When Does "Gotta Catch 'Em All" Become a Problem? Expert Emerald!

Some people like to breeze through the Pokémon games with their starter. Some people like to create a team of six unstoppable allies and beat everybody that way. Some people play Pokémon competitively. And a select few still stick with the old mantra: “gotta catch 'em all”… for reasons that are lost on me, I’m in the latter group.

Released for the GBA in the mid 2000s, Pokémon Emerald was the definitive version of the Generation III Pokémon games. There were 386 Pokemon at the time of this game’s release, but unless you connected with almost all the other Gen 3 titles (Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Colosseum and XD) and attended real-world events, there was no way of acquiring every single mon. Sad times…

But that’s where Expert Emerald comes in: this romhack adds in a ton of otherwise unobtainable Pokémon, as well as bolstering the difficult of the game. So in this LP, I’m going to catch every single mon. Don’t panic, I’m good at editing out all the fluff and then some, this isn’t going to be the longest and most tedious VLP ever created… and even if it was, my plan to rotate guests would keep things kinda sorta probably fresh!


Prologue: Gen I Review & Gen II Review

Part 1: Colonel Sanders
Part 2: The Wiggles Dynasty w/ ScurvyKip
Part 3: Adult Movie w/ ScurvyKip
Part 4: Rude Pirates w/ ScurvyKip
Part 5: Fuck Togepi w/ ScurvyKip & Mateo360
Part 6: Flawless Plan w/ ScurvyKip & Mateo360
Part 7: Kaizo Traps w/ ScurvyKip & Mateo360
Part 8: The Daddiest Pokémon w/ ScurvyKip & Combat Lobster
Part 9: Press F to Fish w/ ScurvyKip & Combat Lobster (feat. Vorzac)
Part 10: Evolution on the Brain w/ ScurvyKip & Combat Lobster (feat. Charlotte)
Part 11: Castfrom w/ ScurvyKip & Combat Lobster
Part 12: Six Birds, Countless Stones w/ ScurvyKip & Combat Lobster
Part 13: Deadly Trainers w/ ScurvyKip & Heavy Sigh
Part 14: Magma & Lava w/ ScurvyKip & Heavy Sigh
Part 15: Too Much Water w/ ScurvyKip & Heavy Sigh

Bonus: Gen III Spin-off Review

Part 16: Espeon w/ ScurvyKip & Heavy Sigh
Part 17: BMX Skillz w/ ScurvyKip & Heavy Sigh (feat. Vorzac)
Part 18: Bad Fish w/ Heavy Sigh & Death Sandals (feat. James Cameron)
Part 19: Raiden Ruined w/ ScurvyKip & Death Sandals
Part 20: Happy Taps w/ ScurvyKip & Death Sandals
Part 21: The Darkest Dungeon w/ ScurvyKip & Death Sandals
Part 22: Shoal Salty w/ ScurvyKip & Death Sandals
Part 23: Ew Rocks w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye
Part 24: The Boy Who Cried Mew w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye
Part 25: No Contest w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye
Part 26: Bereft of Luck w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye
Part 27: Spectating w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye
Part 28: Finger Lickin’ Nice w/ ScurvyKip & Lotus Gramarye


Caught in Part 1

C.Sanders the Torchic - If attacked, it strikes back by spitting balls of fire it forms in its stomach. A TORCHIC dislikes darkness because it can’t see its surroundings.

Fluffo the Sentret - They take turns standing guard when it is time to sleep. The sentry awakens the others if it senses danger. If one becomes separated, it turns sleepless with fear.

Pidge the Pidgey - It has an extremely sharp sense of direction. It can unerringly return home to its nest, however far it may be removed from its familiar surroundings.

Nibbles the Rattata - A RATTATA is cautious in the extreme. Even while it is asleep, it constantly moves its ears and listens for danger. It will make its nest anywhere.

Fang the Poochyena - It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs. It chases after fleeing targets tenaciously. It turns tail and runs, however, if the foe strikes back.

Ziggy the Zigzagoon - Rubbing its nose against the ground, it always wanders about back and forth in search of something. It is distinguished by the zigzag footprints it leaves.

Sid the Slakoth - It sleeps virtually all day and night long. It doesn’t change its nest its entire life, but it sometimes travels great distances by swimming in rivers.

Spiral the Poliwag - It is possible to see this POKéMON’s spiral innards right through its thin skin. However, the skin is also very flexible. Even sharp fangs bounce right off it.

Raffi the Oddish - This POKéMON grows by absorbing moonlight. During the daytime, it buries itself in the ground, leaving only its leaves exposed to avoid detection by its enemies.

Dododo the Doduo - Even while eating or sleeping, one of the heads remains always vigilant for any sign of danger. When threatened, it flees at over 60 miles per hour.

Glyde the Hoppip - This POKéMON drifts and floats with the wind. If it senses the approach of strong winds, a HOPPIP links leaves with others to prepare against being blown away.

Blue the Azurill - Its tail, which is packed with nutrition, is very bouncy like a rubber ball. On sunny days they gather at the edge of water and splash about for fun.

Amiga the Lotad - This POKéMON lives in ponds with clean water. It is known to ferry small POKéMON across ponds by carrying them on the broad leaf on its head.

Locke the Seedot - It hangs off branches and absorbs nutrients. When it finishes eating, its body becomes so heavy that it drops to the ground with a thump.

Hooters the HootHoot - It has an internal organ that senses the earth’s rotation. Using this special organ, a HOOTHOOT begins hooting at precisely the same time every day.

Beaky the Spearow - Its loud cry can be heard over half a mile away. If its high, keening cry is heard echoing all around, it is a sign that they are warning each other of danger.

Angel the Ralts - A RALTS has the power to sense the emotions of people and POKéMON with the horns on its head. It takes cover if it senses any hostility.

Caught in Part 2

Psyche the Abra - A POKéMON that sleeps 18 hours a day. Observation revealed that it uses TELEPORT to change its location once every hour.

Spore the Paras - A PARAS has parasitic tochukaso mushrooms growing on its back. They grow by drawing nutrients from the host. They are valued as a medicine for long life.

Woolie the Mareep - Its fluffy wool rubs together and builds a static charge. The more energy is charged, the more brightly the lightbulb at the tip of its tail glows.

Flowey the Sunkern - SUNKERN try to minimize movement to conserve the nutrients they have stored in their bodies for evolution. They will not eat, subsisting only on morning dew.

Itsy Bitsy the Spinarak - The web it spins can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that a SPINARAK determines its prey by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web.

Butters the Caterpie - Its voracious appetite compels it to devour leaves bigger than itself without hesitation. It releases a terribly strong odor from its antennae.

Francis the Ledyba - LEDYBA communicate using a fluid that they secrete from where the legs join the body. They are said to convey feelings to others by altering the fluid’s scent.

Wiggle I, II & III the Wurmples - It sticks to tree branches and eats leaves. The thread it spits from its mouth, which becomes gooey when it touches air, slows the movement of its foes.

Wiggles I & II the Silcoons - It prepares for evolution using the energy it stored while it was a WURMPLE. It keeps watch over the surroundings with its two eyes.

Buzzbo the Weedle - A WEEDLE has an extremely acute sense of smell. It distinguishes its favorite kinds of leaves from those it dislikes by sniffing with its big red proboscis (nose).

Chi-Chi the Chikorita - It waves its leaf around to keep foes at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, creating a friendly atmosphere that becalms the battlers.

C.Sanders the Combusken - It lashes out with 10 kicks per second. Its strong fighting instinct compels it to keep up its offensive until the opponent gives up.

Wiggles III the Cascoon - To avoid detection by its enemies, it hides motionlessly beneath large leaves and in the gaps of branches. It also attaches dead leaves to its body for camouflage.

Butters the Metapod - Its shell is as hard as an iron slab. A METAPOD does not move very much because it is preparing its soft innards for evolution inside the shell.

Buzzbo the Kakuna - It remains virtually immobile while it clings to a tree. However, on the inside, it busily prepares for evolution. This is evident from how hot its shell becomes.

Amiga the Lombre - In the evening, it takes great delight in popping out of rivers and startling people. It feeds on aquatic moss that grows on rocks in the riverbed.

