only destroy!
: No! This power is also fruit of the Wings of Rean’s guidance! And it can change things… I’ll start by changing you into scrap!
: Then, the best we can do for you is slay the delusion in your soul!

Shou attacking: “I will not kill another man! What I’ll kill is that delusion!”

: I can hear the tunes of your heart… It’s hurting! It’s in tears!
: And you’ll hurt not just yourself but everyone around you if you never let go of that sorrow and pain!
: I do not need mental advice from an animatronic! And so long as I can be true to my ideals, I shall fear no pain!

: Is power such as this the future you envisioned for yourself, King Sakomizu?!
: A man who is bound by his past, who would harm his own people, is wholly incapable of leading the way to any future whatsoever!
: What the people pray for is not a raging flame, but a guiding light!
: Then muster your justice, your ideals, your courage, and try to stop my march, ye idealists of the Three Kingdoms!

Cao Cao attacking: “Your ideals could never soothe the people, Sakomizu!”

: Our sacrifices brought about this despicable society! It falls on me to tear it all down and restore it to how it should be!
: If you really want to transform society for the better, then you need to let go of your hate!
: Hate and anger bring about only destruction. There’ll be nothing left after you’re finished…!

: Hah, all those times we fought this guy, I never figured he had a trick like this up his sleeve!
: Looks like it was just as much of a surprise for him, too. I don’t know how this power came about… but I hope it’ll make for a good match!
: You bite off more than you can chew! If you seek to enjoy yourselves fighting my Oukaou, then you’d best attack with all that you have – or else death is what you’ll find!

: You’ve felt the will of the Wings of Rean – the light of life – haven’t you?! Then why do you refuse to believe in the possibilities that life has?!
: Life and death are two sides of the same coin. For all the life I felt, I’ve felt just as much despair…! The world is nowhere as kind as you believe!
: Maybe not… but this is the world we live in, so we want to believe it can be so much more!

: King Sakomizu, that power is too much for anyone to control… all it’ll do is narrow your vision!
: That matters not, for my eyes are set on but a single thing! My vision may narrow as much as it wants, that will not make me err on the path I follow!

Burn attacking: “I’ll show you that going Hyper does not make you the mightiest!”

: We fought for what we believed was a righteous war, and it cost us everything… How could anyone not turn to hate after that?!
: But there’s absolutely no point in carrying on with a war purely out of hatred!
: You, of all people, should know that by now!

: You still don’t get it, King Sakomizu?! Stop this insanity already!
: I doubt you would still be calling it “insanity” if you tasted despair and hate strong enough to turn your heart to ash!
: Is that your way of saying “just shut up, and let me do my thing”? Because I’m not taking that!

: If you called yourself King of a whole nation for even a second, then you really should act the part! This is not doing that!
: It’s the grief I feel for my motherland that brought me to this point!
: I do not expect you to understand, but this is as per the guidance of the Wings of Rean!

: Pointless fighting is not the way to heal anyone’s pain and sorrow!
: Come on, Heroman! We’ll stop him together!
: Hmmm!
: Age has not made me senile enough that I’d be won over by a child wielding a weapon of my enemies! I’ll tear those stars and stripes that adorn your body apart!

: You’re so obsessed with your hate that you’d debase yourself so?!
: Why, father?! The King who built Hojo should be strong enough not to be enslaved by self-serving aspirations!
: That may be so for King Sakomizu, but you know nothing of how the man called Shinjiro Sakomizu ought to be!

: His machine’s turned giant… I guess that goes to show how strong the emotions in him really are…
: But the problem is there’s only anger and sadness at their root… It’s complicated, that’s for sure…!
: If you ask me, he’s just desperate to fill the gaping wound inside his heart!
: What he’s trying to do won’t fill it at all, though!
: And you’re going to see that the easy way or the hard way, Shinjiro Sakomizu!
: Well spoken! Let your savage roar ring throughout me…!

: As King, I grieve for the folly that has taken hold of my motherland! It must be restored, and the only way for that to happen is for the slate to be wiped clean, for all the missteps to be erased!
: No one here ever asked you to do any of that garbage! And if you’re a real king, then you oughta be fighting so that everyone can be happy – and not just folks from your country, but those of the whole planet and even beyond!

: Stand down, Amalgan! Any who stands in my way now is but a minnow I’ll slay with a single stroke of my blade!
: I will not yield, Sakomizu! You may burn this old man to ashes, but I’ll be sure to at least free you from the bondage of this hate!

Amalgan attacking: “Have you truly degenerated into a Garow Ran, Sakomizu?!”

: They razed everything to the ground with nary a warning! And when you’re faced with something you cannot coexist with, you destroy them before they destroy you!
: What happened was horrible, but we must keep trying to understand one another – as many times as it takes for it to happen! That’s the real battle humanity should be having!
: And as difficult as doing that might be, I know we’ll succeed in time!

: We were shown our tragic history so we could find a way forward that wouldn’t have us repeating those tragedies!
: Don’t you think that’s why the Wings of Rean whisked us away?!
: Come what may, I need to see my cause through! Even if I must bear my blade against my family, I shall not falter!
: Do you think Lux actually wants to be fighting against you?!
: She just wants you to go back to being her father!

He drops another Takashimada Origami Doll.

: Gwaaaaargh!
: Enough of this, father! Please!

: Aaaaiieeee!
: Father, why…
: Lux…
: My father is lost…
: His mind is gone… my voice cannot even reach him…
: …
: Lux, there’s no way King Sakomizu has forgotten about you…
: Aesap…
: Ever since I met him, he’s never taken his eyes off you. And that hasn’t changed now.
: Even as you took opposing sides, neither pushed the other away. You always faced each other head-on.
: My father and I…?
: I know… because I was always too afraid to do the same with my dad.
: “He’s not even Japanese; my mother shouldn’t be married to this guy”… I spent so much time fixated on unimportant details, even when I knew that, deep down, I wanted to accept him!
: But I thought if I just convinced myself that I didn’t care about him, then there’d be no way for me to get hurt…
: Aesap…
: But you’re different from me. So, don’t stop having faith in King Sakomizu!

: Alright, that’s enough of that!
: Rouri and Kanamoto?!
: Hey, King, check this out! We just gotta fire up this bad boy and these goons’ll be off our hair!
: Ooh, you have a nuclear weapon?!
: A-A nuke?!
: Don’t be stupid, Rouri!

Aesap tries going after but Kanamoto intercepts.

: Back off, Aesap! Leave him alone!
: Outta my way, Kanamoto! That’s a nuke, you understand that?!
: Why are you stopping us…?!
: Weren’t you discriminated against yourself?!

: Aargh!
: Aesap!
: (Is the Overworld life’s playground…?)
: Lady Jacoba…?!
: (Erebos, I need you to act as a medium for my power.)
: (Concentrate, Erebos! And pray! Show them the shape of life!)
: Y-Yes…!
: The nuke…!

Sakomizu blasts after Rouri!

: Whoa! Wh-What’re you doing?!
: Hand it over… Give me the power of that bomb!

