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I usually give these reviews a quick rewatch to ensure I haven’t made any editing errors. In this instance, I scoured it 5 or 6 times, making desperately sure I didn’t miss anything.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend my very normal and regular afternoon looking for a site where I can upload the uncensored version… and no I’m not linking it here, that’s asking for a ban.

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Continuing our journey into the Supercade, we learn that Ruby Spears may’ve found it difficult to move on from their magnum opus…

Sonic Adventure 1, 2 and Battle had an anime adaptation? Well, chances are you haven’t seen it because it’s sandwiched between two completely different narratives.

Watch the full series here:

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Finally finishing up the Supercade with some teenage hijinks and some epic [citation needed] adventures!

Vote for the next episode here:

We’ve waited for so long… it’s finally time to visit Kongo Bongo! Prepare for randy apes, sad crocs and goofs aplenty!


Based on further research, this is the most lucky I’ve ever been regarding my review format… follow my Patreon if you want the Carnal Edition!

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One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and all it cost was my 20-20 vision! Also Dan explained to me that Bodhidharma’s quest to find enlightenment had him unwittingly siphoning energy, slowly corrupting him, and that’s basically Ryu’s ongoing story in a nutshell.

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Hahahahahahaha, ohohohohohoho, this is DELICIOUS!

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This video gets very spicy and dances around some very heavy themes so brace yourselves! It’s time to revisit Pokémon Red and Blue and Red and Blue and Red and Blue and Red and Blue and Red and Bluuuuughhgbfkjhf ffwfbhou phocwd ljhyjtbn djbegfwrgnggghh

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Haha jokes on you, my VPN sponsorship was a hoax, gimme your Patreon money!!

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties 'cause it’s cooooold out there today! It’s coooold out there every day!

(tw: death, gore, child abuse)

Why yes this is absolutely a Halloween review. No, what are you doing, don’t check the upload date, stop!

(tw: gore)

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Trying something new, let’s focus on a character I really like and explain why he was so effective!

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Only 15 months later than expected, here’s Part 2 of the NT Warrior review!

Big thanks to IHP for the fansub, it was well worth the wait! If you want to check this show out yourselves, head to

As promised, here’s another Mega Man episode before the end of the week! Now go vote and let me sleep:

Not usually one to make trailers, but this was a labour of love borne from extreme desperation so I feel it’s warranted here!

Here it is!

This video wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible talents of:
Dafang - (18+ VERY NSFW)
Pocky -
Dan Brown -
& Ratanomics! -

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Look, animation is hard, okay!?

I feel obligated to share this in case you’ve not watched this masterpiece: