This one weird trick, discovered by a mom, adds a fresh new spin on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It is the best Grand Theft Auto game, which is why I have ruined it.

Longtime fans of The Programme may recognize some of the things in this video. Yes I did stream this in 2013 with the game modded to fuck like this. And yes I DID get a new hard drive and found Cutscene.img and GTA3.img lying around on the old one. And yes that old stream is mostly muted on Youtube now due to copyright flags. Plus I’m better at this now I think? That stream was kinda not the best quality work I’ve done. Anyway, enough about me. Follow me back to the year 2004 - the Playstation 2 rules supreme, and Ash Ketchum and Renamon are now CJ’s siblings.

Everything is fine and nothing is ruined.

01: Everything is Normal
02: A Large Soda
03: Simple and Clean
04: Car Boys 2 The Sequel to Car Boys
05: The Mystery Stove
06: The Fabled Damn Train
07: Burning Down the House
08: Takeoffs and Landings
09: Grass Type
10: My Girlfriend Bulbasaur
11: Widdle Chuckie Greene
12: Chaos Control
13: Dishwasher Safe
14: R2D2 and the Jizz Wailers
15: Xbox Auditore
16: RC Planes with Bob and David
17: Eddie Murphy
18: Does Olmec Fuck?
19: Hentai Chat
20: Learning Nothing At Flight School
21: Sonic’s Salted Half and Half Latte
22: Jetpack
23: Architectural
24: Goof Troop
25: Charizard
26: Madd Dogg
27: Pangya and Tennis
28: Billboards
29: Lucario Must Die
30: George Clooney’s Fuck Machine
31: Not Like This
32: Kingdom Karts Double Dash
33: Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy
34: Foxtaur Racing
35: Burn Down the Sandcastle

We’re done! I’ll be taking a short LP break while we work on the podcast and also I don’t know what game I want to do next. In the meantime, Gamebun’s started Kingdom Hearts 2 and you can catch me there for now.

I post every update I do on twitter, it’s automated so I don’t have to accidentally forget!

Hot Behind the Scenes Action:


This game looks real weird in 720p.

I do not trust this Let’s Play, I am not gonna get nightmares watching this. I am not blaming you, Mico, just me, that’s why you get my


You gotta max out your bike skill so you can jump yoshi over houses to escape.

Thank you for this precious gift of absurdism. I know what I’m gonna watch on my lunch break today.

I can’t believe this is the last thing I watched before my vacation starts.

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Falco’s awful beak somehow managed to be the most bothersome thing in the video. Fox smoking came in second, though.

That being said, I’ve not seen much of this game before so I have no frame of reference to say that anything I just saw isn’t normally part of the game. Can’t wait for more of this perfectly normal playthrough.

I didn’t think that this game could get much better. Today I was proven wrong.

02: A Large Soda


Big Smoke Sponge was already the best character in the game without being a no-clipping mess so I can’t wait to see him in the train chase.

SmokeBob continues to make every scene exponentially better through his mere presence.

I wonder if CJ And Pals will be able to keep it simple and finally clean up the corrupt police department in time to save San Andreas before the light goes out on Grove Street for good.

The shitty nontextured cowboy hat is going to bother me for some reason.

This LP is made of magic and Good Ideas and I deeply appreciate its existence. Especially the fact that Spongebob’s arms seem to fold out of the eldritch hell dimension that is his hollow body.

03: Simple and Clean

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04: Car Boys 2 The Sequel to Car Boys


So, are vacuums alive?

Don’t mind me, just making sure this moment is preserved for future generations.

CJ - Professional Hitman


05: The Mystery Stove

Hey if any of you actually use my hit website to watch my videos please let me know if anything seems broken. I just migrated to a new webhost and I THINK I migrated joomla correctly but who knows maybe I missed something.


I never really noticed Fox’s outfit until you guys pointed it out. Digging around, I found that the outfit is from the wildly popular Gamecube title; Star Fox Assault. You wanna know the kicker though? Fox doesn’t wear that outfit in Assault either.

Wolf does.

I don’t know how or why you have a fox in wolf’s clothing, but you do, and he is. Guess McCloud is more of a busta than we thought.

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