: U-Urgh…! A-Aesap, you son of a…!
: B-But… you’re too late! I’ve already… pressed the detonator…!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: A Tokyo stained by American colonization is better off gone!
: Father!!

Lux goes after him.

: Please, you have to listen! Listen to my… listen to all our voices!
: You stopped the atomic bomb meant for Kokura after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, didn’t you?!
: How can you even consider doing something like this…?!
: None of you know anything of war! What would you know about what it means to possess power?!
: We don’t, I’ll admit it!
: But even if the quagmire at the end of that war could make anyone lose sight of their humanity, you can’t let your militaristic ideology deafen you to your own daughter’s cries!

: What’s that flying out of the Nanajin…?!
: Light… no, it’s a bunch of feathers…? There’re so many…!
: Lady Jacoba?!
: (Send the letters of our lives… to King Sakomizu!)

: …
: Th-These… these origami dolls are…!
: The same Takashimada doll that I left in my Ohka…!


: I hear it… It’s the voices of all those women who loved the soldiers headed to war…
: Even now, the song of their souls are wandering…
: Yes… all these unforgettable, unfading emotions are gathering here!
: Memories of their lives… of days spend on their beautiful towns…
: These are Sakomizu’s… No, these are the memories of all those souls, passed down among the Japanese people…
: Open your ears, Sakomizu! Listen to the wishes imbued into these dolls – voices directed to you and all your fellow men!
: The wishes imbued into the dolls…
: …


: …?!
: These dolls were given to soldiers as symbols of the sorrow and gratitude felt by the women who had no choice but to let you go on your kamikaze missions, weren’t they?!
: Aah… Aaaaaaah!
: Father!
: …
: I-I remember…
: “You were as a living saint…”
: Sh-She said…
: She said, with pity in her voice!
: King Sakomizu…!
: The ominous aura around the Oukaou’s vanished…
: (We did it, Tsubaki…)


: …! Guys, the nuke is starting to activate…!
: D-Damn it! Call all troops back to the Elshank!
: Are you nuts?! If we don’t do something, Tokyo’s gonna turn into a ghost town!
: Kouichi, can you use a compressed warp field to contain the explosion?!
: E-Even if I did that, the radiation would still…!
: Darling, isn’t there anything you can do-robo?!
: Tsk, if I just had Al with me, I could…!
: I’ll handle it!

: Aesap…!
: I’ll take the bomb with me up to the stratosphere!
: Stop! If you do that, the three of you’ll…!
: Lux, Erebos! We’re going back to Wahlerkahrain!
: Back to Lady Jacoba’s side…
: …
: Aesap… I’ll be with you every step of the way, wherever it might lead us…!
: STOP!!

: Aesap, the Wings of Rean are not with the Nanajin.
: ?!

: Aah! The Wings of Rean…!
: Sakomizu, are you…?!
: Father!
: …
: Lux, forgive me…
: F-Father…!
: If the Wings of Rean are that of a Holy Warrior… then protect my wishes!

Using webms here since what happens next is really psychedelic and pictures wouldn’t quite do it justice.




”If one should ask you concerning the heart of a true Japanese…

…point to the wild cherry blossom glowing in the sun.”

: Th-The Holy Warrior’s feathers… they’re crumbling away…


: Hrrm…?! Wh-What is happening?!
: The Aura Road is opening…?!

: Radiation levels over the ocean are all within normal parameters. The won’t be any fallout from the explosion.
: I can’t believe he’d go and sacrifice himself like that…
: I suppose that, in his final moments, he recovered his heart as a Holy Warrior.
: And the Wings of Rean are a manifestation of a Holy Warrior’s power…
: (Sakomizu… Your soul has also ascended to the heavens…)
: Plus, the Aura Road opened, dragging all of the Hojo Army away. I guess that’s that matter taken care of.
: Oh, and speaking of, where are Aesap and the others?
: It appears our Aura Battler squadrons suffered a temporary loss of Aura Power. They were forced to make an emergency landing.
: Is that also due to the Wings of Rean?
: Perhaps. Not only did they block the nuclear explosion, they even caused the Aura Road to open, so it’s likely the Wings of Rean had to draw upon everyone’s Aura Power.

: Nothing’s working. I guess it’ll take a bit before the Nanajin can move again.
: It’ll be fine. So long as you’re alive, it’ll be up and about eventually.
: Right. Aura Power is the energy of life, after all!
: Yeah…
: Look! The sky’s covered with feathers!
: …
: Those are… the colors of my father’s life…
: Lux…

: Aesap…!
: You’re safe!
: Mom… dad?!
: Look at you…
: sob Thank goodness, you’re all right…
: Mom…
: But… what are you two even doing here?
: We were saved by this man.
: It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
: Mr. Hughes!
: The President had sent me into the area to investigate the Army of Mankind’s activities.
: Hazard’s group slipped away, but I’m satisfied that I could at least save Col. Alex.
: You saved me in more ways than one. Without your testimony, I would already be in chains and sent to court martial.
: You’re Aesap’s…
: His father, yes. My name’s Alex Suzuki.
: “Suzuki”…?
: …
: Does that mean you’ll be living with my mom, dad…?
: Yeah… And once things have calmed down around here, I’ll be applying for naturalization.
: I don’t want to spend any more time away from Toshiko.
: Dear…!
: I see…
: Thanks. I’ll let you off with just a single punch, after this is over.
: That’ll be fine…
: Aesap…
: (Yes… However this might go, I can’t push him away…)

: (I suppose I, Amalgan and the others will also have to return to Byston Well sooner or later.)
: (But until the time arrives… I want to stay with him, this budding Holy Warrior…)

: I see… Then, after routing the Hojo Army, the UX have moved to Tatsumiya?
: Right; it’s apparently so the Fafner pilots can focus on treating their progressing Assimilation.
: Very well. And may I ask why you’ve been sent to work with me?
: I petitioned The Advancers to set this up. I need your strength if I’m to uncover the underlying truth of this world.
: Oh, I’m afraid I am not powerful enough for that.
: All I am is someone trying to observe the beginning of life.
: “Beginning of life”…?
: You’re the top researcher of Aura Power, so I’d expect you at least have a faint idea of what I mean, no?
: …
: I’m aware that there’s a major, unseen, force surrounding this world and the two Byston Wells, yes.
: But the more I discover, the more I find myself haunted by questions. What is the origin of that force? Where is that force headed…?
: I need answers for those questions, and I simply couldn’t contain that curiosity. Thus, our goals align.
: …
: You do understand that once you cross this line, there will be no going back, yes?
: I’m fine with that.
: I’ll see this through, even if it means misplacing myself from the flow of natural order…
: Very well. Then, let me introduce you to my partners. These are Cpt. Jin Spencer and my daughter, Ayul.
: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prof. Shot.
: We were told that you could enhance our machines?
: Hm. I believe I could increase their generated output by applying the technology used in Aura Converters.
: That said, your Aura Power’ll be essential for that to work…
: You’ll need to imbue your machines with your lives.
: Our lives…
: …
: (It really is the energy of life…)
: (And, if I’m right, what we’ll find beyond this is…)

: Do you hear that…? It’s the sound of the sea, of the wind…
: Isn’t it pretty? This is what everyone… what your daddy left us.
: There’s so much for you to learn, but don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything, bit by bit…
: Yeah, there’s a lot to tell… But nothing we can’t handle together, right…?
: …?!
: Am… Am I hallucinating…?
: I’ve kept my promise, Yumiko…
: Mi-Michio…!
: Michiooooo!