Caught in Part 3

Mittens the Meowth - MEOWTH withdraw their sharp claws into their paws to silently sneak about. For some reason, this POKéMON loves shiny coins that glitter with light.

Porky the Spoink - A POKéMON that manipulates psychic power at will. It doesn’t stop bouncing even when it is asleep. It loves eating mushrooms that grow underground.

Whiskers the Skitty - A SKITTY’s adorably cute behavior makes it highly popular. In battle, it makes its tail puff out. It threatens foes with a sharp growl.

Skipper the Surskit - They gather on puddles after evening downpours, gliding across the surface of water as if sliding. It secretes honey with a sweet aroma from its head.

Hayabusa the Nincada - It makes its nest at the roots of a mighty tree. Using its whiskerlike antennae, it probes its surroundings in the pitch-black darkness of soil.

9-Volt the Elekid - If it touches metal and discharges the electricity it has stored in its body, an ELEKID begins swinging its arms in circles to recharge itself.

Sweetie the Smoochum - It actively runs about, but also falls often. Whenever it falls, it will check its reflection on a lake’s surface to make sure its face hasn’t become dirty.

Pippi the Pichu - It is still inept at retaining electricity. When it is startled, it discharges power accidentally. It gets better at holding power as it grows older.

Buff-Puff the Igglybuff - Its soft and pliable body is very bouncy. When it sings continuously with all its might, its body steadily turns a deepening pink color.

Chi-Chi the Chikorita - It waves its leaf around to keep foes at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, creating a friendly atmosphere that becalms the battlers.

Cole the Magby - If a MAGBY is spouting yellow flames from its mouth, it is in good health. When it is fatigued, black smoke will be mixed in with the flames.

Twinkle the Cleffa - On nights with many shooting stars, CLEFFA can be seen dancing in a ring. They dance until daybreak, when they quench their thirst with the morning dew.

Cindy the Cyndaquil - It flares flames from its back to protect itself. The fire burns vigorously if the POKéMON is angry. When it is tired, it sputters with incomplete combustion.

Psyche the Kadabra - It is rumored that a boy with psychic abilities suddenly transformed into KADABRA while he was assisting research into extrasensory powers.

Pidge the Pidgeotto - This POKéMON flies around, patrolling its large territory. If its living space is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws.

Crocogator the Totodile - Despite its small body, TOTODILE’s jaws are very powerful. While it may think it is just playfully nipping, its bite has enough strength to cause serious injury.

Buzzbo the Beedrill - A BEEDRILL is extremely territorial. For safety reasons, no one should ever approach its nest. If angered, they will attack in a swarm.

Butters the Butterfree - It has a superior ability to search for delicious honey from flowers. It can seek, extract, and carry honey from flowers blooming over six miles away.

Caught in Part 4

Pudge the Makuhita - It loves to toughen up its body above all else. If you hear quaking rumbles in a cave, it is the sound of MAKUHITA undertaking strenuous training.

Slithers the Ekans - An EKANS curls itself up in a spiral while it rests. This position allows it to quickly respond to an enemy from any direction with a threat from its upraised head.

Fuzzo the Mankey - When it starts shaking and its nasal breathing turns rough, it’s a sure sign of anger. However, since this happens instantly, there is no time to flee.

Scrap the Aron - A POKéMON that is clad in steel armor. A new suit of armor is made when it evolves. The old, discarded armor is salvaged as metal for making iron products.

Woop-Woop the Wooper - WOOPER usually live in water but come out onto land seeking food occasionally. On land, they coat their bodies with a gooey, toxic film.

Bones the Cubone - It pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull it wears are from its tears.

Nightwing the Gligar - It glides without making a single sound. It grasps the face of its foe using its hind and large front claws, then stabs with its poison barb.

Toots the Phanpy - PHANPY’s big ears serve as broad fans. When it becomes hot, it flaps the ears busily to cool down. Even the young are very strong.

Decibel the Whismur - Its cries equal a jet plane in volume. It inhales through its ear canals. Because of this system, it can cry continually without having to catch its breath.

Schnoz the Nosepass - Its body emits a powerful magnetism. It feeds on prey that is pulled in by the force. Its magnetism is stronger in cold seasons.

Quartz the Sableye - It digs branching holes in caves using its sharp claws in search of food–raw gems. A SABLEYE lurks in darkness and is seen only rarely.

Locke the Nuzleaf - A forest-dwelling POKéMON that is skilled at climbing trees. Its long and pointed nose is its weak point. It loses power if the nose is gripped.

Crunchie the Mawile - Its giant jaws are actually steel horns that transformed. It fools foes into complacency with its adorable gestures, then chomps them with its huge jaws.

Rocko the Geodude - It climbs mountain paths using only the power of its arms. Because they look just like boulders lining paths, hikers may step on them without noticing.

Glyde the Skiploom - It blossoms when the temperature rises above 64 degrees F. Because its flower’s blooming changes with the temperature, it is sometimes used as a thermometer.

Wiggles the Beautifly - Its colorfully patterned wings are its most prominent feature. It flies through flower-covered fields collecting pollen. It attacks ferociously when angered.

Showers the Eevee - An EEVEE has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to its environment. Radiation from various STONES causes this POKéMON to evolve.

Chi-chi the Bayleef - A BAYLEEF’s neck is ringed by curled-up leaves. Inside each leaf is a small tree shoot. The fragrance of this shoot makes people peppy.

Wiggles III the Dustox - It is a nocturnal POKéMON that flies from fields and mountains to the attraction of streetlights at night. It looses highly toxic powder from its wings.

Tyrone the Tyrogue - TYROGUE become stressed out if they do not get to train every day. When raising this POKéMON, the TRAINER must establish a regular training schedule.

Snoop Dogg the Gloom - A horribly noxious honey drools from its mouth. One whiff of the honey can result in memory loss. Some fans are said to enjoy this overwhelming stink, however.

Pom the Plusle - It has the trait of cheering on its fellow POKéMON. By shorting out the electricity it releases from its paws, it creates pom-poms for cheering.

Pom the Minun - At a meeting of POKéMON academics, it was announced that simultaneous exposure to electricity from a PLUSLE and MINUN will promote circulation and boost vitality.

Dux the Farfetch’d - It is always seen with a stick from a plant. Apparently, there are good sticks and bad sticks. This POKéMON occasionally fights with others over choice sticks.

Victor the Weepinbell - At night, a WEEPINBELL hangs on to a tree branch with its hooked rear and sleeps. If it moves around in its sleep, it may wake up to find itself on the ground.

Rocko the Graveller - They descend from mountains by tumbling down steep slopes. They are so brutal, they smash aside obstructing trees and massive boulders with thunderous tackles.

Caught in Part 5

Toots the Donphan - A DONPHAN is so strong it can easily haul a dump truck. Its hide has toughened to a rock-hard state. An ordinary sort of attack won’t even leave a scratch.

Twitter the Taillow - Although it is small, it is very courageous. It will take on a larger SKARMORY on an equal footing. However, its will weakens if it becomes hungry.

Mothman the Venonat - Its coat of thin, stiff hair that covers its entire body is said to have evolved for protection. Its large eyes never fail to spot even miniscule prey.

Rosie the Roselia - A ROSELIA that drinks nutritionally rich springwater blooms with lovely flowers. The fragrance of its flowers has the effect of making its foes careless.

Mycelia the Shroomish - It loves to eat damp, composted soil in forests. If you enter a forest after a long rain, you can see many SHROOMISH feasting on composted soil.

Crocogator the Croconaw - Once its jaws clamp down on its foe, it will absolutely not let go. Because the tips of its fangs are forked back like fishhooks, they become irremovably embedded.

Hayabusa the Ninjask - Because it darts about vigorously at high speed, it is very difficult to see. Hearing its distinctive cries for too long induces a headache.

Sans the Shedinja - A peculiar POKéMON that floats in air even though its wings remain completely still. The inside of its body is hollow and utterly dark.

Nightmare the Drowzee - If your nose becomes itchy while you are sleeping, it’s a sure sign that a DROWZEE is standing above your pillow and trying to eat your dream through your nostrils.

Trunks the Exeggcute - It consists of six eggs that care for each other. The eggs attract each other and spin around. When cracks increasingly appear, it is close to evolution.

Rookie the Machop - It continually undertakes strenuous training to master all forms of martial arts. Its strength lets it easily hoist a sumo wrestler onto its shoulders.

Spaghetti the Tangela - Its vines snap off easily and painlessly if they are grabbed, allowing it to make a quick getaway. The lost vines are replaced by new growth the very next day.

Woop-Woop the Quagsire - A QUAGSIRE hunts by leaving its mouth wide open in water and waiting for its prey to blunder in. Because it doesn’t move, it does not get very hungry.

Torez the Houndour - HOUNDOUR communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This POKéMON’s remarkable teamwork is simply unparalleled.

Pyre the Vulpix - It can freely control fire, making fiery orbs fly like will-o’-the-wisps. Just before evolution, its six tails grow hot as if on fire.

Woof the Growlithe - Its superb sense of smell ensures that this POKéMON won’t forget any scent, no matter what. It uses its sense of smell to detect the emotions of others.

Smokey the Torkoal - It battles using energy it gets from burning coal. When loosing smoke from its nostrils, it lets off a sound that is similar to a locomotive’s horn.

Redmane the Ponyta - A PONYTA is very weak at birth. It can barely stand up. Its legs become stronger as it stumbles and falls while trying to keep up with its parent.

Jesus the Togepi - As its energy, it uses the feelings of compassion and pleasure exuded by people and POKéMON. It stores up happy feelings in its shell, then shares them out.

Duplicity the Ditto - A DITTO rearranges its cell structure to transform itself. However, if it tries to change based on its memory, it will get details wrong.

Bullet the Yanma - It can see 360 degrees without moving its eyes. It is a great flier capable of making sudden stops and turning midair to quickly chase down targeted prey.

Chakra the Meditite - It continually meditates for hours every day. As a result of rigorous and dedicated yoga training, it has tempered its spiritual power so much it can fly.

Whiskey the Spinda - It is distinguished by a pattern of spots that is always different. Its unsteady, tottering walk has the effect of fouling its foe’s aim.

Razor the Skarmory - A POKéMON that has a body and wings of steel. People in the past used feathers fallen from SKARMORY to make swords and knives.

Pudge the Hariyama - It has the habit of challenging others without hesitation to tests of strength. It’s been known to stand on train tracks and stop trains using forearm thrusts.

-3- the Gulpin - This POKéMON’s stomach fluid can even digest scrap iron. In one gulp, it can swallow something that is as large as itself.

Cloud the Swablu - A POKéMON that has wings like cottony clouds. After enduring winter, in which little food is available, SWABLU flocks move closer to towns in the spring.

Hercule the Heracross - They gather in forests seeking the sweet sap of trees. It is completely clad in a steel-hard shell. It is proud of its horn, which it uses to fling foes.

Wobble the Wynaut - A WYNAUT loves to eat sweet fruits. It cleverly picks fruits using its earlike arms. They gather in fruit gardens, drawn by the fragrance.

Guillotine the Pinsir - Their pincers are strong enough to shatter thick logs. Because they dislike cold, PINSIR burrow and sleep under the ground on chilly nights.

Cravendale the Miltank - It gives over five gallons of milk daily. Its sweet milk is enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. People who can’t drink milk turn it into yogurt and eat it instead.

Terrabyte the Beldum - When BELDUM gather in a swarm, they move in perfect unison as if they were but one POKéMON. They communicate with each other using brain waves.

Cindy the Quilava - It intimidates foes with intense gusts of flames and superheated air. Its quick nimbleness lets it dodge attacks even while scorching an enemy.

Crocogator the Feraligatr - It opens its huge mouth to intimidate enemies. In battle, it runs using its thick and powerful hind legs to charge the foe with incredible speed.

Caught in Part 6

Scurvy the Mudkip - On land, it can powerfully lift large boulders by planting its four feet and heaving. It sleeps by burying itself in soil at the water’s edge.

Sol the Solrock - Solar energy is the source of this POKéMON’s power. On sunny days, groups of SOLROCK line up facing the sun and absorb its light.

Totem the Baltoy - A BALTOY moves by spinning on its single foot. It has been depicted in murals adorning the walls of a once-bustling city in an ancient age.

Luna the Lunatone - It becomes very active on the night of a full moon. This POKéMON was first discovered 40 years ago at the site of a meteor strike.

Tyrone the Hitmonchan - A HITMONCHAN is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who aimed to become the world champion. Having an indomitable spirit means that it will never give up.

Serenity the Chansey - CHANSEY lay nutritionally excellent eggs every day. The eggs are so delicious, they are eagerly devoured by even those people who have lost their appetite.

Bully the Tauros - It is not satisfied unless it is rampaging at all times. If there is no opponent for TAUROS to battle, it will charge at thick trees and knock them down to calm itself.

Big Mama the Kangaskhan - If you come across a young KANGASKHAN playing by itself, never try to catch it. The baby’s parent is sure to be in the area, and it will become violently enraged.

Evergreen the Treecko - It makes its nest in a giant tree in the forest. It ferociously guards against anything nearing its territory. It is said to be the protector of the forest’s trees.

Scurvy the Marshtomp - Its toughened hind legs enable it to stand upright. Because it weakens if its skin dries out, it replenishes fluids by playing in mud.

Spiral the Poliwhirl - Its body surface is always wet and slick with an oily fluid. Because of this greasy covering, it can easily slip and slide out of the clutches of any enemy in battle.

Caught in Part 7

Churchill the Snubbull - By baring its fangs and making a scary face, it sends smaller POKéMON scurrying in terror. The SNUBBULL does seem a little sad at making its foes flee.

Pennywise the Mr. Mime - A MR. MIME is a master of pantomime. It can convince others that something unseeable actually exists. Once believed, the imaginary object does become real.

Hotshot the Magmar - In battle, it blows out intense flames from all over its body to intimidate its foe. These fiery bursts create heat waves that ignite grass and trees in the area.

Smudge the Smeargle - A SMEARGLE marks its territory using a fluid that leaks out from the tip of its tail. About 5,000 different marks left by this POKéMON have been found.

Knox the Pineco - A PINECO hangs from a tree branch and waits for prey. While eating, if it is disturbed by someone shaking its tree, it falls on the ground and suddenly explodes.

Skipper the Masquerain - It intimidates foes with the large eyelike patterns on its antennae. Because it can’t fly if its wings get wet, it shelters itself from rain under large trees and eaves.

Caught in Part 8

Mirage the Trapinch - Its big jaws crunch through boulders. Because its head is so big, it has a hard time getting back upright if it tips over onto its back.

Sandy the Sandshrew - When it curls up in a ball, it can make any attack bounce off harmlessly. Its hide has turned tough and solid as a result of living in the desert.

Needles the Cacnea - CACNEA live in deserts with virtually no rainfall. It battles by swinging its thick, spiked arms. Once a year, a yellow flower blooms.

Goofball the Aipom - Its tail ends with a dexterous, handlike appendage. However, because it uses the tail so much, AIPOM’s real hands have become rather clumsy.

Terrabyte the Metang - The claws tipping its arms pack the destructive power to tear through thick iron sheets as if they were silk. It flies at over 60 miles per hour.

Bones the Marowak - A MAROWAK is the evolved form of a CUBONE that has grown tough by overcoming the grief of losing its mother. Its tempered and hardened spirit is not easily broken.

C.Sanders the Blaziken - It learns martial arts that use punches and kicks. Every several years, its old feathers burn off, and new, supple feathers grow back in their place.

Scorps the Anorith - It was resurrected from a fossil using the power of science. It swims by undulating the eight wings at its sides. They were feet that adapted to life in the sea.

Willy the Lileep - It disguises itself as seaweed by making its tentacles sway. Unsuspecting prey that come too close are swallowed whole. It became extinct 100 million years ago.

Rocko the Golem - It is said to live in volcanic craters on mountain peaks. Once a year, it sheds its hide and grows larger. The shed hide crumbles and returns to the soil.

Caught in Part 9

Lizzie the Goldeen - In the springtime, schools of GOLDEEN can be seen swimming up falls and rivers. It metes out staggering damage with its single horn.

Mrs. Puff the Qwilfish - A QWILFISH uses the pressure of water it swallows to shoot toxic quills all at once from all over its body. It finds swimming to be somewhat challenging.

Ringo Staryu - It gathers with others in the night and makes its red core glow on and off with the twinkling stars. It can regenerate limbs if they are severed from its body.

Ray the Mantine - On sunny days, schools of MANTINE can be seen elegantly leaping over the waves. It is not bothered by the REMORAID that hitches rides.

Aurora the Seel - SEEL hunt for prey in frigid, ice-covered seas. When it needs to breathe, it punches a hole through the ice with the sharply protruding section of its head.

Sheldon the Shellder - At night, it burrows a hole in the seafloor with its broad tongue to make a place to sleep. While asleep, it closes its shell, but leaves its tongue hanging out.

Evergreen the Grovyle - Leaves grow out of this POKéMON’s body. They help obscure a GROVYLE from the eyes of its enemies while it is in a thickly overgrown forest.

Gak the Grimer - Born from polluted sludge in the sea, GRIMER’s favorite food is anything filthy. They feed on wastewater pumped out from factories.

Diamond the Clefairy - On every night of a full moon, they come out to play. When dawn arrives, the tired CLEFAIRY go to sleep nestled up against each other in deep and quiet mountains.

Barbara the Zubat - While living in pitch-black caverns, their eyes gradually grew shut and deprived them of vision. They use ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles.

Dimwit the Dunsparce - Its drill-tipped tail is used to burrow into the ground backwards. This POKéMON is known to make its nest in complex shapes deep under the ground.

Smogon the Koffing - Getting up close to a KOFFING will give you a chance to observe, through its thin skin, the toxic gases swirling inside. It blows up at the slightest stimulation.

Glyde the Jumpluff - JUMPLUFF ride warm southern winds to cross the sea and fly to foreign lands. This POKéMON lands when it encounters cold air while it is floating.

Smoulder the Slugma - It is a species of POKéMON that lives in volcanic areas. If its body cools, its skin hardens and immobilizes it. To avoid that, it sleeps near magma.

Shiggy the Diglett - DIGLETT are raised in most farms. The reason is simple–wherever they burrow, the soil is left perfectly tilled for growing delicious crops.

Beaky (Renamed) the Fearow - Its long neck and elongated beak are ideal for catching prey in soil or water. It deftly moves this extended and skinny beak to pluck prey.

Fuzzo the Primeape - When it becomes furious, its blood circulation becomes more robust, and its muscles are made stronger. But it also becomes much less intelligent.

Sparta the Larvitar - A LARVITAR is born deep under the ground. It must eat its way through the soil above and reach the surface for it to see its parents’ faces.

Tuff-Stuff the Jigglypuff - Nothing can avoid falling asleep hearing a JIGGLYPUFF’s song. The sound waves of its singing voice match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep.

Caught in Part 10

Patty the Krabby - KRABBY live in holes dug into beaches. On sandy shores with little in the way of food, they can be seen squabbling with each other over territory.

Glock the Remoraid - A REMORAID uses its abdominal muscles to forcefully expel swallowed water, then shoot down flying prey. When evolution approaches, it travels down rivers.

Kraken the Magikarp - Its swimming muscles are weak, so it is easily washed away by currents. In places where water pools, you can see many MAGIKARP deposited there by the flow.

Squishy the Tentacool - Its body is almost entirely composed of water. It ensnares its foe with its two long tentacles, then stabs with the poison stingers at their tips.

Flotsam & Jetsam the Clamperls - A CLAMPERL slams its shell closed on prey to prevent escape. The pearl it creates upon evolution is said to be infused with a mysterious energy.

Typhoon the Horsea - By cleverly flicking the fins on its back side to side, it moves in any direction while facing forward. It spits ink to escape if it senses danger.

Francis the Ledian - It is said that in lands with clean air, where the stars fill the sky, there live many LEDIAN. For good reason, they use the light of the stars as energy.

Sandy the Sandslash - It curls up in a ball to protect itself from enemy attacks. It also curls up to prevent heatstroke during the daytime when temperatures rise sharply.

Jaws the Carvanha - CARVANHA attack ships in swarms, making them sink. Although it is said to be a very vicious POKéMON, it timidly flees as soon as it finds itself alone.

Froggy the Poliwhirl

Bobo the Barboach - Its body is covered with a slimy film. The film acts as a barrier to prevent germs in muddy water from entering the BARBOACH’s body.

Pinchy the Corphish - Once it grips prey with its large pincers, it will never let go, no matter what. It is a hardy POKéMON that can thrive in any environment.

Grandma the Relicanth - A POKéMON that was once believed to have been extinct. The species has not changed its form for 100 million years. It walks on the seafloor using its pectoral fins.

Saxon the Chinchou - When it senses danger, it discharges positive and negative electricity from its two antennae. It lives in depths beyond sunlight’s reach.

Coral the Corsola - CORSOLA live in warm southern seas. If the sea becomes polluted, the beautiful coral stalks become discolored and crumble away in tatters.

Skip the Swampert - If it senses the approach of a storm and a tidal wave, it protects its seaside nest by piling up boulders. It swims as fast as a jet ski.

Fang the Mightyena - In the wild, MIGHTYENA live in a pack. They never defy their leader’s orders. They defeat foes with perfectly coordinated teamwork.

Twitter the Swellow - A SWELLOW dives upon prey from far above. It never misses its targets. It takes to the skies in search of lands with a warm climate.

Blubbos the Wailmer - While this POKéMON usually lives in the sea, it can survive on land, although not too long. It loses vitality if its body becomes dried out.

Valentine the Luvdisc - LUVDISC make the branches of CORSOLA their nests. There is a custom from long ago of giving a LUVDISC as a gift to express one’s feelings of love.

Scrooge the Golduck - A GOLDUCK is an adept swimmer. It sometimes joins competitive swimmers in training. It uses psychic powers when its forehead shimmers with light.

Octorok the Octillery - It ensnares its foe with its suction-cupped tentacles before delivering the finishing blow. If the foe turns out to be too strong, it spews ink to escape.

Jaws the Sharpedo - The vicious and sly gangster of the sea. Its skin is specially textured to minimize drag in water. Its speed tops out at over 75 miles per hour.

Bobo the Whiscash - Mysteriously, it can foretell earthquakes. In the daytime, it sleeps in mud at the bottom of a pond. When it awakens, it continually feeds throughout the night.

Saxon the Lanturn - The light-emitting orbs on its back are very bright. They are formed from a part of its dorsal fin. This POKéMON illuminates the inky darkness of deep seas.

Caught in Part 11

Static the Voltorb - It bears an uncanny and unexplained resemblance to a POKé BALL. Because it explodes at the slightest shock, even veteran TRAINERS treat it with caution.

Magnus the Magnemite - The units at its sides are extremely powerful magnets. They generate enough magnetism to draw in iron objects from over 300 feet away.

Bolt the Electrike - It generates electricity using friction from the atmosphere. In seasons with especially arid air, its entire body blazes with violent showers of sparks.

18-Volt the Electabuzz - When a storm approaches, it competes with others to scale heights that are likely to be stricken by lightning. Some towns use ELECTABUZZ in place of lightning rods.

Rolf the Flaaffy - Its fleece quality changes to generate strong static electricity with a small amount of wool. The bare, slick parts of its hide are shielded against electricity.

Pulse the Pikachu - It stores electricity in the electric sacs on its cheeks. When it releases pent-up energy in a burst, the electric power is equal to a lightning bolt.

Tyrone 2 & 3 the Tyrogues

Nutmeg the Stantler - STANTLER’s magnificent antlers were once traded at high prices as works of art. As a result, this POKéMON was hunted close to extinction.

Booster, Thunders, Eifie and Blacky the Eevees

Angel the Kirlia - A KIRLIA has the psychic power to create a rip in the dimensions and see into the future. It is said to dance with pleasure on sunny mornings.

Typhoon the Seadra - The poisonous barbs all over its body are highly valued as ingredients for making traditional herbal medicine. It shows no mercy to anything approaching its nest.

Magnus the Magneton - It is actually three MAGNEMITE linked by magnetism. It generates powerful radio waves that raise temperatures by 3.6 degrees F within a 3,300-foot radius.

Squishy the Tentacruel - It lives in complex rock formations on the ocean floor and traps prey using its 80 tentacles. Its red orbs glow when it grows excited or agitated.

