We Have Successfully Remembered The 90's. Let's Play Yooka-Laylee

Northern English accents are the best. Such elegant ways to pronounce fuck and cunt.

This seems pretty doggone neato but it’s the sort of game I just don’t have the patience to sit down and play anymore. Still charming as hell and enjoyable though, I’m loving the LP. I remember playing through Banjo-Kazooie with my older brother and at one point I had the revelation WAIT A MINUTE THE PUMPKIN CAN CLIMB THE GUTTERS. Good times. Back then I was too easily spooked by cartoon spookiness to actually play Mad Monster Mansion.

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Speaking as a Brit, I agree wholeheartedly on the whole “more accent variety is great” thing. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy games like the Souls Series, Xenoblade and FF14 so much. Tons of consistent regional variety in those games which adds a lot to the world. Also, game good.

Isn’t there a regional accent that sounds like a pirate?

Cornish accents are closest to the Pirate Accent. It’s also an accent that I love a lot. There are so many good accents here.

oh no I’m late again but it’s time for another


Today we’re looking at the vaguely spooky Moodymaze Marsh which is home to talking trolleys and a bit that’s like Frogger

Part 6: Moodymaze Marsh Act 1 Part 1

This is my favourite world of the game, it has such a fun mixture of platforming and underwater sections.

They must have slowed down the electro-walls of the maze in the patch, cause I remember that part being harrowing.


We finish up the first half of Moodymaze Marsh by becoming some noclip fish and figthing a Tentacle Monster from Yorkshire

Part 7: Moodymaze Marsh Act 1 Part 2

It is disappointing that you come back to the problem game over and over again. But it is something that Playtonic was thinking about while creating the game too.

On the Rextro problems brought up - I think the major problem is each of these problems could of been solved by halving the length - a three lap race instead of five, 30 second challenge here instead of 60 and other changes.

Next World Arcade Spoiler:

The next world arcade game is my least favourite of the bunch mainly because I think it would of been better implemented by having the camera being fixed on Yooka-laylee position instead of the constant scroll with the ability to change speed to center yourself in frame.

Thats pretty much the problem with a lot of stuff in games.

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Yeah all of Rextro’s games were fucking bullshit, I almost went full knob goblin and sent a sarcastic tweet to playtonic asking if Vendi had a tonic to make them actually fun. I didn’t, but it was a near thing.

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That MIDI (?) guitar in the boss theme is extremely good and 90s.


It’s time for us to visit Capital Cashino and play the slots. Over and over and over again.

Part 8: Capital Cashino Act 1 Part 1

I cant believe that there is a level in Yooka Laylee that is essentially the cover of Sloan album “Commonwealth”

Urggggghhhh, the first half of Capital Cashino is such a slog. The arcade games are dull, frustrating or both, and the slot machines are just a pisstake. If you look closely you’ll notice that there are only 2 or 3 different reels that get re-used over and over, and it’s such a timewaster.

That said, the world does look gorgeous, and has some really fun stuff when you open it up. By which point anything feels better as long as you don’t have to grind out the slot machines again.

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What kind of accents do the main characters have? Or did you already cover this?

Having been to an actual casino and lost more money than this game costs, I can say it was a more fun time than these slot machines.


Not only do we finish off the first half of Capital Cashino but we also discover how Foley works, play a round of golf and transform into something that is definitely Casino Related.

Part 9: Capital Cashino Act 1 Part 2

To whom it may concern

As a professional angry letter writer you can expect a STRONGLY-worded missive as soon as I figure out England’s zip code