: I’m so happy for you, sis…

: Understood. The Fafner team members will all start undergoing treatment now.
: I suppose this means goodbye for a while…
: We promise we’ll come back as soon as our Assimilation is under control.
: We look forward to seeing you all back at 100%.
: You can count on it…!
: You two did wonderfully, Shouko, Canon.
: We’re home… m-mom…
: Yes, you are. Welcome back.
: Come on, Canon. Our home is waiting for us.
: Right!
: Do take good care of my master, please.
: Don’t worry. With all the data we found, I’m pretty confident he’ll make a full recovery.
: Are you really going to stay with the UX, Sheryl?
: Why, of course. If I ever need a refill of my medicine, I can just make a quick stop here.
: Frankly, I’d rather you stayed with ALVIS until you were fully healed…
: Oh, dear, but wasn’t it you who said you wouldn’t leave me alone?
: Aah?! Did you really say that, Alto?!
: U-Um… No, I…
: Psh… what a shameless man, I tell you.
: Hmhmm. While not quite on the same level as that degenerate, Kurou Daijuuji, he’s a very close second.
: Hey, why do you need to bring me into everything?!

: Then, Tsubaki’s…
: Yes… And she was magnificent. The island and every one of you were in her thoughts all the way through.
: I’ve little doubt that I heard her voice during the battle.
: I know she’s still here… as part our lives.
: Part of our lives, huh…?
: Back there, the Wings of Rean relayed all those thoughts and emotions to us…
: If the Yùxǐ and the Wings of Rean are manifestations of the will of the heavens, then…
: No… I believe that those are also fruit of the will of man.
: Of man…?
: Were that not the case, I don’t think they would unleash that much power in accordance to the wielder’s will.
: That’s true… Looking at it from another angle, it could be said that God, the heavens, are all manifestations of the prayers born from every one of us…
: Our prayers… Yeah, you might have a point.

: (The wishes of the fallen… and we, those who remained, have taken those wishes onto ourselves.)
: (There may yet come a day when we’ll join their souls in singing that wandering song.)
: (But, if anything, I pray that their souls are at peace…)
: (I pray for that with all my heart…)

Act 2 – Vagabond Blues – End

And we’ve got three new tactician bonuses, so here they are:

  • Amalgan: spec debuff immunity
  • Moritsugu: +30% crit rate
  • Scarlet: starting morale +5

Next time we begin Act 3, the final 14 missions of the game! Are you hyped? I sure am!


The ending of Wings of Rean isn’t that odd, it’s just Shinjiro Sakomizu activating his inner GEKKOU CHOU de aru.

But anyway, here’s where shit gets really serious. There’s a stage or two of setup, because obviously they haven’t started Fafner HaE or done pretty much any of Heroman’s middle bits, but other than that? Katou’s coming to a head, you still have to save Al and destroy the Anticross, Hazard is still fucking alive, Lu Bu is still TAMASHIing, Dancouga Nova still hasn’t combined, and the ELS, Festum, and Vajra are still running fairly rampant. The endgame is upon us, so strap in, because there’s a bit of a ride up ahead.


Act 3 of UX. Also known as that time in SRW when there were two cases of newborn children aging unnaturally fast.


Do I want to know the context? I’m guessing either Fafner or Demonbane?



Click to see the mission!

And we’re back, having scratched the Hojo Army off our “needs killing” pile and stopped Tokyo from getting nuked. Act 3 is upon us now, and there’s much to be done. Arnie and Saya are deploying as event units, and it should be noted that you only have 9 deployment slots (if you saved Shouko and/or Michio – if not, add their slots in). Here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Rennie
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Also, do note that this mission is the cutoff point for Liu Bei, Sun Quan and Cao Cao’s total kill tally to be over 300 if you’re going for the SD Gundam secret.

Off we go.

:siren: SRW UX - Where All Possibilities Gather

The Hojo Army has been driven from the surface, and the Festum nesting at the North Pole have been turned to ash by the Army of Mankind’s nuclear strike.

However, that did not mean that it was all over.
Despite the myriad sacrifices that had already been made, the tides of fate beckon further tragedies to visit humanity.

Three months have passed.
The large flock of ELS discovered by the Jupiter Sphere has departed the planet, setting a course for Earth, and signaling that the countdown towards the extinction of mankind has finally begun.

Warriors take a stand once more to both carry out the foretold ‘future dialogue’ and avert the looming destruction.

What will they earn for themselves at the tail-end of life’s awakening? Will it simply be death, or, perhaps, days filled with love…?

This very last line is from Hissatsu Shigotonin.

Act 3 – Someday, Life Together

: Kazuki…
: …! Soushi… is that you?
: Our hope has been crushed…
: They were seared by those flames, and are now filled with suffering and hatred.
: …
: The Festum are going to attack again…?
: Forgive me, Kazuki. I’m being forced to take a gamble.
: There’s only one final ray of hope, and I swear I’ll convey it to you. When the time comes, head to Gate #11.
: Gate #11
: I’ll find my way back to you. No matter what…
: I know, Soushi. And I’ll be waiting for you… always…

The Fafner characters have all switched to their HAE - Heaven and Earth - portraits (where applicable). Because I’m a magnanimous soul, I will be pointing out their names again just so everyone knows who’s who.

: … Kazuki. Hey, Kazuki! What’re you mumbling over there? (Mizoguchi)
: Huh… Did I say anything?
: Yeah, I saw you chatting with the curry and got worried you’d finally snapped.
: Maybe you should go and get some rest, Kazuki.
: Thanks, but I’m okay. I can still see a bit in well-lit places like this.
: It really wouldn’t do for you to injure yourself working, though. If there’s anything, you better tell us right away. (Maya)
: A flower in each hand, eh, Kazuki? Attaboy. (If Shouko’s dead, he says: “Aw, what a nice assistant she is. Oh, or are you two dating yet?”)
: Cut me some slack with the teasing, Mr. Mizoguchi…

*Door opens.