Pinchy the Crawdaunt - A brutish POKéMON that loves to battle. A veteran CRAWDAUNT that has prevailed in hundreds of battles has giant pincers marked with countless scars.

Rolf the Ampharos - It gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used its light to send signals back and forth with others far away.

Bolt the Manectric - Because lightning falls in their vicinities, MANECTRIC were thought to have been born from lightning. In battle, they create thunderclouds.

Chi-Chi the Meganium - The fragrance of a MEGANIUM’s flower soothes and calms emotions. In battle, it gives off more of its becalming scent to blunt the foe’s fighting spirit.

Tank the Squirtle - Its shell is not just for protection. Its rounded shape and the grooves on its surface minimize resistance in water, enabling SQUIRTLE to swim at high speeds.

Ruxpin the Teddiursa - It licks its palms that are sweetened by being soaked in honey. A TEDDIURSA makes its own honey by blending fruits and pollen collected by BEEDRILL.

Slurp the Lickitung - Whenever it sees something unfamiliar, it always licks the object because it memorizes things by texture and taste. It is somewhat put off by sour things.

Rodney the Rhyhorn - Once it starts running, it doesn’t stop. Its tiny brain makes it so stupid that it can’t remember why it started running in the first place.

Nevermore the Murkrow - MURKROW were feared as the alleged bearers of ill fortune. It shows strong interest in anything that sparkles. It will even try to steal rings from women.

Blubbos the Wailord - It breathes through nostrils that it raises above the sea. By inhaling to its maximum capacity, a WAILORD can dive close to 10,000 feet beneath the waves.

Evergreen the Sceptile - In the jungle, its power is without equal. This POKéMON carefully grows trees and plants. It regulates its body temperature by basking in sunlight.

Knockers the “Castfrom” - It alters its form depending on the weather. Changes in the climate such as the temperature and humidity appear to affect its cellular structure.

Caught in Part 12

Knox the Forretress - It keeps itself inside its steel shell. The shell is opened when it is catching prey, but it is so quick that the shell’s inside cannot be seen.

Ruxpin the Ursaring - In forests, it is said that there are many streams and towering trees where an URSARING gathers food. It walks through its forest collecting food every day.

Bark the Sudowoodo - It mimics a tree to avoid being attacked by enemies. But since its forelegs remain green throughout the year, it is easily identified as a fake in the winter.

Caesar the Aerodactyl - AERODACTYL is a POKéMON from the age of dinosaurs. It was regenerated from DNA extracted from amber. It is imagined to have been the king of the skies.

Venom the Seviper - SEVIPER and ZANGOOSE are eternal rivals. It counters a ZANGOOSE’s dazzling agility with its swordlike tail, which also oozes a horrible poison.

Nina the Nidorina - When it is with its friends or family, its barbs are tucked away to prevent injury. It appears to become nervous if separated from the others.

Nino the Nidorino - Its horn is harder than a diamond. If it senses a hostile presence, all the barbs on its back bristle up at once, and it challenges the foe with all its might.

Manx the Zangoose - When it battles, it stands on its hind legs and attacks with its sharply clawed forelegs. Its fur bristles if it encounters any SEVIPER.

Karma the Kecleon - A POKéMON that has the ability to alter its body colors to match its surroundings. A KECLEON reverts to its original colors if it is startled.

Terrabyte the Metagross - METAGROSS has four brains that are joined by a complex neural network. As a result of integration, this POKéMON is smarter than a supercomputer.

Angel the Gardevoir - It apparently does not feel the pull of gravity because it supports itself with psychic power. It will give its life to protect its TRAINER.

Churchill the Granbull - It has a particularly well-developed lower jaw. The huge fangs are heavy, causing it to tilt its head. Unless it is startled, it will not try to bite.

Caught in Part 13

Static the Electrode - They appear in great numbers at electric power plants. Because they feed on electricity, they cause massive and chaotic blackouts in nearby cities.

Rodney the Rhydon - Its horn, which rotates like a drill, destroys tall buildings with one strike. It stands on its hind legs, and its brain is well developed.

Psyche the Alakazam - While it has strong psychic abilities and high intelligence, an ALAKAZAM’s muscles are very weak. It uses psychic power to move its body.

Pidge the Pidgeot - This POKéMON has gorgeous, glossy feathers. Many TRAINERS are so captivated by the beautiful feathers on its head that they choose PIDGEOT as their POKéMON.

Charlie the Charmander - The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when CHARMANDER is happy, and blazes when it is enraged.

Pikablu the Marill - Its body is covered with water-repellent fur. Because of the fur, it can swim through water at high speed without being slowed by the water’s resistance.

Gaster the Gastly - When exposed to a strong wind, a GASTLY’s gaseous body quickly dwindles away. They cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind.

Reaper the Duskull - A glare from its single scarlet eye makes even burly grown-ups freeze in utter fear. It is a nocturnal POKéMON that roams about under the cloak of darkness.

Ebony the Shuppet - This POKéMON roams about deep in the night seeking such negative emotions as grudges and envy. It retreats to its nest when the sun begins to rise.

Gulliver the Wingull - It makes its nest on a sheer cliff at the edge of the sea. It has trouble keeping its wings flapping in flight. Instead, it soars on updrafts.

Froggy the Politoed - The curled hair on its head proves its status as a king. It is said that the longer and curlier the hair, the more respect it earns from its peers.

Chunk the Snorlax - SNORLAX’s typical day consists of nothing more than eating and sleeping. It is such a docile POKéMON that there are children who use its big belly as a place to play.

Scream the Misdreavus - A MISDREAVUS frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry. It apparently uses its red spheres to absorb the fear of foes as its nutrition.

Belle the Chimecho - They fly about very actively when the hot season arrives. They communicate among themselves using seven different and distinguishing cries.

Y the Unown - This POKéMON is shaped like ancient text characters. Although research is ongoing, it is a mystery as to which came first, the ancient writings or the various UNOWN.

Gulliver the Pelipper - It skims the tops of waves as it flies. When it spots prey, it uses its large beak to scoop up the victim with water. It protects its eggs in its beak.

Apocalypse the Absol - It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived POKéMON that has a life-span of 100 years.

Pikablu the Azumarill - It lives in water virtually all day long. Its body color and pattern act as camouflage that makes it tough for enemies to spot in water.

Typhoon the Kingdra - It sleeps quietly, deep on the seafloor. When it comes up to the surface, it creates a huge whirlpool that can swallow even ships.

Tank the Wartortle - Its large tail is covered with rich, thick fur that deepens in color with age. The scratches on its shell are evidence of this POKéMON’s toughness in battle.

Caught in Part 14

Reaper the Dusclops - It is thought that its body is hollow with only a spectral ball of fire burning inside. However, no one has been able to confirm this theory as fact.

Tank the Blastoise - The waterspouts that protrude from its shell are highly accurate. Their bullets of water can precisely nail tin cans from a distance of over 160 feet.

Gaster the Haunter - If a HAUNTER beckons you while it is floating in darkness, don’t approach it. This POKéMON will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.

Gaster the Gengar - Deep in the night, your shadow cast by a streetlight may suddenly overtake you. It is actually a GENGAR running past you, pretending to be your shadow.

Ebony the Banette - An abandoned plush doll became this POKéMON. They are said to live in garbage dumps and wander about in search of the children that threw them away.

Brutus the Bulbasaur - BULBASAUR can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the sun’s rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

Torez the Houndoom - In a HOUNDOOM pack, the one with its horns raked sharply back serves a leadership role. They choose their leader by fighting among themselves.

Inferno the Entei - ENTEI embodies the passion of magma. It is thought to have been born in the eruption of a volcano. It blasts fire that consumes all that it touches.

Hula the Gloom

Fruity the Tropius - It flies by flapping its broad leaves. The bunch of fruit that grows around its neck is deliciously sweet. In the spring, it scatters pollen from its neck.

Caught in Part 15

Dudebro & King Dude the Slowpokes - It catches prey by dipping its tail in water at the side of a river. But it often forgets what it is doing and spends entire days just loafing at water’s edge.

Undyne the Feebas - FEEBAS live in ponds that are heavily infested with weeds. Because of its hopelessly shabby appearance, it seems as if few TRAINERS raise it.

Dododo the Dodrio - A peculiar POKéMON species with three heads. It vigorously races across grassy plains even in arid seasons with little rainfall.

Hooters the Noctowl - It unfailingly catches prey in darkness. NOCTOWL owe their success to superior vision that allows them to see in minimal light, and to their supple and silent wings.

Nessie the Lapras - People have driven LAPRAS almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, it is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

Hunter the Kabuto - It is a POKéMON that has been regenerated from a fossil. However, in rare cases, living examples have been discovered. KABUTO have not changed for 300 million years.

Helix the Omanyte - One of the ancient and long-since-extinct POKéMON that have been regenerated from fossils by humans. If attacked, it withdraws into its hard shell.

Disney the Jirachi - JIRACHI is said to make wishes come true. While it sleeps, a tough crystalline shell envelops the body to protect it from enemies.

Caught in Part 16


Caught in Part 17

Brutus the Ivysaur - To support its bulb, IVYSAUR’s legs grow sturdy. If it spends more time lying in the sunlight, the bud will soon bloom into a large flower.

Brutus the Venusaur - VENUSAUR’s flower is said to take on vivid colors if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight. The flower’s aroma soothes the emotions of people.

Aurora the Dewgong - It loves to snooze on bitterly cold ice. The sight of this POKéMON sleeping on a glacier was mistakenly thought to be a mermaid by a mariner long ago.

Delta the Rayquaza - A POKéMON that flies endlessly in the ozone layer. It is said it would descend to the ground if KYOGRE and GROUDON were to fight.

Caught in Part 18

Flowey the Sunflora - SUNFLORA convert solar energy into nutrition. They are highly active in the warm daytime but suddenly stop moving as soon as the sun sets.

Eifie the Espeon - An ESPEON is extremely loyal to any TRAINER it considers to be worthy. It is said to have developed precognitive powers to protect its TRAINER from harm.

Hula the Bellossom - Its flower petals deepen in color through exposure to sunlight. When cloudy weather persists, it does a dance that is thought to be a ritual for summoning the sun.

Nina the Nidoqueen - It is adept at sending foes flying with harsh tackles using its tough, scaly body. This POKéMON is at its strongest when it is defending its young.

Nino the Nidoking - A NIDOKING’s thick tail packs enormously destructive power capable of toppling a metal transmission tower. Once it goes on a rampage, there is no stopping it.

Flotsam the Huntail - To withstand the crushing pressure of water deep under the sea, its spine is very thick and sturdy. Its tail, which is shaped like a small fish, has eyes that light up.

Tuff-Stuff the Wigglytuff - Its fur is the ultimate in luxuriousness. Sleeping alongside a WIGGLYTUFF is simply divine. Its body expands seemingly without end when it inhales.

Diamond the Clefable - A CLEFABLE uses its wings to skip lightly as if it were flying. Its bouncy step lets it even walk on water. On quiet, moonlit nights, it strolls on lakes.

Whiskers the Delcatty - Rather than keeping a permanent lair, it habitually seeks comfortable spots and sleeps there. It is nocturnal and becomes active at dusk.

Blacky the Umbreon - UMBREON evolved from exposure to the moon’s energy pulses. It lurks in darkness and waits for its foes to move. The rings on its body glow when it leaps to attack.

Trunks the Exeggutor - Originally from the tropics, EXEGGUTOR’s heads grow larger from exposure to strong sunlight. It is said that when the heads fall, they group to form an EXEGGCUTE.

Victor the Victreebel - The long vine extending from its head is waved about as if it were a living thing to attract prey. When an unsuspecting victim approaches, it is swallowed whole.

Snoop Dogg the Vileplume - In seasons when it produces more pollen, the air around a VILEPLUME turns yellow with the powder as it walks. The pollen is highly toxic and causes paralysis.

Locke the Shiftry - It is said to arrive on chilly, wintry winds. Feared from long ago as the guardian of forests, this POKéMON lives in a deep forest where people do not venture.

Jetsam the Gorebyss - A GOREBYSS siphons the body fluids of prey through its thin, tubular mouth. Its light pink body color turns vivid when it finishes feeding.

King Dude the Slowking - It undertakes research every day to solve the mysteries of the world. However, it apparently forgets everything if the SHELLDER on its head comes off.

Showers the Vaporeon - VAPOREON underwent a spontaneous mutation and grew fins and gills that allow them to live underwater. They have the ability to freely control water.

Spiral the Poliwrath - Its highly developed muscles never grow fatigued, however much it exercises. This POKéMON can swim back and forth across the Pacific Ocean without effort.

Amiga the Ludicolo - When it hears festive music, all the cells in its body become stimulated, and it begins moving in rhythm. It does not quail even when it faces a tough opponent.

Sheldon the Cloyster - It swims in the sea by swallowing water, then jetting it out toward the rear. The CLOYSTER shoots spikes from its shell using the same system.

Ringo Starmie - People in ancient times imagined that STARMIE were transformed from the reflections of stars that twinkled on gentle waves at night.

Woof the Arcanine - This fleet-footed POKéMON is said to run over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within its body is its source of power.

Booster the Flareon - FLAREON’s fluffy fur releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. Its body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees F.

Pyre the Ninetales - It has long been said that each of the nine tails embody an enchanted power. A long-lived NINETALES will have fur that shines like gold.

Pulse the Raichu - If it stores too much electricity, its behavior turns aggressive. To avoid this, it occasionally discharges excess energy and calms itself down.

Thunders the Jolteon - Its cells generate weak power that is amplified by its fur’s static electricity to drop thunderbolts. The bristling fur is made of electrically charged needles.

Rookie the Machoke - A belt is worn by a MACHOKE to keep its overwhelming power under control. Because it is so dangerous, no one has ever removed the belt.

Raiden the Raikou - RAIKOU embodies the speed of lightning. Its roars send shock waves shuddering through the air and ground as if lightning bolts were crashing down.

Caught in Part 19

Barbeque the Moltres - MOLTRES is a legendary bird POKéMON that can control fire. If injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself.

Slithers the Arbok - This POKéMON has a terrifically strong constricting power. It can even flatten steel oil drums. Once it wraps its body around its foe, escaping is impossible.

Bob the Girafarig - A GIRAFARIG is an herbivore–it eats grass and tree shoots. While it is eating, its tail makes chewing and swallowing motions as if it were also eating.

Shank the Sneasel - A SNEASEL scales trees by punching its hooked claws into the bark. It seeks out unguarded nests and steals eggs for food while the parents are away.

Nibbles the Raticate - A RATICATE’s sturdy fangs grow steadily. To keep them ground down, it gnaws on rocks and logs. It may even chew on the walls of houses.

Lightning the Zapdos - ZAPDOS is a legendary bird POKéMON that has the ability to control electricity. It usually lives in thunderclouds. It gains power if it is stricken by lightning bolts.

Caught in Part 20

Itsy Bitsy the Ariados - Its feet are tipped with tiny hooked claws that enable it to scuttle on ceilings and vertical walls. It constricts its foe with thin and strong silk webbing.

Cindy the Typhlosion - It can hide behind a shimmering heat haze that it creates using its intense flames. TYPHLOSION create blazing explosive blasts that burn everything to cinders.

Rookie the Machamp - It is impossible to defend against punches and chops doled out by its four arms. Its fighting spirit flares up when it faces a tough opponent.

Mittens the Persian - A PERSIAN’s six bold whiskers sense air movements to determine what is in its vicinity. It becomes docile if grabbed by the whiskers.

Decibel the Loudred - It positions the round speakers on its head to assail foes with ultrasonic waves at massive volume. It builds power by stomping the ground.

Sid the Vigoroth - It can’t keep still because its blood boils with energy. It runs through the fields and mountains all day to calm itself. If it doesn’t, it can’t sleep at night.

Scorps the Armaldo - ARMALDO usually lives on land. However, when it hunts for prey, it dives beneath the ocean. It swims around using its two large wings.

Ziggy the Linoone - It is exceedingly fast if it only has to run in a straight line. When it spots pond-dwelling prey underwater, it quickly leaps in and catches it with its sharp claws.

Scrap the Lairon - When two LAIRON meet in the wild, they fight for territory by bashing into each other with their steel bodies. The sound of their collision carries for miles.