: Excuse me, Ms. Toumi! (Rina)
: Welcome… Oh, God, the student council again? Why can’t you do that at school?
: Council activities are to take place here. That’s what we agreed on. (Canon)
: Ahaha… We’re sorry to always be imposing on you. (Seri)
: … (Akira)
: And where’s the all-important president? Is he skipping out on this one?
: No, Kenji should be… (Hiroto)

: And here we are. There’s a step there, so be careful, Sakura.
: Hm… Thanks, Kenji.
: Oh, we’ve got another couple in the house?
: And look at you, pushing her wheelchair around. That’s a good man, Kenji.
: It’s not easy work, I’ll tell you that. Sakura’s been putting on a bit of weight and—


: Hyark!
: I can walk the rest of the way, thanks.
: I-I was just kidding! That’s all!
: Heheh. Good to see you’re doing better, Sakura.
: Just enough that I can walk around some, but yeah.
: And Zhou Yu’s out of his coma, so here’s hoping your eyes’ll get better soon, Kazuki.
: Same here, but there’s no rush.
: …
: (Our seniors’ recovery has really come a long way… maybe Akira’s muteness will also get fixed someday?)
: How about we make our orders now that everyone’s here?
: Oh, then, I’ll take a lemon tea and a Kazuki Pudding!
: I’ll have a Kazuki Curry Box, with coarse tea!
: A melon soda with a Kazuki Cake, please.
: Heey, easy! Don’t say it all at once!
: And what about you, Akira? Can you point out what you’ll have?
: …
: Coffee, black? Ooh, how grown-up of you.
: …
: “Coffee”… Psh, you’re just trying to look cool because Ms. Toumi’s here.
: Mr. Mizoguchi, could we please stop naming dishes after me?
: What, you’re the big savior of the island! That makes you the highlight of our shop!
: Oh, brother… Am I really?
: Yo, check out the news. Hazard’s shown his ugly mug again.
: Hazard?!

: Good day, everyone. This is Isabelle Cronkite, coming to you live.
: Our interview today is about the recently revealed alien lifeforms commonly known as the ELS…
: I am here with Prof. Billy Katagiri, foremost expert on ELS research, and…
: With Commandant Hazard Pasha, the hero responsible for saving humanity at Operation Heaven’s Door. ( :barf: )
: It’s a pleasure to be here.
: I say the same. I’ll answer all your questions to the best of my ability. Wahahaha!

: Urgh, and now the prick’s the Commandant of the Army of Mankind. This really is the end times.

: We’ll begin straight away, then. Prof. Katagiri, regarding the announcement that a large flock of ELS from Jupiter have started to move towards the center of the Solar System…
: The Federation Government has said that the probability of them heading for Earth is zero – is that true?
: It’s too soon to tell, I’m afraid. That said, even if the ELS are coming our way, judging by the speed with which they’re moving, we have ample time to prepare ourselves for their arrival.
: Then, is our military already seeing to such preparations?
: But of course. Both the Army of Mankind and the Federation Army are working around the clock to create the perfect anti-ELS weapons. We’re even making use of technology provided by the Frontier Fleet, I should note.
: So, whether or not the ELS do come here, there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Waahahahaha!
: I see. Everything is going swimmingly, then.
: You’ve heard it yourselves, dear viewers. Do not let yourselves be fooled by speculation and misinformation. Carry on your daily lives as you would…

: The only thing going swimmingly is that crook’s career! If we leave this up to him, all we’ll get is a dead planet!
: Don’t worry. I’m sure the UX aren’t sitting on their hands.
: The UX… It’s only been three months since we last saw them, but it feels like an eternity.
: And you kids sure have grown a lot in that time.
: You juniors better get to work and start catching up to them quick-like, you hear?
: Hmhmm. And we’ll even be starting live combat training today, but…
: We’re not too sure if we’re good enough for this…
: Hey, don’t sweat it. We’ll get you all in top fighting shape!
: Well, look at what a badass we have here. Quite the contrast to the crybaby from a few months ago.
: Sa-Sakura… we really don’t need to dredge up the past!
: Heheh, well, keep up the good work and you’ll all do fine.
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: (Watch over me, Mamoru! I’ll be a worthy successor to your name as Goubine!)

: Rina Nishio, Akira Nishio, Seri Tatekami and Hiroto Douma are all set to begin pilot training aboard the Fafners today. (Toumi)
: And the units are prepped and ready to go? (Makabe)
: Barring the “numberless”, all units up to the thirteenth can be deployed on your order. (Hazama)
: Even the Mark Fünf? It was so damaged, I didn’t think it’d even move again… (Kaname)
: I wanted to make it pristine again, regardless of how hard that’d be.
: I… I owed it to Mamoru to repair his Fafner.
: You did good, Tamotsu (Nishio).
: To tell the truth, I wish we didn’t have to send kids into battle again…
: I know. But we can’t discard that option now that the core of the island has entered its growth phase.
: What’s the status on the Brünnhilde System?
: The core’s focusing its energies on growing, so the island’s ecosystem and life support functionalities are seeing some anomalies.
: The islanders’ health is also expected to be affected, but my biggest concern is that it’ll hamper the island’s defense functionalities.
: You’re right to be worried: there have been Festum sightings across the entire planet…
: Who knows the kind of damage they’d cause were they to attack the island again…
: (Fumihiko…)
: (Y-You’re…!)
: …
: (Tsubaki Minashiro…)
: Is something the matter, Cmdr. Makabe?
: N-No… it’s nothing…
: …?
: (Am I the only one seeing her…?)
: (It hasn’t ended yet, Fumihiko…)
: (There must be another path beyond that of hatred. You must look for it, together.)
: (Please, Fumihiko…)
: …
: But I thought their core – the Mir – had been destroyed? Why are the Festum still active?
: Perhaps the enemy Mir has simply assumed a different form.
: In the same way our Mir became the island’s atmosphere? Could something akin to a core have been born within the enemy’s ranks?
: There’s still much we don’t understand about the Festum.
: As is also the case with your daughter, Miwa…
: …
: It’s been less than two months since she was born, yet she already looks and acts like a two-year-old toddler.
: I suspect it’s related to her being the child of parents with Festum genes, but…
: She might be a bit different from the other kids, but Miwa’s still my dear baby girl.
: I’ll protect her with my life, come what may.

If Michio’s dead:

: Whatever she looks like, it doesn’t change the fact that her birth spelled hope for our island. We must protect her, come what may.

Common ground:

: You’re right… For now, let’s just pray that this peace lasts.

: Here’s a biiiig boat! And here, a bigger boat, and a mountain! (Miwa)
: Oh, wow, you’re so good at drawing, Miwa. What else can you make? (Yumiko)
: …
: What is it, honey…?
: Mommy, who’s that?
: Huh?
: …
: Tsubaki…!
: (They are suffering. They don’t know what they should do…)
: (And the one who can save them from it is…)
: N-No! Stay away from her! Don’t bring her into this… please!
: Mommy, friends are coming.
: F-Friends…?

(In regards to Yumiko’s incredibly fast-growing baby, while I don’t know if UX will actually go somewhere to outright explain it in full, the JP wikis do point to a theory… a very eerie theory, in light of another series we have here. I can’t quite go into details yet due to spoilers, but give me until the end of mission 43, and I’ll tell what’s what.)

: …
: This is the island of Tatsumiya…
: The place where Soushi used to be…

Mission 41 – Reunion – Misao

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Now this is much more like it! There’s nothing stopping me from moving how I want when I’m in my Fafner!
: Heey, Mark Drei! Quit zipping around and come help with the training!
: (The Mark Dreizehn, a Fafner made for me…)
: (Every move it makes is exactly how I want it… Thank you, mom…)
: Alright, listen up! What makes Fafners special is that you don’t actually need to steer them like you do a normal mech!
: Become one with your unit. Embrace your Altered Consciousness, the change in your psyche.
: You got that, Mark Fünf?!
: Y-Yeah…!
: Dang, look at Kenji… he’s really come into his own.
: Call out to each other by your unit’s assign codenames. You are your Fafners, and the Fafners are you.
: Understood, Mark Neun?!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: Mark Zehn!
: …
: Mi…ss… Tou…mi…
: Huh…?! Did Akira just talk?!
: No way…!
: It’s not that big a deal, really. Any impaired senses get unblocked again when you join with your Fafner.
: Ms. Toumi… D-Do you hear me?
: I do, yes.
: Akira’s actually talking… wow…
: Wake up and answer your hail, Mark Zwölf!
: A-Ah…! Yes, ma’am!
: Maintain your minds crossed and shoulder your pain and your fear as a team.
: And then try and take a stab at us! Show me what you got!
: Raaaaaaaargh!

: Ooorgh?! A headbutt?! Who the hell does that?!

: An unknown’s been detected moving inside the shield?!
: Yes… Solomon hasn’t made any announcements yet, though.
: What is going on? Does that mean we’ve an intruder that Solomon can’t identify?!

: …
: I am here, everyone…

Solomon alarm!

: ?! There’s an anomaly within the Brünnhilde System! These readings are… the Festum!
: What?!

: The Festum…?!
: How’d they get so close…?!
: They’re so pretty…
: Hrm, they sure picked a great time to turn up…!
: Could they have planned to attack precisely during the core’s growth phase?!
: Kenji! I know this wasn’t in the cards for today, but can you guys handle them?!
: Aye, aye! We’ll make it work!
: Fünf, Neun, Zehn, Zwölf, you guys stand down!
: N-No… We’re fighting too! I… I’ll fight just like Mamoru did!
: Y-You…!
: Fine, then form up! Brace for the enemy attack!
: R-Roger…!

*Hiroto and Seri form a team; Rina and Akira form another.

: Are you there…?

: Aaaiiieeee!
: W-We have to fight real Festum, just like that…?!
: Pull yourselves together, folks!
: The Nothung Models have been upgraded to the Nth degree. They won’t be brought down that easily!
: Have faith in yourselves, in your units, and fight!
: They’re coming! Hold ‘em back!

Kill everything, don’t lose anyone. This first part’s pretty simple (Shouko could solo everything without breaking a sweat), as we have, at most, some Sphinxes with a bunch of Grendels.
But it’s all to help us get acquainted to the new Fafner kids. Shouko’s unchanged (as is Michio), but the other vets have all been changed… some for worse.

Case in point, the Mark Acht. It’s lost BOTH its Luger Lance and Railgun attacks, which is a tremendous downgrade. Before, you could set the Acht pretty much anywhere and it’d do well, working as a fine squaddie since its Railgun had loads of ammo and good range – if stuff got close, Kenji had his EN-based lance to fall back on. Now? Kenji only has two basic rifles, both of which are weaker than his lost attacks, his point-blank Mine Blade, and his standard Medusa cannons. The kicker is that they didn’t actually increase the Medusa shots, so you only get 4 of those and that’s that.
Kenji’s mook-wrecking tag-team with Michel has come to a screeching halt, but the Crossing System still makes it a worthwhile proposition to find a slot for the Acht, if only to empower everyone else.

Maya’s stopped being a dedicated sniper to become a bit of a mixed-range attacker. Her stats are still gigantic and while her max range has taken a hit with the loss of her Dragon’s Tooth rifle (which is now with Akira), her average power has actually increased with the new moveset. Plus, her strongest non-combo attack is now post-movement, so she can really lead a charge now.
Oh, and she’s learned Hit & Away.

Canon Hazama’s (she changed her surname!) new Mark Dreizehn is a 100% direct upgrade to the Drei under her command: ranges and squad bonus are wholly unchanged, but everything else has gained a power boost.
Treat her as you did before.

Fafner Mark Drei - Lindwurm (Sakura Kaname)
Squad Bonus: Crit +10, ranged weapons +100 (Crit +20, ranged weapons +200, HP +750, S in Air)

Sakura has decided for a full re-spec for HAE, going from a close-range bruiser to a mid-range, pre-movement attacker. I hope you hadn’t been feeding her Infights. She’s overall stronger for it, but you’ll need to readjust and pair her with people that fits her new ranges, such as Kira, non-Michel Valkyries, Dr. West, etc (ironically, she’d be a good fit with the OLD Acht).
The boost in terrain that she provides plus the Drei’s big movement range makes for a nice squaddie; the fact that all her weapons are ammo based, and with decent clips, further cements her a spot. If you’ve a spare B-Save, consider giving it to her, but Hit & Away is a nigh necessity (except if her partner unit has it, of course).

Fafner Mark Fünf (Hiroto Douma)
Pilot Skills:
Synergetic Code L3
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
All Attack L2
Spirit Commands:
Iron Wall
Mech Features:
Crossing System
Hiroto’s voice actor: Nozomu Sasaki (other roles: Clef in Rayearth, Olba in Gundam X, Hathaway in CCA, and many more).

HAE Mark Fünf is SLIGHTLY tankier than its original version due to 500 HP boost, and it has 10 extra EN in its pool. That’s about all the good things I can say, because this is another straight downgrade.
First off, the only thing Hiroto does better than Mamoru is the fact that he has Iron Wall – he’s a worse pilot in all other aspects. He has less stats and his Synergetic Code doesn’t go as high. As for the bot itself - brace yourself for this – it’s lost Goubine Smash and got precisely zilch in return (oh, excuse me, it got a new Gegner rifle that’s 100 points stronger than the piddly Durandal rifle); this means that, on its own, the bot is now a full 800 attack power weaker than it was around mission 16-17! I do not appreciate this.
On the other hand, the new kids have a Cross Dog combo attack of their own, which is 400 power stronger than the OG Triple Dog and helps offset the dip in raw attack power. That said, Goubine Smash had half the EN cost, took 20 less morale, reduced enemy morale and didn’t require Mamoru next to three other people to use. I still do not appreciate this. I’m sure Hiroto is a great kid, but he has a long way to go before he does GOUBINE justice!