Willy the Cradily - It drags its heavy body along the seafloor. It makes its nest in the shallows of warm seas. CRADILY can be seen on beaches when the tide goes out.

Smogon the Weezing - By diluting its toxic gases with a special process, the highest grade of perfume can be extracted. To WEEZING, gases emanating from garbage are the ultimate feast.

Charlie the Charmeleon - Without pity, its sharp claws destroy foes. If it encounters a strong enemy, it becomes agitated, and the flame on its tail flares with a bluish white color.

Mycelia the Breloom - It scatters spores from holes in the cap on its head. It loves warm and humid climates. It feeds on trees and plants in fields and forests.

Spore the Parasect - PARASECT are known to infest the roots of large trees en masse and drain nutrients. When an infested tree dies, they move onto another tree all at once.

Porky the Grumpig - It stores power in the black pearls on its forehead. When it uses psychic power, it performs an odd dance step. Its style of dancing became hugely popular overseas.

Fluffo the Furret - A FURRET has a very slim build. When under attack, it can squirm through narrow spaces and get away. In spite of its short limbs, it is very nimble and fleet.

Hunter the Kabutops - KABUTOPS once swam underwater to hunt for prey. It was apparently evolving from being a water dweller to living on land as evident from changes in its gills and legs.

Kraken the Gyarados - It is an extremely vicious and violent POKéMON. When humans begin to fight, it will appear and burn everything to the ground with intensely hot flames.

Patty the Kingler - It waves its huge, oversized claw in the air to communicate with others. But since the claw is so heavy, this POKéMON quickly tires.

Shiggy the Dugtrio - Because the triplets originally split from one body, they think exactly alike. They work cooperatively to burrow endlessly through the ground.

Helix the Omastar - An OMASTAR uses its tentacles to capture its prey. It is believed to have become extinct because its shell grew too large, making its movements slow and ponderous.

Dudebro the Slowbro - Its tail has a SHELLDER firmly attached with a bite. As a result, the tail can’t be used for fishing anymore. This forces it to reluctantly swim and catch prey.

Caught in Part 21

Decibel the Exploud - It has sound-generating organs all over its body. It communicates with others by adjusting the tone and volume of the cries it emits.

Caught in Part 22

Snowflake the Articuno - ARTICUNO is a legendary bird POKéMON that can control ice. The flapping of its wings chills the air. As a result, it is said that when this POKéMON flies, snow will fall.

Death & Doom the Bagons - Although it is small, this POKéMON is very powerful because its body is a bundle of muscles. It launches head-butts with its ironlike skull.

Draco the Dratini - A DRATINI continually molts and sloughs off its old skin. It does so because the life energy within its body steadily builds to reach uncontrollable levels.

Atlantis the Suicune - SUICUNE embodies the compassion of a pure spring of water. It runs across the land with gliding elegance. It has the power to purify dirty water.

Shiva the Snorunt - They tend to move about in groups of around five SNORUNT. In snowy regions, it is said that when they are seen late at night, snowfall will arrive by morning.

Minstrel the Jynx - A JYNX sashays rhythmically as if it were dancing. Its motions are so bouncingly alluring, people seeing it are compelled to shake their hips without noticing.

Babe the Swinub - It roots for food by rubbing its snout against the ground. Its favorite food is a mushroom that grows under dried grass. It occasionally roots out hot springs.

Tubbs the Spheal - It roots for food by rubbing its snout against the ground. Its favorite food is a mushroom that grows under dried grass. It occasionally roots out hot springs.

Santa the Delibird - It carries food bundled up in its tail. There was a famous explorer who managed to scale Mt. Everest thanks to a DELIBIRD sharing its food.

Rock the Volbeat - With their taillights lit, VOLBEAT fly in a swarm, drawing geometric designs in the night sky. They move their nests if their pond water becomes dirty.

Roll the Illumise - A nocturnal POKéMON that becomes active upon nightfall. It leads a VOLBEAT swarm to draw patterns in the night sky. Over 200 different patterns have been confirmed.

o3o the Swalot - Its powerful stomach acid is capable of digesting almost anything. The one thing in the whole world a SWALOT can’t digest is its own stomach.

Bobble the Wobbuffet - Usually docile, a WOBBUFFET strikes back ferociously if its black tail is attacked. It makes its lair in caves where it waits for nightfall.

Daisy the Psyduck - When its headache intensifies, it starts using strange powers. However, it has no recollection of its powers, so it always looks befuddled and bewildered.

Monado the Shuckle - A SHUCKLE hides under rocks, keeping its body concealed inside its shell while eating stored berries. The berries mix with its body fluids to become a juice.

Maneater the Scyther - Its blindingly fast speed adds to the sharpness of its twin forearm scythes. The scythes can slice through thick logs in one wicked stroke.

DUCK.EXE the Porygon - It is capable of reverting itself entirely back to program data in order to enter cyberspace. A PORYGON is copy-protected so it cannot be duplicated.

Oracle the Natu - It runs up short trees that grow on the savanna to peck at new shoots. A NATU’s eyes look as if they are always observing something.

Slob the Lickitung

Caught in Part 23

Omega the Groudon - GROUDON has appeared in mythology as the creator of the land. It sleeps in magma underground and is said to make volcanoes erupt on awakening.

Alpha the Kyogre - KYOGRE has appeared in mythology as the creator of the sea. After long years of feuding with GROUDON, it took to sleep at the bottom of the sea.

Ew Rocks the Regirock - A POKéMON that is made entirely of rocks and boulders. If parts of its body chip off in battle, REGIROCK repairs itself by adding new rocks.

ICE SCREAM the Regice - Its entire body is made of Antarctic ice. After extensive studies, researchers believe the ice was formed during an ice age.

Mr. Roboto the Registeel - Its body is harder than any other kind of metal. The body metal is composed of a mysterious substance. Not only is it hard, it shrinks and stretches flexibly.

Caught in Part 24

Onion the Celebi - This POKéMON came from the future by crossing over time. It is thought that so long as CELEBI appears, a bright and shining future awaits us.

Miracle the Mew - A MEW is said to possess the genes of all POKéMON. It is capable of making itself invisible at will, so it entirely avoids notice even if it approaches people.

Zephyr the Latios - Even in hiding, it can detect the locations of others and sense their emotions since it has telepathy. Its intelligence allows it to understand human languages.

Gamma the Speed-Deoxys - A POKéMON that mutated from an extraterrestrial virus exposed to a laser beam. Its body is configured for superior agility and speed.

Fawkes the Ho-oh - Its feathers–which glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light–are thought to bring joy. It is said to live at the foot of a rainbow.

Maelstrom the Lugia - LUGIA is so powerful even a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart houses. As a result, it chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea.

Shiva the Glalie - A GLALIE has the power to instantaneously freeze moisture in the atmosphere. A dazzling cloud of diamondlike ice crystals forms around its body.

Sid the Slaking - Hordes of SLAKING gather around trees when fruits come into season. They wait around patiently for ripened fruits to fall out of the trees.

Barbara the Golbat - Its fangs easily puncture even thick animal hide. It loves to feast on the blood of people and POKéMON. It flits about in darkness and strikes from behind.

Babe the Piloswine - A PILOSWINE is covered by a thick coat of long hair for enduring freezing cold. It uses its tusks to dig up food that has been buried under ice.

Barbara the Crobat - Over the course of evolution, its hind legs turned into wings. By alternately resting its front and rear wings, it can fly all day without having to stop.

Oracle the Xatu - It has the enigmatic power of foreseeing the future. Some people in different lands have long believed that XATU are emissaries from another world.

Gale the Latias - They make a small herd of only several members. They rarely make contact with people or other POKéMON. They disappear if they sense enemies.

Master Mewtwo - A POKéMON that was created by genetic manipulation. However, even though the scientific power of humans made its body, they failed to give it a warm heart.

Caught in Part 25

DUCK.EXE the Porygon 2 - It was created by humans using the power of science. It has been given artificial intelligence that enables it to learn new gestures and emotions on its own.

Draco the Dragonair - A DRAGONAIR stores an enormous amount of energy inside its body. It is said to alter the weather around it by loosing energy from the crystals on its neck and tail.

Charlie the Charizard - A CHARIZARD flies about in search of strong opponents. It breathes intense flames that can melt any material. However, it will never torch a weaker foe.