Fafner Mark Zwölf (Seri Tatekami)
Pilot Skills:
Synergetic Code L3
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
All Attack L2
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Crossing System
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5, EN +50 (Mobility +20, EN +100, Movement +2)
Seri’s voice actress: Misato Fukuen (other roles: Sakura in Street Fighter, Patty in DMC, Marie in Valvrave, and many more)

Fafner Mark Neun (Rina Nishio)
Pilot Skills:
Synergetic Code L3
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
All Attack L2
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Mech Features:
Crossing System
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, Money +10% (Accuracy +20, Money +20%, Ranged weapons +150)
Seri’s voice actress: Ryoko Shiraishi (other roles: Hurricane in SKL, Aoi in Masoukishin II, Anew in 00 Gundam, and many more)

Seri and Rina are very similar to each other, in that their units are pretty much the same outside of their final attack (which has the same range, but Seri’s costs 10 EN more); each of their best weapons carries a different debuff: armor down and attack power down, respectively.
Pretty useful, especially as the endgame starts throwing bigger mooks at us, and both girls can easily handle themselves (though their stats are mostly a step below their seniors). The Crossing System further increases their value, and their Squad Bonuses carry enough goodies that you should always keep them at the top of your squaddie list.

Mark Zehn (Akira Nishio)
Pilot Skills:
Synergetic Code L3
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L1
All Attack L2
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Crossing System
Squad Bonus: Ranged weapons +100, Exp +10% (Ranged weapons +200, Exp +20%, Range +2)
Akira’s voice actor: Yuuki Kaji

Akira is another full sniper, but when Maya frickin’ Toumi is your direct comparison, you’re bound to come up short. In terms of raw attack power, the Mark Zehn ties with the Sieben, but Akira can’t measure up to Maya. He’s still pretty good, mind you.
Unfortunately, the Zehn has one major flaw that keeps it from being an easy fit for sniper units: like HAE Acht, it doesn’t have any variety for strong weapons, relying solely on its Dragon’s Tooth – and it only has 4 shots. Akira apparently can’t run and gun with a sniper rifle like Maya can, so that’s another issue.
Still, Crossing System remains very good and can help him do reliable damage even when he’s forced to fall back on his weaker weapons. Again, B-Save is very important to get more mileage. Set him in with someone who has decent range but who can work on the mid-short range as well (like Kouichi, Kira, Alto, Yajima, Graham, Fei-Yen, etc.)

Whew. Now we can continue.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: This is your first real battle, so pay attention! I’ll go in first and break the enemy lines, while you guys cover my six…
: No, Mamoru was always fighting right at the front of the pack!
: And I’ll do the same! I’ll keep everyone safe as Goubine…!
: Don’t be stupid! Fight like that and you’re gonna get someone killed!


:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: I’d almost forgotten how it feels to move as freely as this…! This might be my first battle in a long time, but I’m not afraid of getting back in the fray!
: Our island’s not your plaything, Festum! I’m sending you right back to where you came from!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: My mom planned this Fafner just for me…
: And it’s with it that I’ll defend Tatsumiya! This island’s home to all of us!

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: What happened?! I thought we wouldn’t have to fight against the Festum anymore!
: I’m scared… I’m so scared, Tsubaki…!
: Calm down, Mark Zwölf! You need to accept reality for what it is!

It’s important for you to know that Seri’s Altered Consciousness makes her very prone to head-butting. So, what did the geniuses at ALVIS do? Make her a Fafner with a laser spear hat.

And when you kill a Sphinx:

: …?!

: Wh-What…?
: Something the matter, Mark Zwölf?
: N-No, I… it just looked like the Festum was trying to say something…
: The Festum…?
: (Kazuki…)
: …?! Soushi…!
: (I’m being forced to take a gamble, Kazuki…)
: Soushi… I understand!

And when you kill 3+ enemy teams, including a Sphinx, the plot carries on:


: ?! I-It’s…!
: Commander, the Mark Sein’s getting ready to take off!
: Kazuki?!

: …
: Kazuki… What’re you doing here?
: Don’t worry about me. I can see just fine when I’m in the Fafner!
: Kazuki…!

: Relax, I’ll watch his back!
: Michio…?!
: Can’t have the team’s vet hanging back while even the nuggets are getting their hands dirty, ya know. That’s just a bad role model!
: Does my sister know that you’re piloting again?
: Ah, don’t worry about it. I’m sure Yumiko won’t mind it too much once my baby girl sees her daddy kicking the Festum out the island!
: Let’s get to it, kids!
: (If this is what you want, Soushi… then I’ll fight them as well!)

:siren: SRW UX - Azure
HAE brings us a new BGM, and one of my top 3 songs in the game (I’m not strong enough to outright point one I like best). Come next mission, all my Fafner units’ll be packing this… except Shouko, who’s a Dunbine character.

: Why… Why is it you, and not Soushi…?!

[i]Kazuki’s still Kazuki.

And when you kill a second Sphinx:[/i]

: …?!

: I-I knew it…
: Listen… I’m positive that they’re trying to say something. What should we do? I can’t fight with that bugging me!
: Well, of course the enemy’s going be saying stuff! Like, how they hate us and whatever… Just take them out before they open their mouths!
: B-But…

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Come back as many times as you want, I’m not letting you take this island! This is our home… it’s where we belong!

Here’s Maya’s new strongest, non-combo attack.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Mark Zehn, this is your first real battle. Make sure you don’t do anything stupid.
: Don’t you worry, Ms. Toumi! Look how well I’m flying the Fafner! I’ll have these Festum down in two shakes!
: …

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: The Mir core inside your mech protects you against the enemy’s abilities! Believe in yourself and fight!
: O-Okay, I’m going in… These are the Festum… they’re our enemies!

And Rina’s best attack. All clear!

: Haah, haah… Is that all of them?!

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: What…?!

: O-Oh, God… What’s going on?!
: We’re detecting a sudden shift in their energy readings! The Festum are…!

: Th-The hell?!
: The Festum transformed…?!

: Aaargh…!
: Kazuki!
: Damn it, what just happened there?!
: That new Festum’s displaying a chemical profile unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!
: A-And the reading’s expanding!

: Huh?! All the other Festum—!

: Rrgh…! Graaaaaaaaaah!
: Th-The pilot’s being Assimilated! Fast! Any more than that and he’ll…!
: C-Cover the Mark Sein and… rrgh… cough, wheeze!
: Cmdr. Makabe…?!
: Aagh-aaarraaaaaah!
: Ka-Kazuki!

: …?!
: H-Hrm… Is that?!

:siren: SRW UX - Roaring Deathblow

: Target sighted. Beginning operation.
: The Lyras… Saya?!
: Then, the other one must be…
: We’ll end him in one fell swoop, Saya. Ready the Hell Stringer!
: Roger that. Lepton Vectrers, synchro-overdrive engaged.

Power uuuuup!

: Synchronization coefficient 97, 98… Pressure set, safety lock released! We’re going!

Captions are available, so you can appreciate Arnie having fully embraced the Hissatsu spirit and throwing quotes around just like Richard.
Also, I do enjoy the callback to the prologue mission.

: Target’s destruction confirmed. Lepton Vectrers’ output is stable.
: Are you alright, Kazuki?!
: Arnie…!
: The UX… They’re here?!
: Yeah, we are! You’ve nothing to worry about anymore!

: Launch all mobile squadrons!

: Been a long time, guys!
: These blobs won’t be running amok now that we’re in the area!
: We’ll handle this, Kazuki! Pull back!
: N-No… I’m alright! I can keep going!
: Very well, but take care that you do not overwork yourself!
: The UX are helping us…! Ooh, I feel like I could take on anything now!

: What kind of future will the emergence of this new variety of Festum lead us to…?
: My friends, the island’s defense is your top priority! Cooperate with the Fafners and rout the enemy forces!

Kill everything, don’t lose any ships or Hiroto. The new Eurus Type Festum come packing a whole lot of firepower and Mind Read L3, so make sure everyone has at least Focus running and don’t be afraid to use your Confuse casts, because there’s a ton of them. The Eurus also have biiiig range, so see if you can’t keep enough distance to force the back rows to close in (once they decide to start moving).
But, like all Festum, they can’t take a hit and Kazuki can still Assimilate them just the same. Go all out with your SP and deal with them following standard Festum strategies, only with an added bit of caution.

:siren: Secret Alert!
Fafner secret #4 – 1st and 2nd steps: you have until mission 47 to use all HAE combo attacks at least once: that’s the Juniors’ Cross Dog Formation, the Seniors’ Cross Dog Formation, and Twin Dog Formation with Kazuki and Maya. Also, Kazuki has to have up to 200 kills by said mission 47.

Word of advice: try to get the Juniors’ combo attack out of the way now, so you can pick whichever route you prefer next and still be on track for this one.

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: New Festum or not, I won’t be beaten! I made a promise to Kazuki that I’d protect his home, and I keep my promises!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La.

: I wanted to believe that our days of fighting you were behind us…
: But if you’re taking a stab at our island again, then I’m not pulling any punches! I’ve a couple of people here that I’d go to Hell and back to keep safe!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Darling, the enemy’s a brand new type of Festum-robo! Don’t let your guard down-robo!
: And they’re red, meaning they gotta be three times stronger, right? But you’re not scaring me away with that, Festum!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD


: …?! What sound is this…?
: Hatred…? No, that’s not it. I’m feeling something different from these Festum – something I didn’t feel before…

Jesus, Fei, take it easy!

:siren: Final Mission ~ Quantum Burst 1

: We managed to pry open the road to dialogue with the Festum before…
: And if that road has been shut, then we’ll pry it open again and again! But we must fight you today to do that…!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: New Festum…? We even have stuff like this walking around…?
: Hmmm…!
: I know, Heroman. We’ve carried on fighting these past three months, and we’re not throwing in the towel now! We won’t be beaten – no matter the enemy!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: I’m not about to let Kazuki and the others carry this whole fight on their backs! Come and try your hand with me instead, Festum!

And, bam, here’s the new kids’ combo attack.

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: I don’t mean to close shut the road towards mutual understanding with you…
: And, so, what I’ll do is show you that which is born from life: the roar of the soul!

: A new strain of Festum has been born into their kind… Is this also due to a divergence of possibilities?

I wasn’t originally going to make this video, what with having ended the animation abruptly, but I decided you must all hear how much LOUDER Arnie has gotten.
“I’ll put you out of your misery!” > “May you rest in peace…!”

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Looks like Kazuki and the others are doing fine…
: But I’m still going to make you pay for threatening their peace!
: Yeah, get them!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: If you’ll be a menace to this island and its tranquility, then it falls on me to once more show you the brilliance of a righteous blade!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Careful, Aesap! We’ve no idea what these new Festum might do!
: They won’t wait for us to figure it out, though, so we’re better off taking the fight to them!

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: Been a bit since we played with some Festum, eh…? These don’t look like any of the blobs we’ve seen before, but that’s no prob!
: Right, we’ll just give you a fresh dosage of our blessing… a blessing of Hell!

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

Oddly enough, this convo from Kenji can play even against the first wave of Festum – before the new ones even turn up. Must be a bug.

: We get flung into a proper battle right during training, and, to top that off, there’s even a new kind of Festum…
: But I’m not letting you get even one of your fingers on our juniors! You’re dealing with me first!

And just because I felt like it, here are the Seniors’ NEW Cross Dog to take out the last one (yes, they can only use their original combos for those two missions).

: Hah! Is that all they’ve got to offer?!
: No, we’ve multiple signals on approach!

: Tsk… The things are really making up for all the time when they didn’t turn up here!
: This quantity of Festum is anything but normal, though! What’s going on?!
: …

: Uwaaaaaaah!
: We’re being hit with naval and air strikes! We have to do something, Makabe, or this’ll go south in a big way!
: Hrm… It’s too soon for us to surrender!
: Stay strong, people! Give them an inch and they’ll overwhelm us!
: No… We can’t take this anymore! This is insane!
: Is… Is this how I’m going to die…?
: I finally got to set out into the battlefield… and my battles are ending already?!

Takayuki Miyauchi - Wake Up! Wake Up!
:siren: :siren:

: Don’t give up!
: …?! That’s…!
: A training model…?
: What… Are you?!
: Hold fast to your belief in a brighter tomorrow and fight on, even when victory seems impossible…!
: That’s the spirit of the Mobile Samurai, Goubine!
: Ma-Mamoru?!
: Mamoru… But how?!
: Justice never dies!
: Now get up! That is, if the flame inside your heart hasn’t fizzled out yet!
: Ma-Mamoru…!
: Okay! Haaaaaaaaaah!

: Come on, Goubine!

Mamoru and Hiroto move together.

: Chou-Hissatsu! Double!

: Ha-hahah… Ain’t that something.
: Mamoru… you’re alive!
: I am, yeah! But the reunion’s gonna have to wait!
: Agreed! We’ll save the “hurrahs” for after we’ve cleared out these blobs!
: There sure are a lot of enemies… But, no, that doesn’t matter!
: Because, today, Hiroto and I are Double Goubines! (Kamen Rider SPIRITS reference – Hongo Takeshi’s words to Taki in the first chapter)
: Y-Yes, sir…!

: …
: Please go back, everyone. Give me some time to talk to them…

: The Festum…!
: They’re retreating…?!
: Wh-What happened?!
: Hey, look! Over there…!
: A boy…?
: My name is Misao Kurusu. I’ve come to speak to you humans.
: Misao… Kurusu…?