Jesus the Togetic - It is said to be a POKéMON that brings good fortune. When it spots someone who is pure of heart, a TOGETIC appears and shares its happiness with that person.

Nightmare the Hypno - The arcing movement and glitter of the pendulum in a HYPNO’s hand lull the foe into deep hypnosis. While searching for prey, it polishes the pendulum.

Mothman the Venomoth - VENOMOTH are nocturnal–they only are active at night. Their favorite prey are insects that gather around streetlights, attracted by the light in the darkness.

Maneater the Scizor - A SCIZOR has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. It flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.

Tubbs the Sealeo - SEALEO live in herds on ice floes. Using its powerful flippers, it shatters ice. It dives into the sea to hunt prey five times a day.

Redmane the Rapidash - It usually canters casually in the fields and plains. But once a RAPIDASH turns serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops its way up to 150 mph.

Death the Shelgon - It hardly eats while it awaits evolution. It becomes hardier by enduring hunger. Its shell peels off the instant it begins to evolve.

Gak the Muk - It prefers warm and humid habitats. In the summertime, the toxic substances in its body intensify, making MUK reek like putrid kitchen garbage.

Mirage the Vibrava - It looses ultrasonic waves by rubbing its wings together. Since a VIBRAVA’s wings are still in the process of growing, it can only fly short distances.

Sparta the Pupitar - A PUPITAR creates a gas inside its body that it ejects under compression to propel itself like a jet. Its body can withstand a collision with solid steel.

Smoulder the Magcargo - The shell on its back is made of hardened magma. Tens of thousands of years spent living in volcanic craters have turned MAGCARGO’s bodies into magma.

Scrap the Aggron - Its iron horns grow longer a little at a time. They are used to determine the AGGRON’s age. The gouges in its armor are worn with pride as mementos from battles.

Cloud the Altaria - It hums in a beautiful soprano voice. It flies among white clouds in the blue sky. It launches intensely hot fireballs from its mouth.

Totem the Claydol - A CLAYDOL sleeps while hovering in midair. Its arms are separate from its body. They are kept floating by the POKéMON’s manipulation of psychic power.

Chakra the Medicham - Through crushingly harsh yoga training, it gained the power to foretell its foe’s actions. It battles with elegant, dance-like movement.

Adrian the Onix - There is a magnet in its brain that prevents an ONIX from losing direction while tunneling. As it grows older, its body becomes steadily rounder and smoother.

Joe the Numel - A NUMEL stores boiling magma in the hump on its back. It is a hardy POKéMON that can transport a 220-pound load. It has served humans at work since long ago.

Serenity the Blissey - If it senses sadness with its fluffy fur, a BLISSEY will rush over to the sad person, however far away, to share an egg of happiness that brings a smile to any face.

Sparta the Tyranitar - A TYRANITAR is so overwhelmingly powerful, it can bring down a whole mountain to make its nest. It roams in mountains seeking new opponents to fight.

Joe the Camerupt - A POKéMON that lives in the crater of a volcano. Every 10 years, the volcanoes on its back erupt violently. Research is under way on the cause of eruption.

Death the Salamence - After many long years, its cellular structure underwent a sudden mutation to grow wings. When angered, it loses all thought and rampages out of control.

Adrian the Steelix - STEELIX live even further underground than ONIX. This POKéMON is known to dig toward the earth’s core, reaching a depth of over six-tenths of a mile underground.

Mirage the Flygon - The flapping of its wings sounds like singing. To prevent detection by enemies, it hides itself by flapping up a cloud of desert sand.

Draco the Dragonite - It can circle the globe in just 16 hours. It is a kindhearted POKéMON that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land.

Tubbs the Walrein - To protect its herd, the leader battles anything that invades its territory, even at the cost of its life. Its tusks may snap off in battle.

Tyrone 3 the Hitmontop - Its technique of kicking while spinning is a remarkable mix of both offense and defense. HITMONTOP travel faster spinning than they do walking.

Tyrone 2 the Hitmonlee - Its legs freely stretch and contract. Using these springlike limbs, it bowls over foes with devastating kicks. After battle, it rubs down its tired legs.

Romeo the Nidoran (M) - The male NIDORAN has developed muscles that freely move its ears in any direction. Even the slightest sound does not escape this POKéMON’s notice.

Juliet the Nidoran (F) - Its highly toxic barbs are thought to have developed as protection for this small-bodied POKéMON. When enraged, it releases a horrible toxin from its horn.

Undyne the Milotic - It is said to live at the bottom of large lakes. Considered to be the most beautiful of all POKéMON, it has been depicted in paintings and statues.

??? - This is a newly discovered Pokémon. It is currently under investigation. No detailed information is available at this time.

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This is definitely something I would like to try out. When I was little I didn’t own any of the Pokémon games, just rented from blockbuster every second week and hard to start over. Emerald was the first I owned and it’s been my favorite.

I’ve been hoping to find a 100% run of a pokemon game for a while, but I’ve not been able to find one that looks interesting to me, until now! So thank you!

Glad to see the resurrection of this LP. Or reincarnation, I suppose.

did they bring back shuckle

What made you choose to VLP this game instead of screenshot it? (Just curious)

I like breaking molds. I did a VLP of a Red rom-hack in the same style as this one back on SA, and it got Gold for being watchable. And there was a lot of demand for me to continue my last attempt at this LP (the one that was deleted when my old computer gave out) so I’ve found a newer, more efficient way of editing and I’m going for it!

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I’m liking the series so far! Nice, clean presentation, and I like the names you’re giving them all. Good luck catching them all!

I always get a kick out of Pokemon LP’s because they always seem to do two things that I never did as a kid:

  1. Nickname their Pokemon
  2. Actually understand the game mechanics

I would always get rid of the ‘useless’ attacks that affected accuracy and defense, always went for the offensive stuff. Pretty sure had I been fighting that Mudkip I probably wouldn’t have clued in that the attack he did legitimately impaired my ability to fight even though the game explicitly tells you your accuracy was reduced.

I was not a smart child. I also didn’t listen to Majora’s Mask when it told me the moon would fall in 3 days. Anyone else play Pokemon that way (AKA terribly?)

Actually, yeah. I tend to focus on offense more than the status effects. My logic always was that, if I ever tried to reduce the opponent’s defense or speed or whatever, it wouldn’t work when I did it, but it would when they did. Plus, they might get a free hit in and knock me out, which would have meant a wasted turn.

That was my thinking anyways. Currently been playing Mother 3, and I am definitely using more status effect moves there. It might also be that Pokemon is designed in a way that going full offense is a viable strategy, which while not the sanest move as a player, is still nice that the game lets you do it.

Eh, focusing on offense isn’t really a bad choice. Most of the moves that buff/debuff aren’t worth it in most situations. You’re better off having good type coverage so you can always STAB and/or hit a weakness, preferably with a move that hits the weaker of the Pokemon’s defenses. Rocket tag, mang.

So long as your Charizard isn’t rocking Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Blast and Fire Spin (like all of ours did as kids), you’re good!

That reminds me of my brother’s Charizard in Blue: Lvl 80, knew Ember, Cut, Something-that-I-Forgot-What-Was, and FISSURE.

It was a pain to fight, but we didn’t do that often anyway.

Episode 3 is here!

I defy you to find me another Pokémon series that catches 51 different species of Pokémon by the third episode… well no don’t actually do that, I bet there are speed-runners and glitch hunters who’ve broken Pokémon games in seconds.


I can’t believe you corrupted the entirety of Dewford. What happened to the innocent days of Absent Songs?

It’s been ages since I played Emerald, but I remember having a hard time against Brawly when I was younger. I don’t know what I would have done against Rude Tyrogue and Brawly’s numerous bottles of water had that been the actual battle.

New episode! Hooray! I’ve been looking forward to this.

Just finished streaming, here’re some more Pokeymans!

Anybody wanna join us for an episode or two?


I’ve always really liked Steven, probably because we share a name (even if he does spell his name the wrong way). Great episode though, keep up the good work!

Mateo360 joins in the adventure. Lots of travelling and catching to look forward to in this episode!

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I was hoping that they’d change the exp share to the much better version from the recent gens, but ah well, old exp share is better than no exp share I suppose.