: We can’t even begin to thank you for your help today.
: We’re just glad we made it here in time. What’s important is that everyone made it out in one piece.
: And, if I may ask, who was that boy from before?
: He…
: Is there a problem?
: We ran some scans and, looking at the results, we’ve concluded that he’s actually a Festum.
: That boy?!
: Then, he is another of those humanoid Festum that we saw previously?
: We can’t say for sure yet, but he came here to talk to us.
: Huh… We thought the Army of Mankind’s nuclear strike had undone all our work towards enabling coexistence between us, but apparently not?
: I sure didn’t expect them to reach out to us, though…
: I guess the Festum have changed as well…

: Hey, guys, dad… I’m home.
: Ma-Mamoru… Thank God… Thank God you’re alive…!
: Dude, do you have any idea what you put us through?!
: But… how did you even survive that?
: To tell you the truth… When I came to, I was already back here on the island.
: What, and three months had passed? For real?!
: Hey, now… you didn’t get turned into a Festum, did you…?!
: N-No, of course not!
: I don’t really know how I survived that… but I kind of remember hearing a girl’s voice?
: A girl?
: Yeah, and I really feel like I’d heard that voice somewhere before.
: Maybe it was Tsubaki, then?
: That’s got to be it, yeah! Tsubaki saved you!
: Hmm, maybe…?
: (I don’t really think that was Tsubaki speaking, though…)
: U-Um, Mamoru… You should have this back.
: Hm? Ah, the Goubine helmet.
: This helmet gave me the courage I needed to fight. But, now that you’re back, I guess there won’t really be a reason for me to deploy anymore… (At least he knows.)
: Hey, what kind of attitude is that? You’ve already proved yourself to be a very competent fighter.
: Stick your chest out. You’re more than worthy of keeping the title of Goubine, I say.
: B-But…
: How about this, then: you can both take turns piloting the Fünf!
: Us both…?
: That sounds pretty good. Hiroto can be Goubine Z, and Mamoru can be Great Goubine.
: Naah, I got a real Goubine #1 and Goubine #2 vibe today.
: The names ain’t that important, dang it!
: Hahah… Well, Hiroto, if they say so, then I guess we’ll all be working together.
: Y-Yes, sir! Thank you so much!

And, as they said, the Fünf can now be piloted by Mamoru or Hiroto. Considering the rant above, it shouldn’t come as a secret that I’ll be going with the former – especially since he not only makes the Fünf way better as a unit, Mamoru, Sakura and Kenji have a NEW Triple Dog Combo attack. It’s 300 attack points weaker then Hiroto’s Cross Dog, but I think that’s offset by making the Fünf a better unit on its own (plus, while Kenji has his own Cross Dog, Sakura could really benefit from that extra firepower).

: I’m glad to see you well, my friends.
: We say the same, General Zhou Yu. You seem to be recovering nicely.
: Perhaps, but I cannot yet get off this blasted bed…
: Still, I cannot even put into words how happy I am to speak to you again, Master…
: You have become a fine commander, Lu Xun.
: Continue your good work, and make sure to always support your companions…
: Yes, Master!

: How about you, Kazuki? Are you doing alright?
: Did your Assimilation trigger again?
: Don’t worry, I’m not going down from that. Our medicine’s gotten a lot better over these past months.
: Besides, I made a promise to him.
: That you’d keep waiting until Soushi came back, huh…?
: But if you keep pushing yourself and your Assimilation progresses further…
: You might as well let him do what he wants, I think.
: You can see by the look on his face just how committed he is. We couldn’t stop him even if we tried.
: Sheryl…
: …
: Just be reasonable out there, Kazuki.
: Yes, sir. I promise I will.

: I guess we’re really going to have to fight the Festum again, huh…?
: I think it’s a bit too soon to say. We need to hear what he has to say first…
: The Festum boy, Misao Kurusu…

: Misao Kurusu… is that the name of the person you Assimilated?
: No, that’s due to the information Soushi Minashiro passed on to me. The name just happened when I tried to express my being in your language.
: I need a name to talk to you properly, yes?
: Was it Soushi who sent you here, then?
: I wanted to come here myself. He looked like he had something to tell you.
: Soushi did…? Why aren’t we talking to him, then?
: Because of mankind, of that huge flame of yours. My people are suffering because of it…
: The Army of Mankind’s nuclear strike…
: Right… There was so much pain, so our Mir didn’t want to be reborn.
: Maybe that’s why I was born instead.
: I take it your Mir was not destroyed, then?
: Yes, though it was split into several pieces. A few of those did disappear, but not all…
: So, that’s the reason why the Festum are still active…
: Would you mind if I asked a question?
: What is it?
: Um, have you ever looked at the sky and thought it was pretty?
: The sky? Y-Yes, I suppose…
: Ahahaha, I knew it! I really can understand your kind!
: “Understand”…? Can’t you use your mind reading abilities to look into our thoughts?
: Sure, but it’s not easy to make much sense of them.
: Which is why I’m so glad that you think the sky is pretty!
: Could you tell us what you’re here for?
: I don’t want to see you gone, so I came to ask that you fight alongside us.
: Fight? Against who…?
: Against mankind… and against other groups of our kind.
: Wh-What…?!

Now, we’ve another trio unlocking their final tactician bonuses:

  • Athrun: All attacks ignore barriers.
  • Jeffrey: Units loaded onto a ship now restore 50% HP/EN per turn, instead of the regular 30%.
  • Arnie: +10% to all support abilities.

And here are the convos we didn’t get, what with the ultra-limited deployment slots:

: You’re doing this again?! And you might’ve brought a bunch of new guys, but I’m still kicking your asses to kingdom come!

: I know any self-respecting Champion of Justice would come running when his friends are in trouble…
: But, damn it, everything was set for us to never have to fight the Festum again! And then the Army of Mankind went and screwed it all up…!

: Why… Why are you attacking us again?!
: Didn’t you Festum learn what life meant?!

: Just a handful of Fafners against all those enemies… this really isn’t something we could just ignore, now, is it?
: The Dancouga is an ally of the weak, after all! You’re gonna have to tango with us too, Festum!

And I was asked to show this skit out of respect for HAZARD PASHA, HERO OF HUMANITY.


Incidentally, in Fafner Exodus, Festum shenanigans end up aging Miwa by a few years.


Man, I remember when Arnie was still unsure of what path to follow in life. Dude has come a long way to become the Hot-Blooded badass he is now. Good job Arnie, you do the Major proud.

Also, the OG Goubine has returned! Raise your helmets in cheer!!!

Does this mean that the Festum came here to laugh at us?


Too bad Shouko, Michio, and Mamoru don’t get Heaven and Earth upgrades/redesigns like the rest of the Fafner cast nor is it possible to field both Goubines at the same time (I mean I know that Elf was cannibalized to finish creating Sein, but surely Zwei could’ve been retrofitted with some spare parts like Ein as I can only recall its armor being used to repair Elf?).

Then again I suppose my expectations were slightly off due to my memory misremembering that Gai Daigoji got a “what-if” design and mecha upgrade for the Prince of Darkness storyline in SRW W due to being a mandatory unit and not a secret.


He did Goubein justice in the end… and also warned the viewers that Fafner Exodus has taken the gloves off, it’s Death At Every Corner time once again.

Seri’s altered mentality isn’t why she has the headbutting thing, that’s just a thing she does. She likes insects and got inspiration from them. It’s not any dumber than the original Drei getting an attack that was literally “PUNCH A FESTUM”.

three times stronger Festum

Oh no, Kuro, that comes a show later, when they start doing things like duplicating mini-nukes.

Mark Zwei never actually appears in UX, because its pilot dies in Episode 1 of the original show before she can ride it. It got completely stripped and gotten rid of to rebuild Elf, which is a plot point because they couldn’t give it to the UN when they came calling (that’s why they were going to give Sechs before it got wrecked.)

The only thing that had Zwei actually doing any sortieing was Right of Left, which isn’t in UX, and even then it didn’t get a chance to go into combat.